Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 36

Chapter 36

In the last temple fair, more than 400 boxes of balm were sold in three days. This time the lantern fair was only for one day. Li Mo was not sure how many boxes she should take, but she thought that doing more was better than doing less.

She could sell it slowly if they weren’t able to sell them all, but if she made less, then she’d probably regret it if they weren’t able to sell enough. So Li Mo planned to make 500 boxes this time, plus the 30 boxes left at home. It would be too much, and she thought she wouldn’t be able to sell it all.

Like last time, the whole family went to the back mountains to pick flowers together. Li Mo, Meizi, and Song Dashan all carried a basket on their backs. They didn’t let Teizi carry anything, so they just let him watch the two little guys so they wouldn’t run around much.

The two little guys were both sensible children; knowing that the adults were busy, they didn’t run around or make trouble. They also picked flowers like an adult and then put them in the adult’s basket. Not to mention that their little appearance was so adorable.

Tiezi had nothing to do because the kids were obedient, so he used his right hand to pick flowers slowly and then gently put them in the basket.

Everyone saw that he didn’t have any open wounds, so they let him help them pick flowers.

This time, they have plenty of time, so they don’t need to be as hasty as they did last time. Everyone was not picking flowers fast, and they picked them slowly while talking. It was not a tiring day for them at all, but rather relaxed.

When they picked enough flowers, Song Dashan asked Mr. Zhang to make five hundred boxes.

Li Mo and the others spent three days slowly making the balm at home. After it was made, they left it to dry for another two days before the Lantern Festival took place.

The Lantern Festival was held in the evening, so Li Mo went to Qian Xianglian’s niece’s house to put makeup on her early in the morning, to avoid any delays, and so there would be time to catch up with the Lantern Festival.

When dawn neared, Song Dashan drove Li Mo and Qian Xianglian to the house of Xianglian’s niece.

When the three of them arrived, Qian Xianglian’s house was already a little crowded, with people coming and going and all of the family’s relatives joining in to assist.

The host saw that Li Mo arrived, without introduction. She immediately greeted her with enthusiasm.

Qian Xianglian’s Elder Sister took Li Mo’s hand and said, “Big sister, it has been hard for you to come over so early in the morning. I hope you won’t mind troubling you today. “

Li Mo shook her head, “This is what I should do, sister-in-law, Please take me to the bride’s ward. I will start to apply makeup on the bride as soon as possible. “

Xianglian’s elder sister nodded and asked her son to entertain Song Dashan, and then personally took Li Mo with her to her daughter’s room.

The bride’s wedding gown had been put on, and she was only waiting for makeup to be put on.

When the people in the room saw Li Mo coming in, they all stared at Li Mo in amazement. They didn’t expect that this beautiful little lady was the beautician they especially invited. They had never seen a beautiful young lady as a beautician.

Li Mo didn’t care about the stares of the people inside the room. She nodded to the people present as a form of greeting. Then she put the makeup kit on the table next to her and began to apply makeup to the bride.

The bride wore a loose red wedding gown, but her voluptuous figure could still be seen.

When Li Mo came to this era, except for Wang Cuihua’s chubby, lazy frame, the other women Li Mo saw were slender or even thin. Women in good living conditions maintained a slender body to adhere to mainstream aesthetics, while women in the village were unable to gain weight because they can’t eat properly or they have insufficient food at home. Every day, they would work in the fields.

This was the first plump young lady Li Mo had ever seen.

The bride blushed as she watched Li Mo looking at herself, and said with embarrassment, “Sister-in-law, I’ve gained weight, I’ve made you see a joke.”

Li Mo laughed and shook her head, “Joke? You look blessed like this. The future must also be harmonious and beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with being fat, as long as you’re healthy. “

The bride was comforted by Li Mo and she cheered up, but she still secretly pulled Li Mo’s sleeves and whispered.

The bride said in embarrassment: “Sister-in-law, I still want to look thinner, so I will look good today. Is that okay?”

Li Mo saw that she was too ashamed and couldn’t bear to tease her, and immediately nodded, “Of course, why not? I will make you look thin and beautiful. “

The bride smiled happily, causing the people next to her to stare at Li Mo’s movements curiously, just to see if the beautician was as powerful as the master of the family said. This big bun face can still be turned into a slim face? Don’t tell jokes.

Li Mo didn’t know the suspicion in the hearts of the people around her. She seriously began to put makeup on the bride.

The bride’s face was indeed chubby and fleshy, and the size was not small, but the only good thing was that her skin was white, and it was soft and looked very comfortable and pleasing to look at. This kind of face didn’t need too much makeup, she only needed a thin layer of foundation.

The inconvenient step was retouching the face. Contouring and highlighting must be done with care.This resulted in a visual difference, which makes people assume that the face is a lot thinner at first glance.

Li Mo started contouring around the bride’s face to make the shape of the face much smaller and then used shadows to contour under the cheekbones on both sides, and then slowly gave her a retouch so that it looked as if both cheeks were sunken.

The overall impression was that the face was thinner. After the retouching of the highlights, the whole face was no longer the chubby and bulging look before, but it was clearly defined, with slightly concave cheeks, which looked very small.

After that, Li Mo refined the makeup on the bride’s eyebrows and lips, and the face makeup was completed.

The last step was the treatment of the hair. Li Mo took apart the bride’s hair that had not been curled up and combed it slowly. Part of the hair was divided into both sides of the forehead for face modification, and all the other hair was combed into a flying fairy bun.

Roll the remaining hair on both sides, hang it on both sides of the cheeks, and slightly buckle the tail inward, covering both sides of the whole face a lot, matching the shadow. The whole face has changed a lot.

Although the bride’s current face was not comparable to those who were born with a thin face and a small face, you can’t call her “big” or “fat” anymore. Her face looked normal, just like any delicate young lady in the village. But if you compare it to her previous appearance, everyone present would feel that the bride’s face was really thin.

Li Mo didn’t feel much surprised. She was used to applying makeup to such a face shape, so as soon as she finished, she stepped aside to tidy up her makeup kit, leaving the others in the room to express their emotions around the bride.

The house at this time can be said to be extremely lively. The women around the bride were chirping as if they had discovered something remarkable.

“Oh my god, it’s like magic. How did Dani’s face become so small? “

“Oh, I haven’t seen such a make-up technique in so many years. The big bun’s face can really become so small. That’s so awesome! “

“I didn’t believe it in the beginning. Now I have seen how her face changed, I have to believe it. It’s so amazing. “

“It’s just…”

After some people expressed their feelings. They approached Li Mo and started to ask Li Mo various questions curiously.

A woman in her fifties inquired of Li Mo, “Litlle Girl, can your makeup techniques make other people with ugly faces look good?”What if their face has flaws? “

Li Mo thought for a while. To be honest: “I can make people look better, but I can’t turn everyone into a fairy. The original appearance is still very important. If the original appearance is good, it will be more beautiful when it is transformed. If the original defect is too big, then there is no way. Let the defect be the same as it doesn’t exist. “

The woman nodded, her eyes turned, and gave a thoughtful look.

At this time, Qian Xianglian’s eldest sister came in and saw her daughter’s appearance. She looked very surprised. Finally, she came over and took Li Mo’s hand and patted her hand, and said: “Sister, thank you, you made my big girl look beautiful. It looked like her face had become thinner. Come, take this red envelope. You have worked hard today. “

Li Mo didn’t refuse, and she took it directly and put it away, then said goodbye to Sister Qian, “Sister-in-law, this matter is over, I will leave first, you are still busy.”

Sister Qian hurriedly pulled Li Mo, “Sister, stay. Come drink some good wine. Why are you going away so early? “

Li Mo waved her hand, “Sister-in-law, there are still things I need to do at home, so I can’t delay any longer. I understand your kindness, and I really want to go and say my goodbyes. “

Sister Qian saw that Li Mo was determined to go, and she had no choice but to send her out.

There were only two people, Song Dashan and Li Mo, and Qian Xianglian had to stay for the wedding ceremony.

By the time Li Mo and Song Dashan arrived home, every household had already started to eat lunch. Meizi had already prepared lunch at home and waited for the two to come back to start eating.

After lunch, several people took a short rest and then began to move things to the donkey cart.

They put the finished balm into the basket, and then move the basket to the donkey cart. Li Mo thought for a while and took the small table in the room at home and put it in the donkey cart. Just use the table as a stall, and put the balm on the table for sale, so that customers can stand up and choose, instead of squatting down and choosing like in the last temple fair.

Li Mo boiled another pot of hot water, then put it in the remaining clay pot at home, covered it with a bowl, and put it in the cart so that they could drink it when they were thirsty.

It was almost evening when everything was sorted out. The family prepared dinner ahead of time so that it would be easy to eat, and then rode the donkey cart to town.

This evening, not only was there no curfew, but also you didn’t need to pay to set up a stall. So more people were setting up stalls tonight, and even the family’s vegetables were being sold by the villagers.

Before it got dark, the street was already bustling, and various small vendors were busy preparing their stalls.

It took a long time for Li Mo to find an empty place with a good location, right in front of a clothes shop.

The owner of this clothes shop, Li Mo, knew him. Not only did she buy clothes at this shop a few times before, but she also saw him at the temple fair, and she also encountered him in the town several times afterward.

The cloth shop owner originally saw someone occupying the place right in front of his door and he was about to come out to drive them away.

He didn’t expect to see Li Mo, but he didn’t say anything. He just said hello with a smile, “Miss Li, I didn’t expect it to be you. Ah, are you here to sell perfume too? “

Li Mo nodded and said politely: “Boss, we are going to set up a stall in front of your shop tonight. Will it bother you?”

The boss waved his hand quickly, “It won’t be a bother, I will come out to set up a stall later. Two people selling together is rather lively.”

Li Mo nodded, stopped talking, and concentrated on moving the things in the carriage to start arranging the balms.

The clothes shop owner didn’t leave immediately. He watched for a while. When Li Mo looked over again, he smiled and nodded, turned around, and walked into the clothes shop. After a while, he moved the table out. The clothes were laid out one by one, just next to Li Mo’s table.

It was getting dark, and the lanterns at every door of the street were lit up, especially the shops that were selling lanterns. All the lanterns in the store were moved out of the door and lit up, making the whole street bright and everything could be seen clearly.

At this time, the flow of people gradually increased, and the shouts of the vendors were also sounded, and the street suddenly became full of people.

Meizi had the experience the last time and did not ask Li Mo this time. She immediately shouted with an open voice, “We are selling balms! Cheap and affordable balms, a box for only eight yuan! “

Few people were attracted by the Meizi’s shouts. When they heard that it was only eight yuan a box, they all went to Li Mo’s stall and found that the box containing perfume balms was so big that they immediately caught their interest and asked Li Mo to open it to see how the cream was.

Li Mo opened a box of rose flavor and a box of chrysanthemum flavor separately and showed it to everyone, and then said: “If you want to try it, please stretch out your wrist and try the balm for free.

Good things like balm can be tried for free, which is enough to attract a large group of people.

When Li Mo’s voice just fell, the women around the stall stretched out their wrists.

“Boss, let me try.”

“Boss, I want to give it a try.”


Li Mo was not in a hurry, responding one by one to the customers, and then put a little balm on the stretched wrist one by one.

The women who tried the balm were very happy, and they smelled the fragrance of the balm immediately and found that it smelled really good, so they all paid for a box.

At a festival like today, most people were ready to spend money, so paying for things was much faster than usual, and some men bought balms in order to win the hearts of the women around them, causing the women to giggle.

In a short time, Li Mo had already sold a lot of balms because of the steady stream of customers flocked to Li Mo’s stall under the effect of herd mentality, so that they didn’t even need to shout.

Li Mo found that the guests tonight were significantly more stimulated than those at the temple fair.

The business was also busier than last time.

Li Mo, Meizi, and Song Dashan were all too busy for a moment. Tiezi, who was watching the children next to him, also occasionally stretched out his hand to help, which was a great help.

Since Li Mo’s balm was selling well, many people were looking at the clothes in front of the booth of the clothes shop owner. The clothes shop owner took advantage of Li Mo’s free time and said to Li Mo: “Sister Li, tonight was really thanks to you, my clothes business has also improved a lot.”

Li Mo smiled.

The owner of the cloth village did not say much, but soon he took out a few benches from the cloth village and placed them behind Li Mo and the others, and said, “You can’t stay standing for so long. Come on, take the time to sit for a while and rest your legs. “

Li Mo quickly thanked the boss for his kindness, and they became busy again before they had time to say more.

The crowd did not start to subside until after midnight, at which time, Li Mo found that there were very few balms left, which greatly exceeded her expectations. She thought it would be good to sell 300 boxes, but she did not expect to sell almost 500 boxes in one night, more than the last temple fair, which lasted for three days.

After time passed, people in the street gradually disappeared, and the vendors began to pack their things to go home.

Li Mo and the others also packed their things and planned to go home.

Song Dashan moved the table back to the carriage, Meizi followed suit while carrying the basket into the carriage.

Li Mo was packing the remaining balms, the clothes shop owner next to him walked over and handed two batches of brightly colored clothes to Li Mo.

Li Mo was startled and looked up at the clothes shop owner. “Boss, what are these for?”

The clothes shop owner smiled and said, “Take these two batches of clothes. I think it suits you well. They should be able to make make a dress. “

Before Li Mo could refuse, the clothes shop owner said again: “Sister, don’t refuse, just think of it as my gratitude for bringing me so many customers tonight. I especially kept these two batches of cloth for you. You should take it. “

Li Mo frowned fiercely, looked at the boss’s eyes, and finally knew why the boss was so enthusiastic about her. She had the feeling that he still had something else on his mind.

Didn’t he know that she was married? Does he not know that Song Dashan, who had been with her tonight, was her husband?

If he knew that, why did he still pay attention to her?

Li Mo’s face became cold, and her voice also went cold. “This little woman dare not to accept Boss’s kindness. This little woman is not blessed to accept this kindness. “

After Li Mo said that, she quickly picked up the things and walked towards the donkey cart.

What Li Mo didn’t know was that until their donkey cart went so far away, there was a pair of eyes staring at them from behind

The cloth shop owner looked at the donkey cart as it slowly disappeared, his eyes darkened, and put the cloth in his hand on the table.

The owner of the cloth village was surnamed Zhang, and his name is Zhang Zeshi. He is thirty-four this year. He lost his wife in his early years and left one son alone. He never married again. He brought up his son alone. Now his son also married a wife and gave birth to children. There was no burden at all.

Of course, men have needs. He usually goes straight to the brothel to extinguish the fire but never married again. It was not because he couldn’t forget his dead wife. It’s just that he hadn’t met an eye-catching woman for so many years, so he simply didn’t marry, until the last time Li Mo came to his shop to buy clothes, his heart suddenly moved.

But watching Li Mo tie her hair into a hair bun, he knew that she has a husband. Despite his loud heartbeat, he still pressed the thought firmly in his heart, so no one would know.

Last time at the Fahua Mountain Temple Fair, it happened that he met Li Mo again. He watched her calmly deal with the customers and watched her smile even though she was tired. He felt even more heart-stricken. This was what he wanted from his wife. She must look beautiful, virtuous, decent, smart, and capable. And Li Mo met his requirements. Unfortunately, she has a husband.

And at that time, after three days of observation, he concluded that the disabled rural man was most likely her husband. He felt uneasy. He couldn’t imagine such a lovely woman would marry such a dreadful man. It was really a loss.

He could still not forget her even when he returned home. He asked someone to inquire about her after seeing her in town again. He learned that she was from the city and had been bought by a disabled man living in a remote village. The man was also a widower with an insensible son.

Such news ignited hope in his heart. Certainly, Li Mo doesn’t like that peasant, but she couldn’t help herself and couldn’t get rid of him.

Will she be able to accept me, if I could get rid of that peasant man for her? Despite the fact that he was not wealthy, he was regarded as a qualified adult. Li Mo didn’t have to be concerned with what she would eat or drink in the future. She will have a happier life. Her life would be a little bit more relaxed if she didn’t have to live with a disabled man in a small village. Fools know which option to choose. He couldn’t think of any explanation why she would turn him down.

Before he thought about what to do next, he didn’t expect to see her again at the door of the shop tonight, so he couldn’t help but reveal his thoughts to her.

Unexpectedly, she refused without hesitation with just a little bit of ambiguity.

Was she trying to be more reserved or was she really unwilling?

He was more convinced that it was the former.


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