Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 34

Chapter 34

The family of three came back to the village when it was almost noon.

Dashan drove their donkey carriage into their yard and was about to go to the kitchen to cook their lunch. Aunt Zhao hurried in and saw that they were finally back. She hurriedly said: “Dashan, you are finally back, hurry up and go see your rice fields. Someone had dug a big hole in your field, and the water had been drained.

Song Dashan was startled and immediately said to Li Mo, “I’ll go see it first to know what’s going on in the field.”

Aunt Zhao pulled him, “Don’t worry, your Uncle Zhao passed by your field when he went to the field today, and he happened to see that the rice field was already dry. He quickly put water on your field and blocked the opening. Fortunately, your Uncle Zhao saw it. Otherwise, the seedling field of your family will be finished. I don’t know which wicked person did it! “

Li Mo was also anxious. Those seedlings were planted by Song Dashan for a long time. Although it wasn’t that much, it was considered as their source of food in their family. If it was destroyed, they wouldn’t have rations this year, so they will have to buy rations to eat in the future.

“I’ll take a look too.” Li Mo said as she picked up Xiaobao and followed Song Dashan.

The Song Family went to the field again, circled the ridge. They saw that a big hole had been dug, and the newly filled soil was still moist.

Li Mo asked worriedly: “Brother Dashan, I don’t know who did this. Will they sneak over and release the water when we are not around in the future? If this goes on like this, we won’t be able to harvest rice this year.

Song Dashan also thought of this. His face was ugly, and he was wondering who it might be.

Li Mo thought of a certain possibility and moved in her heart and said, “Brother Dashan, do you think it was done by that side?”

She was referring to Song Dazhu and the others. Last time the trouble was very unpleasant, Song Dazhu also completely lost face. Could it be that they held a grudge and did it deliberately?

After listening to Song Dashan, he pressed his lips tightly and said for a long time: “Now we have no evidence, even if we know who did it, we can’t do anything to them unless we catch someone on the spot.”

Li Mo also understood this truth, but she didn’t know when the person would come again. Will they stay on the field for the entire time?

The two of them didn’t think of any possible action, so they had to go home first.

When they got home, Li Mo said, “Brother Dashan, we still need to slowly figure out who did that. The only thing we can be sure about is that the person should have done it while everyone was sleeping. He must not have dared to do it in broad daylight. If he was to do it in the morning, he would be exposed.

Song Dashan also agreed with Li Mo’s statement, so he went to the field that night and prepared to watch if he could catch him on the spot.

It was a pity that one night passed, and the waves were calm, and no one came.

When Song Dashan went back in the morning, his face was a bit tired.

Li Mo looked at it and couldn’t help but worry. “Brother Dashan, it’s not possible to wait for them all night. Who knows if he will come or not. If he doesn’t come, will you keep guarding him? Your body won’t be able to bear it. “

Song Dashan thought for a while and said, “There is no other way. I can only guard the fields. Don’t worry, I can still survive for a few days. I can sleep for a while every afternoon. I’ll be back.

Li Mo also didn’t know any other ways to catch him.

Song Dashan kept guard for three days and waited for the culprit.

Li Mo couldn’t help but guess, “Do you think that the person knew that we were keeping guard, so he didn’t plan to do this again?”

Song Dashan thought about it, shook his head, “If it’s true that they don’t like our family, it won’t be enough for him to damage our rice field once, because it didn’t cause any damage to us, he should be feeling irritated by it.”

Li Mo felt that Song Dashan’s words made sense, and that person must have known what they did. He was alert, so he stopped the action temporarily.

Suddenly, Li Mo thought of a possibility, “Brother Dashan, in addition to rice, we still have an acre of peanuts. Do you think it’s possible… “

Song Dashan was taken aback. Yes, he only thought of his own rice field. He didn’t expect his peanut field to be targeted. But if their peanut seedlings were dug up, that peanut field would be completely considered as a wasteland.

Thinking that they hadn’t visited the peanut field for many days, Song Dashan couldn’t sit still and wanted to go see it.

Song Dashan went to the peanut field as quickly as possible. Fortunately, the peanut field has not been poisoned yet, but it was very likely that the person would turn the target to their peanut field.

That night, Song Dashan quietly went to the peanut field and sat secretly in a concave nest at the back of the ridge, where people could hardly see it.

Unfortunately, no one came that night.

Li Mo persuaded Song Dashan to let it go. He had been suffering for the past few nights. His body was more important than guarding the food.

Song Dashan was unwilling to give up. It was because of this idea that he didn’t want to be ruined in a muddle while not knowing who was targeting his family.

This time, Li Mo saw Song Dashan’s resolution. He used to listen to whatever she said. She thought Dashan had no temper and no opinion. It turned out she was wrong. He was only obedient to her.

Li Mo couldn’t stop Song Dashan in this matter, so she had to watch him wander around the field guarding it every day.

Fortunately, his effort paid off. After another period of continuous guarding, Song Dashan finally caught the person who went to the peanut field to plow the seedlings.

This time, Li Mo and Song Dashan both guessed wrong. It was not the Song family who did it, but the eldest son and second son of the Xia Laozhu family.

At that time, Song Dashan had been nestled in the alcove for more than an hour, and the surrounding area was quiet. Only the cries of crickets were heard that night. He thought that he would not find the culprit that night, but he heard soft footsteps and the voice of two people.

“Brother, are we going to get caught?”

“How could that be possible? We didn’t get caught the last time we released the water in his rice field, right? “

“That’s right. Song Dashan was probably guarding his rice fields to catch us. He would never think of us coming to his peanut field. “

“Stop talking nonsense. We need to hurry up and dig the peanuts. Let’s make it impossible to harvest their peanuts, “

“Brother, do you think are immoral for doing this? Song Dashan’s family seems to have such a small amount of land. If there is no harvest at all, wouldn’t they be too miserable? “

“Do you pity him? He robbed our family business. Did he think about our family? Now, no one wanted to ride our donkey cart. Our income loss would be much greater than his family’s! “

“All right, all right, let’s start digging.”

With that, there was no sound of their voices, only the sound of digging.

Song Dashan had already clenched his fists with anger. Now he knew who it was.

He heard the sound of peanut seedlings being dugout. Knowing that it was the best time to catch them redhanded, he immediately sprang out from the alcove at an astonishing speed. Before they could react, he pushed them to the ground.

If Li Mo were present at the time, she would definitely not have believed that Song Dashan, a lame man, would have such amazing speed and explosive power.

Song Dashan was originally stronger than ordinary people, and he received professional training during his years as a soldier. His skills were not comparable to those of ordinary villagers.

Therefore, the two sons of the Xia family were pressed by Song Dashan and squeezed their necks in the field. No matter how hard they struggled, they couldn’t move.

The two people couldn’t get rid of Song Dashan alone. They were also crushed face-to-face with the mud, and their mouths were full of mud.

Both of them knew in their hearts that they were in trouble tonight and couldn’t help but beg for mercy, “Dashan, we were wrong. Please be merciful. We promise that we won’t do it next time. “

“Dashan, we only did this because we didn’t have a clear mind. For the sake of being in the same village, please forgive us. “

However, no matter how hard they begged for mercy, Song Dashan ignored them. He didn’t believe that if he let them go this time, they would know they were wrong.

Song Dashan took the hemp rope he brought from home.

From their waist, and they tied the two people together with a rope. Only one pair of legs could walk. Song Dashan pulled the rope behind her and pushed the two people together, and walked around the village.

No matter how hard they begged for mercy along the way, he ignored it.

Song Dashan took them to the village chief’s house and knocked on their door.

The people in the village have already entered their dreams at this time. It was estimated that the two brothers of the Xia family, who were ill-intentioned, and Song Dashan, who guarded at night to arrest the culprit, were the only people who were awake.

Song Dashan knocked on the door for a long time before the village chief’s house lit up, and soon a voice came from inside, “Who?”

Song Dashan responded, “Village chief, it’s me, Song Dashan. I have something important to ask you. “

There was a sound of footsteps inside, and the next second, the village chief in his clothes came and opened the door. He saw Song Dashan and the two brothers of the Xia family who were tied up outside the door. “What’s wrong? What happened “

Song Dashan said with a sullen face:” Village chief, these two people released the water in our seedling field last time, and this time they went to my peanut field to dig our peanut seedlings in the middle of the night. I caught them on the spot. “

The village head’s face sank after he heard it. The village people did such unethical things. It was simply a disgrace to him as the village chief.

At this time, the village chief hurriedly put the clothes on and asked his wife to go to Xia Laozhu’s house to tell them to come to their house.

He then opened the door and let Song Dashan take the two to the house.

After a while, the rest of Xia Laozhu’s family came, and several other villagers were woken up and followed to watch the excitement.

Li Mo was also called by Aunt Zhao, and she brought the sleepingXiao Bao over, and the village chief’s house became full.

Xia Laozhu knew what was going on when he was called by the village chief’s wife. In the end, he ordered his two sons to do it. He assumed that, like the previous time, he would not be caught when they released the water from the rice field, but who could have predicted that they would be caught redhanded today?

I thought I’d been arrested.

Xia Laozhu’s heart was beating fast, but he still pretended to be shocked. When he saw his two sons who were still tied up, he went up and scolded them; he said angrily, “You two brats, how can you do such things?! You are blinded by your stupidity! “

Xia Laozhu’s eldest son knew what his father was thinking when he saw his father’s expression. He lowered his head in shame and admitted his mistake, “Father, it’s us. We were blinded by our foolishness, and our minds were dizzy before we did it. All of us knew it was wrong, Dashan. We were wrong. “

The eldest son quietly pushed his younger brother behind his back after he said that, telling his stupid brother not to their father as well.

Xia Laozhu’s second son was awakened by his brother, and he also reacted, lowering his head and confessing his mistake.

Xia Laozhu turned around and looked at Song Dashan at this time and said, “Dashan, it was the two bastards in my family that were bad. I’ll ask them to apologize to you, so you can forgive them. “

Song Dashan didn’t say anything about forgiving them. Instead, he said to the village chief: “Village chief, they both said that the reason why they did it was that our family bought a donkey cart and we took their customers. They held a grudge against us. My dealer is ruined. “

After the Village Chief heard their reason, he glanced at Xia Laozhu with a gloomy look and made his scalp tighten. Then he said: “Bastard! Having an extra donkey cart in the village was a blessing for everyone! Everyone earns money based on their own abilities.Could it be that you only want your family to have a donkey cart? “

The village head’s words were also talking about Xia Laozhu implicitly. And he has long been dissatisfied with Xia Laozhu’s attitude. In the past, only his family had a donkey cart. He couldn’t say much, but now Song Dashan also had it, and he was also very happy in his heart.

Xia Laozhu was angry inside, but on the surface, he made a distressed look and gave his two sons a slap, “You two bastards! Just because someone has a donkey cart, you are doing bad things!? How can I have a son like you?! “

The Village Chief also knew that Xia Laozhu was merely acting, and he didn’t want to watch him teach his son here, so he stopped him directly, “Okay, it’s not too late to teach your son, but you can save it for later when you return to your house. Let’s solve this matter first. “

The village chief said and looked at Song Dashan, “Dashan, how do you want to solve this matter?”

Song Dashan pursed his lips and said, “This matter can not be solved with a mere apology. Their family has to compensate our family for our loss. “

Hearing Song Dashan say that they needed to pay money, Xia Laozhu’s eldest son directly refused and yelled: “Your family didn’t lose anything at all, and we didn’t do anything. Why should we pay for it! “

Xia Laozhu also looked at Song Dashan with difficulty and said: “Dashan, you didn’t really suffer any loss. It’s not like they really did something to your rice field. “

Li Mo couldn’t listen anymore when she heard Xia Laozhu and immediately stood up and said: “Village chief, fellow villagers, Xia Laozhu said that we didn’t suffer any loss. Our family absolutely disagrees. At that time, they took advantage of our absence. They released the water into our rice fields. If Uncle Zhao hadn’t accidentally seen it, maybe our rice field would have dried up. We wouldn’t have had a single grain of rice tonight if it weren’t for my family’s Dashan, who caught them. Our family’s only food ration would have been lost tonight, so who would we be looking for to reason with? “

Li Mo finished speaking. She looked at the Village Chief and then said, “Village Chief, My family’s Dashan wasn’t able to sleep every day because of this incident. He stayed in the field for the whole night. He did this for almost half a month. Dashan has been suffering for many days. Isn’t this physical loss still a loss? The village chief, you are a fair judge. Do you think our family doesn’t deserve any compensation? “

All the people watching the excitement were accusing the two sons of the Xia family of their immoral deeds, and they all felt that the Xia family should pay for what they did.

The village chief nodded and said: “This incident was caused by the two sons of the Xia family. The Dashan family almost lost their harvest. Dashan has not been able to sleep well for half a month due to this incident. The Xia Family must give the Dashan Family their compensation. “

Xia Laozhu listened to the village chief’s words. His face turned bad. He admitted his mistakes and made him look reasonable. But if he would not compensate them, wouldn’t that make him inconsistent?

It seemed that they could only give up some money for this affair.

Xia Laozhu endured the pain in his heart and asked, “Then how much do you think is appropriate to compensate you for your loss?”

Song Dashan looked at Li Mo and let her be the one to make the decision.

Li Mo thought for a while and said, “We are not the type of people who ask for a lot of money. You can pay 150 yuan for this matter, but if my crops are lost again in the future, you will be the first person I will look for. “

Xia Laozhu was already very upset when he heard that he had to pay one hundred and fifty yuan; when he heard the last sentence, he was even more upset.

But what can they do? They’ve been apprehended, and if something bad happened in the future, the first person who would come to mind is their family.They lifted a stone only to hit themselves in the foot.

Enduring the pain of losing money, Xia Laozhu gave one hundred and fifty yuan in front of everyone, and this matter was considered over.

When everyone saw that the matter was over, they all went back to sleep.

Li Mo and Song Dashan thanked the village chief and then took Xiao Bao home.

Walking on the road, Li Mo sighed with emotion. She had always thought it was someone from the Song family who did it, but she did not expect it to be from the Xia Laozhu family. It appeared that the donkey cart thing really made the Xia Laozhu family hate them. They may not have to guard against their fields anymore, but they should still not put their guard down around them.

The author has something to say: Our Brother Dashan’s physical strength was also 666[1]666 means amazing, very powerful, just like the devil, cool and impressive.. You will know in the future.


1 666 means amazing, very powerful, just like the devil, cool and impressive.
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