Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 29

Chapter 29

In a happy mood, Li Mo decided to make delicious food to reward Song Dashan for what he did last night.

She took the remaining white noodles they had at home. She asked Dashan to pick up some newly grown leeks in their garden to make some dumplings for them to eat at night.

Hearing that they would eat dumplings for their dinner, not only Xiao Bao, who was jumping from joy but also Song Dashan’s eyes were gleaming in delight. He cut the leeks very fast.

After that, Li Mo basically had no chance to show off her talents. From stuffing vegetables to kneading noodles, Song Dashan volunteered to do the job all by himself. In the end, Li Mo couldn’t even make dumplings as fast as Song Dashan.

With Song Dashan’s help, the dumplings were made quickly. She boiled a pot of hot water and put the dumplings in. After the dumplings were cooked, the whole family sat around the table, ate the delicious dumplings, and felt satisfied.

Li Mo was full after eating ten dumplings, and the remaining dumpling was eaten by Song Dashan. The family of three ate until their stomach became round.

“Aunt Mo, can I still eat dumplings next time?” Xiaobao’s asked with his milky voice. He looked at Li Mo eagerly.

The dumplings he ate were so delicious. It was his first time eating dumplings.

For that small wish, of course, Li Mo was willing to satisfy the child’s wish. “Of course, wait till your Aunt Mo goes to the town. I will buy a lot of flour, and whenever Xiaobao wants to eat it, Aunt Mo will make it.”

Xiao Bao immediately smiled and began to look forward to the time he could eat dumplings again.

After they ate the dumplings, it was still early, so Song Dashan continued to work on the chicken coop with a candle as his source of light in the night.

Li Mo also sat at the table, holding Xiao Bao in her arms and teaching Xiao Bao to count.

Currently, Xiaobao only recognizes two numbers. The numbers are “One” and “Four.” Li Mo didn’t know where Xiaobao learned these numbers and why he didn’t know the other numbers.

Li Mo wanted to teach Xiaobao the first ten numbers. Each time he recognizes the first ten, she would teach him another set of numbers. She would also teach him how to read and let Xiaobao read after her.

Li Mo discovered that Xiaobao was very smart. She only thought of him twice, and he already remembered them all, and he could directly count one to ten.

Li Mo stretched out three fingers again at random and asked Xiaobao: “Xiaobao, what number is this?”

Xiaobao’s dark eyes turned and immediately replied, “This is three!”

Li Mo stretched out her five fingers. “And how about this?”

Xiaobao thought for a moment and replied, “This is five!”

Li Mo lowered her head and kissed Xiaobao’s face, and started complimenting him: “You are really smart. All of them are correct! “

When Xiaobao was praised by Li Mo, he was feeling shy and proud with a blush on his little face. The eyes looking at Li Mo were shining and desired to be asked more questions.

Li Mo followed his determination and stretched out her seven fingers again to let him recognize it.

This time there were a lot of fingers. Xiao Bao held Li Mo’s hand and counted them one by one: “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, this is seven!”

Xiao Bao looked at Li Mo with expecting eyes, asking her to tell him quickly if his answer was correct.

Xiaobao immediately “giggled” and looked at Song Dashan, asking to be praised by him.

Song Dashan had been listening to them. He smiled and patted Xiaobao’s head to express his appreciation.

Li Mo was a little surprised by Xiaobao’s cleverness. He was only three years old, and no one had taught him before, so this was the first time for him. He was only taught twice, and he was able to recognize it fast. Maybe he was book smart.

Li Mo knows that the children of this era, especially the children in the village, do not pay much attention to education. One of the reasons was their attitude toward learning. It is okay not to study. The people in the village were basically illiterate. The other reason is, it is expensive to go to school. It’s impossible for poor people to let their children study. Just like Song Dazhu’s son, going to school drags their family. It is difficult for them to earn money to make their son a scholar. How can the villagers dare to send their children to school?

However, as a person who came from the modern era, the concept of education is deeply rooted in her mind. She can’t watch the children working at home without having an education, so Li Mo plans to teach Xiaobao by herself first and wait for Xiaobao to reach a certain age and take advantage of this time to earn more money. Li Mo plans to send Xiaobao to a private school to study. She will not pressure him to be one of the top students; she just wants him to learn some skills.

What Li Mo didn’t realize was that her decision would result in the Daxia Dynasty having a famous young scholar, but this would happen in the future.


Early the next morning, when Li Mo and Xiaobao were sleeping, Song Dashan cooked their breakfast and went out.

When Li Mo woke up and had breakfast, she didn’t see Song Dashan. She waited until the sun rose high, and Song Dashan came back, holding a big box in his hand.

Seeing Li Mo, Song Dashan immediately raised the box in his hand to show her, “Li Mo, look at this box. I went to find Old Uncle Zhang. “

Li Mo was puzzled, “What’s this?”

Song Dashan said. The box inside was placed on the ground and said, “Didn’t you say you wanted to raise chickens? I heard that a batch of chicks had hatched from Uncle Zhao Laogen’s house. I went to his house and bought some chicks for us to raise first in the box. When they grow up, they can stay in the chicken coop. “

It turns out that newborn chicks have to be kept in a box.

Li Mo was still pleased to be able to raise chickens. She wanted to raise a chicken for a long time. If

She has long wanted to raise some chickens. With this, she won’t be buying eggs in the town anymore. So she followed Song Dashan to Zhao Laogen’s house.

Zhao Laogen’s family specializes in brooding chicks. Anyone who wants to raise chickens in nearby villages will come to his house to buy them. Some people would bring their eggs to Zhao Laogen’s house and let him hatch them. And some other people will directly buy chicks from him.

When Li Mo and Song Dashan entered, a woman was moving the chicks from one box to another, and a group of chicks was chirping. It was so lively.

Seeing Li Mo and Song Dashan coming, the woman greeted them immediately, “Dashan, is this your wife?”

Song Dashan nodded and then said, “Auntie, I want to buy some chicks.”

The woman nodded and pointed at the box in front of them and said: “What a coincidence. A batch of chicks has just been hatched recently. They are all here. If you come here late, someone will have bought them. Come and choose. “

Song Dashan put the box he was holding on the ground and squatted down. He looked at the box containing chicks. Li Mo also squatted beside him to look at the chicks, but she didn’t see any difference. She felt that the chicks looked all the same.

The woman asked, “How many roosters and hens do you want?”

Song Dashan thought about it and replied, “Ten hens and five roosters.”

The woman nodded, pointing to the box, and said, “Here is the rooster, and the box next to it are hens. You pick it yourself. “

Song Dashan took a close look at the group of chicks. He directly and carefully put his hand into the box, slowly took out a chick, and moved it to his box.

It was three cents for the hen and two cents for the rooster. Li Mo direct gave the woman forty cents when they were done choosing.

When the two of them exited Zhao Laogen’s house, Li Mo couldn’t help but stretch his neck to look at the little chickens in the box, each of which looked tender and tiny, cute as hell, and nothing like they would when they grew up.

“Brother Dashan, what do these little chickens eat? What do we feed them? ” Li Mo asked.

“Such small chicken, we can cook millet and feed it to them when crushed,” Song Dashan said as he walked.

Li Mo asked, “How many times do I feed it in a day?”

Song Dashan said, “For a day, you have to feed them three times.”

Li Mo didn’t know how to raise chickens at all. So she was asking Song Dashan all the way. When the two arrived home, they saw a carriage parked at the door of the house. Many villagers were looking around the carriage. A young man was standing. At the gate, it seemed like they were waiting for someone.

Li Mo and Song Dashan looked at each other and walked forward quickly.

Song Dashan asked the man standing at the door: “Who are you looking for?”

The young man glanced at Song Dashan and then at Li Mo behind Song Dashan. He seemed to be sure of something. He arched his hands at Song Dashan and Li Mo. Asked: “Dare to ask if this is the house of Lady Song?”

Song Dashan replied, “My family’s surname is Song.”

The man nodded, then walked to the carriage and said to the car: “Mother, they are back. You can come down. “

As soon as the voice fell, the carriage curtain was lifted. A middle-aged woman got out of the carriage and saw Li Mo standing there. She immediately smiled and said, “Lady Song, I’m bothering you today.”

Li Mo took a look. Isn’t this the mother of Chen Xiaoting?

“Mrs. Chen, why are you here?” Li Mo greeted her and asked.

Mrs. Chen took Li Mo’s hand and said softly: “I have something to ask you for help today. I don’t know if it is convenient to go inside the house and talk about it. “

Li Mo reacted and immediately asked Song Dashan to open the door and welcome the people in. At the door of the house, the carriage was also pulled in.

As for the village people who gathered in front of the house, Li Mo only smiled and said that a friend came to visit and then closed the door.

When Mrs. Chen entered the door and saw the house’s shabby appearance, she was surprised in her heart. Still, in the end, she was not one who had never seen the market, so she immediately concealed the surprise and smiled and sat on the stool in the main room.

Li Mo brought two bowls of tea and said with a smile: “Our house is simple, and there is no good tea. I hope that Mrs. Chen and the Gentleman won’t be offended. “

Madam Chen immediately waved her hand: “Don’t be so polite.” After speaking, Song Dashan looked to the side and asked. Said: “This is Ms. Song’s husband, right?”

Li Mo nodded, “It’s Song Dashan who is in charge of my house. You can just call Dashan directly. “

Madam Chen smiled and nodded, but she was very puzzled in her heart. She didn’t understand how such a beautiful and capable little lady would marry an ordinary-looking man, and he even had his legs crippled.

But she didn’t come today to think about this, she had more important things to do.

Madam Chen took up Li Mo’s hand and said, “Mrs. Song, I am also entrusted by others when I came today. I knew how good you are when you put on makeup for Ting before, and I want to ask you to go to Huaci. Can you? If you can, I will pick you up and take you to the town tomorrow. “

Li Mo smiled and asked, “Is there a little lady who is going to get married?”

Madam Chen thought for a while. She shook her head, “She’s not going to marry someone, but it’s almost the same.”

What did she mean by almost? Li Mo was puzzled and asked directly: “Can Madam Chen tell me who is looking for me to put on makeup? So that I can be prepared. “

Madam Chen paused, leaning into Li Mo’s ear, and said: “I won’t hide it from you. It is Miss Nine from the county magistrate who wants to invite you to put on makeup. “

Li Mo was slightly surprised.


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