Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Song Dashan fell asleep until dawn the next day. When Li Mo woke up, he had gone to the mountain to cut some trees for them to use as firewood, and he filled their water tank with water.

Seeing Li Mo and Xiaobao getting up, Song Dashan smiled and brought their breakfast to the table. “Go wash up and eat breakfast.”

Li Mo saw that he was back to his usual self. There is no trace of being drunk, just like yesterday. She thought it was funny, so she couldn’t help but glance at him twice.

Song Dashan looked at Li Mo suspiciously, “What’s the matter? What’s wrong? ” He glanced at his clothes and found nothing wrong.

Li Mo asked tentatively, “Do you remember what you did yesterday?”

Song Dashan touched his head, “I was drinking wine at Changbang’s house, didn’t I? I drank a little bit. I drank a little too much and went back home in the afternoon to sleep and woke up at dawn. Whenever I drink too much, I’ll get sleepy and go back home to sleep.

Looking at Song Dashan’s innocent appearance, Li Mo was sure that she was one of those people who forgets everything when they are drunk.

Li Mo thought: I was originally going to tease him, but since he didn’t remember it, then forgot it.

Li Mo regretfully closed her mouth and took Xiao Bao to wash up.

After dinner, Song Dashan sat in the hall with bamboo in his hands, constructing the chicken cage that Li Mo had requested.Li Mo plans to raise some chickens later so that they can eat eggs and eat some chicken meat once in a while to replenish their bodies.

Li Mo took out the leftover clothes from making Xiaobao and Dashan’s clothes. She plans to make her own clothes, otherwise, next time she accepts a job as a beautician, she would not look presentable, and it would leave them a bad impression if she was still wearing rags.

When it was almost noon, Qinhua came to their house.

Li Mo looked at Qinhua, who was combing her hair, and pulled it as she smiled at them.

Li Mo asked: “Sister Qinhua, when did you come back? Why is Lin Mo not with you? “

Qin Hua smiled and said, “Lin Man and I just came back a while ago. Sister-in-law, I have something to tell you, so I didn’t bring Lin Man. “

Li Mo asked, “What’s the matter?”

Qin Hua said: “It’s like this. When I got married yesterday. When I moved into my new home, the daughter of Lin Man’s third aunt came into my room.She had known my face before, and she had seen what I looked like yesterday. She kept asking me why I looked different than usual and said I looked beautiful. She begged me to ask you if you could also put makeup on her face. “

Qinhua took a breath after speaking and then talked about the matter in detail. “Later, Lin Man and his Third Aunt also came to me and talked about it personally. It turned out that this girl wanted to marry someone. They intend to let both parties take a long look at each other first and then decide if things will work out. This man has a very good family background. The Third Aunt of Lin Man was satisfied with the man and wanted this marriage to work out. So, knowing that you have good makeup skills, I thought if you were the beautician for the girl, in this way, the chance of the marriage being successful would be a lot bigger. “

Li Mo understood and asked about what the girl looked like: “What does this girl look like? Are there any defects? “

Qinhua shook her head, “No defects, her facial features are normal, but… this girl has a plump face and looks like she was chubby, but in fact, she is slim.”

Oh, it turns out that she has a bun face. Maybe there’s still baby fat on her.

Li Mo: “Do you just want to make her face look thinner?”

Qinhua nodded quickly: “That’s what I require. Lin Man and his third aunt asked if you could make her look thinner, lest someone would think she was fat. “

It’s not difficult for Li Mo to enhance the bun’s face into a small V face, so she nodded and agreed: “Yes, you can go back and tell Li Man and his Third Aunt that I agreed to it. Then let me know when you need me.

Qinhua looked at Li Mo and said with a little embarrassment: “Sister-in-law, in fact, the third aunt of Lin Man, and the girl lived at home yesterday, and they are still there. That girl was still quietly interlocking her hands as she saw me off this morning. She asked if you could try it on her today, but I declined; however, when she looked at me eagerly, I promised to inquire for her and see you if I had a time.”

After Qinhua finished speaking, she immediately added: “But don’t worry, sister-in-law, Lin Man’s third-aunt is a well-off family, and for this girl, she can pay you to put on makeup on her face today.”

How could Li Mo refuse to make more money? She immediately said: “What’s the matter? You can bring the girl over, and I will give her a makeover. “

Qinhuawas very happy when she heard that Li Mo agreed with her. She was happy because this was the first time Lin’s family asked for her help. When this matter is done, Lin Man’s third aunt would be grateful to her, and she would be able to put on good words in front of Lin Man’s parents.

“Sister-in-law, you are always helping me. I don’t know how to thank you. ” Qinhua said gratefully.

Li Mo smiled and patted her hand, “What are you thanking me for? Sister-in-law, I also made money. I would like to thank you for bringing me this business. “

Qinhua was moved by her words, and she nodded: “Sister-in-law, I will help you to talk with other people in the future so that you can have a lot of business.”

“Good, then I’ll bother our Qinhua to give my sister-in-law more publicity,” Li Mo said with a smile.

After Qinhua left, Li Mo continued to make clothes while they were still not there. Maybe she can finish this before they arrive here.

But in the end, the clothes were still not finished. It took only an hour before Qinhua led the people to come to her house.

They seemed really anxious.

Following Qinhua was Lin Man’s third aunt, followed by a girl, and Li Mo knew that this was the girl she was going to transform.

Li Mo hurriedly greeted them at the door, holding a bench for them to take a seat, Song Dashan was holding a tea bowl for them to drink tea.

Lin Man’s third aunt hurriedly waved her hand: “Don’t worry about it, it’sjust us, don’t be so polite. I won’t beat around the bush, Qinhua told you everything, and my daughter will bother you to give her makeup. I was planning to ask you to put on makeup the day after tomorrow. Who knows, this girl can’t wait. She watched Qinhua, and she wanted her to look for you today. What a silly girl. “

“Mother~” Zhu Meihua called her mother a little embarrassingly beside her.

Li Mo smiled and nodded, “What’s the problem with this? Wait a moment, have some tea. I will get the makeup box and come out right away to do Mei Hua’s makeup. “

Li Mo took out the makeup box and put it on the table to let Zhu Meihua sit in the bright place, just right by the gate. First, she cleaned her with a basin of warm water, then applied the beauty cream evenly, and then started putting on makeup after it was absorbed by her face.

She took a look at this girl. She was indeed slender, but her face didn’t match her figure, and her face was chubby. If you don’t look at her figure and just look at her face, people would think this girl is chubby. It’s a depressing thing, no wonder they want her to put on makeup.

In terms of looks, the girl’s features are not particularly flawed, and her skin is good. Still, the meat on her face makes the whole combination of features not outstanding and falls into mediocrity. Still, as long as the face is well groomed and a small palm face effect is presented, the overall look will change dramatically, and her looks will be bright and vivid.

The other makeup steps were not intended to be the same as usual, and there was no need for too much retouching. Only the final touch-ups on the face needed a lot of work. Li Mo only focused on the makeup. So Li Mo spent most of the time smearing the face of Zhu Meihua with processed highlights and shadows, and at the end of the day, it took more than half an hour.

The makeover is not over yet. Makeup is one aspect. The modification effect on hair is also very important. Li Mo removed Zhu Meihua’s original bun and recombed her with a meteor bun that could modify her face. Two strands of hair were deliberately left on both sides of the face and then pulled back loosely from the face and fixed behind the ears. This way, when viewed from the front, it is not only more gentle, but also the face is a little smaller, and she no longer looks like she has a bun face.

When it was completely finished, Li Mo directly gave her the mirror to look at her face. Before it was finished, she felt the girl’s impatient mood, which made her feel a little funny, so she didn’t have any nonsense to say and went straight to giving her the mirror.

“Mother, look at me. My face didn’t look fat anymore. Doesn’t my face look thin now? ” Zhu Meihua called her mother with joy.

Zhu Meihua’s mother saw it earlier than she did. Can she not know? She already praised Li Mo in her heart when others didn’t know it. She looks different now, and she is full of praise. “Lady Song, your hands are so wonderful? Just looking at you with a little bit of dabbing, you have changed her appearance. Your craftsmanship is really amazing. “

Lin’s third aunt immediately took 15 yuan out of her pocket. She handed it to Li Mo “Lady Song, this is today’s makeup money. I will bring my girl over to find you the next morning, and I will trouble you at that time. “

Li Mo was not polite, either. She directly accepted the money and said: “Then I’ll take the money, Third Aunt. I will be ready at home the next morning and wait for you to come. “

With this agreement, Lin Man’s third aunt took Zhu Meihua and Qinhua, and bid their farewell, and went home.

When the three of them just walked out of Li Mo’s house, they saw Song Dazhu, Wang Cuihua, and Lin Zhaodi walking towards them.

They saw them coming out of Song Dashan’s house. They gave each other a look, and finally, Wang Cuihua went up to them and asked. “Did you just leave Dashan’s house, Third Aunt?” After speaking, she looked at Zhu Meihua, who was so beautiful and smiling brightly. “This is your daughter? She looks beautiful. Did you just let Dashan’s wife put makeup on her?

Zhu Meihua didn’t live in the village, so she didn’t know much about the Song family. Naturally, she didn’t know who this Wang Cuihua was. She simply listened to her compliments on her beauty and nodded shyly, “I just asked Sister-in-law. My sister-in-law’s craftsmanship is really good. “

When Wang Cuihua heard this, she smiled and looked at Song Dazhu beside her, her eyes feeling proud.

Yesterday she went home and talked about Li Mo’s makeup-money-making skills. He still didn’t believe that Li Mo could have such great ability. Now everyone who came to Li Mo and admitted that it was Li Mo’s craftmanship. How can he still be in denial?

Song Dazhu did not believe it yesterday. He did not believe that the daughter-in-law bought by Dashan could have such a great skill. He knows that those beauticians have decades of experience. No one can do it like them, but now he looks at it. Dashan’s family members admitted it personally. He couldn’t help but believe it.

It seems that Dashan married a cash cow.

Back then, I shouldn’t have rushed to divide the family from Dashan. If I didn’t divide it out, now the cash cow belongs to their family, and the money earned naturally belonged to their family. There was no need to work day and night for his son’s tuition.

At this moment, Song Dazhu extremely regretted his original decision.

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