Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 18

Chapter 18

On the way back, Li Mo and Song Dashan picked a basket full of rose flowers and golden flowers from the mountain. Then Li Mo found that there was still a large chunk of small chrysanthemums growing in the mountain. Without a thought, she picked up a basket full of small chrysanthemums and went back.

As a result, two different perfume balms can be made, one with a rose scent and the other with a chrysanthemum scent. If she was to make two different scented perfume balms, her customers could have a choice.

As soon as the family of three walked to the door of their house, they saw Qian Xianglian looking in through their door.

Li Mo hurriedly stepped forward and shouted,

“Sister Xianglian, are you here to find me?”

Qian Xianglian looked back and saw that it was Li Mo, and immediately said. “Sister Li Mo, where did you go? When did you come back? I have come to your house twice to look for you. “

Li Mo asked Song Dashan to open the door. Li Mo invited her in and asked, “What’s the matter? What’s the rush? “

Qian Xianglian hadn’t waited to sit down before she said her purpose for coming: “It’s like this. I went back to my family’s house yesterday. My two sisters-in-law liked the two boxes of perfume you gave me, and my two younger sisters saw it and wanted to have one, so I came here to get two more boxes. This was one of the reasons why I came here. The more important thing is, yesterday, I heard from Sister Lanhua that you put makeup on Sister Qinhua, and the scars on Qinhua’s face were covered, not visible at all. The person looked very beautiful, so I just talked about it to my family when I came home. Who knows that my eldest niece wants you to dress her up when she gets married. “

When Li Mo heard that this was the case, she said to Qian Xianglian: “Sister Xianglian, I only have this last box of perfume, but I will make new ones in two days. This time, not only the scent of rose flowers but also the scent of the chrysanthemums. If you are not in a hurry, you can come and get them two days from now. “

Qian Xianglian heard this and nodded, “I am not in a hurry. The urgent thing is my niece needs a beautician. She is going to get married in a few days and is about to invite a beautician. Who knew that, when I talked about you yesterday, she decided to find you to dress her up, and she begged me to invite you. “

After saying this, she sighed and prepared to tell the truth directly: “The reason why my niece wanted to invite you was because she heard that you can make a bride look beautiful, which made her hopeful. My niece’s face looks okay, but she has a square face, and she can’t look good with anything. She loves beauty very much, and she often cries because of her square face, but she was born just like that, what can be done. “

Li Mo understood this.

It seems that the eldest niece of Xianglian’s sister-in-law has a natural square face with prominent mandibles, so it is not good to look at. When the time comes, she can just work on her makeup to make her face look sharp and match it with a suitable hairstyle. This is not a problem at all.

Li Mo immediately agreed to Qian Xianglian, “Sister-in-law, I agree to dress up your niece. I don’t know when she will get married.When do I go there? “

Qian Xianglian nodded when she saw Li Mo and said with a smile: “The day after tomorrow. I will go here early that morning, so you can come with me. “

Li Mo nodded. When the matter was settled, they agreed that Qian Xianglian would take the perfume balm tomorrow, and Qian Xianglan finally left.

The next day, Song Dashan went to Uncle Zhang’s house and took back the 30 wooden boxes he had customized. Then Li Mo set about making perfume, making fifteen rose-scented perfumes, and making the rest into chrysanthemum scented perfume.

After making it cool down all night, the thirty boxes of balm were ready. The pink rose-scented perfume, the chrysanthemum scented perfume looked very cute.

Seeing two kinds of balm, Qian Xianglian smelled the two perfumes and looked at Li Mo. She couldn’t help but nod to Li Mo again and again, and finally took out 16 wen and bought two boxes of rose-scented perfume and two boxes of chrysanthemum perfume. Then she made an appointment with Li Mo to go to her mother’s house tomorrow morning, and after that, it was all agreed upon, she went back.

The next day, when the sun hadn’t risen, Qian Xianglian came to Li Mo’s house with a baggage. At the time Xianglian arrived, Li Mo was ready to go. She took the makeup kit and followed Qian Xianglian.

Qian Xianglian’s family was their neighboring village, neither close nor far away. After walking for more than half an hour, it was already dawn when the two arrived.

Seeing Li Mo, who was following Qian Xianglian, the Qian family knew that this was a very skilled beautician. They were very polite to Li Mo. Before Li Mo came in, they greeted her and said, “Thank you. It was hard for you. “

Li Mo smiled and greeted everyone and entered the newlyweds’ house.

There were no male relatives in the room. Only the bride’s sisters-in-law and a few aunts were there. After she greeted everyone one by one, Li Mo looked at the bride’s face.

Indeed, as Qian Xianglian said, the bride’s face is relatively square, with a prominent mandible. Apart from the dark skin, the other facial features are not ugly. It is completely beautiful and not difficult to paint on.

Li Mo asked the bride’s mother, “Sister-in-law, is it okay to put on makeup now?”

Qian Xianglian’s sister-in-law nodded, “Yes, it’s okay to start.”

The groom’s house will be around one hour away. ” Li Mo nodded and said A small box with makeup tools was placed on the table, and the bride was allowed to sit in a bright place by the window and put her hands on makeup.

The critical point of the bride’s makeup is the concealment of the skin and face shape. Li Mo focused on the bride’s face before putting on makeup.

Everyone next to her observed Li Mo’s movements. Li Mo was not afraid of letting everyone see. She was not afraid of others seeing her makeup techniques and learning how to do them. However, in modern times, many people followed her. They studied behind her, but basically, no one can reach her level.

She has a different technique for applying makeup, and it also has different effects. Among them, personal talent is also vital here. In this era, it is more difficult for people to understand her makeup philosophy. They can’t remember her complicated methods.

It was indeed the case. Some of the people watching next to her were deliberately trying to see how to put on makeup, whether it was hard to learn. They still kept on watching the whole process, their eyes were blurred, their heart was confused, and finally thought about that, what they don’t know, they’ll just have to memorize it, but they can’t understand why she has to pat and wipe it so much. Now, the thoughts of learning have all gone.

Li Mo spent half an hour finishing the bride’s makeup, then removed the tie from the bride’s hair and re-combed it into an ingot bun. She deliberately left a strand of hair on both sides of the front, hanging down from the forehead. The two strands of hair were curled and hung down up to her jaw, just covering the lower jaw, and the top of the hair was piled high; the whole person’s face looked like a goose egg from the front.

Initially, the Qian family heard Qian Xianglian come back and talk about Li Mo’s incredible makeup skills. Still, no one knows if it is the truth or not. Some people think that there is no such thing as ugly people turning beautiful. Ugly people will stay ugly. Will they not be ugly if you put on makeup? Many people don’t believe in this, but the bride can’t bear to accept it, so she asks someone to do her makeup. So what the Qian family thinks is, anyway, they have to ask for a dressing lady. Anyone can do it. If it makes the bride feel better, so be it. That’s why they agreed to invite Li Mo.

When Li Mo came, they saw that she was relatively young and didn’t come from a powder shop. Their disbelief was even worse, but no one showed it.

But at this meeting, seeing the bride’s face, the Qian family was completely ashamed of their previous doubts.

This little lady was really amazing. This makeup skill was like a magical skill. If everyone was watching from the beginning to the end, they would have doubted whether the bride was their neice (or daughter).

They saw that the square face that gave them a headache was gone. It looked like an oval face. The skin was also white and tender, like a peeled egg and the hair, they don’t know. It just looked like a fairy. It really looked good everywhere; saying that she’s just a beautiful lady would be too humble.

The bride herself took a mirror and looked at herself and then she fell in love with the person in the mirror. She didn’t get tired of looking at it. She held the mirror and didn’t let go. At first, everyone could understand. Later, she looked like she was crazy. Everyone knew if they should laugh or cry. The daughter (niece) in their family looks beautiful, and now she has finally realized her wish.

After putting on the makeup for the bride, Li Mo’s task was completed. Originally, the Qian family wanted to keep her for dinner, but the people at the dinner table did not know Li Mo, and Li Mo didn’t want to eat there, so she said hello to the master of the family and went straight home.

Before Li Mo left, the Qian family gave Li Mo a red envelope containing 15 wen.

Li Mo stuffed the first makeup money she earned into her purse and walked home the same way.

After walking for about a quarter of an hour at the intersection, Li Mo saw Song Dashan sitting on the side of the road waiting for her. Song Dashan saw her coming and stood up with a smile.

Li Mo was surprised, “Why did you come here?”

“It takes more than half an hour to walk. Today Xianglian had to help her family’s house. There must be no time to come back with you. I’m worried that you would walk the road alone, so I came here to walk with you. “

“Then how do you know when I will be back? When did you arrive here? “

Li Mo saw that his face was red. It seemed that he had just arrived, so she couldn’t help asking.

Song Dashan smiled, “I guessed that you should be back after lunch, so I came here half an hour earlier. Have you eaten it yet? “

Brother Dashan dragged his lame leg just to pick me up. He even waited for so long.

An indescribable warm current flowed into Li Mo’s heart. She blinked and said with a smile, “Then let’s go.”

Song Dashan said. “Hm.” and we went back together.

Seeing Song Dashan limping leg, Li Mo thought in her heart that if they had a donkey cart, he could drive people with his donkey cart. When she has a business to go to, she can also pull her to do her business and then take her home. He didn’t need to walk anymore.

At that moment, Li Mo had a strong desire to purchase a donkey cart.


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