Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Li Mo focused her attention on the three shortcomings of Miss Jiu’s face. Li Mo deliberately thickened the foundation she applied to Miss Jiu’s face moles and dark spots to cover them completely. Li Mo then used the beauty cream to put on the top of the foundation until it was fully absorbed and blended on the other area of her face.

When his step was completed, Li Mo finished putting on Miss Jiu’s makeup. At this time, the blemishes of Miss Jiu’s can’t be seen at all. The only thing left to do is to apply makeup to her eyes. Miss Jiu’s eyes were gorgeous, and she had long and thick eyelashes. The corner of her eyes was slightly curved upwards. It looks very charming as the sky, which possesses the power to seduce. Such eyes don’t need modification. Too much modification would ruin its original beauty. Li Mo only drew eyeliner and stopped.

Li Mo took out the processed cosmetic powder to deal with Miss Jiu’s nose.

Probably, makeup can change the shape of the face and make it look exquisite, but not everyone will look good with it. Some looked fake because of the hefty amount of makeup applied on the face, which could make an impression that it was unnatural.

When makeup appears natural, it is considered to be of the highest level of skill. When people first saw it, it was because of the cosmetics rather than because of cosmetic skills[1]It was confusing o_o, what it meant was, they looked beautiful originally but it was enhanced by using makeup, while the other one was, they looked beautiful solely because of makeup.

Li Mo is the best at using high-technology makeup. All the celebrities, especially female stars who want to show their bare face and upload it to their Weibo, show their high face value. Then the public will comment on it; Their faces without makeup look beautiful. “

Li Mo knows very well what is going on behind the cameras: Most female celebrities can’t really show their face without makeup. The truth is that half of all celebrities still wear makeup. They just can’t see the traces of the makeup.

To achieve that kind of effect, the makeup artist must have superb makeup skills. An ordinary makeup artist can’t do it. A powerful makeup artist can make heavy makeup look like light makeup. While top makeup artists can make the person look like they are not wearing makeup at all.

Li Mo’s skills are among the best in this list of makeup artists, which is why celebrities want Li Mo to be their makeup artist.

Now, Li Mo is here to apply her technique to this Ninth Lady.


After an hour of careful handling, Li Mo lifted herself up and exhaled deeply.

Today, she experienced the excitement of being asked to do the Oscar-winning actress’s makeup, and it had been a long time since she had gone all out.

As for the result of Li Mo’s all-out effort, you can see the dumbfounded expressions of the people around her at this moment.

At that moment, Miss Jiu’s face looked as delicate as a flower, with her elegant eyebrows. The description of the mysterious girl in heaven really suited her. She looks pure and elegant. Making the people around her unable to move their gaze from her.

The maid around her stared blankly, unable to recover for a long while. She used to think that their Miss Jiu was beautiful enough, but she didn’t expect that she was too ignorant. Who would have thought that the beauty of a person could reach this level?

At that moment, the third aunt, who was the biological mother of Miss Jiu, couldn’t calm down.

The third sister-in-law just came in silently while Li Mo was putting on makeup. She did not disturb Li Mo’s movements but watched quietly. Until now, she couldn’t help it anymore, stepped forward, and faced each other. She looked at her daughter’s face. At first, she felt surprised and happy, and then she suddenly felt very excited.

Her daughter is already beautiful, and now she is even more breathtakingly beautiful, such a beauty she has never seen in her life before.

In the beginning, the master was worried that Master Shangfeng wouldn’t pay much attention to his daughter, but now, he didn’t need to wonder if Master Shangfeng would pay attention to his daughter. He believes that Master Shangfeng would look at his daughter 100%. He didn’t believe that there would be a man who didn’t want to hold such beauty.

After she thought of this, the third wife’s heartbeat sped up. As long as her daughter will be favored by Master Shangfeng in the future, the master will definitely pamper her even more, and if there were anything she wanted, even the first wife who had a son would have to be behind her.

Miss Jiu’s mother got a little closer with excitement. She simply touched Miss Jiu’s face and looked at it carefully, nodding her head as she watched, “Beautiful, so beautiful, my daughter, you are so beautiful today that your mother didn’t want to move her eyes.”

Miss Jiu had seen her current face in the mirror long ago, and her excitement, joy, and pride appeared in her heart. If she hadn’t taken care of her identity, she would have wanted to cover her face and yell a few times. Now that she is praised by her mother-in-law like this, she is even more ecstatic.

Tonight, she will definitely be able to win the eyes of Master Shangfeng. By then, she will no longer be the daughter of the concubine of the county magistrate. Although his father spoils her the most, she is still a concubine who can’t do well. She is unable to raise her head in front of her direct elder sister from beginning to end. It is clear that she is far superior to them in appearance and talent, but she will always stay behind them because of her identity.

In the future, she must ask her mother and sister to flatter her.

Looking at the excited mother and daughter, Li Mo silently lowers her head and retreats to the corner where no one cares. She secretly prays that Miss Jiu can enter the eye of Master Shangfeng tonight and then be taken away directly. She will never go back to this place so that everything has nothing to do with her.

No one knew Li Mo’s mind.

After being happy, the third aunt and Miss Nine thought of Li Mo. They turned around and saw Li Mo standing in the corner fearfully. They secretly said that it is a pity that the technique is so good, but they can’t get rid of the village woman’s small-mindedness and can’t get on the stage.

However, the two of them still performed very well. The third aunt took Li Mo’s hand immediately and praised her: “Lady Song’s skills are really excellent, simply unmatched, too admirable.”

Li Mo pretended to lower her head shyly. Her voice was awkward, “Third Aunt flatters me. I dare not to accept such praise. “

The third aunt smiled, and she had nothing to say to Li Mo, so she reached out and took the purse from the maid next to her. Put it into Li Mo’s hands, “LadySong, thank you very much today. This is your reward. ” After she finished talking, she turned to the maid behind her and ordered: “Go to my warehouse and bring two batches of good cloud brocade cloth together. Give it to Lady Song. “

The maid answered and hurried out.

After a while, the maid who went out came back in a hurry, holding two batches of cloth in her hand, and said to the third aunt, “Auntie, the cloth is here.”

“Lady Song, there are guests in the house today, so I can’t entertain you for now,” the third auntie said, looking at the clothes. I will ask someone to drive the carriage to send you back later. “

Hearing the third concubine’s intention to see off the guests, Li Mo felt nothing. She was so happy, she wished she could leave here as soon as possible and wouldn’t see them again. She nodded her head immediately, “Thank you, Madam and Miss, then the little lady will leave.”

Because they still have something to do, the third aunt and the ninth young lady are all thinking of Lord Shangfeng in front of them. No one has the heart to entertain a peasant woman, so they directly command the servants to send Li Mo and Mrs. Chen out.

Meeting with Song Dashan in the hall, Li Mo and her party were led to the gate of the magistrate’s mansion.

At this time, Mrs. Chen also said goodbye, “Mrs. Song, I won’t send you off. I can rest assured that the servants in the prefectural government will send you back. “

After Mrs. Chen finished speaking, she approached Li Mo again and whispered. Said: “As for the magistrate’s family, I will notify you when there is a result so that you can have a heads-up. But, you don’t have to worry about it. This matter is nine out of ten completed Miss Jiu will also follow the Lord of the peak to leave here. “

Li Mo nodded and thanked her sincerely: “Then I thank you, Madam, my family and I will go ahead and say goodbye.”

Madam Chen nodded.

After bidding farewell to Madam Chen, Li Mo and Song Dashan got into the carriage to send them back to the village.

Li Mo breathed a sigh of relief until she got inside of the carriage.

Just now, she kept thinking about it, fearing that the three aunts and Miss Nine were too concerned about her makeup skills, so they thought about it, but now it seems that she is thinking too much, and the mother and daughter are not thinking about it at all. All there was in their minds was Master Shangfeng.

Song Dasan took one of Li Mo’s hands and pinned a strand of her hair to the back of her ear, with worry in his eyes, “How is it? How did it go? Did you have a hard time? “

Li Mo smiled and shook her head, “It went well. Everything is fine. Today’s matter is over. “

Song Dashan was also relieved.

Because there was a small servant from the magistrate family outside, the two sat in the carriage for a while. They didn’t say much about what was going on today and just sat quietly together.

More than an hour later, the carriage arrived in the village. To avoid unnecessary gossip, Li Mo asked the young man to stop the carriage when they arrived at their entrance to their village. The two got out of the carriage directly at the village entrance and then walked into the village.

First, they went to Zhao’s house to take Xiaobao home, and then a family of three returned to their home.

After entering the house, Li Mo asked Song Dashan to wrap up the two batches of cloth sent by the third wife and put them in the cabinet. She didn’t plan to wear these clothes, and she couldn’t wear them in the village, but she could sell them someday. It is good clothing, and it should be sold for a lot of money.

At this time, Li Mo took out the purse that had been kept in her sleeve and opened it to see that there were two silver bullions, five taels per bullion, ten taels in total.

This amount of silver is not small. It can be regarded as the only benefit of today’s affairs. These ten taels of silver are more than equal to the makeup she put on for a year.

With this money, many plans can be realized in advance.

Li Mo looked at Song Dashan at this time, “Brother Dashan, tomorrow we will go to the town to buy a donkey, and then ask Uncle Zhang to make us a cart so that our family can use a donkey cart.”

Song Dashan looked towards the money in Li Mo’s hands, “Do you plan to use this money to buy a donkey cart?”

Li Mo nodded, “I planned to save enough money to buy a donkey cart for you. You can send me where I want to go, and you can drive people in a donkey cart to earn money. This is much more than you can earn by doing odd jobs in the town. “

In fact, Li Mo did not say anything about her next goal. She is saving money to go to the city to treat Song Dashan’s legs. Earning money from one person is definitely not as fast as two people earning money, so she would rather spend the money she just earned to buy a donkey cart, except for going out to make people more convenient in the future. Another big reason is that they want to find a way to make money for Song Dashan. In the future, two people will make money together. Hurry up and save enough money for him to treat his legs so that he will not let him keep limping.

Song Dashan also wanted to help this family financially. This was originally a man’s responsibility, but Li Mo has always opposed him going to town to work. This made him anxious. He was too agitated whenever he thought about it.

When Li Mo said that, he was so happy that he nodded immediately and couldn’t wait to buy a donkey cart and start earning money as soon as possible.


1 It was confusing o_o, what it meant was, they looked beautiful originally but it was enhanced by using makeup, while the other one was, they looked beautiful solely because of makeup
  1. Mai Lee has spoken: Mai Lee 1 month ago

    I’m guessing this is how the author plans to balance out the money making. Making just enough from her perfume business (for now at least) and getting windfalls from her make over business every so often until she can open an actual shop.

  2. daedae has spoken: daedae 1 year ago

    hopefully he’ll get his leg cured. people are never kind to the disabled no matter the era.

    • Mai Lee has spoken: Mai Lee 1 month ago

      Honestly, I’m doubting the fact that he can be “cured” considering the delay in treatment but plot armor I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️


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