Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Uncle Zhang moved quickly, and within two days, the cargo cart was completed.

The inside of the cargo cart was made entirely according to Li Mo’s requirements. It was equipped with a cover that could be locked when not in use. When going out to sell goods, the cover can be removed to expose the cargo’s contents to the guests.

The load is divided into upper and lower layers. The lower layer is used to hold large items such as rice noodles, and the upper layer is divided into one grid and one grid. Each was divided into categories, which can display different things so that people can see them at a glance.

Meizi and Tiezi came over on the second day after the cargo cart was finished. When they saw the cargo cart, they were astonished. At the moment, they couldn’t wait to put the things they bought in the cargo cart according to Li Mo’s ideas.

After placing the goods in the cart, Meizi was so happy, she looked around the cart several times, and then smiled and said: “Sister-in-law, this is good, it looks neat, and you can see anything at a glance, and when Tiezi’s injury heals, let’s go to town to buy some pastries. I will make some buns, steamed buns, and fried dumplings and wrap them so Tiezi will be able to sell them. “

Li Mo nodded, went into the room and took out five boxes of balm, and handed them to Meizi. “It’s a rare thing to have this balm, so you take it with you. Maybe someone will be willing to buy it if they see it. If you can’t sell them, then return them to me. “

Meizi quickly took the balm and put it in the load. He put out twenty cents and stuffed it into Li Mo’s hand. “Sister-in-law, this balm will definitely be sold. The four boxes of balm that you brought gave me last time were all sold, and everyone who bought it liked it very much. There are so many places to go this time. Are you still worried that no one will buy it? I guess five boxes were not enough. Maybe I will come to you again soon, so sister-in-law, I will give you the money now, and you should keep it. “

Seeing that Li Mo was going to wave her hand and refuse, Mei Zi hurriedly said, “Sister-in-law, if you don’t accept it, I won’t sell it.”

Li Mo had to accept the money.

Meizi and Tiezi have a lot of things in the cart. Although there was still a large portion of rice, noodles, and grains that couldn’t be put on the cart, the weight of everything was not light, and the injury on the shoulder of the iron was not completely healed. It was not suitable to carry the load for the time being, and Meizi didn’t have the strength to carry it. Li Mo asked them to leave the load at home and wait until Tiezi’s injury was healed. Go to town to buy some sweets and snacks.

Meizi and Tiezi nodded, leaving behind the cargo cart, and went home.

At noon, Li Mo and Song Dashan went into the kitchen to cook.

It was still the same. Song Dashan sat in front of the stove and burned the fire while Li Mo was cooking.

Li Mo looked at Song Dashan, who was sitting there, and while cooking, he told Song Dashan about the business he received today, “Brother Dashan, when you were pulling the cart this morning, a woman came over and said that she wanted to invite me to be her beautician. When I went to Xianglian’s sister-in-law’s house to apply makeup to her niece, this woman saw me. That time, she asked me if anyone with a defective face could look good. I thought she was just curious and casking casually. I didn’t expect that she would come today, and she was asking me to apply makeup to a girl.

The girl seems to have a defect in her face. ” Song Dashan sat there and continued to throw the firewood into the stove while watching the fire in the stove, lightly lit. Song Dashan said: “Hmm.”

After a simple word, he was silent again. His eyes continued to stare at the fire in the stove.

Li Mo paused, and a puff of impatience rose in her heart.

He was still like this today.

The feeling in her heart is not wrong. Song Dashan has been ignoring her these past two days.

He seemed to be like this since he came back from the Lantern Festival. He talked very little. He usually nodded his head or said, “um.” Although he usually said a few things, he was not as silent as he was today.

Two days ago, she thought it was because he was busy and tired and didn’t have much energy, but now she can be 100% sure that this person has just begun to be indifferent to her.

If it were normal, even if he talked less, he would definitely look up at her from the stove and listen to her attentively. After she finished speaking, he would definitely curiously pick up the sentence “What’s wrong with that girl?” “Was it hard to put on makeup? If it’s hard, let’s not go. “

But today, he didn’t lookup. He simply said, “um.”

He has been like this for two days. He rarely looks at her with bright eyes like before and doesn’t like to turn around to look at her. She often can’t see him as soon as she turns around. He either goes to the fields or goes to work. He would be busy tending the vegetable garden or watching the little chicken. It seemed that there would always be endless work for him.

This person was cold towards her and didn’t like her as much as before.

Although she didn’t say it, she has a feeling he likes her, and he likes to look at her brightly every time, listen carefully to every word she said, and silently follow behind her when she was busy to help.When she wanted to do something, he nodded without complaint and then went to help her achieve it; when she had to rest every night, she gave her some hot water and soaked her feet to get rid of her fatigue.

Although he was not good at words, his every move was full of affection.

Li Mo was not a naive girl. She can see Song Dashan’s love for her.

She was not a hard-hearted person. She saw Song Dashan’s care, consideration, and silent love for her in his eyes and heart, and she submitted to this kind of goodness and gradually let go of her heart to welcome this ordinary man who lives in a different world into her own world step by step.

However, before she had time to greet him completely, he didn’t seem to like her anymore and didn’t want to be good to her anymore.

Li Mo never thought that Song Dashan didn’t like her would make her so anxious and uncomfortable.

She didn’t like him acting like that. She didn’t like the fact that he didn’t like her anymore.

Li Mo pursed her lips, suppressed the irritability in her heart, put the dishes on the plate, and brought them to the table for lunch.

After eating lunch calmly, Song Dashan did not take a lunch break, picked up his hoe, and went to the field.

Li Mo silently looked at her back until he couldn’t see him.

After dinner, Li Mo sat on the small bench with the candlelight, sewing a small cloth bag in her hand.

Song Dashan came in, holding a wooden basin full of hot water in his hand, and placed it at Li Mo’s feet.

Li Mo continued the action in her hand and did not move.

Song Dashan looked at Li Mo without raising his head and said softly: “Li Mo, let’s soak your feet.”

Li Mo averted her gaze from the cloth bag, shifted her gaze to the basin at her feet, and resumed her hand movements after a brief pause…

Song Dashan helplessly stretched out his hand to gently lift Li Mo’s foot, took off her shoes, then took off her socks, put her little foot in the basin, and continued with the other foot.

When both of her feet were put in the basin, and seeing Li Mo was still not moving, Song Dashan stretched his hand into the basin to wash Li Mo’s feet.

When the water was half warm, Song Dashan wiped Li Mo’s feet dry, put on her slippers made by Li Mo, and then went out to pour out the water. After a while, he brought in a large bucket of hot water and said to Li Mo, “You take a bath first, and I will take Xiao Bao out.” After he finished talking, he picked up Xiao Bao, who was playing on the bed, walked out of the room, and closed the door.

Li Mo put down the needle and thread in her hand, looked at the closed door, sighed silently, got up, and went to take a bath.

After taking a shower, Li Mo went to bed. Song Dashan took Xiaobao to wash up and lie down to sleep together.

Li Mo told Xiao Bao a short story as usual and coaxed him to sleep.

The room was quiet.

Li Mo waited quietly, breathing steadily.

Until she waited for more than half an hour, but the hand didn’t extend to embrace her.

Before, every night when he thought she was asleep, he would gently reach out his hand, carefully put her in his arms, and hug her to sleep all night, and then get up before she woke up. He always thought that she didn’t know about his arms embracing her every night.

Now, he even stopped hugging her.

Li Mo could no longer hold back the impatience in her heart anymore.

“Song Dashan.” Li Mo’s cold voice sounded in the night.

Song Dashan seemed to be taken aback, “Li Mo? Are you still asleep? “

Li Mo asked as calmly as possible: “What’s wrong with you these past few days?”

“No, there’s nothing to be upset with you. Why do you think so? ” Song Dashan said.

Li Mo’s anger suddenly rose, and his voice was slightly annoyed, “Why are you unhappy with me? Why can’t you say anything! “

“No, I am not upset with you. Why do you think so? “

“You are still saying no, no, how do you… how come you don’t talk to me anymore? Why don’t you look at me? How come you don’t follow me around anymore? “

Li Mo wanted to say this, but he couldn’t say what he said.

Li Mo suddenly felt aggrieved. She came to this world by herself and led a hard life that she had never had before. She had no friends or relatives. She only had Song Dashan, who treated her well. No one knows how much courage she took to adapt to this kind of life, to accept everything here, and even open her heart to accept Song Dashan, and she was ready to live with him for the rest of her life.

But he didn’t want to be good to her.

Li Mo’s eyes were sour, and tears flowed down involuntarily. In this silent night, there were sobbing sounds.

Song Dashan was stunned, sat down in a panic, and went to Li Mo, “Li Mo, you… why are you crying? What… what’s wrong? Don’t cry, don’t cry, be good, don’t cry… ” It hurts to see her cry. It’s like it was breaking him.

Li Mo seemed to vent the accumulated grievances she had ever since arriving here in this world. She shed tears painfully, ignoring Song Dashan’s coaxing.

Song Dashan was anxious. His hand hurriedly wiped the tears on Li Mo’s face, “Don’t cry. It’s my fault. I’m not good, don’t cry. “

Li Mo slapped Song Dashan’s hand away, not letting him touch her.

Song Dashan’s voice trembled slightly, “Li Mo…”

Li Mo shed tears for a long time, and the depression in her heart seemed to be dispersed, her body felt relaxed, and she looked at Song Dashan, who was sitting there at a loss, before saying softly: “If you are unhappy with me. I will leave tomorrow. I won’t stay here anymore. You don’t have to treat me like this… “

Song Dashan’s face turned white immediately, his heart ached, and his brain became dizzy, and he just felt like he couldn’t breathe. He wanted to find something to save himself.

In the next second, Song Dashan followed his instinct and kissed what he longed for, blocking the soft sobs and the words that made him afraid of sadness.

The world was quiet for a moment.

Time seemed to pass quickly, and it seemed that after a long time, Song Dashan’s sanity returned. Seeing what he was doing, he closed his eyes, buried his face in Li Mo’s neck, and cried out pleadingly, “Li Mo… Li Mo…”

Li Mo was softened by his kisses and shouts, feeling the heat spraying on her neck. She gradually calmed down and then spoke again, saying all the things she couldn’t say just now, “What happened to you these past few days? Why didn’t you talk to me, didn’t look at me, youn’t even hug me when we sleep? Don’t you want to be good to me anymore? You don’t like me anymore? “

Song Dashan stiffened and shook his head, “I don’t dislike it., I want to be good to you, but…”

“But what?”

Song Dashan did not respond.

After a long time, Song Dashan seemed to have made up his mind and said: “The other day… I saw the clothes shop owner give you something… I…”

Li Mo understood everything. It turned out that he saw what happened that day.

Immediately, Li Mo became angry. Why did he pretend not to see her when he saw her? Why did he become indifferent to her without asking her what she thought?

Li Mo was so angry that he pushed away Song Dashan, who was half-pressed on her body. Her tone was confused, and she was in pain, “Because of this? Was this the reason you ignored me? You didn’t even ask anything. You’re just assuming what was on my mind! “

Song Dashan saw Li Mo get angry, a little confused, and a little bit in pain, “I… I am handicapped, I can’t give you an easy life, and I have made you wrong. You are so good. You shouldn’t be living like this… “

Dashan loves Li Mo and has been loving her secretly in his heart. He wanted to live a good life with her, but seeing such a good girl, he wondered if such a beautiful person could belong to him? Dashan knew that the clothes shop owner had Li Mo in his eyes. He knew that he liked Li Mo.

Yes, there will be countless people who were better than him that will like Li Mo. After all, she was so good.

Although he was heartbroken, if Li Mo wanted to live a better life, he shouldn’t be too selfish to not let go. He bought Li Mo in the past, but Li Mo returned it many times the amount he paid.

He bought Li Mo with his money in the past. Li Mo has returned it many times, but now Li Mo has given it to him. Also, how can he stop Li Mo from leaving?

Thinking that Li Mo would leave his world completely one day, his heart seemed to be dripping blood. He was too accustomed to Li Mo, but he couldn’t do this anymore. He had to learn to let go and learn not to stare at her all the time, learn to stop chasing her figure everywhere, to learn to live without her, so he forced himself to return to the previous state and then waited sadly for Li Mo to tell him that she was leaving.

Tonight, it’s finally time to talk.

Song Dashan’s strength seemed to be taken away, and his voice was dumb and loud, “I didn’t suspect that you had something with that boss, but I know that you could have found a man countless times better than me, and following me is too much for you.”

Li Mo slapped Song Dashan with anger, “What are you talking about! How did you know that I wanted to find someone better than you? When I said I wanted to stay, I would stay. I don’t need you to think about what kind of man I want! “

Song Dashan fell silent and stopped talking.

After a long time, Li Mo said to Song Dashan once again, “You take Xiao Bao to that room. I have something to tell you. “

Song Dashan stayed for a while, got up silently, and picked up the sleeping Xiao Bao. He got out of the room and put Xiao Bao in another room.

A few moments later, a man returned and stood in front of the bed without speaking.

Li Mo said, “Come up.”

Song Dashan climbed onto the bed.

Li Mo forced herself to stand from a bystander’s perspective, imagining what would happen if she were Song Dashan.

A disabled man with a child, a poor family, but he has a beautiful wife who can make money. This wife will attract other rich men, so there will be uncertainties and doubts.

Li Mo found that if she was Song Dashan, he would also suspect that his wife would leave to have a better life. After all, in Song Dashan’s opinion, she didn’t have a choice but to stay in their house, and she did not have much love for him. If she could live a better life, who would not want to live it?

Li Mo sighed. She was also wrong. She seemed to have never expressed her intentions, never made any promises to Song Dashan, and never showed the intention of accepting him. Even after so long, she never let her Song Dashan be intimate with her.

Most men probably can’t bear it.

Song Dashan never complained and was still good to her.

In fact, she has accepted him. She was willing to live with him for the rest of her life. She was also willing to let him touch her, but Song Dashan didn’t touch her, so she didn’t say anything about that. The two have always been so respectful of each other. She did not expect that her attitude would make him unconfident.

Li Mo took Song Dashan to lie down, touched his cheek, and said softly: “Song Dashan, listen carefully, when I said I wanted to stay, it was not because I was forced to stay with you. It’s because I wanted to stay with you. You said there would be better men for me, but how would you know that I would live well with those rich men? They won’t listen to me like how you would listen to me. They won’t tolerate me, take care of me, and embrace me as you did. Wash my feet as you do, think of all the time as you do, or even won’t look down on me because I was just bought by them or even because I had been with a man. Do you want me to live such a life? “

“Li Mo, I….”

Song Dashan’s words were not finished when she was interrupted by Li Mo, “Song Dashan, listen to me, I will only say it once. As long as you treat me well, I will always stay by your side. I won’t regret it, I won’t waver, so stop thinking that I am leaving you! If I wanted to leave, it must be because you are not good to me, not because of other men, do you understand! “

Song Dashan’s eyes were sour, and he couldn’t say anything for a long time, and only after a long time did he nod gently, “Well… I know.”

Li Mo smiled, rolled over on top of Song Dashan. She lowered her head and kissed Song Dashan’s lips.

When Song Dashan was shocked and at a loss for words, Li Mo grabbed his hand and gently placed it in front of him.

Song Dashan obviously trembled lightly, “Li… Li Mo… You… Um…”

Li Mo lifted her head, the corners of her mouth lightly hooked, looking at Song Dashan underneath her, seductively asking softly, “Don’t you want me?”

With a single word, it made Song Dashan feel like all the blood in his body was flowing to one place, boiling instantly.

His throat was dry, as if it was going to burst out a fire in the next second.

While his sanity was still intact, Song Dashan managed to squeeze out a sentence, “Li Mo, do you know what you’re doing?”

Li Mo did not respond, but bowed her head again, telling him what she was doing with her actions.

Song Dashan finally couldn’t take it anymore, turned over, and pressed Li Mo underneath him, his eyes glowing red. He said viciously, “Li Mo, then you have no chance to regret it in the future. I won’t let go of you even if you regret your decision in the future. “

After saying that, he lowered his head directly and pounced on his prey like a hungry wolf.

Li Mo closed her eyes and smiled softly.

The moment the pain came, Li Mo clung to Song Da Shan’s neck. Her heart was completely put down.

In the future, she will live well in this world and then stay with this man until she grows old……


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