Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Li Mo was sitting on the donkey cart, and her heart gradually calmed down.

of what just happened, she thought that it might be the man’s lustful intentions that led to it. After all, her current looks are very good, and her looks could be regarded as very beautiful even with the outstanding families in the city and it was even more impressive in this rural area.

Maybe it was because she was an ordinary village woman who wouldn’t dare to publicize what he said to her, so he dared to show it blatantly, and if he was to be refused by her, he wouldn’t lose anything.

She had a pretty good impression of the clothes shop owner before, but now it was down to the bottom. Such a man who showed his thoughts to a married woman regardless of propriety, integrity, and shame. It can be seen that he didn’t have a good personality. Such a person needs to be ignored in the future.

Li Mo decided to forget about it after giving it some thought.

She was now more concerned about the good ideas she had just unintentionally formed.

She thought about how to help the Meizi and Teizi.

“Meizi, Tiezi, I have figured out a way for you to earn money without hunting anymore.” Li Mo said to the two.

Meizi and Tiezi’s eyes lit up, especially Meizi, and they asked quickly: “Sister-in-law, what kind of solution did you think of? Hurry up and tell me. “

Li Mo didn’t play dumb and directly said the way she had just thought of. “You can also do business.”

Meizi’s bright eyes darkened slightly and said: “Sister-in-law, I have also thought about this idea, but Tiezi and I can’t do business at all, and we don’t have talents for doing crafts. We don’t know what to sell. Besides, even if we have something to sell, we live in the mountains and it would take a long time for us to go to the town. When we arrived in the town, people were already going back to their houses. Who would wait for us to buy what we sell? “

Li Mo smiled and said. “I’m not talking about doing business by letting you go to the town to set up a stall. What I meant was doing business in the surrounding mountains and villages. Tiezi can take the burden of being the cargo man and be the salesman directly. You could sell some daily necessities and small items that people in the mountains and villages need. Don’t worry about not being able to sell them all. It means that you have to work harder and walk around with a load every day. “

Meizi and Tiezi’s eyes lit up again.

Yes, how come they did not think of doing business as a salesman before?

It was not easy for people in the mountains to go out. If they lack a needle, they usually bear it and buy it again when they go to the town the next time. But if someone sends it to their door to sell it, can they resist buying it?
Everyone in the village did the same. Every time they go to the town, they have to pay three yuan for the transportation, so they don’t want to run to the town just to buy the missing things in their homes. They would rather buy it from the salesman.

Meizi suddenly became excited and took Li Mo’s hand, “Sister-in-law, you are so smart. This is a good way, it is just that… “

Meizi said, frowning slightly, “It’s just a bit bad, going to town would cost a lot…”

Li Mo smiled, pointing to Song Dashan, who was driving the donkey cart in front of her, and said: “You forgot what your brother was doing now? He has a donkey cart now, and he goes to town every day. It’s easy to bring you goods. “

Meizi suddenly realized, and patted her head, “Yes, look at me. I forgot about this. Now that my brother has a cart, it is really convenient to go to town to bring goods, and everything will be resolved now. “

Teizii nodded vigorously from the side.

Li Mo explained the feasibility of this business: “This business is still very profitable. When you go to the town to get the goods, you should buy them in bulk. It would be a lot cheaper that way, and then sell them at the same price in the town. People would definitely buy it.

Meizi nodded repeatedly, “Yes, this is a good idea.”

At this time, Tiezi also asked: “Then sister-in-law, what can we sell? You know a lot, help us think about it. “
Li Mo thought for a moment and said: “Just sell some things that are necessary for living at home but are not worth a trip to town to buy, like materials for sewing, oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar, and some rare things such as the balm that I sell, candies, and snacks the little children love to eat.”
Li Mo said again: “You don’t have to be afraid of not selling them all, since these things will not go bad, you can buy them in bulk and sell them for a cheap price. For foods that easily go bad, you can buy less every day. Meizi can also cook something at home and let Teizi bring it and sell it. “

Tiezi nodded repeatedly and believed that what Li Mo said was the right thing to do.

Meizi thought of the steamed buns she made and was even more excited, “Sister-in-law, I will make fried dumplings and steamed buns. Teizi could sell it “

Li Mo nodded, and was also happy for Meizi and Tiezi, “Then, give it a try first. And you should get a wagon to put your goods. Uncle Zhang in our village is very good at carpentry. You can ask him to make it, and then let your brother take you to the town to buy some goods tomorrow. “

Meizi patted the front of the cart and said. “Brother, tomorrow we will go to town with you, and then go to Uncle Zhang to make us a cart. If we can make money by doing business, Tiezi won’t have to hunt. “

Song Dashan maid an “um” sound for affirmation.

After Meizi had spoken with Song Dashan, she found that her brother had a dull reaction, so she simply stopped talking to him. She turned her head and continued to talk with Li Mo about the details of being a salesman.

By the time they arrived home, it was late at night, and everyone felt a little tired at this time. The two little guys had already fallen asleep. After putting them on the bed, they also boiled some water and washed briefly before going to bed.

After Li Mo lied down, she talked to Song Dashan about tomorrow’s arrangements: “Sleep early, and then tomorrow you should take Meizi and Tiezi to Uncle Zhang’s house to ask for the cart. Tiezi’s injury is still not healed, and the cart is not urgent. We can do it slowly. “

Song Dashan let out a low “um” sound.

Li Mo went on to say: “But you have to take advantage of the time that the two of them were here. You drive the donkey carriage and take them to town to buy some goods. “

Li Mo said and thought about what would Meizi buy first. Meizi and Tiezi might not know how to bargain and they didn’t know what place that sells goods at the most affordable price. She should go with her. First, they determine the source of goods, and then they can go by themselves. So Li Mo immediately said: “I’ll take them there tomorrow, and then let them go by themselves.”

Song Dashan said “um” again.

“Are you tired? If you are tired, go to sleep. “

Seeing that he has no desire to speak. Out of all of them, he was the busiest. Not only did he make the balms and sell them, but he also had to move the things, and he had to drive the carriage. He didn’t have the time to rest, he must be really tired.
There was silence between them, and the two fell asleep without saying anything.
The next day, the family woke up naturally. When Li Mo woke up, the others were all awake. Even the two little guys had been playing for a while.

After breakfast, Song Dashan took Tiezi to Old Uncle Zhang’s house, while Li Mo took out a piece of paper and discussed with Meizi and wrote down the things they had to buy in the afternoon. When two people remember something, they write it down.

When they went to the town to buy goods in the afternoon, Li Mo directly asked Song Dashan to drive the donkey cart to a grain and oil store and bring the Meizi in.

Li Mo has been to this grain and oil shop several times before. The shopkeepers are very nice and easy to talk to. The shop basically has all the goods like firewood, rice, oil, and salt used for everyday life.

Of course, there must be some background behind this store, so there can be sources of various seasonings and grains, but Li Mo cannot have the same source as ordinary people.So they can only get it from the boss and each time they can buy for more and hope that the price can be cheaper so that they can make more profits.

The shopkeeper’s ability to remember customers was still very strong. Li Mo smiled and greeted her as soon as she came in: “Miss Song, come, what do you want this time?”

Li Mo nodded and said directly to the shopkeeper: “Boss, today I came here to buy a lot of goods.”

The shopkeeper nodded: “Then Lady Song can tell me one at a time, and I’ll get it for you.”
Li Mo waved her hand to stop the shopkeeper’s movement. “I still have something to ask you.”

The shopkeeper touched his beard and said, “Miss Song, please do tell me.”

Li Mo asked: “Boss, I want to ask you something. If we buy something in your store and buy it at your store more often in the future, would the price be cheaper? “
The shopkeeper looked at Li Mo inquisitively and said in thought. “Ms. Song is going to buy a lot? Is there any use for it? “

Li Mo smiled. Of course, it is impossible to tell the shopkeeper what she wanted to do. She just said vaguely: “Boss, I do have a use for it, and I will buy them more often in the future. If you can make the price a little cheaper, then our family will definitely keep buying it from you. So what do you think? “

The shopkeeper pondered for a moment and nodded, “If you buy more, you can get each item a little cheaper. I don’t know how much Ms. Song wants to buy? “

Li Mo took out the paper she had written the list of things they had to buy and said to the shopkeeper. “We want fifteen packs of salt, a whole jar of soy sauce, a whole jar of vinegar, a small jar of sesame oil, then a bag of brown rice, a bag of cornflour, a bag of white flour, and half a bag of refined rice.”

Li Mo revealed what she wanted to buy in one breath, and said, “We will buy this much right now, then it may increase in the future.”

The shopkeeper heard that there were indeed a lot of things they bought. Most people come to buy one item, and if the quantity is large enough, he will make it slightly cheaper. With so many things, of course, it can be a lot cheaper, and if it is true that Song Niangzi said that she will buy more in the future, then this is also a great deal for him.

So the shopkeeper told Li Mo about the preferential price at the moment: “Miss Song, you really bought a lot, and I can give you a discount on everything. So, the original price of a paper bag of this salt was fifteen yuan. I will give you a discount. You can have the bag for fourteen yuan; the original price of a jar of soy sauce and vinegar is yuan. I will count it as 90 yuan per jar; a jar of sesame oil is 50 yuan. I will count it as 45 yuan for you; cornflour…. “

The shopkeeper said the original price of everything Li Mo asked for and then gave a discounted price.

Li Mo felt very satisfied after hearing this. The shopkeeper was a really refreshing person, and they were given a lot of discounts. According to this discount, the price difference in the middle was not too small. If the quantity sold was large, then the profit would be even more.

Li Mo stopped bargaining with the shopkeeper, nodded directly, and asked the shopkeeper to pack all the things she asked for in the donkey cart, and then settle the account with the shopkeeper.

After the account was settled, Li Mo introduced Song Dashan, Meizi, and Tiezi to the shopkeeper, and said: “The shopkeeper, these are my family members. In the future, it may not be me who will come to your house to buy things, they might come often to buy things for me. “

The reason Li Mo said this was to let the shopkeeper recognize them so that in the future, the shopkeeper would give them a discount if they buy goods here.

The shopkeeper was a wise man. He knew what Li Mo meant at the moment. He smiled and nodded and said, “Miss Song, don’t worry, I’ll take it down.”

Then Li Mo brought Meizi and the others out of the grain and oil store.

After buying firewood, rice, oil, and salt, Li Mo took Meizi and Teizi to a female tailoring shop, which specialized in selling needlework embroidery and purses.

Li Mo went directly in and bought a large bag of needles of various sizes, and embroidery threads of various colors. She bought a few nails, awls, and other small objects necessary for sewing.

Li Mo also found the headdresses worn by women on their heads in the store. She thought it would be good to sell a little, so she ordered some headdresses.

Seeing that Li Mo had bought so many things, the boss readily agreed to Li Mo’s request to sell it at a lower price and made Li Mo save a lot of money.

Finally, Li Mo took Meizi and Tiezi to a fairly affordable pastry shop in town and said to them: “The pastries in this shop taste good and the prices are affordable. The day before you start selling. The most important thing is to have a good relationship with the boss, and he will only give you a cheaper price in the future. “
Meizi and Tiezi nodded and took note.

After they bought the things, the donkey cart was full of dangdang, and it was too crowded for people to sit in. Meizi and Tiezi looked at these things with their eyes glowing.

These are things that will allow their family to live a good life in the future, and they are also things that allow Tiezi to stop risking his life for hunting. These things are now Meizi and Tiezi’s hope.

If Tiezi’s shoulders were healed, they would sell the goods right away.

Meizi looked at the big jars and big bags and asked Li Mo, “Sister-in-law, these things must be taken apart and sold separately, but how do we sell them? If you know anything about sister-in-law, please tell us. “

Li Mo looked at the soy sauce in a large jar, thought for a while, and said, “After we go back, we will go to Uncle Zhang’s house to make a small spoon just like the one from the sauce shop. How many spoons can a jar have? Suppose we sell this soy sauce. We sell one jar for 100 yuan. If a jar can hold 20 spoons, then a spoonful for five yuan. When you go to sell, sell it by spoon. Everyone knows we are not taking advantage of them, and they will definitely be willing to buy it. “

Li Mo’s method was indeed good, and Meizi nodded, “Yes, we will sell it this way and the salt would also be divided into small paper bags. Sell the flour and rice in this way. “

Meizi and Tiezi’s passions were all aroused. As soon as they got home, they ran to Uncle Zhang’s house and asked Uncle Zhang to make a spoon for measuring oil, and urged Uncle Zhang to make the cargo cart.

Li Mo looked at their positive and hopeful appearance, and could not help but be sincerely happy for them, hoping that they would have a good life in the future.

Li Mo was planning to talk to Song Dashan and but then she found out that this man ran away from her to tend the little chicks.

This man has been busy for two days.


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