Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Song Dashan was very tired after he arrested the two sons of the Xia Family.

Li Mo told him to go back to bed to rest as soon as possible. She told her that he would not pull people tomorrow for him to rest well. A good rest was more important than pulling people tomorrow.

Song Dashan didn’t argue with Li Mo this time. He obediently went to bed to rest. He did not wake up until the sun was shining brightly.

When Song Dashan woke up, Li Mo was talking to Qian Xianglian in the yard.

Qian Xianglian was now regarded as a frequent visitor to Li Mo’s house because she was quite talkative, easy to talk to, and knew many people. Selling perfume balms for her was easy. She was able to sell three or four boxes on the spot.She often comes to Li Mo to get more stocks, but now she planned to sell ten boxes at one time.

She came over early in the morning and first talked to Li Mo about the Xia family’s two sons, who secretly destroyed her family’s field last night.

According to Qian Xianglian, the whole village knows about this now, and everyone didn’t want to ride in the Xia Family’s donkey cart. When Song Dashan did not pull people this morning, everyone who needed to go to town had to ride on Xia Family’s donkey cart. But after the incident, the Xia Family treated the villagers with a better attitude, as if they had changed themselves.

Li Mo smiled and secretly thought that this was a change brought out by having a competition.

After Qian Xianglian said this, she talked about another thing.

It turned out that Qian Xianglian’s relative from her family’s side was getting married, so she came specifically to ask Li Mo to dress her up.

The last time you put makeup on my niece from my husband’s side, many people were surprised by it. At that time, all of the children from my mother’s side were also there. My niece from my mother’s side was also present there. After seeing your makeup skills, it has always been in her mind. Now that she was going to get married, her mother mentioned to her about finding a beautician. She immediately shook her head and said she only wanted you to do her makeup. That’s why they asked me to invite you as her beautician to her wedding ceremony.

Li Mo asked, “Where is your elder sister’s house? Is it far? “

Qian Xianglian replied, “It’s not that far. It’s about the same distance as my mother’s house. My niece was a bit special. She’s different from the average girl. “

Li Mo became interested when she heard it and asked, “What do you mean by special?”

Qian Xianglian pursed her lips and smiled: “My niece, everything else was okay, but she was chubby. This girl doesn’t know why she gained weight by drinking cold water. She works hard to not eat a lot, but she still can’t lose weight. She doesn’t know what to do. This made her worried about death ever since. “

Li Mo couldn’t help wondering: “Is it bad to be fat? Don’t all older people like fatter girls? Don’t they feel blessed? “

Qian Xianglian also said: “Who said no? It’s so good and pleasing to be fat. Most people don’t get fat even if they want to be fat. Who knows why this girl doesn’t like to be thin, don’t you know?, How satisfied her in-laws are with her figure. “

Her niece’s life at home was good.

Li Mo thought about it and probably understood the girl’s mentality.

This dynasty was similar to modern society, with thinness as the standard of beauty and their pursuit of slenderness and was not less than the one from the Modern era. Li Mo heard that this standard originated from the first emperor. When choosing his concubine, his first requirement was to have a slim waist. The concubines in the palace tightened their belts and drank water every day to pursue slenderness. Somehow, this slimming trend gradually spread to people, and folks gradually had the aesthetic concept of taking thinness as beauty. Up to now, this aesthetic has been deeply ingrained.

Like in modern society, everyone regards thinness as beauty, and women take weight loss as their lifelong career. If anyone said fat is good, no one would be willing to listen to him.

Although people of the older generation think that girls with a healthy figure are beautiful, young ones think otherwise. They still want to lose weight.

This was the case with Qian Xianglian’s niece.

Li Mo said, “Sister-in-law, I can’t make her look thin when I put on her makeup. I can only visually make her look thinner, but you can’t change them no matter what. If you remove the makeup, she will return to her original appearance. “

Qian Xianglian clapped her hands and said: “Can we not know this? She knows it herself, but a woman is like this. Everyone wished to be beautiful on their most special day. We also understood her thoughts, so we came looking for you to make her happy even for one day. “

Li Mo nodded: “Sister-in-law, when do I go to your house?”

Qian Xianglian said: “It’s a coincidence that it would be in the midst of this year’s lantern festival.”

Lantern Festival? Li Mo remembered this festival from the original owner’s memory.This day was equivalent to the Qixi Festival in her previous life. Unmarried children are openly allowed to meet on this day, and they can even stroll and talk together on this day, but only if there are other people present on both sides.

As for those married couples, it was even more natural on that day to go out for a stroll, to enjoy the rare leisure time.

This day was very much loved by everyone.

To just stroll around?

Li Mo suddenly grasped a critical point. Everyone came out to stroll this day. There must be a stall to see, just like the last temple fair.

Li Mo hurriedly searched the original owner’s memory and found that there seemed to be no curfew on the Lantern Festival every year. This was the only day in the year when there was no curfew.

On this night, there were colorful lights everywhere, and the night market was very lively. Everyone would go out to shop at the lantern festival after dark and buy things. The level of excitement was no less than New Year’s Eve.

Li Mo only had an appearance at the Hairpin Festival in the city. As for their village, she had no idea all, so she hurriedly asked Qian Xianglian. “Sister-in-law, are there any grand events for the Lantern Festival?”

Qian Xianglian is also full of smiles when talking about the hairpin festival, “Yes, of course, there was. We also have a lantern festival in our town. It would be a lively night. It would be a shame not to go shopping. I will prepare for that night. Take the family and go to the town. “

She didn’t expect that there was no curfew and there was a lantern festival in the town, just like in the city. The night must be as lively as in the city. After all, it’s rare for people in the village and the town to have such a grand event all year round. Every family might want to have a look. There must have been a lot of people at that time.

There are many people, which means that there are many hawkers, which means that she has another chance to make money.

The last time they went to the temple fair, they earned a lot of money, but unfortunately, the temple fair was only held once a year. She didn’t expect to catch up with the Lantern Festival this time. She must seize the opportunity to make a good profit this time.

Li Mo thought about it, and she couldn’t help but feel excited. After bidding farewell to Qian Xianglian, she immediately went to the vegetable garden behind their house to find Song Dashan, who was tending the vegetable garden.

“Brother Dashan, the Lantern festival is coming, right?”

Song Dashan straightened up and nodded, “Yes, a few days from now. Do you want to go to the Lantern Festival? I can drive the donkey cart to take you and Xiao Bao to the town. “

Li Mo knew that the first thing this person remembered was going to the lantern festival instead of making money. Why did her first reaction think of it as an opportunity to make money? Could it be that she was obsessed with making money?

Li Mo pursed her lips and said, “We will definitely see the lantern festival, but we can also take this opportunity to make some money.”

Now Song Dashan knew what Li Mo meant. She wanted it to be like what they did at the last temple fair. To set up a stall to sell perfume balm.

Song Dashan recalled the lively scenes when they sold balm at the temple fair, and he had to admit that setting up a stall at the Lantern Festival would definitely make money.

Song Dashan nodded, “Okay, then we will go to the Lantern Festival to set up a stall. We have a few days to prepare. “

Li Mo said, “Therefore, there should be more people than the temple fair. After all, it was only one night. If you missed it, you wouldn’t have any chance. Others must have come out to go shopping at the Lantern Festival, and we’ll be busier than last time. “

Song Dashan also thought it would be the case and said directly: “Then we have to go to Meizi’s family and ask them for help?”

Li Mo nodded, “That’s for sure. Without the help of those two, it would be hard for the both of us. “

Li Mo thought about the balm left in their house and found it again. There was not much left. It seemed that they needed to prepare a little more in advance this time. She didn’t know if Meizi and Tiezi would have the time to come over in advance to help them make the balm.

Knowing Li Mo’s concern, Song Dashan said: “It’s okay. Let’s go to Meizi’s place to ask in advance. We will ask them to help us if they are free. If they don’t have time, we will find a way. Anyway, we still have plenty of time to prepare. “

Li Mo nodded.

The next day, after Song Dashan came back from pulling people from his cart, Li Mo took the meat and dim sum that Song Dashan had brought back from the town. She took Xiaobao, and the family headed towards Meizi’s house.

When they arrived at Meizi’s house, they smelled a strong smell of medicine before they even went in.

Both Song Dashan and Li Mo were shocked, and rushed into the house, and saw Meizi coming out of the kitchen with a bowl of medicine.

Seeing Song Dashan and Li Mo coming, Meizi was a little surprised, “Brother, sister-in-law, why are you here?”

Song Dashan looked at the medicine in his sister’s hand and said worriedly: “What’s the matter? Why are you holding medicine? “

Meizi was mute. Her shock from seeing Li Mo and Song Dashan quickly disappeared, her face turned bitter, and her eyes were also red, “It’s for Teizi. This time, when he went hunting, he got hurt.”

Li Mo: “Was he okay? Was the injury serious? Quickly, take us to him. “

Meizi said quickly: “His shoulder was scratched by a beast. The doctor said that he needs to rest for a month. During this time, he should not touch his wound. Wait until the wound is healed before he can go hunting again. “

Speaking of Hunting. Meizi’s face withered again, her eyes full of sorrow.

Li Mo and Song Dashan followed Meizi into the room, and they saw Tiezi leaning on the bed in single clothes, playing with Xiao Shu

Seeing Li Mo and Song Dashan, Tiezi hurriedly stopped his hand movement, “Brother, sister-in-law, why are you here?”

Meizi stepped forward and put away the stone in Xiaoshu’s hand and reprimanded: “Xiao Shu, Mother told you several times that your dad hurt his shoulder and he can not move the wound. If you always let dad play with you, dad’s wound will be open. “

Xiao Shu lowered his head in shame and admitted his mistake obediently: “Mother, I know it’s wrong, and I won’t do it anymore.”

Tiezi also explained, seeing his son’s pitiful appearance, “Meizi, I just can’t move my left shoulder, and it’s not like I can’t move my whole body. I can still move my right hand completely. “

Meizi gave them a blank stare. She rolled her eyes, “You two… I can’t really control you two anymore.”

The father and the son lowered their heads in harmony to make a gesture of shame.

Li Mo looked at the funny appearance of the father and son. Now she saw that Tiezi’s was not really serious. She was also relieved.

Meizi hadn’t made lunch because she had boiled the medicine, so she needed to make their lunch now. Li Mo followed Meizi and Song Dashan stayed with Tiezi to talk.

In the kitchen, Li Mo asked Meizi: “Has Tiezi been injured before?”

When Li Mo brought out this topic, Meizi’s expression became ugly. “Hunting was the only way we could survive on this mountain. Injuries are common with this lifestyle. I don’t know how many times Tiezi has been injured for so many years.

Li Mo: “Then are you people here like this?”

Meizi sighed: “But it’s not all like that. The mountain people don’t have land. They can only rely on hunting for their livelihoods. Even if they are injured, they still have to hunt. My father-in-law was injured too severely, and his health was jeopardized as a result, so he died too soon, sister-in-law.I’m really afraid that Tiezi would also be like my father-in-law. Sister, what should I do? “

Meizi said, her eyes turned red.

Li Mo frowned, feeling worried about it in her heart.

Mountain people rely on hunting for their livelihoods. It was indeed dangerous. They often dealt with mountain birds and beasts. How could they not get hurt? To put it bluntly, if you experience a stroke of bad luck and encounter a powerful beast, Your life may not be saved.

But the mountain people have no land, no fields, and no houses outside of the mountain. They don’t have the money to buy it, and even if they had money, no one is willing to sell their property to them. So they can only maintain this status quo and continue to live in the mountains for generations. What else can they do besides hunting??

She was willing to help Meizi and Tiezi, but their family hadn’t gotten out of the crisis yet, so how could they help them?

Is there any way to help Meizi and Tiezi? Li Mo stared at the stove and fell into deep thought.

Before Li Mo could think of anything, Meizi interrupted her thoughts, “Sister-in-law, do you and my brother have something to ask us? Tell me quickly. “

Li Mo couldn’t open her mouth at that time. Teizi was injured. How could she ask them to help her? So Li Mo shook her head and said. “It’s nothing. We only came here to see you. “

Meizi didn’t believe it and asked: “Sister-in-law, you must be hiding something from us. Why don’t you tell me? Was it because Tiezi was injured, that’s why you were unable to talk about it? “

Meizi insisted on asking Li Mo.

Li Mo thought about it and said, “A few days from now, there will be the annual Lantern Festival. Your brother and I were planning to go to the town to sell balm this time. I want it to be the same as last time, and we wanted to ask you and Tiezi for help, but now that Tiezi was injured, we definitely can’t ask you guys to help us this time. “

Meizi then remembered that there would be a Lantern Festival a few days later because Tiezi was injured in the past few days. But it slipped through her mind.

Thinking of the last time they came to sell at the temple fair. They made so much money, Meizi immediately said: “Sister-in-law, there must be more people at this lantern festival, and the profit must not be less than last time. This opportunity can’t be missed, sister-in-law. You don’t have to worry about us. Tiezi can’t work, but I can. Anyway, I have nothing to do. I’ll help you. I’ll take Teizi and Xiao Shu with me and just give them a portion of food to eat. “

Li Mo hesitated: “That’s not good. Teizi was injured, after all. You should take good care of him at home. “

Meizi shook her head, “Sister-in-law, you don’t know how painful it was for him to rest at home. He can’t stay still at all if we go out. It’s better to take him with us and let him watch the children. He can do it while we also do our work. “

Li Mo still hesitated.

Unexpectedly, when Tiezi heard about this during their meal, he immediately urged them to let him help. He didn’t want to stay at home and do nothing every day.

Song Dashan thought for a while and said to him: “That’s okay, you can’t work for now. You can look after the children and leave the rest to us. “

Tiezi nodded, “Okay, I’ll go and help with looking after the two children. It’s simple, and this won’t affect my wound at all, so don’t worry. “

Song Dashan asked Meizi and Tiezi to tidy up immediately and to follow them back to the village in the afternoon.

So, that day, a family of six returned to the village together.


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