Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Not long after she put on Qinhua’s makeup, they heard the gong’s sound from outside, and children were clapping and shouting.

“The bride needs to be picked up!”

“The groom is here!”

Everyone knew that they were here to pick up the bride. They immediately stopped talking and called Mother Zhao to put on Qinhua’s red veil.

When everything was settled, Mother Zhao looked at her daughter, who was wearing a red veil. When she thought that her daughter is finally going to leave their home, Mother Zhao couldn’t help but feel emotional that tears started to stream down her face.

Mother Zhao held Qinhua’s hands and said: “After marriage, you should be filial to your in-laws. It’s different from being here at home. You should be diligent and help them. But you don’t have to be tolerant of them f they wronged you. You can still come back to your mother. “

Mother Zhao’s words also affected Qinhua’s mood. She sobbed and nodded. ‘Mother, I know. “

Seeing them both crying, Yang Lanhua came forward and hugged Mother Zhao. “My mother and sister are married to a man in our village, and we can still see her every day. What are you crying for? Don’t cry. You’re making Sister Qinhua cry too. Her makeup is going to melt. Isn’t it a waste of Sister Li Mo’s meticulous makeup? “

Mother Zhao immediately raised her sleeves to wipe her tears. “You are right. What am I doing? We can’t cry. Qinhua, don’t cry. You look so beautiful today. If you don’t stop crying, the makeup will look bad. “

Qinhua nodded under her veil and wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

At this time, Zhao Changbang knocked on their door. “My mother and brother-in-law have arrived; the time has come for my sister to leave.”

Yang Lanhua quickly opened the door to let Zhao Changbang in and carried Qinhua out of the room. The man standing in the middle, wearing red clothes, was Lin man, Qinhua’s future husband.

When he saw Zhao Changbang carrying the bride, he immediately smiled with his white teeth showing. He greeted Zhao Changbang as he walked to the bridal carriage, carefully helping Qinhua sit in the carriage.

Li Mo watched Lin Man’s series of actions and was very happy for Qinhua. It was obvious that Lin Man loved Qinhua and held her deep in his heart. Qinhua will be happy in the future.

At this time, Li Mo felt warm hands wrapped around her hands. Only for a moment, he let go of her without being noticed by everyone around them.

Li Mo turned her head and saw Song Dashan looking at her.

Li Mo asked softly: “What’s the matter?”

Song Dashan pursed his lips, his voice was a little deep: ‘We didn’t have a wedding banquet, you…. don’t feel bad. We can make up for it, although it’s a little late…. “

Li Mo was stunned for a moment and understood what Song Dashan meant. They didn’t have a marriage ceremony. They only have a marriage certificate. He thought she was sad.

In that situation, the original owner committed suicide, and it was impossible to hold a banquet. After she came here, their life was in a difficult situation, and there was no time to think about the wedding. What’s more, for her, the wedding ceremony is not important. It is just for formality. The most important thing for her is to live a good life, so it didn’t matter if she had a wedding ceremony or not. Apparently, Song Dashan thought she wanted to hold a wedding ceremony so badly, and he was afraid that she was upset.

Li Mo smiled and went closer to him. She pulled his hand and said softly: “I am not sad that we didn’t have a marriage ceremony. That is not the most important thing. What is important is living a good life. A good life is more useful than having a lively ceremony.

Song Dashan looked at Li Mo for a long time, and after making sure that she was not sad, he nodded heavily. “Don’t worry, I will work hard to earn money, treat you well, and let you live a good life.”

He realized that what he said revealed too much of his thoughts. He turned around uneasily and didn’t look at Li Mo anymore. It was just that the tip of his ears was turning red, and it made Li Mo smile.

After the groom picks up the bride, the bride’s family will announce the opening of the ceremony.

The custom here is that the bride’s close relatives will have to eat at the man’s home, and the groom’s close relatives will have to eat at the bride’s house, which was held at the same time, and will be paid for by the man.

Yang Lanhua stayed at home with Li Xiaofeng and Zhao Changbang to greet the relatives here. Since Zhao Changbang was the only male left at home, he couldn’t accompany everybody to drink wine with the guests, so he asked Song Dashan to greet the guests together.

As for Li Mo, she helped in the kitchen.

It was expected that the adults were too busy to take care of the young ones today. The children didn’t have a seat, so Li Mo and Yang Lanhua discussed it and left a small amount of food in advance for the children and Xiaobao to eat in the room, so the children were taken care of, and the adults were relieved to go to work.

Today, the bride’s side had a ten-table banquet. They invited the town’s chef, who specializes in making food for banquets. Yang Lanhua, Li Xiaofeng, several aunts from the Zhao family, and Li Mo, together with five to six people, helped. They were busy for an hour before the dishes were served. At this time, all of them were tired and sat on the kitchen bench to take a rest.

Everyone else went, and even the cook was asked to take a seat, but Li Mo refused and stayed in the kitchen alone.

It’s not that she’s not hungry, but she saw that when food was served, it was immediately grabbed by everyone and the food was almost eaten. How can there be a leftover in this era, just like in modern times? In this era, it is hard for people to eat good food. When they attend wedding banquets, they eat until their stomach bulges.

Li Mo didn’t want to eat leftovers, so she would rather go home and make some noodles.

Just as Li Mo was rubbing her aching leg, a large porcelain bowl full of vegetables was placed on the table, right in front of Li Mo, and a pair of wooden chopsticks were placed on top.

Song Dashan: “You’re hungry, come on, eat up.”

Li Mo looked at Song Dashan in surprise, wondering why he suddenly appeared in front of her instead of being with the guest.

Song Dashan saw that Li Mo didn’t move, so he simply picked up the chopsticks and picked up a piece of meat and put it in Li Mo’s mouth, “Eat. It’s clean. I saved it for you. “

Li Mo looked at the meat in her mouth. A little embarrassed, she reached out for the chopstick. ‘I’ll do it myself. “

But Song Dashan avoided Li Mo’s hand and insisted on feeding Li Mo. “Eat!”

Li Mo was surprised. “Brother Dashan, what are you doing?”

Song Dashan didn’t answer. He just lightened his tone, as if he was coaxing Xiaobao. “be good, open your mouth, Ahh.”

Li Mo finally found out what was wrong with Song Dashan. With her understanding of him, this person would not be able to do this action, feeding her, let alone coax her with this mushy tone, unless ……he was drunk.

“Brother Dashan, how much wine did you drink?”

Song Dashan paused and looked at Li Mo. His tone was serious. “Did you think I’d had too much to drink? Actually, I’m fine. Don’t worry. Eat quickly. It will get cold quickly. It won’t taste good if it is cold. Quickly, open your mouth. “

Li Mo looked at his face. No different from usual, and his speech was also clear. It didn’t look like he was intoxicated, but Li Mo felt that he was drunk. Seeing that he insisted on feeding her, Li Mo thought about it, and opened her mouth, and ate the piece of meat.

Song Dashan saw that Li Mo ate it. His smile was enlarged, with a tone like talking to Xiaobao. “I know you don’t like leftovers, so I’ll save you some food in advance, and I know you don’t like fatty foods. So I’ll give you lean meat. Come on, have another bite. ” Then he took a piece of chicken into Li Mo’s mouth.

Li Mo looked at Song Dashan, who was smiling like a child. She gradually raised the corner of his mouth, ate the chicken, and then said to Song Dashan: “Thank you, you are so nice to me.”

Hearing Li Mo praising him. Song Dashan’s teeth were all exposed to smiling widely. Like an eager child, he immediately took out the chopstick, picked the vegetables from the bowl, and then fed Li Mo: I also know that you love vegetables. I’ve got a lot of them for you. Come on, eat some vegetables. “

Li Mo stared at Song Dashan and finally knew how Song Dashan acted when he was drunk.

“Dashan, so you came here. How did you disappear in the blink of an eye? You ungrateful guy! ” Zhao Changbang’s voice came from the kitchen door.

Song Dashan was feeding Li Mo when he heard Zhao Changbang. He looked at Zhao Changbang for a few seconds and withdrew his eyes from him. He continued on feeding the vegetables to Li Mo seriously.

Li Mo came from the modern era, so she was not embarrassed. She opened her mouth calmly and ate what Song Dashan fed her.

“Hiss—Dashan, you’re very cheeky.” Zhao Changbang shouted strangely

Li Mo looked at Zhao Changbang, “Brother Changbang, how much wine did Dashan drink?”

Zhao Changbang was stunned when he heard what Li Mo said. He looked at Song Dashan and suddenly pointed at him and asked her.”Is he drunk?”

Li Mo nodded.

Zhao Changbang: “No wonder he was so sour today. It was not like him to do that. ” He wondered: “But he used to drink so much, I didn’t see anything abnormal at that time, I thought he was good at drinking.”

Abnormal feelings depend on who you are with.

Zhao Changbang laughed and patted Song Dashan on the shoulder and said: “In this case, you can take Dashan back and let him sleep for a while.”

Li Mo nodded.

Song Dashan had been waiting for Li Mo to finish speaking and then continued feeding her. He is not embarrassed because Zhao Changbang is present.

Zhao Chnagbang laughed two times and walked away with his hands behind his back.

After Li Mo finished eating Song Dashan’s food, she pulled him up. “Let’s go and find Xiaobao and go home.”

Song Dashan nodded obediently and followed Li Mo from behind.

After finding Xiaobao, the family of three returned home. Li Mo wiped Song Dashan’s face, took off his clothes, and patted Xiaobao’s buttocks. “Xiaobao, take your father to sleep.”

Xiaobo immediately nodded after receiving the order. He climbed up to the bed and dragged his father to the bed. “Dad! You come up to sleep!”

Song Dashan followed Xiaobao’s words and went to bed. Xiaobao pressed him down and covered him with a quilt. The little guy patted his father’s chest and coaxed him. “Dad, close your eyes and go to sleep.”

Song Dashan didn’t listen to his son’s words. He opened his eyes and looked at Li Mo. His eyes were looking at her as if saying: Come up quickly.

Xiaobao felt that he had to support his father. He looked at Li Mo with big eyes, “Aunt Mo, come here, let’s sleep together.”

Li Mo looked at the father and son’s expecting eyes and thought there was nothing to do this afternoon, so she took off her shoes and coat and went to bed.

Song Dashan moved to the side, leaving the middle part to Li Mo.

When Li Mo laid down, he immediately turned over and faced Li Mo’s side. Staring at her without any reservation.

Li Mo was unable to stand the sight of him and reached out her hand to close his eyes. “Go to sleep~.”

Song Dashan blinked twice and finally closed his eyes obediently and so went to sleep.

Li Mo sighed. It seems that next time, it is better to not let him drink too much alcohol. Otherwise, he will make other people uncomfortable.

The author has something to say:

The heroine: Today, I saw another side of Song Dashan

Author: In the future, you will see different versions of Song Dashan.

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