Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Li Mo was about to continue making her clothes. When she raised her eyes, she saw Song Dazhu and the others walking in from the door and the happy mood for making clothes disappeared.

Before Li Mo could speak, Song Dazhu smiled and said hello: “Are you busy?”

Li Mo didn’t bother with these people, she lowered her head, and threaded the needle.

Song Dashan also bowed his head to clean up the tea bowl just now, ignoring the visitors.

Song Dazhu lost face when they ignored him. His expression turned bad, but he sat down on the bench with a smile, and Wang Cuihua and Lin Zhaodi also sat down.

Song Dashan frowned. The tone in his voice was unusually impatient, “What are you doing here?”

Song Dazhu was very annoyed by Song Dashan’s impolite tone, but thinking about the purpose of coming here, he suppressed his anger and said with a forced smile: “Dashan, what are you saying? It’s natural for the older brother to come see his younger brother. “

Song Dashan didn’t believe him. He already knew his brother’s true colors. So he pointed at the door impolitely. “We are busy. If you have nothing to do, please go. Don’t delay us from doing our work. “

Song Dazhu patted the table and said with his voice full of dissatisfaction, “Dashan, is this how you talk to your Elder Brother!? How did you become like this! “

Song Dashan didn’t care about Song Dazhu’s words at all. He raised his eyes and glanced at the three people sitting in front of him, and his tone was even more impatient, “It seems that you don’t have nothing to here, so why don’t you leave!”

Song Dazhu wanted to pat his butt and leave, but thinking about his son, who was the only scholar in this village. He resisted the urge to be angry. He took a deep breath, and with a stiff smile, he said. “Well, since you are busy, I will not talk nonsense with you. Dashan, your brother, is here to invite you and your wife to go back and live in the main house; families should live together. Your brother and mother were not at ease for letting you live outside. Go back. The family will be more lively if we are together. “

Song Dashan looked at Song Dazhu, who thinks that he was very thoughtful to his younger brother. He smiled mockingly and said indifferently, “I appreciate the kindness, but we don’t need it. We will live a good life ourselves. Now that we’re done talking go away and don’t come again. “

Song Dazhu didn’t expect Song Dashan to refuse directly. He couldn’t suppress the fire in his heart. He slapped the table. “Song Dashan, you are too ungrateful!”

Wang Cuihua immediately patted Song Dazhu’s back up and down. She said: “Dangjia, don’t be angry. Dashan was just in a moment of confusion. Let’s talk to him properly. What are you angry about? “

After comforting Song Dazhu, Wang Cuihua looked at Song Dashan and said with earnestness. She sighed, “Dashan, look at the house you live in. It’s not good. How can you live well? You can live on your own, but your children and your wife can’t live here. We saw that you have been so miserable. You really had us worried. You can go back to the old house with us. When you come back, don’t worry about being hungry anymore. “

Song Dashan hated Wang Cuihua’s hypocritical face, so he was too lazy to waste his breath with her. He went straight to the corner, took out a long bamboo pole that was a leftover from the cage he made for the chicken. He turned around, and heavily threw the pole on the table with a “pop” sound. Everyone present was startled, and even Li Mo’s heartbeat was frightened.


Wang Cuihua took a few steps back in shock; she was unable to speak.

Lin Zhaodi also shrank his neck and dared not move.

In order to maintain his face as the Elder Brother, Song Dazhu forcibly held back his fear. He stubbornly looked at Song Dashan. “What? Your Eldest Brother was kindly trying to invite you back to the house, and you still want to be violent with us? What kind of behavior is that? “

Song Dashan retracted the bamboo pole and glanced at Song Dazhu coldly, “Don’t pretend to be nice. You know in your heart what you are up to, and I know it very well. I will say it again, leave immediately. Otherwise, you will regret coming here today! “

To be honest, Song Dazhu was a little scared by Song Dashan’s fierce appearance, and he wanted to shrink back. But when he thought of the benefits after the matter was done, he immediately ignored his fear. After all, he was still his Eldest Brother. Could his younger brother be able to beat him ?

Thinking about this, Song Dazhu immediately raised his face and looked at Song Dashan, and said sadly: “Dashan, brother feels sorry for the hardship you encountered outside. That’s why I want to take you back home. Why do you think that Brother is going to harm you? Why are you so confused?! “

“Oh, it seems like you don’t want to leave today? Alright then. ” After Song Dashan said that, he chuckled and turned towards the room.

Everyone didn’t understood what he was doing in the room. Even Li Mo didn’t know.

After a while, Song Dashan came out of the room, took out three sheets of paper and a small box, spread the paper directly on the table and opened the small box next to it. He grabbed Song Dazhu’s hand and pressed it into the small box. In the next second, Song Dazhu stamped his fingerprints on the three sheets of paper with the red ink pad.

No matter how hard Song Dazhu struggled and shouted, he was unable to release his hands from Song Dashan. Only when Song Dashan was done with the fingerprint did he let go.

Song Dazhu was frightened and angry, “Dashan, what did you press for me!”

Song Dashan ignored him. He also pressed three fingerprints and counted the handprints.

He turned around and handed the paper to Song Dazhu, Song Dashan replied: “I asked the village chief and the patriarch to write the document just now. From now on, I will cut off any relations with you, and the two families will not bother each other. If you fail to abide by the agreement, you will be expelled from the village! “

Song Dazhu was utterly stunned. Why did he sever their relationship instead of getting things done? He roared: “Dashan, how could you do such a thing! Don’t you even want your brothers! “

After Song Dazhu finished speaking. He saw Song Dashan was indifferen. He finally became anxious and growled: “It doesn’t count! I didn’t do it. You forced me. I’m going to the patriarch to make it clear! “

Song Dashan didn’t care, “It’s clearly written in the paper, and there were also the handprints of the village chief and the patriarch. Go, if you want to rescind, go ahead. Let’s see if the village chief and the patriarch are willing to pay attention to you. “

Song Dazhu was speechless, and he knew that he couldn’t argue, and he knew that the village chief and patriarch will not listen to him.

At this moment, Song Dazhu realized that Song Dashan really wanted to sever ties with them, he was not just play around.

Panicked, Song Dazhu immediately put away his anger and said in a sad voice.: “Dashan, are you so cruel? You don’t want us. What about mother? Did you forget how mother cared for you when you were just a kid? You are not filial! “

Song Dashan: “I will give the old-age money to my mother. It was clearly written on the document. I will give Mother one or two tael of silver for old-age fees every year, but you should never come to disturb us again. Otherwise, just like this bamboo pole, slap–” The bamboo pole made a loud sound. Song Dashan broke the thick bamboo pole with his bare hands.

Song Dazhu stood up in horror and took two steps back. He was really afraid that he would be broken into two parts in the next second.

Wang Cuihua and Lin Zhaodi had long since retreated far away and dared not come forward to speak.

“Dashan, you, you…” Song Dazhu was speechless.

Song Dashan didn’t want to talk nonsense with them anymore. He went straight forward, pulled Song Dazhu’s collar, and dragged him out to the door. “Don’t bother us anymore, or else you will be expelled from the village. Don’t blame me for being cruel. If you are not afraid of damaging your son’s reputation and hindering his career, then you can try it!”

After that, Song Dazhu was thrown out.

Song Dazhu was not too afraid of being expelled from the village. He didn’t believe that someone could carry him out of the village if he refued to leave, but Song Dashan’s last sentence completely hit him. His eldest son was his lifeline and the hope of their family.

If he went to college and this matter affects his eldest son’s future….. he would never dare to gamble!

Song Dashan has completely broken his relationship with them. He will probably go to the academy and ruin his son’s future.

There was no way he would allow that. Song Dazhu could only swallow the anger in his heart. He looked at Song Dashan bitterly, “You don’t know what is good or bad for you! In the future, our son will be rich. Don’t expect to get any benefits from us. I don’t recognize you as my brother either! “

Song Dashan didn’t care about Song Dazhu’s words. He turned around to take Wang Cuihua and Lin Zhaodi, who were still inside their house. And then slammed the door shut, completely isolating the voices of the three people outside.

As soon as he closed the door, he saw Li Mo looking at him with wide-open eyes. Her eyes were filled with different emotions; surprise, admiration, and happiness.

Song Dashan was felt uncomfortable for being stared at by Li Mo. The imposing manner that he had just shown, immediately disappeared. He scratching his head, “What’s the matter? Why are you looking at me like this? “

Li Mo stepped forward and circled Song Dashan. Finally, she looked at Song Dashan’s eyes and asked: “When did you find the patriarch to write the document? How come I didn’t know? “

Song Dashan replied truthfully, “The last time when my sister ate here. After that, I went to the patriarch. My mother and my brother are now devoting themselves to the dream of helping their eldest nephew to succeed in studying. They don’t care about anything else. My relatives value what is useful and don’t care about useless things. I am useless. Once something was useful to them, they will not hesitate to pick it up and suck its blood. I thought there would be no time to use this document, but I didn’t expect that I would use this today.. “

After Song Dashan finished speaking and he looked at Li Mo…There was deep guilt in his eyes: “Li Mo, you have been wronged by me before. You have worked so hard for this family. I can’t let them come to you again and again. I have a responsibility to protect you. In the future, I only have You and Xiaobao, and that is enough. You two are the most important people to me. You don’t need to force yourself to like other people. “

Li Mo was speechless by Song Dashan’s words. She didn’t expect that he had planned well in his heart and made a choice in his heart…

At that moment, Li Mo thought Song Dashan was particularly cute.

While thinking this way, Li Mo stood on tiptoe, she raised her hand to hook Song Dashan’s neck, and gave Song Dashan a heavy kiss on his cheeks.

“This is a reward!”

Song Dashan froze when he received the kiss.

Seeing that he hadn’t responded for a long time, Li Mo smiled and patted his face. “Return to your senses, Big Dork!”

Song Dashan, who had just recovered, instantly blushed, “You… you… I…”

Li Mo shook her head helplessly. How could this person be so innocent?

It seemed that she can’t tease him anymore. Otherwise, he would turn red and explode. Li Mo turned to change the topic: “How can the village chief and the patriarch write the documents for you so easily? Did you give them some gifts? “

But they are so poor. There was no gift to give.

Song Dashan’s face was still red. After watching Li Mo for a while, he lowered his head to avoid Li Mo’s gaze and answered as calmly as possible: “Eldest Brother has offended the cillage chief before, and the village chief was very easy to deal with. As for the patriarch, I saved his son once, and he has always remembered it, so this time, I came to him and begged him. “

It turns out that, that was the case.

At this moment, Li Mo felt relieved in her heart for an instant. She thought that she will never be angered by those people again in the future. If she could, she wished to set off firecrackers to celebrate.

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