Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 24.2

Chapter 24 Part 2

After leaving the family’s sight, Meizi, who hadn’t spoken for a long time, finally couldn’t help herself from talking. She held Li Mo’s hand tightly, excited like a child, “Sister-in-law, you are so amazing to think you could do it. How can you make a person look like a reborn person? I have seen other people putting on makeup before. At that time, I thought that makeup was too rough. It’s better not to put on makeup. I was wrong when I saw you put on makeup today. “

Li Mo listened to Meizi’s tweet and said amusedly: “The makeup you have seen before was not refined, so it didn’t look good. Real makeup can make people change and make them more beautiful. “

Meizi nodded, “Yes, yes, just like my sister-in-law, you can make people so beautiful.”

Li Mo wanted to go to the clothes house to buy some clothes and make two sets of clothes for the family to wear out. The clothes on Xiaobao and Song Dashan are patched with patches, and the rotten ones can’t be rotten anymore. They don’t dare to use force every time they wash the clothes for fear of it being worn out.

The two went to a clothes shop, and went in, and picked up a few pieces of linen cloth and two more pieces of cotton cloth. The linen cloth can be used as outer clothes, which are durable and practical. The cotton cloth was used as the inner underwear, which was comfortable to absorb sweat.

Finally, they bought some snacks that children would love to eat. Seeing that the time was almost up, Li Mo and Meizi rushed to the meeting place and waited for the donkey cart.

When they got home, the two children from far away ran over with their short legs, and Xiao Bao fell into Li Mo’s arms, “Aunt Mo, you are back.”

Li Mo smiled and kissed Xiaobao’s head; she picked him up. Song Dashan had already come over and took everything in Li Mo’s hands. He looked at Li Mo and asked, “Have you eaten? I cooked something. The food, I’m afraid you will come back hungry, and it’s still hot. Do you want to eat it now? “

Li Mo and Meizi did not eat in the town. They were already hungry. It would be better to have food, and they nodded immediately.

After the meal, Li Mo brought out the cakes she bought from the town to give to the two little kids, and the two little kids were dancing with joy.

Meizi also proposed to go home at this time. She had been at Dashan’s house for several days, and she didn’t know what was going on at home, so she had to go back.

Li Mo didn’t hold them back this time. She divided half of the cakes and brought them home to Xiaoshu. He and Song Dashan took Xiaobao and sent Meizi’s family out of the village and then watched them leave.

After sending Meizi’s family home, Li Mo took out the fabric she bought and prepared to make clothes.

Li Mo didn’t know how to make clothes, but the original owner was a native of ancient times, after all. Making clothes was a basic skill. Li Mo inherited the memory of the original owner, and making clothes was not a problem.

Li Mo pulled Xiaobao over and measured Xiaobao’s body size. The summer was about to begin. She was going to make two summer clothes for Xiaobao. The children didn’t have so many rules, so Li Mo planned to make two short sleeves for Xiaobao and then make a pair of trousers that were comfortable and cute to wear.

After measuring the size of Xiaobao, Li Mo beckoned Song Dashan to come and measure him. Song Dashan was a little surprised, “Are you making my clothes too?”

Li Mo said, “Your clothes are almost worn out. If I don’t make clothes, what will you wear? ” Song Dashan’s face with little expression showed evident joy. It wasn’t that he was happy with new clothes, but Li Mo was thinking of him and would make clothes for him. Li Mo has been at home for so many days. Although the two got along well, they were also polite to each other. Li Mo treated him more like a friend, and the two were not intimate like a husband and wife. Now that Li Mo was willing to make clothes for him, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but want to rise.

Li Mo looked at Song Dashan’s rare smile, and her lips curled up.

She had had a lot of reservations before. He was a good person, but she didn’t like a good person who was good to everyone. She is a selfish person. Her man must treat her wholeheartedly and treat their family well. If she needed to tolerate everyone, including those so-called family members, she wouldn’t want such people. But now she saw his attitude towards the family. She was also willing to let her heart loose and slowly accept him.

The children’s clothes were very simple. Li Mo took advantage of the afternoon to cut out the fabrics and then stitched them together. The original owner’s craftsmanship was very good, and Li Mo’s hand speed was not slow. She took a short piece of Xiao Bao’s in the afternoon. The sleeves and a pair of overalls were made, and I made two small pieces of underwear for Xiaobao out of cotton cloth and then recruited Xiao Bao, who was playing.

“Xiaobao, try your new clothes quickly.” Xiaobao’s eyes lit up, he threw the thing in his hand, and ran over immediately, his eyes narrowed,

“Aunt Mo, is this Xiao Bao’s? Are these Xiaobao’s new clothes?! “

Li Mo said with a smile: “Yes, these are Xiaobao’s new clothes, Xiaobao, try your new clothes.”

Xiaobao quickly took his clothes off without saying a word. He realized something after taking it off. He immediately covered his little bird with his hands, glanced at Li Mo with his small eyes, and then looked at the new clothes, not knowing what to do. The looks were tangled and cute.

Li Mo was amused by him. How old was he? He knows that he needs to coverup the bird.

Song Dashan didn’t plan to save his son either and followed Li Mo and watched with a smile.

Seeing that his father and mother didn’t care about him, Xiaobao jumped and said, “Aunt Mo, quickly dress Xiaobao, or the bird will be cold.”

“Hahaha…” Li Mo laughed

Seeing that Xiaobao’s face turned red, Li Mo stopped herself from smiling and stopped teasing him. She put on new clothes for him. Looking at the cute Xiaobao, Li Mo praised, “Okay, Xiaobao’s new clothes look really good. It looked good. “

When Li Mo said it looked good, Xiao Bao was even more delighted. He looked at Song Dashan, who was silent, and asked, “Daddy, are Xiao Bao’s new clothes good-looking?”

Song Dashan was watching Li Mo do it. He’s never seen anything like this before. It’s weird, but it looked very nice on a child. The little three-headed doll with the little tweet behind his head was so cute. It makes people want to hug it.

Song Dashan nodded and replied to Xiaobao: “It looks good, it looks good.”

Now, Xiaobao was even happier. Putting his little hand in the big trouser pocket in front of the overalls, he blinked his big eyes and asked Li Mo: “Aunt Mo, Xiaobao wants to go and show my new clothes to Brother Shi and Brother Mu. Is it okay? ” The child has something good and always wants to show off to his little friend.

Li Mo understood and nodded, “Go, be careful…”

“I will…”Xiaobao replied and walked on with his short little legs and ran away.

Seeing that Xiaobao was gone, Li Mo took out one or two and a half silver and handed it to Song Dashan, “Brother Dashan, you can take the money back to Uncle Zhao and pack some snacks with you. It’s to thank him for lending us the money. “

Li Mo didn’t like the feeling of owing money to others. She always felt that something was pressing in her heart. Now that she is rich, the first thing she needs to do is to pay back the money owed. Song Dashan also thought the same, so he didn’t say anything and took the money belt and went to Zhao Shu’s house with pastries.

Song Dashan left, Li Mo took out the remaining fabrics and began to make clothes for Song Dashan.

His clothes could not be worn anymore, and his inside clothes were worn out, so she had to make a set for him as soon as possible.

Li Mo knows that the underwear of people in this era is all those kinds of big pants, without comfort at all. Li Mo still feels that modern underwear was more comfortable, so she plans to also make two pieces that are close to the underwear of modern times. Even if they were different from the underwear here, they couldn’t be seen, and they were comfortable to wear.

Just when Li Mo made two pieces of underwear for Song Dashan, Song Dashan came back with Xiaobao, but Yang Lanhua and Shimutou were still behind him.

Li Mo got up, “Why are you here, Sister Lanhua?”

Yang Lanhua smiled and pointed to the child behind her. “What else? These two ancestors of my family just saw the new clothes that Xiaobao was wearing. They looked really pretty, and they wanted new clothes that were similar to Xiaobao. That’s why I came here. “

Xiaobao stiffened his belly proudly when he heard this.

Li Mo smiled inwardly.

Yang Lanhua sat down and looked at the overalls that Xiaobao was wearing. “You did this for Xiaobao. I haven’t seen it before. It looks so good for a child, and I don’t like it as an adult. No wonder my two little monsters want it. “

Li Mo said immediately: “Sister-in-law, this dress is called a bib. It’s cute for children. It’s very simple. I’ll tell you how to do it. “

Li Mo told Yang Lanhua how to cut the overalls.

They were all women who do needlework all year round, and they were very familiar with sewing things, so Yang Lanhua understood it after talking with Li Mo.

She said that when she went to town, she would buy some clothes. She would do the same for the two children.

When the two children of Yang Lanhua heard that they could also make such clothes, they immediately became happy.

After talking about this, Yang Lanhua went on to talk about the balm, “Sister, last time I took the balm from you and sold it back to my mother’s house. Several people over there bought it, and I sold everything in my hand. I guess those people will go home and talk about it, and there will still be people who want to buy them after I go there, so can you give me a few more boxes? “

Li Mo nodded, thanked him that they made another fifty boxes yesterday.

Yang Lanhua took the newly made balm and took the two children home. When she walked to the door, she remembered something. She hurriedly said to Li Mo,.

“Look at my memory. I forgot to tell you. My sister, Qinhua, will get married in three days. On that day, can you go and do Qinhua’s makeup?I just want to arrange things in advance and lest we forget. “

Li Mo remembered the days, nodded, and secretly planned to do things the day after tomorrow.


Li Mo was making clothes until it got dark. She wanted to give Song Dashan the set of clothes today, but Song Dashan felt that doing it in the dark would hurt Li Mo’s eyes, so he would not let Li Mo do it. Li Mo thought about it and put it aside and did it tomorrow.

Song Dashan boiled a pot of water, put it in a basin, and brought it into the house, “Li Mo, you and Xiao Bao came here to soothe your feet.”

Li Mo went to town this morning and was busy for most of the day. It was indeed a little tiring. Soaking your feet can help you sleep well at night, so she sat with Xiaobao, took off her shoes and socks, and put her feet in hot water, immediately feeling comfortable.

Xiaobao’s little feet were small and fleshy, and she kept flipping her toes in the water. Li Mo looked funny and put her feet on top of Little Treasure’s feet. The toes rubbed his feet. He laughed and rubbed his feet against Li Mo. The water in the basin was rustled by them, and the water splashed a lot. Song Dashan came in and saw the two people playing like this, and shook his head helplessly. He walked over and squatted down and held Xiaobao’s feet.

Xiaobao’s chubby feet were caught by his father and could not move, so he had to be caught obediently. Dashan washed his feet, dried them, picked him up, and put him on the bed.

Li Mo was left alone with his feet in the basin. Li Mo was about to wash it out, but when he saw Song Dashan squatting down again, he reached into the basin to grab her feet and scrubbed her.

Li Mo was taken aback and quickly shrank his feet, “I’ll do it myself.”

Song Dashan pressed Li Mo’s little feet to keep her from moving and continued to wash without raising his head, with a little guilt and low voice, “Don’t move. I’ll wash it for you. Are you tired when you went to town today? Li Mo, you have worked so hard like this. A man has to earn money to support his family, and now I only rely on you to earn money to support the family. “

Li Mo frowned. Could this hurt Song Dashan’s self-esteem? In modern times, some men earn less than women, and they are unhappy in their hearts. Was this also the same for Song Dashan? But watching Song Dashan lower his head to wash his feet, it didn’t look like he was part of a male chauvinist.

Li Mo asked uncertainly: “I can make money. Are you feeling uncomfortable? “

Song Dashan raised his eyes and shook his head seriously, “No discomfort, I just think you have worked too hard, but I am so useless. I only make you suffer and wronged you. “

Li Mo breathed a sigh of relief, smiled, and whispered: “You are wrong. Without you, I can’t do many things. I can’t pick so many flowers by myself. I can’t make balm by myself, and it’s even less possible for a person to go to Fahua Mountain to sell balm. This money is not what I can earn alone. “

Song Dashan raised his head and looked at Li Mo when he heard this. It was dark and deep.

Li Mo was uncomfortable being seen. She turned her eyes away and said after a while: “Actually, I planned to wait until I have enough money to buy you a donkey cart. Then you will drive the donkey cart to make money. When I have a business and need to go somewhere, you will drive the donkey cart to take me there. We don’t need to walk anymore. Don’t feel relaxed. You will be busy in the future. “

“Haha, well, I will send you wherever you want go in the future. Drive you and pick you up.” Song Dashan’s slightly excited words sounded in his ears.

Li Mo turned his gaze back and saw Song Dashan’s smiling eyes, which were full of hope and longing, suddenly resembling a vigorous young man.

At this time, Li Mo remembered that he was originally a young man in his twenties, but he was usually very taciturn and immersed in his work, which made people feel like he was an old man. It was only at this moment that the expression of joy and expectation revealed the freshness of this age.

Li Mo liked his vivid and hopeful look.

The water was cold. Song Dashan wiped Li Mo’s feet clean with a dry cloth towel and carried Li Mo into the bed like a little treasure. Li Mo was startled by him, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but smile.

Suddenly, she felt that living in an ancient period was not so bad after all. Although life was poor, it was rare to find a man who was willing to support her career and who could still wash your feet and carry you to bed at night.

In order to reward Song Dashan, Li Mo gave him the improved underwear made for him.

Song Dashan was a little dumbfounded. He looked at the little clothes in his hand and looked again indefinitely. It felt a bit like pants were worn inside, but they were too small and short, and they were bulging out a little bit from the front.

What is this? Can you wear it?

Okay, Li Mo admitted that she wanted to see Song Dashan’s reaction, so after she told Song Dashan what it was with a smile, Li Mo buried her head in the pillow, shaking her shoulders when she saw Song Dashan’s face rapidly turning red.

Song Dashan looked at the shaking quilt. Although his face was red, the smile in his eyes could not stop him. He tightly held the pants Li Mo made for him, looked and looked again, and finally cherished them gently. Fold it up, put it in the innermost position of the closet, make sure to put it away, then blow out the candles and turn on the bed.

In the darkness, he quietly stretched out his hand to Li Mo’s side, touched the soft and delicate hand, and pressed it tightly into his hand.

At that moment, her heart was extremely happy and content.


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