Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 25

Chapter 25

It took two days for Li Mo to finish the clothes she made for Song Dashan and Xiaobao. She used all the torn clothes of Song Dashan and Xiaobao as rags.

Xiaobao now wears new clothes every day, and he is very happy when he walks. However, he still cherishes his new clothes very much. He used to sit on the ground and play, but now he can’t bear it. Xiaobao won’t let his clothes get dirty when he plays. He would be angry when he touched the ground, and when his friends soiled his clothes.

Although Song Dashan was not as exaggerated as Xiaobao, he also liked the clothes Li Mo made for him. When he went to the mountains to chop wood or work in the field, he would change his clothes and put on his original clothes to work.

Li Mo was dumbfounded by the behavior of the father and son, but it was useless to persuade the two of them, and Li Mo didn’t care about it either.

This day was the day Qinhua would get married. Li Mo took Xiaobao and Song Dashan to Zhao’s house after breakfast. Li Mo gave Qinhua makeup, and Song Dashan came to help the Zhao family today.

When a family in the village holds a happy event, they will basically call the neighbors who have good relations with each other for help. Needless to say, these people will take the initiative to help early, but there are also some people who want to eat and drink and not because they want to help.

Obviously, they didn’t call you, but she came to help but didn’t do anything when it was the busiest. The kind of person they were talking about was Wang Cuihua.

When Li Mo entered the Qinhua room, he saw Wang Cuihua sitting at the bedside and chatting with other women. Wang Cuihua also saw Li Mo, but she rolled her eyes and continued to chat.

Yang Lanhua saw Li Mo and came over and took her hand. Due to the crowds, she had to get close to Li Mo and said in a not very good tone: “Your sister-in-law is really shameless. She came to our house early in the morning. She said she was going to help, but as soon as she came in, she went into the room and chatted while eating melon seeds. Pooh, I was really angry. “

Li Mo knows that on such a happy day today, as the host family, it is not suitable for the host family to take the initiative to say if you let the visitors go to work. Even though she knows that Wang Cuihua is here to eat and drink, she can’t tear his face to quarrel with her. This is unlucky. So they had to bear it.

Li Mo patted Yang Lanhua’s hand comfortingly, “Forget it, don’t care about her, just ignore her. We are busy with our own. “

Yang Lanhua nodded and pulled Xiaobao, who was on Li Mo’s side. She took a handful of melon seeds candy from the cloth bag and place it in Xiaobao’s pocket.

Xiaobao blushed, and he arched his hands to thank Yang Lanhua: “Thank you, Aunt Lanhua.”

“Oh, Xiaobao is getting more and more sensible now.” Yang Lanhua touched Xiaobao’s little face.

When Wang Cuihua saw Yang Lanhua grabbing so many melon seed candies for Xiaobao, she came to a halt and spitted out the melon seed shell with a strange voice, “Look, your family is generous.”You give a lot of sugar to eat. What about my two boys? I’ll ask them to come in and get the candy. ” Then she went to the door and shouted vigorously: “You two boys, come here, your Aunt Lanhua wants to give you candy!”

Wang Cuihua shouted so loudly that everyone who was busy looked over. As soon as the children playing in the yard heard that there was sugar to eat, they immediately rushed into the room: “Where is the sugar? Eat sugar! We want to eat sugar! “

Yang Lanhua was irritated by Wang Cui’s face. She couldn’t wait to go up and give her two big ears. This melon seed candy is so expensive, it’s rare to buy such a little bit. She is good, and she eats hard by herself and calls her two children here to get even more. It attracted all the helping adults. If they don’t give sugar to the children. What would they think?

Wang Cuihua looked at Yang Lanhua’s iron-green face and was proud of herself. Seeing the two children at home come over, she immediately pulled the two of them, stretched her hand into the candy bag that Yang Lanhua had brought before, grabbed a large handful, and went to give it to her children. She stuffed it in his pocket and said: “Your AuntLanhua is generous, and she will give you sweets. Thank your aunt quickly. “

Yang Lanhua could not bear to see Wang Cuihua grabbing so much sugar unceremoniously, so she took a picture. Wang Cuihua’s hand made a crisp “pop,” and her mouth rebuked: “Wang Cuihua, are you so rude? The host didn’t do it, and you do it by yourself? Do you want to be shameless?! “

Wang Cuihua held her hand. Her angry mouth was crooked, she wanted to go up and have a fight, but she thought that she could not eat at the banquet later. She abruptly resisted and took a deep breath and smiled distortedly, “I’m afraid you are too busy? I’ll pass candy to the children. ” After reading Yang Lanhua’s expression of eating people, she jealously curled her lips, “Then you do it yourself, I can’t move it!”

The children in the room were all facing the candy bag. Watching eagerly, Yang Lanhua could only swallow this breath and divided the sugar into the children one by one. There was not much sugar, but the children had a lot. Yang Lanhua gave two yuan to each child, as for the two children of Wang Cuihua, she didn’t give.

“Aunt Lanhua, why don’t you give it to my child?” Wang Cuihua cried.

Yang Lanhua pushed her arm away, “You just grabbed so much, do you still want it? Why are you shameless! “

Wang Cuihua pointed to Xiaobao’s pocket, “Then why did you give Xiaobao so much? Look at the pockets full. Are you treating them differently? Why are our children not as good as Xiaobao? “

Yang Lanhua stared at Wang Cuihua fiercely, “I want to do whatever I want, the candy I bought. Does it have anything to do with you? I think Xiaobao is cute. I’m willing to give it more. Do you care? Then go away, be careful that I tear your mouth! “

Probably Yang Lanhua’s expression is too harsh, Wang Cuihua was really afraid that Yang Lanhua didn’t care and would fight with her regardless of the place. It would be bad if she was driven away and had not eaten at the banquet, so she could swallow the words in her mouth and sit back in anger and continue eating melon seeds.

Yang Lanhua watched her disappear, and she ignored her at a glance and sent the children who had candy in the room to play. The room was suddenly loose.

Yang Lanhua looked back again and said to the women in the room: “Qinhua will be dressing up later, and the room’s door will be locked. If you have things to do, go do it first. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient to go out later. “

When the bride is preparing, they need to lock the room’s door to prevent outsiders from disturbing them, so the room must be cleaned before the door is locked.

The women still had things to do and couldn’t stay in the house anymore, so they left the house one after another, leaving behind some female relatives and elders, but Wang Cuihua didn’t want to go out to work and stayed in the house cheeky.

Yang Lanhua couldn’t drive her out, so she had to stay in the house with her and lock the door.

Someone is curious now, “Oh Lanhua, you locked the door. This lady beautician hasn’t come yet. “

“Yes, who dresses Qinhua?”

“I haven’t seen the beautician until now.”

Yang Lanhua smiled. Pointing to Li Mo, who was standing aside, “Who said there is no beautician, isn’t she here?”

Everyone looked at Li Mo, and they were surprised, “Isn’t this Dashan’s newly married wife? Why is she a beautician? “

Except for Zhao’s family, other people in the village basically don’t know about Li Mo’s makeup skills. There is no way. There are too few channels for information to disseminate in this era, and the speed of information dissemination is slow. Li Mo has not tried it to the newlyweds in the village. As a result, no one knows her identity as a beautician.Today is considered Li Mo’s first day of being a beautician in front of everyone. After today, her identity as a beautician will be wholly passed on.

Facing everyone’s surprise, Yang Lanhua came out and said to Li Mo, “Don’t you know that Li Mo’s makeup skills are unique? How can those other beauticians compare to Li Mo’s makeup? It would be great luck. “

Yang Lanhua said. It seemed to be too exaggerated. The people around us didn’t believe it too much. They all waited and watched with a dubious mindset.

But Wang Cuihua smiled, squinted at Li Mo, covering her mouth to laugh without smiling, “Are you kidding me? She knows how to make up? You guys don’t take Qinhua’s marriage too seriously, so please find a beautician. You can’t just find someone to put on makeup. When the time comes, your relationship will be messed up. You will regret it too late! “

Yang Lanhua: “You shut up, and don’t force me to tear your mouth!”

Wang Cuihua curled her lips, dissatisfied. She muttered: “I kindly reminded you, and you don’t appreciate it, I still have to say it.”

Yang Lanhua gave Wang Cuihua a glance, then turned to Li Mo and said, “Don’t bother with that stinky mouth. We are busy. It’s time to give Qinhua makeup. “

Yang Lanhua glanced at everyone and said inwardly, if you don’t believe it now, I’ll wait for you to open your eyes and see. You will be surprised.

Li Mo also knew that it was useless to say anything. Her skills will do the talking. So she stopped paying attention to things around her and concentrated on putting makeup on Qinhua.

Today is the big day in Qinhua’s life. Li Mo also wants her to be the most beautiful in her marriage. Li Mo made her more elegant this time, and it took three times as much effort as the first time she applied Qinhua’s makeup.This time, she was also used a little more, and it took more than half an hour before Li Mo retracted his hand on the bun, and she was done.

The women around them were dumbfounded. Li Mo’s methods had never been seen before. They patted and wiped away some of the smearing.They didn’t understand what she was doing at all, but they felt that she was better than those special dressing ladies. The makeup steps of a pink picture and a lip are more than a little complicated.

When they saw the whole picture of Qinhua, these women’s mouths were even more shocked.

It’s no wonder that they are surprised. They are all people who are familiar with Qinhua. Everyone knows her scars. Everyone remembers her original appearance, but the Qinhua that appears in front of them is not like the Qinhua they knew. The scars on Qinhua’s face were no longer visible, and her face has also become extremely beautiful. If Qinhua says that she’s a lady from the city, they will believe it.

One of Qinhua’s aunts stepped forward and touched Qinhua’s face, and she could still feel the scar on Qinhua’s face when she touched it carefully, but she couldn’t see it with the naked eye. Now she completely admired Li Mo and looked at Li Mo. With an exclamation, “Lady from Dashan Family, you are good, why are you so amazing! I have never seen such craftsmanship like yours in my entire life! “

Li Mo smiled, “I don’t have any other skills, just this. I rely on this craftmanship. I’m just better than ordinary people. “

Everyone looked around Qinhua and looked at them, and all gave Li Mo a thumbs up.

Even Wang Cuihua, who had been waiting to see the jokes with disdain, couldn’t speak and forgot to react when she looked at Qinhua’s face.

Yang Lanhua looked at Wang Cuihua, who was dumbfounded, and she felt proud. She took out the red seal she had prepared and handed it to Li Mo, “Sister, take this. You have worked hard today. “

Today Li Mo came as a dressing lady. This dressing money was bound to be accepted, so she didn’t hesitate and accepted the red envelope directly.

The people around them looked at the red envelope and moved their minds. A woman directly asked Li Mo, “Lady of Dashan’s Family, I don’t know how much you charge for your assistance?”

Her daughter will be married next month. Looking at Li Mo’s makeup skills today, she also wanted to invite Li Mo, but seeing her craftsmanship is so good, she’s afraid it is too expensive.

Li Mo smiled and replied: “The average price of a dressing lady, and I charge 15 yuan.”

The general dressing lady is about 15 yuan, and the more powerful ones are more than 15 yuan. With such good craftsmanship, Li Mo is really not much for 15 yuan.

As soon as Li Mo said this, all the young women were moved in their hearts.

Wang Cuihua’s eyes were red, looking at the red envelope Li Mo stuffed in her pocket.


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