Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 30

Chapter 30

When Li Mo heard the news, her first reaction wasn’t happiness. But instead, she felt worried.

From her point of view, she didn’t want to deal with people in power. She knew that it was very easy for a powerful family to do anything to ordinary citizens in this era. If they want you to live, then you can live. If they want you to die, then you have no choice but to die. In her heart, she didn’t want to do business with the powerful figures of this era. As the saying goes, guilty or not, one must always assume the worst.

If they want you to die, you don’t have any choice but to die.

Seeing that Li Mo was not happy because he would apply makeup to the magistrate, she hesitated. Madam Chen couldn’t help but ask, “Ms. Song, do you have any concerns? This is a rare opportunity, and you have to know the money given by the county magistrate may be more than the money you will make in a few months. “

Li Mo knows this, but the money was insignificant to her compared to their safety.

Li Mo asked Mrs. Chen, “Can Madam tell me the reason why the ninth lady from the county magistrate wants me to put makeup on her? The County Magistrate didn’t lack a beautician, right? “

Madam Chu did not expect Li Mo to be so cautious. Originally, she didn’t intend to say the specific reasons for this. She thought that Lady Song would accept it without asking questions when she heard that she could go to the county magistrate to be a beautician, but she did not expect that she was not so happy but instead asked for the reason.

If you don’t make it clear today, Miss Song might not want to go with her.

Madam Chen thought about it for a moment and finally decided to speak bluntly.

She looked around to make sure that there were no ears on the walls. Then she went closer to Li Mo and whispered: “Lady Song, I really want to make friends with you. I know that there will be many opportunities that will come to us in the future, and I want to be blunt with you. There is a High Ranking Official who wants to come and inspect the town. The magistrate wanted to send his most beautiful daughter to this High Ranking Official, but he was not the only one who thought of this. All of the officials below him also have this idea.

The County Magistrate can’t guarantee that the High Ranking Official would favor her daughter. Even if he accepted her, he didn’t know if he would favor her. So he is trying his best to dress up his daughter. The third aunt of the governor’s family heard from somewhere you did Xiaoting’s makeup last time. Your skills were amazing, so she mentioned it to the County Magistrate. He was interested in it and ordered my husband to come back and ask about it. He specially invited you to do the makeup for Ninth Lady. “

After Mrs. Chen finished speaking, Li Mo knew what was going on.

It seems that the county magistrate wants to increase the possibility of her daughter being picked, but if someone at the top didn’t like it, will he blame it on her? If he liked it, would they take her and take possession of her craftmanship?

Li Mo looked at Madam Chen and hesitatingly asked: “Madam, is there any room for rejection for this matter?”

Madam Chen looked at Li Mo puzzledly and asked, “Lady Song, do you not want to take this opportunity? Why? There is always a reason. “

Li Mo said: “Mrs. Chen, you also said that the magistrate asked me to put makeup on the Ninth Lady to make Master Shangfeng favor her more, but there is no certainty in this. If the result is not as good as what the County Magistrate expected, will he blame it on me? You also know that I am an ordinary village girl. I can’t do anything to defend myself. When the County Magistrate gets angry, I can’t do anything.

Madam Chen was silent after listening to Li Mo’s words.

Her husband is a teacher, and she has seen many cases of officials bullying people. It has always been ordinary people who were bullied. Before, she only thought that this was a good thing, and she thought that Lady Song would happily agree. She did not think of the worries that Lady Song said. What Lady Song said was really reasonable. Who knows what the County Magistrate and then Ninth Lady would do if they become unhappy. Will they blame it on Lady Song and vent their anger at her?

Mrs. Chen looked at Li Mo and said hesitatingly: “Miss Song, your concerns are also valid. I definitely don’t want to cheat you. Let’s go and talk to the Third Aunt of the County Magistrate in private. If they insist on asking you to put on makeup, you may not be able to evade it, but I will try to give you a guarantee that you will not shoulder the result. What do you think? “

Li Mo knows that the county magistrate already knows her existence. Suppose the other party insists on asking her to do their makeup. In that case, as an ordinary villager, she didn’t have the right to reject them. Mrs. Chen’s offer to help her is kind of her.

Li Mo stood up and gave Madam Chen her thanks: “Madam, thank you so much, I will remember your kindness” Madam Chen smiled and helped her up and patted her hand. “Lady Song, please don’t be so polite. I told you about this business. I definitely hope that, at the end of the day, all of us will be happy. Don’t worry, and I will make sure that what you are distressed about won’t happen to you. “

After Madam Chen finished talking, seeing that it was getting late, she said her goodbyes to Song Dashan and Li Mo and immediately left the village.

She was looking at the silhouette of the carriage that was starting to disappear. Li Mo couldn’t help but sigh and hope that what was on her mind wouldn’t happen, and it was just her overthinking; it might not be as complicated as she thought it would be.

Although Li Mo had something on her mind, she didn’t forget about Zhu Meihua. Before dawn, Li woke up early the next day, preparing for the arrival of Zhu Meihua and others.

Li Mo didn’t wait long before Lin Man San Gu came to the door with Zhu Meihua, followed by Qin Hua, who came with her.

Not long after Li Mo waited, The Third Aunt of Li Man came to the door with Zhu Meihua, followed by Qinhua, who came with them.

Zhu Meihua and her mother had come from the next village before dawn so that they could come and do their makeup before it was too late to meet each other.

Li Mo also knew that the time was urgent and did not say anything else. Hence, she immediately took out the makeup case to start putting makeup on Zhu Meihua.

This time the makeup is the same as the previous one. The speed is much faster. She finished it all in half an hour. The effect could not be more satisfying.

Seeing that they were running out of time, the third aunt, Lin Man, quickly took out fifteen yuan and gave the money to Li Mo, “Thank you, Lady Song, if there is a good result today, Auntie will thank you again. Let’s go. “

Li Mo responded and sent Zhu Meihua and her mother out of the door and did not turn back to the house until they were gone.

As a result, not long after sitting down, the carriage that came yesterday stopped again outside Li Mo’s house, and Madam Chen walked in from outside the door.

When Li Mo saw Madam Chen’s arrival, she knew in her heart that something had happened, so she welcomed her into the house with a smile and first poured two bowls of tea for Madam Chen.

Madam Chen looked a lot more anxious today than yesterday. She didn’t drink much tea, and she said directly to the point: “Lady Song, I went to the third aunt of the county magistrate when I went back yesterday. I told her that she was an ordinary citizen who had never seen the world, her courage is relatively small, and afraid of being blamed for unsatisfactory results, so she did not dare to put on makeup for Miss Jiu. ” Said Madam Chen, she smiled and continued, “When the third aunt heard what I said, she immediately said that as long as you don’t purposely make her look ugly, then no matter what happens, it is not your fault.

In fact, the original third aunt said: “This little woman is too timid. As long as she is good, we won’t blame her. She also thinks that our family is too unreasonable. Our master loves people like his own child. Where can we blame someone so casually? You go back and tell her to come, don’t be afraid, and we will not blame the ordinary village woman. “

Mrs. Chen was relieved as well, and what the third auntie said was the same as what the county magistrate said. Since she said that she would not blame Lady Song, she will definitely not go back on her words. So their previous dilemmas were not going to happen at all.

Although she was not too happy, she still felt relieved after Li Mo heard this. This errand can’t be dragged on, so she hopes it will be done perfectly and it will be over as soon as possible.

Li Mo asked, “Madam, did the magistrates say when they needed me to put on makeup?”

Madam Chen Limala said while holding Li Mo’s hands: “I rushed here early today, just for this matter. The magistrates said that tonight, Master Shangfeng is about to come to the mansion for a banquet. Miss Jiu will appear at that time, so I’ll have to bother you today to accompany me to the magistrate’s house. Hurry up and pack up and go with me in the carriage. “

Li Mo didn’t expect this matter to be so urgent, but she couldn’t get rid of it, so she could only stand up and prepare her things.

Song Dashan, who was next to Li Mo the entire time, finally said something, “Madam, I am worried about my wife going alone. Can I go with her? “

Madam Chen nodded immediately, “Yes, of course, you can also feel at ease. After she is done, then she can pack up and go home. They are busy and have to hurry up and go”

Song Dashan asked Li Mo to clean up. He took Xiaobao to Zhao’s house and entrusted Xiaobao to Aunt Zhao’s care for a day.

When Song Dashan came back, Li Mo was ready. They got on the carriage and headed for the magistrate’s residence.

The carriage traveled for an hour and finally stopped in front of a rather expansive mansion. Madam Chen brought Li Mo and Song Dashan down, walked to the corner door next to the gate, and knocked on the door.

After a while, someone came to open the door. After knowing who was coming, they immediately led the group to a hall where the guests were waiting. After they served tea, they asked them to wait for a while and hurriedly left.

Li Mo and Song Dashan did not look around the hall. They lowered their heads to drink tea instead of looking around.

After a while, the sound of hurried footsteps came. The person who had just welcomed them came back and was followed by a middle-aged woman who was probably the head maid for the Wife or Majistrate or Miss Jiu.

After the lady-in-charge came, she looked at Li Mo, then greeted Madam Chen first, and then said to Li Mo, “I presume that this lady came to give my ninth lady makeup, right?”

Li Mo stood up and nodded as she replied: “Exactly.”

The woman smiled and said: “Then please follow me to the backyard. Miss Jiu is there waiting for you. “

After speaking, she looked at Song Dashan on the side, “Also. Please drink some tea here and wait for a while. “

Song Dashan looked at Li Mo worriedly.

Li Mo smiled and nodded to him, motioning him not to worry, and then followed the woman.

The woman took Li Mo around and finally entered a rather exquisite courtyard and then into a luxurious and simple boudoir.

Although Li Mo didn’t look around much, she still learned about Miss Jiu’s position in the mansion through this exquisite luxury courtyard. She thinks that Miss Nine is very favored, and her appearance must be first-class.

When Li Mo was brought to Miss Jiu and saw the real person, she did verify her guess that she was a beauty.

It’s no wonder that the county magistrate chose to give her to Master Shangfeng to build a relationship with him.

Li Mo only glanced at Miss Jiu, then lowered her head without looking around.

Seeing Li Mo and Madam Chen coming, Miss Jiu personally greeted them and first took Madam Chen’s hand, “Madam, I have troubled you these past two days.”

Madam Chen immediately waved her hand, “Miss Jiu is polite.”

After Madam Chen spoke, she introduced Li Mo to Miss Jiu, “Miss Jiu, this is Lady Song who is here to dress you up today.”

Miss Jiu looked at Li Mo with interest and said, “She did the makeup for Xiaoting. Lady Song, I heard that your skills are excellent, and you can make anyone look as beautiful as a fairy. “

Li Mo smiled and lowered her head without speaking.

Miss Jiu said directly to Li Mo at this time: “Miss Song, I will trouble you with my makeup today.”

Li Mo said quickly: “Miss Jiu is polite.”

Li Mo didn’t say anymore and went straight to the dressing table and took out the makeup case. She was indicating that it was time to start.

Li Mo put the makeup box in her hand and opened it, and said to Miss Jiu: “Miss Nine, this little woman will start putting makeup on you now, and I have to trouble the people in your house to prepare a basin of warm water to purify your face first..”

Miss Jiu nodded and instructed the maid-in-waiting to fetch water.

The maid fetched water. After Li Mo cleaned Miss Jiu, he applied a layer of beauty cream to her as usual, rubbed it gently with her fingers to let the cream absorb her face, and then took advantage of this time to carefully examine Miss Jiu’s face.

This Miss Jui is the most beautiful woman Li Mo has ever seen since she came here. She has an oval face and willow eyebrows, big eyes, and a small nose. All her facial features are good, and there is no unsightly place, so the whole face looks very beautiful.

But it’s impossible to say that Miss Nine is as beautiful as an immortal. You can only say that it is beautiful. If you rate it from 1 to 10, Miss Jiu will probably could get seven points with a perfect score of ten. In other words, she still has room for improvement. There is room for Li Mo to enhance with makeup.

Li Mo began to find out Miss Nine’s shortcomings. Finding out the shortcomings and enhancing them would create a better effect.

After looking for it, she identified it.

There are three shortcomings of Miss Jiu. One is the skin; her skin is not smooth and tender like a baby, and there are a few moles and spots on her face. Although it is not obvious, it would be better if it was covered up completely; the second is her nose. Although her nose is small, it is not strong enough and not delicate enough; the third point is her lips. Although it is small and cherry-colored, the lip shape is slightly thicker, and the texture on the lips is excessively rough, not smooth, and tender enough.

After finding out these three points, Li Mo had a plan in her heart and immediately took out the tools and began to do her makeup.

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