Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Seeing a few people agreed to sell, Li Mo said: “For this sale, however, I have to say a few points in advance. Firstly, I only intend to supply a few of you for the time being because I can trust you. If other people come to you, don’t carelessly promise anything. If the individual is not trustworthy, it will only cause needless trouble. The second is that when you go out to sell, you should set a standard price. Otherwise, you could end up in trouble. “

Li Mo said carefully. The supplier should look for a trustworthy character that was guaranteed. In the end, everyone may have disputes to seize the market, and it is difficult for people with wrong intentions to secretly covet her. The price should have a uniform price, so there will be no conflicts, and the buyers will not have an objection to having different prices.

The three of them thought it made sense and felt very reasonable about Li Mo’s words. Therefore, the three nodded and agreed. Finally, Qian Xianglian directly took out another 8 wen and took two boxes, “My two sisters will surely like it. I’ll give them two boxes first, and then I’ll look for other people who want to buy them and, I’ll come to you. “

Yang Lanhua and Li Xiaofeng looked at each other, looked at the four boxes of perfume left by Li Mo, and decided to take one box each. They will recommend it to their mother’s family. This is sure to be sold. If I can find other people who are willing to buy, I’ll also come to you. “

Li Mo now has two boxes of perfume balm in her hands. If nothing happens, the next few sisters-in-law should come to her to get the goods, so I will have to do a little more next time. She needs to order a few more boxes from Uncle Zhang.

After talking to Song Dashan, Song Dashan immediately went to Uncle Zhang to order another 30 boxes and then planned to accompany Li Mo to the mountains tomorrow to pick some flowers.

Speaking of going to the mountains, Song Dashan thought for a while and talked to Li Mo about seeing his sister. Since coming back, she has not been to see her sister. He didn’t know if she had suffered from the rain this time.

Li Mo was slightly surprised, knowing for the first time that Song Dashan actually had a younger sister.

“I have a little sister under me, but she was sold when she was 7 years old.” At this point, Song Dashan sighed, “Daddy fell ill and passed away. The family owed a lot of money for his treatment. My mother raised us alone, and life was very difficult. Later, when we had no money to live anymore, my mother sold my sister to a broker. “

Li Mo remembered that selling children and selling daughters often happened in this era. Dashan’s younger sister was also sold. In this era, most people were reluctant to sell their sons, so they chose to sell their daughters.

“Then why is your sister in the mountains? Was she sold in the mountains? ” Li Mo was puzzled.

“At the time, the human trader wanted to sell my sister to the town, but I followed the carriage all the way. I got in the way of the human trader because he couldn’t drive away, and he couldn’t send me away. I could take my sister away, but at that time, I didn’t have money in my hand, and I couldn’t find anyone to help me. “

When Song Dashan said this, there was deep guilt and powerlessness in his eyes. It took a while before he continued: “My sister and I used to go to the mountains to play since we were young, and we also played with a son from a family that lives in the mountains. We had a good relationship. Later, I couldn’t help, but I ran to him to find a way, and he went to his father. His mother died young, and his father was in poor health because of injuries he got from hunting. He was afraid that his son would be alone after his death, so he agreed and bought my sister to be his child bride. “

“What happened later?”

“Uncle He and Tiezi were very good to my sister, and my sister did not want to go home anymore. She has stayed in the mountains ever since, and I used to visit my sister before I joined the military. “

Li Mo heard the words and asked, “What is the attitude of the younger sister to your family now?”

Song Dashan: “My younger sister has a strong temper, and since then, she hasn’t recognized the rest of the family and only interacted with me.”

Li Mo nodded and admired this little sister who she had never met.

She heard that Song Dashan and his sister had a very good relationship. In order to see this sister, Li Mo thought for a while. She went to Aunt Zhao’s house, bought 20 eggs for ten wen , and then took a box of perfume balm and packed it inside the basket. The family carried the basket and went to the mountains.

Song Dashan took Li Mo with Little Treasure on his back and climbed over the mountain. It took an hour to see a house, that is, the house of the mountain people living in this mountain.

The mountain people here don’t have land, and they rely on hunting for their livelihoods. They get their prey and sell them in the town and then buy some daily necessities. When they can get their prey, their life is good, but in winter or bad weather, their life will be more difficult.

Song Dashan took Li Mo directly to the front of a thatched house. Seeing the door was open, he shouted directly into the house: “Meizi, are you at home?”

After a while, a woman with hair tied in a bun hurried out of the house. The woman in the bun saw Song Dashan. Her eyes were red immediately, and she hurriedly walked towards the door. “Brother, are you back? Are you really back? “

Song Dashan smiled and said to her sister: “Brother is back. Today, I took your sister-in-law and nephew to see you. ” He said that he stepped aside and introduced Li Mo to Meizi.

Meizi saw Li Mo behind Song Dashan. Although she couldn’t react quickly, she shouted “Sister-in-law” and then asked Li Mo to go in. “Sister-in-law, come in.”

At this time, Xiao Bao was in Song Dashan’s arm. He shouted “Aunt.”

He recognized this aunt. She had visited him before and given him sweets, but he told him not to disclose it to others, so he never told others.

Meizi responded; she took Xiao Bao into her arms and kissed him, “Xiaobao seems to have gained a little weight.”

Xiao Bao felt he was praised, and he smiled happily and said to Meizi: “Aunt, Xiao Bao can eat enough every day, and my stomach is bang!” He patted his stomach.

Several people were amused by Xiao Bao.

Meizi saw that he was lively, and his little face had become fleshy. In her heart, she knew what this new sister-in-law’s character was, and she was even more enthusiastic towards Li Mo at the moment.

But when she saw Song Dashan’s lame leg, Meizi still shed tears, and she couldn’t help but choke. “Brother, your leg, did you get this leg in battle?”

Song Dashan nodded and patted her sister’s head to comfort her, “It’s okay, brother is okay, don’t be sad.”

How could it be okay if his legs were defective? Meizi couldn’t help but feel sad when she thought of the hardship her brother had suffered in the past few years. She hates the Song family even more.

Seeing that Song Dashan had no voice, Li Mo stepped forward and held Meizi’s hand to comfort her. “Meizi, your brother’s leg can be cured. There is a doctor in the city who can cure it. We will take them there and cure their legs when we have enough money. “

Li Mo’s words gave Meizi hope. “Really? Can it be cured? That’s really great. “

She was happy but remembered that it would take a lot of money to cure his legs and became worried again. “Sister-in-law, how much does it cost for my brother’s medication? I have a little bit of money here. You can give it to my brother first. “

Li Mo looked at Meizi’s worried eyes, and she felt a little comforted.

Li Mo thought: It seems like not all relatives were not like the Song family, and there are still people who really care about Song Dashan.

Li Mo smiled and said to Meizi: “Meizi, don’t worry, we will raise money to treat your brother soon. You can save money and live a good life. “

Song Dashan also nodded, “Brother was unable to help you. Your life is also sad. You and Tiezi have a good time. Don’t worry about your brother. “

After Song Dashan finished speaking, he looked at the house and found nothing wrong with the house. He relaxed and asked, “Where is Tiezi?”

Meizi wiped her tears. “Tiezi went hunting early in the morning, and he will probably be back at noon. By the way, Brother, you haven’t seen your nephew yet? He is still sleeping in bed. I will hold him for you to see. ” She went to the room to take the child.

Li Mo hurriedly stopped her, “The child is still asleep, let him sleep, and we will see it when he wakes up.”

After hearing this, Meizi smiled embarrassedly. “Um,” She didn’t go to take the child anymore.

At this time, Meizi saw the basket that Li Mo put on the table and was unhappy at the moment. “Brother, what else do you and your sister-in-law bring with you? Needless to say, I also know that the family will not give you any good things. Your life was difficult too, and it’s a waste of money! “

Song Dashan shook his head, “I didn’t bring it, but your sister-in-law insisted it.”

Then he looked at Li Mo.

Li Mo smiled, “It’s not that expensive, so I brought a few eggs and a box of balm made by your sister-in-law. It’s not worth any money. “

Meizi complained. “You don’t have to come next time. Don’t come to see me next time. “

Li Mo and Song Dashan both laughed.

After Meizi finished speaking, she was very interested in the balm that Li Mo said. She took it out and looked at it, then opened it and smelled it. She was slightly surprised. “Sister-in-law, you made this? I thought you bought it from a powder shop. “

“I made it, you can use it. If you like it, I’ll bring more to you next time. “

Meizi found that her sister-in-law was very different from ordinary village women.

At noon, Meizi insisted on letting Li Mo’s family stay for lunch, so the three stayed behind.

The meal was ready, and the Teizi who went hunting came back, carrying two rabbits and a pheasant in his hand.

Seeing Song Dashan and Li Mo at their house, Tiezi immediately greeted him in surprise, “Brother, you are back!”

After speaking, he looked towards Li Mo.

Meizi reminded him that this was her sister-in-law. The tall man scratched his head immediately and shouted, “Sister-in-law.”

Li Mo looked at the tall and sturdy man next to Meizi and felt that he was a good match for Meizi.

Meizi is unfortunate but also fortunate. Although the days are poor, she looked very happy.

Li Mo and Meizi brought the food to the table. Li Mo took the two little guys who were going crazy to eat. The two little guys were close to each other. As soon as they met, they immediately got close and even had to sit down for lunch together. The adults who watched couldn’t help but laugh.

After dinner, Li Mo and Song Dashan were about to say goodbye.

They have to pick flowers to make perfume in the afternoon.

Meizi took a rabbit and a pheasant hunted by Teizi and stuffed them into Song Dashan’s back basket. Song Dashan resolutely refused..However, Meizi insisted on giving it. The two pushed the rabbit and pheasant to each other; they were unbale to decide who should take it, and finally, Li Mo took the lead.

This is my sister’s care for their family. She needs to accept it, and she will bring something good for her sister-in-law next time.


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    I’m honestly questioning the FL’s optimism about her money making plan to make enough to get him treated. He quoted her 50 taels right? At the price of her selling her perfume boxes, she’d have to sell 10000 boxes to make enough. Plus that’s not even talking about their daily necessities. They’re living on ~300 yuan rn after paying for medical fees they didn’t even incur. I swear to god if ML’s mom shows up again with her crying act, ML better just toss her out.


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