Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 33

Chapter 33

A few days later. Mrs. Chen came again.

Li Mo was not surprised at Madam Chen’s visit. It should be that the matter has come to fruition.

Sure enough, this was the reason why Mrs. Chen came to Li Mo. Miss Jiu caught Master Shangfeng’s attention, and Master Shangfeng brought her with him when he left their country.

Li Mo wasn’t surprised when she heard it, but she was relieved. When Miss Jiu leaves, this matter will have nothing to do with her anymore.

Madam Chen saw Li Mo’s relief, and she laughed and then heaved a sigh of relief.

This matter can be regarded as successful. As a middleman, she was able to please both sides.

In fact, what Li Mo and Madam Chen didn’t know was that the matter was not so simple. Li Mo was almost taken over by Miss Jiu.

What happened was, when she successfully caught the attention of Master Shangfeng, her joy faded slightly. She thought about the person behind the success of this matter.

She stared at her beautiful face reflected in the mirror. Although she didn’t want to admit it, she knew that she didn’t look that good. Her original beauty was magnified ten times, only because of Li Mo’s makeup skill. After thinking about it, if she could make Li Mo her personal beautician, she could look beautiful every day and would not worry if Master Shangfeng would still favor her.

Thinking of this, Miss Jiu went to discuss the matter with her mother.

However, the third wife raised an objection.

“My silly girl, the beautician was really skilled, but didn’t you see her look that day? She looks really good. It’s because she was wearing rags and didn’t dress well that her beauty was not seen. Think about it. If she was to dress up seriously, and Master Shangfeng saw her, didn’t you lift a rock just to hit yourself in the foot?! I am going to leave all the beautiful girls in your house, and you should choose two ordinary-looking girls to take with you. “

Miss Jiu didn’t consider this matter, but now that her mother said it made sense to her, but thinking of Li Mo’s makeup skills, she was very tempted and hesitated: “I remember that a beautician has a husband and child. I don’t think she would be interested in being Master Shangfeng’s girl. ” The

Her mother sneered. “Do you think people are simple? The makeup girl looked like a person who had a hard time. If she can come in contact with a person who is rich, how can you not be tempted? If you have the chance, who would remember the poor man at home? In this matter, you should listen to Mother. “

Looking at her daughter, who was still confused, she said: “You live in a small place. That’s why you felt that girl was very skilled. When you go to the capital, what kind of good beautician can’t be found? It will not be difficult to find a beautician in Beijing. They possess better makeup skills. “

After Miss Jiu heard this, she suddenly felt that her vision was too narrow. Her mother was right. In the capital, there are many beauticians. Then she can find someone else to take and live a life without feeling uneasy.

Miss Jiu relinquished her decision to hire Li Mo as her personal maid.

Both Li Mo and Madam Chen thought that this matter had been completely passed, but they didn’t know that this matter would make waves again in the future.

After Mrs. Chen finished talking about Miss Jiu’s matter, she talked about the second reason why she came to Li Mo.


“Miss Song, I am here today not only to tell you about the matter last time but also to tell you one more thing. I wonder if you still remember the girls you saw last time at my house? “

Of course, Li Mo remembered that there were four girls present at that time, and she even put makeup on two of them, and the other two also liked to put on makeup, but it was unfortunate that the time was short and she needed to go.

Seeing Li Mo remembered them, Madam. Chen continued: “A girl who didn’t have the chance to be dressed by you was going to her uncle’s house to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday. She doesn’t want to be looked down on by her cousins, so she wanted you to do her makeup and make her beautiful. “

Li Mo asked more this time, “She came from an ordinary family, right?”

Seeing that Li Mo seemed to have lingering fears, Madam Chen patted her hand to comfort her, “Don’t worry, the people I will introduce to you in the future are definitely coming from an ordinary family, and you will never get involved with those officials. My house is almost the same. It also came from an ordinary family, so you don’t have to worry. “

Hearing what Madam Chen said, Li Mo was relieved and nodded in response: “Okay, I’ll go. When will I do her makeup? “

Madam Chen said: “Three days later, but it will be hard for you. You have to go early that day, and your family will also have to leave early and come back that night. So you can’t be late. You can only do her makeup as early as possible. “

Seeing that Li Mo was hesitating, Madam Chen said: “Their family also knew that you live far away. They were embarrassed to call you so early, so they promised to give you ten cents more as travel expenses. “

Li Mo was not thinking about whether she should go or not, but she was thinking about when to get up.

When she heard that they would give her ten yuan for travel expenses, she nodded and said, okay, “Then please tell the family that I will arrive early before the sunrise.”

Mrs. Chen smiled and thanked the family first, and then left.

When Song Dashan came back from pulling the cart, Li Mo told him about what happened and said: “We have to leave early the day after tomorrow. We can’t pull the villagers to the town at that time. “

Song Dashan nodded, “Well, I’ll send you there, and later I’ll tell everyone that I will not pull people at that time so that the villagers won’t have to wait for my cart to arrive.”

On the day they have to go to the town. Li Mo and Song Dashan got up early to wash. Song Dashan picked up the sleeping Xiao Bao and put him inside the cart quietly.

Song Dashan sent her to the town and waited for her. He took Xiaobao to wait for Li Mo to come. Since they have a cart now, they don’t have to leave Xiao Bao at someone else’s house every time they have business in town.

When it was still dark, Song Dashan drove Li Mo and Xiao Bao to the town. He found the place according to the address left by Madam Chen. Dashan stopped the donkey cart at the door of the said place.

Li Mo stepped forward and knocked on the door, and soon someone came out to open the door.

Li Mo explained her intention, and the people inside quickly welcomed the family of three in and parked the donkey carriage in the backyard.

The hostess of this house greeted Li Mo.

The two of the ladies in front of Li Mo were the girls present at Chen Xiaoting’s house last time. The two of them were obviously impressed with Li Mo. They smiled at Li Mo and said:. “Song lady, long time no see. Sorry to trouble you today. You even came here so early. “

Li Mo smiled and said: “It’s okay, your family has an urgent matter, it’s okay for me to come over early.”

The lady saw Song Dashan and Xiao Bao, who were in Song Dashan’s arms, and immediately said, “Is this your husband and child? Please sit down, Li Hua, go get some cakes to greet the guests. “

Lihua nodded and turned around to go to another room. After a while, she brought out a few plates of snacks and put them on the table. She also picked it up and stuffed it into Xiao Bao, who was looking with his big eyes, asking if he could eat it.

Xiao Bao was stuffed with cakes, and he didn’t dare to eat them right away. He looked at Li Mo.

Li Mo had taught him before that the things others give him should not be eaten randomly. You must first ask his parents if he can eat them. If someone gave him something, Xiao Bao always remembered that he needed to ask Li Mo or Song Dashan for permission first.

Li Mo smiled and nodded and said to Xiao Bao: “Eat, remember to thank Auntie.”

Xiao Bao nodded obediently and arched his little hand at Li Hua, “Thank you, Auntie.”

Li Hua was taken by Xiao Bao’s adorable appearance. She couldn’t help but pat Xiao Bao’s hair bun.

In order to complete it as quickly as possible, Li Mo asked Song Dashan to take Xiaobao to wait there while she followed the host’s family to Lihua’s room.

Li Hua sat on the dressing table and raised her face to Li Mo and said, “Sister, last time you made Xiao Ting look good. I really wanted you to do my makeup at that time, but you didn’t have time, and you to rush back. After seeing you make Chen Xiaoting beautiful, I have been thinking about it. This time I can finally invite you. “

Li Mo was amused by her witty remarks and said: “Then I will make you look very beautiful this time. Otherwise, I will feel really guilty for making you think about it for many days. “

Li Hua nodded seriously, “You have to make me look good and let my cousins who look down on me stop calling me a country bumpkin again.”

Li Hua’s mother scolded her, “What are you talking about? They are your cousins! “

Li Hua pouted dissatisfiedly. “It’s just that their family lives in the city. It’s just that their family was rich. What’s the big deal? Every time they laugh at me, they call me dull and ugly. This time I have to let them see if I’m ugly! “

Li Hua’s mother shook her head helplessly when she heard her. She couldn’t help but bury her. “Even if you looked beautiful today, it was all because of the makeup. If you remove it, you still have to turn back to your original look. “

Li Hua said indifferently: “Anyway, I will only see them for today. It’s more than for me to make them envious for a day. “

Li Hu’s mother was utterly speechless.

Li Mo also smiled faintly and began to apply makeup to Lihua.

In fact, Li Hua was not ugly. Her looks were average. It was about five points. Li Mo’s job was to improve the appearance of Li Hua. Li Mo estimated that she could increase the appearance of Lihua to seven or eight points.

Li Hua was relatively plain. She didn’t have evident ugly features. They were all at the average level.

Li Mo needed to treat each facial feature well to make it look good and improve the overall appearance.

The skin needs to become paler, the eyes need to become bigger, the nose needs to be firmer, the mouth needs to be smaller, the chin needs to be pointed, the face needs to be smaller, and the hairstyle needs to be beautiful.

Li Mo slowly dealt with all of the places that needed modification. It took her half an hour to finish her job.

Since Li Hua saw Li Mo’s makeup the last time, she was convinced by Li Mo’s skills. Without any doubt, she knew that Li Mo would definitely make her beautiful without looking at the effect, so she felt that after finishing the makeup, what she thought was not “Did I look beautiful?” but “how beautiful has she become?”

Lihua didn’t have time to turn around and let her mother take a look first, but she couldn’t wait to look at herself in the mirror first.

After seeing her own appearance, Li Hua couldn’t help but look at her facial features in the mirror again and found that her beauty was not without reason.

When she looked at her facial features, her eyes were changed. Her eyes were more prominent than before. Her nose has become quite delicate, her mouth looked tender and rosy, and her face has become smaller. Obviously, her face was not so small. Anyway, her every facial feature became beautiful.

Li Hua’s mother, who was waiting by the side, saw that her daughter was still watching her face, and she didn’t turn around to let her mother assess her look. She exclaimed in anger, “Have you finished looking? Give mother a glance after staring at your face. You are really annoying me to death. “

Li Hua rolled her eyes. She reluctantly put down the mirror and turned her head to show her mother, “Here, look, I look so beautiful.”

Li Hua’s mother wanted to say that she was so shameless, but she swallowed her words after seeing Li Hua’s appearance.

It was indeed beautiful.

Li Hua said with joy: “Now, who would dare to say that I am ugly? I am better-looking than the three most beautiful cousins in my uncle’s house now. This will annoy them to death. “

Li Hua’s mother didn’t want to talk to her stupid daughter. She directly took out twenty-five yuan and gave it to Li Mo, “Lady Song, you take this money. Thank you for today. I don’t want to say too many words. I won’t be able to entertain you or invite you to a meal today. We should have entertained you, but we are in a hurry right now. I hope you can forgive us.

Li Mo waved her hands, “You’re too polite. You still have to go early, and we’ll say our goodbyes too. “

Li Mo packed her makeup kit and then went to the front room to find Song Dashan.

With Xiaobao, the family of three went to the backyard and took the donkey cart out, and went out together.

When they came out of Li Hua’s house, the sky was already bright, and the streets began to be lively.

Li Mo remembered that the flour at home was gone, the rice was not much, and that she had run out of cosmetics, so he asked Song Dashan to go to the market to buy it all at once.

First, they went to the grain store and bought a bag of rice and noodles that they needed at home. Then they went to the pork store, bought a pound of pork belly and some pork bones.

They brought Xiao Bao to a place selling pastries not far away. They bought some pastries and finally went to the last stop, which was the powder shop, to buy cosmetics.

After they bought everything, Li Mo went to a four-treasure store.

If she wanted to teach Xiaobao herself, she had to buy some stationery. She has to buy these because they can’t find a piece of paper at home.

After Li Mo went in, she bought some of the cheapest papers, ordered a writing brush and an inkstone, and finally bought a three-character sutra for children’s enlightenment.

When she came out, Li Mo deeply felt why the average person in this era couldn’t read books. It was really too expensive.

Xiao Bao didn’t think much about the money spent. He was so happy when he saw the pen, ink, paper, and inkstone they bought. He was holding these things and looked left and right. He was reluctant to let go of it. He even opened the three-character classic from the road and read it.

Although he couldn’t understand anything, he still read it seriously.


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