Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Putting away her empty purse, Li Mo cheered up, turned her head, and greeted those who helped them build their house.

Yang Lanhua and Li Xiaofeng told the people to come to their house. Li Mo followed them, and she was followed by the silent Song Dashan.

“Li Mo, I… I’m sorry, don’t worry, I will go to town to find work after the house is repaired, and I will pay back the money I owe you soon. ” Song Dashan spoke after a while.

Li Mo pursed her lips and sighed.

It was impossible to say that she was not angry about this incident. Their family didn’t have any money at all. It’s better to find money to pay Uncle Zhao for the money he lent to build the house.

The half taels of silver that were supposed to be used for daily spending were gone. They even have debts. But in this era, filial piety was the most important thing. His mother kneeled down to him in front of so many people. Was disagreeing even possible? Now that it has become like this, blaming someone will not help them. The money was already gone. Just make money slowly, and after a while, the difficulties will pass.

“Your leg injury is serious. What else are you looking for? Do you think your leg is not broken enough? We will slowly figure out how to make money. ” Li Mo knows that the rural men of this era would go to the town to find odd jobs, but most of them are manual labor. Carrying sandbags or rice requires great effort. Most people can’t do this kind of work, let alone Song Dashan, who has an injured leg.

Song Dashan frowned, “Although my legs are not good, I have strength, it didn’t affect work, I can go.”

Song Dashan was interrupted by Li Mo before he finished what he was saying, “I disagree with you doing odd jobs, for Xiaobao and Me. You also have to look out for your health seriously, not toss about it. ” Seeing Li Mo’s attitude, Song Dashan frowned fiercely, unable to say anything in his mouth.

Li Mo can understand his decision this time, but she is not a saint, and it is impossible for her to let the Song family suck their blood like a vampire. If Song Dashan was still ruthless towards her and Xiao Bao, then she must think about her next move.

Will she still be able to live with him?

Therefore, Li Mo ignored Song Dashan’s feeling of sadness and directly said: “Brother Dashan, I hope this will be the last time. You treat them as a family, but they don’t treat you as a family. If we two work hard to make money, but in the end, it will go into other people’s pockets, I don’t think I have the confidence to live a life like this. So, I hope you can tell me clearly about your attitude towards them. “

Song Dashan was not surprised by Li Mo’s words. She was the type of woman who could tolerate sand in her eyes.[1]This means that she’s not the type of person who can tolerate being deceived Song Dashan can see this. He wants to live a good life with her, and he won’t let her be wronged by being with him all the time. Through today’s events, his last expectations of his relatives have also disappeared. He won’t let them take advantage of him anymore.

“Li Mo, my father died when I was young. My Mother took care of us alone. When I was young, I thought I must always obey her in the future, but you can rest assured that I won’t be softhearted in the future. I will fulfill my duty as a son. I will give everything I should give, but I will not give anything extra.

With Song Dashan’s words, Li Mo felt relieved. Sighed.

Although the incident made everyone very unhappy, the workers still brightened their eyes when they saw the lunch meal.

In the village, people are generally invited to work. People with more difficulties just cook some coarse stubble porridge and serve it with two vegetables. But this year, everyone was not prosperous. It was already very good to be full. They won’t blame them, but they didn’t expect that the food today would be so good. Everyone can eat two big steamed buns. This makes the hearts of people who have worked all morning warm up. At the moment, they just bury their heads and eat hard/

Because of this sumptuous lunch, the working men’s impression of Song Dashan and Li Mo was a little bit better. Some of them came to help out of the affection of being in the same village. Now everyone really helped and worked harder, and when the sky is about to get dark, the roof is all repaired. As for the kitchen, it will be built on the next day.

In two days, the house was completely repaired, and the stove in the kitchen was rebuilt. The cauldron had broken before, and a new one was bought to replace it. Then the three of Li Mo’s family moved back home.

When they moved back home, it was practice to ask the helper to have a good meal at home. Li Mo went to town with the donkey cart yesterday and bought the vegetables for the treat. This morning, she went to Zhao’s house. The Zhao family’s two sisters-in-law were invited to take the lead and let the Zhao family come to eat at noon.

The food was better than the previous meals two days ago. Although they have no money now, Li Mo was grateful to the villagers who had helped out for two days for free. She didn’t want to mistreat them, so she didn’t plan on this food. She didn’t try to conserve this meal, but instead, she wanted it to be as rich as possible. Li Mo bought not only pork but also fish and chicken. At noon, the Zhao family’s two sisters-in-law made braised pork, a braised chicken, and a fish stewed with tofu. A dish of roast pork with potatoes, then a few seasonal vegetables, and a large pot of dry rice.

A few dishes were served on the table at one end, and the people who were called to eat at a table looked straight. They all swallowed while looking at the more abundant food than the Chinese New Year foods. The children who followed the adults were even more focused at the table. They couldn’t move their eyes while looking at the dishes and couldn’t wait to eat.

Li Mo looked at the children’s cuteness, smiled, and asked everyone to not be polite, just eat them, and then put out two jugs of wine that she had bought in the town before and put them on the table.

At this time, the guys were completely heated. These guys usually don’t have hobbies at all. Most of them like to drink a little wine. When a few men get together, have a meal, and match it with a bit of wine, that’s the ultimate enjoyment. Buying wine and drinking, you can’t easily drink it. Now that you see that there is good food and wine, can you not be excited? Now I gave Song Dashan a thumbs up.

Song Dashan didn’t know that Li Mo actually bought wine. Seeing how happy everyone was, he laughed. He stood up and poured wine for everyone. “Come, everyone, have a drink.”

This meal they eat for two hours in a lively manner. The women who were helping in the back kitchen had already eaten in the kitchen. The men in front were still pushing cups for another cup. Today they are happy, and the women don’t care about their own men. They had a good time drinking, so the Song Dashan family was very lively.

Li Mo cleaned up the kitchen with a few sisters-in-law who had come to help. Seeing that everything was alright, she asked people to go to the room to sit and chat.

After sitting down, a woman asked Yang Lanhua curiously: “Orchid, I just wanted to ask you when I was just cooking. There was a fragrant smell coming from your body? What did you wear? “

Yang Lanhua was stunned, then laughed. She glanced at Li Mo, and stretched out his hand to the woman’s nose quite eagerly, “Smell it, smell good? This is a perfume. “

This woman was called Qian Xianglian. His man helped Li Mo’s family for two days. Today, she was invited by Li Mo to eat with his own man. He usually has a good relationship with Yang Lanhua. The two people’s families are in the same village, and they are in the same place after they get married. So they love to joke together. Whoever buys a new thing loves to chat with each other.

Now when they heard Yang Lanhua say it was baa perfume, her eyes widened. “When did you buy the perfume? Wasn’t it expensive? Are you that willing to spend a lot? “

Yang Lanhua stopped stalling anymore and sold out Li Mo directly as the owner of the perfume. When the matter was said, several women were surprised, and Qian Xianglian couldn’t wait to let Li Mo show it to her, and she wanted to buy it.

Li Mo looked at the interested sisters-in-law. And thought that Sister Lanhua really remembered to promote her.

Li Mo took out the remaining boxes of perfume and showed them to the sisters-in-law.

Several women saw such a big box of balm. Not only did the color look good, but it also smelled terribly fragrant. It was no worse than the one sold in the powder shop, and it only cost 5 wen a box.

Qian Xianglian’s family conditions are not bad, so she didn’t hesitate so much. She immediately bought a box for 5 wen . Seeing Qian Xianglian bought it, another woman who was also tempted paid 5 wen. The remaining two women hesitated for a while, but they were still not willing to buy.

Li Mo looked at the joy of the two sisters-in-law who had bought the perfume, remembering what she had been thinking about in her heart these past two days, and planned to do just that.

After the men drank the wine, Li Mo and a few sisters-in-law cleaned up the bowls and chopsticks and then returned the borrowed bowls and chopsticks one by one. After that, Li Mo separately took the Zhao family’s two sisters-in-law and the quite talkative Qian Xianglian to stay.

Li Mo directly talked to the three sisters-in-law about her plans: “Several sisters-in-law, I wanted you to stay because I want to work with you and do a small business. I don’t know if you are interested. “

Hearing Li Mo said about the partnership. How could a few people dare not be interested in business and immediately urge Li Mo to talk about what was going on?

Li Mo smiled and said what was in her heart: “Sister-in-law, you also know that I have a recipe and can make this perfume. You have seen this perfume. I think you also know that this perfume can be sold in this village, but I can’t sell it by myself, and I don’t have so much time to recommend this balm to others, let alone other villages, so I thought, if you sell it for 5 or 6 wen , you will take 2 wen as for your recommendation. Do you agree? “

When all of them heard this, they calculated in their minds that if they sold the box, they could make a net profit of one penny or two, without any cost. It’s just a matter of lip service. This transaction couldn’t be more cost-effective. The only bad thing was fear of not being able to sell it, and it would be left in their hands.

Li Mo seemed to know the concerns in their hearts and immediately added: “You don’t have to be afraid that you won’t be able to sell it after you buy it. You can sell it first. If you sell a box, you can come and take a box from me and then give me the money. “

Listening to Li Mo’s words, they immediately agreed to do business.


1 This means that she’s not the type of person who can tolerate being deceived


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  1. Diair Airship has spoken 12 months ago

    No, what? 1 wen for the box, 2 wen salary, leaving only 2 wen profit per box. Does she value her own craftsmanship and time that little? She’s making all of these by hand!

    • Diair Airship has spoken 12 months ago

      Now, I get it. She’s applying the concept of economies at scale, thinking she’ll just have to sell more boxes to make up for the incurred costs, but such a thing only works when you’re using assembly lines and workers to create the product for you, making sure your supply of goods is large! She’s gathering the ingredients needed and crafting the product by hand here; she can only make a limited amount of boxes a day, and it’s almost certainly far too little to make a difference. In the next chapter, a measly 20 eggs is 10 wen. That’s 5 whole boxes worth of profit! Ridiculous.
      She’ll barely be able to cover the cost of meals this way, let alone do anything about the massive debt her dumbass husband put on their head.

      • Mai Lee has spoken 10 months ago

        Her whole reason for selling it so cheap is that she makes it herself and she doesn’t have to pay for the ingredients. So apparently 5 yuan was already enough with a 4 yuan profit. But that was before she got this idea. Idk if the author was even thinking about operating costs. Plus the fact that she apparently gives a free make over every time a new customer is introduced. Her supplies are gonna run out before she even starts doing actual commissions. I really question her patience and ability to make money but plot armor I guess

  2. mikayxxxx69 has spoken 1 year ago

    So let’s be clear, the ML from the start didn’t do anything worth mentioning except saving d FL from the traffickers… he keeps getting on my nerves at every chap he better man UP[wpd-tenor full=’DidVNKu3bEEAAAAM/mad-angry.gif’ preview=’DidVNKu3bEEAAAAe/mad-angry.png’ width=’498′ height=’277′]


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