Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Song Dashan was getting ready to go to Uncle Zhang that afternoon to get the board for his donkey cart, but Li Mo stopped him.

The donkey cart used to pull people in this period was a simple cart. People sitting on the board are not only affected by weather conditions (rain and wind), but there was also a risk of sliding off the donkey cart. Li Mo was dissatisfied with this kind of donkey cart, so if their family was to buy a donkey cart, she wanted to modify it to resemble a wagon. On top, there’s a screened shed with benches on both sides, meaning you don’t have to sit directly on the cardboard.

Although the cost of creating a donkey cart was higher, the appearance was beautiful, and passengers could sit comfortably. People would choose to sit in this kind of donkey cart rather than on an open board. At that point, the business would be profitable. The investment will be quickly regained.

Song Dashan and Li Mo discussed the appearance of the donkey cart. Song Dashan’s eyes gleamed, and he seemed genuinely interested. After discussing the specifics with Li Mo, the two spoke about the cart’s appearance. Song Dashan dashed to Uncle Zhang’s house to let him start making their donkey cart.

Before dawn, the next day, Li Mo and Song Dashan got up early and went to the entrance of the village together to wait for the donkey cart of Xia Laozhu’s family.

Only one seat could be reserved at first, but Aunt Zhao came forward to make an appointment and then asked Song Dashan to do it under the excuse that something had happened. After that, they received a new seat. Xia Laozhu continued to complain, and Li Mo was so irritated. She decided to give him a taste of competition after their donkey cart was ready, to see if his service attitude would improve.

After Li Mo got off the donkey cart, they headed straight to the town’s market that sells livestock.

Many people have been waiting there with the animals they are selling, and when they see someone coming over, they will ask if they want to see their animals.

Li Mo took a closer look and found that cattle sellers are the most, but not many donkeys. After turning around, he saw three donkey sellers, and he could only choose one of the three donkeys.

Li Mo didn’t know anything about donkeys, but Song Dashan knew it.

Song Dashan took a close look at the three donkeys, broke their teeth, took a closer look, asked some sellers about the donkey’s basic situation, and finally picked the four-year-old donkey in the middle.

This donkey is in the prime of a donkey’s life. It can not only pull people directly but can also be used for many years. However, this donkey’s price is a bit more expensive than the prices of the other two. Seven taels of silver are required.

Li Mo thought for a while and was still ready to buy the donkey, so she negotiated the price with the seller.

The seller is also an ordinary villager. It should be because the family is in a hurry to sell the donkey. Hearing that Li Mo wanted to keep the price down, he was embarrassed, but he didn’t want to miss the buyer, Li Mo. After all, he had been selling here for several days. There were very few people who came to ask for the price. No one was willing to buy it. Li Mo was still the first person to really want to buy it.

Li Mo also saw that the seller was having a tough time making the decision. Li Mo directly said that they would buy it for six and a half taels of silver, so neither side would suffer.

The seller thought about it for a while and finally gritted his teeth. He nodded and decided to sell the donkey to Li Mo.

Li Mo paid the seller and asked an official who manages the market as a witness. The official gave them the documents and let them press their fingerprints on the paper. After both parties gave the ten yuan to the official, the transaction was finished.

Song Dashan smiled as he held his donkey. He looked at Li Mo and said: “Li Mo, this will be our family’s donkey from now on.”

Li Mo smiled and nodded, “Well, it’s our donkey. We have another guy to take care of in our house. “

When the two of them were leaving the town, Song Dashan asked Li Mo to sit on the back of the donkey. “You can ride the donkey as we go back to the village.

Li Mo rode directly on the donkey. She patted the back of the donkey. “You should also come up.”

Song Dashan looked at the back of the donkey. He hesitated and finally rode the donkey. His hands immediately embraced Li Mo’s petite figure.

Song Dashan was embarrassed when the people they passed through kept looking at them, but Li Mo was indifferent to their gazes. She didn’t care at all. Instead, she relaxed her body and leaned on Song Dashan’s arms to rest while they rode back home to their village.

When the two entered the village, Song Dashan stopped the donkey and stepped down from it. He let Li Mo sit on it. He led the donkey as he walked slowly to their house.

When people in the same village saw Song Dashan holding a donkey, they all asked curiously. After all, a donkey in the countryside is rare, and not everyone can afford it.

People who can buy a donkey would make people envious. Everyone who saw the donkey stopped what they were doing, including the children who saw it.They gathered around the donkey and looked at it.

Gradually, more people from the village came to see the donkey that Song Dashan bought.

Li Mo didn’t mind being watched by the villagers, but instead, she was happy.

At first, she was worried that she wouldn’t have the chance to tell the villagers that her family was going to use a donkey cart to pull people. Now that everyone was gathering around, Li Mo wanted to take the opportunity to tell everyone that they could ride their donkey cart to get to town.

Li Mo also got down from the donkey and answered the question that was asked by the villagers and said: “This is the donkey that my family bought. This donkey will be used as a donkey cart, and from now on, Brother Dashan will drive this donkey cart. In the future, if you want to go to town, you can ride in our donkey cart. You can go directly to the village entrance. We will set off at a fixed time every day.

This statement immediately caused an uproar amongst the villagers. For so many years, they only had one donkey cart they could ride. They thought that now, they had other options aside from going to Xia Laozh’s house and making a reservation with him.

There was a sudden cheer. Everyone was happy. In the past, they were dissatisfied with Xia Laozhu because of their attitude. They were looking down at the villagers. If you want to go to town, you have to beg them, and if you offend their family. They will not let you ride their donkey cart. You don’t have a choice but to walk to the town. They were all not happy with the Old Zhu’s actions, but they had to put up with it since they were the only family in the village who had a donkey cart.

Now, if there were other donkey carts that you could ride, then you didn’t need to look at Xia Laozhu’s face, and you didn’t need to beg him anymore. How can this event make the villagers happy?

Someone asked the most critical question about the fare, “Dashan, how much does your donkey cart cost for a trip?”

Song Dashan had already discussed it with Li Mo and immediately replied, “It’s also three cents for everyone. If there are children, if they sit on an adult’s lap, each child will only cost a penny. “

Everyone nodded when they heard the price. It was not more expensive than Xia Laozhu’s price, and the child’s price was even cheaper.

Someone asked, “Dashan, when will your donkey cart start pulling people? Can we go to town tomorrow? “

When they asked Uncle Zhang to make their carriage yesterday afternoon, his son did it simultaneously. He promised that it would be done in the afternoon. They can attach the donkey to the cart right away. By tomorrow, they could start their business.

Song Dashan nodded to everyone, “Yes, we will officially start pulling people tomorrow morning, and the cart will leave at dawn. It would be first come, first serve. If there are no seats available, then please do forgive me. “

They all said that they understood. Some of those who planned to go to town tomorrow already thought they would not have to go to Xia Laozhu’s house to make an appointment. They can take Song Dashan’s cart directly.

Surrounded by the villagers, Li Mo and Song Dashan pulled the donkey back to their yard. He tied the donkey to the wooden stakes built yesterday and brought some fodder for it to eat.

The two went to pick up Xia Bao first and then went straight into the kitchen to cook lunch.

After lunch, it was estimated that the cart was almost done. Song Dashan went to Uncle Zhang’s house to get the cart.

When Song Dashan came back, he was pushing a car with two wheels on each side. The car was closed, with only a hole in the front, so that the people in the car and the people pulling the car could talk.

Uncle Zhang’s craftsmanship was indeed very good. The car was made similar to what Li Mo imagined, and she was very satisfied.

Song Dashan pushed the car into the yard and then fixed it behind the donkey. After working for almost an hour, he finally got the donkey cart ready.

Song Dashan wiped his sweat, smiled, and said to Li Mo and Xia Bao, who were watching beside him: “Okay, let’s see if it works.”

Li Mo was also very happy. She ran to the back compartment and put Xiao Bao in the cart first, and then she stepped inside the donkey cart, sat down on the seats, and Xiao Bao also sat on the seat on the other side like Li Mo.

Through the hole left in front, Li Mo clearly saw Song Dashan’s face. She smiled and gave him a thumbs-up, “It’s really good!”

Song Dashan smiled and scratched his head. He was also happy.

Li Mo suggested at this time: “Brother Dashan, do you want to try driving first?”

Song Dashan’s eyes brightened, and he nodded, “Okay, let’s go out and try.”

Song Dashan took the donkey cart out of the yard, Li Mo and Xiao Bao sat directly in the cart and drove to the village.

The villagers’ attention was even more drawn, and everyone ran forward to watch it with a surprised look on their faces.

The main reason was that this kind of “cart” has only been seen on a carriage. This is the first time that they have seen such a good-looking donkey cart. It is not worse than the carriage they usually see in the town. In fact, it looked very grand. They thought that if they were to ride that kind of cart to the town, it would be awesome.

“Dashan, is this your donkey cart?”

“Dashan, your donkey cart is more stylish than a horse carriage.”

“Dashan, will you really be able to ride tomorrow?”

“Dashan, does your donkey cart still have an available seat on it?”

Everyone was talking about the donkey cart. In the end, the donkey cart couldn’t run. Li Mo saw that everyone was so strange. After thinking about it, she directly invited some people who wanted to sit up and experience it in advance—the feeling of riding this donkey cart.

As soon as Li Mo finished speaking, many people quickly got into the donkey cart, sat down on their seats, and looked curiously.

Many children are clamoring to ride in donkey carts.

Li Mo waited until the donkey cart was full and then said to the rest of the people: “The donkey cart is full, and it can’t carry another person anymore. Everyone can ride again next time. We have to drive a car. Everyone, please give way. “

Others gave way to the donkey cart, and then Song Dashan drove the donkey cart around the road in the village. After pulling for a quarter of an hour, Song Dashan stopped and let the people in the car get off. Finally, everyone in the car was reluctant to go out. They do not want to come down at all.

“Dashan, your car is really comfortable to sit in. It’s not like other carts where your back will become sore. “

“It’s comfortable, and you can lean on it. You don’t have to worry about falling. “

“Yes, yes, this car is very safe. I’m not afraid of falling down at all. “

After listening to everyone’s praise, Song Dashan’s smile never stopped.

Seeing that it was late, Li Mo said to the people around her: “Tomorrow, Dashan will start to pull people. Everyone who planned to go to town, can directly go to the village’s entrance as soon as possible. ” All the people around us who were planning to go to the town nodded.

The next day, when the sky was still bright, Song Dashan rose, and Li Mo followed.

Today is Song Dashan’s first time pulling a cart. She planned to follow along to see if there was anything she could help, or see if something unexpected happened and see if there was anything they could improve.

Li Mo planned to take Xiaobao with him, so he picked him up from the bed and washed him. The family of three drove to the entrance of the village to wait for others.

When they arrived at the entrance of the village, there were already villagers waiting there. Seeing Song Dashan arrived, they immediately greeted him and quickly got into the carriage. When they saw Xiaobao and Li Mo inside, they nodded and said hello.

The donkey cart waited for a while. The villagers who wanted to go to town came one after another. They all got into the carriage of Li Mo’s family. When the sun started to rise, the seats in the carriage were full. They didn’t have to wait, so Song Dashan started to drive the cart towards the town’s direction.

When they arrived in the town, they arrived earlier than usual. Everyone was very happy. After giving the money to Song Dashan, they decided to go back to the market.

After everyone had left, Song Dashan put the money in a purse that Li Mo made for him.

Li Mo went to the nearby place selling steamed buns and buns to buy some. After eating for the family of three, he sat in the car and waited for the villagers to return to the village.

When it was almost noon, the people who went to the market came back. Song Dashan once again took the people back to the village and put them down at the village entrance. Then he drove the car back home.

When he got home, the first thing Song Dashan did was to hand over the money bag to Li Mo. Li Mo took it with a smile, opened the money bag, poured out the copper plate inside, and counted it, totaling forty-two yuan.

Today, he made forty-two yuan in one day. Song Dashan was so happy that he couldn’t help laughing, and Li Mo also couldn’t help but laugh. In the future, her family will definitely get better and better.

The author has something to say: in the previous chapter, there was a little cutie who said, why doesn’t the hostess sell styles so that she can make more money? I would like to explain:

The ancient people were also very powerful. The maids and sisters who surround the madams are well-versed in matching hairstyles and removing makeup.If they don’t know how to remove makeup, can they still see the face of their masters? Many things are not only known by Li Mo. In some respects, people in ancient times were not even worse than Li Mo.

The only advantage of the female owner is her makeup skills, which can not be taught to everyone, even if it is not difficult to learn. This is her way of making money, and Li Mo can’t just give it away.


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