Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 39

Chapter 39

The next day, Li Mo slept until the sun was up, and when she woke up, she felt as if he was reborn after facing the calamity.

Li Mo was feeling sore all over her body, the kind of pain that makes you uncomfortable even moving for a little.

Why did she think that Song Dashan was gentle before? No matter how gentle he looked, he was simply a wolf that hadn’t eaten meat in a few years, and she stupidly took the initiative to present herself to the wolf, giving him the opportunity to ravage her. She was tossed by him sleeplessly that night.

Feeling the pain from her waist, Li Mo sighed. Just as she was about to get up from the bed, she saw Xiao Bao. The look of worry in his eyes was visible in his bright eyes. He ran towards Li Mo, the look of worry in his eyes lit up.

“Aunt Mo, you finally awake? What’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you wake up for so long? Xiao Bao was so anxious. “

Xiao Bao woke up this morning and found that he was sleeping on a strange bed, and everything around him was unfamiliar. After a moment of daze, he immediately climbed out of bed and found himself still at home, which made him relieved.

But the next second, he remembered that he didn’t sleep with them last night. He clenched his small hands and ran towards Li Mo and Song Dashan’s room. Before he could enter, Dashan stopped him. He picked him up and hugged him. “Don’t go inside and disturb your Aunt Mo’s sleep.”

“Aunt Mo is not awake yet?” Xiao Bao blinked his eyes, wondering why his Aunt Mo was still sleeping.

Song Dashan nodded. “Aunt Mo was tired last night. She needs to sleep for a little bit longer. Be good and don’t disturb your Aunt Mo, and don’t climb into the bed. Otherwise, your Aunt Mo won’t have a good rest.

When Xiao Bao heard it, he instantly forgot that he was about to question his father about why he left him alone in that bed. He was more worried about his Aunt Mo and wanted to know why she was tired. Therefore, Xiao Bao would run every once in a while to check if Li Mo woke up. If she was not awake yet, he would look at Li Mo anxiously and then quietly go out of the room. After countless running back and forth, Li Mo finally woke up.

Li Mo looked at Xiao Bao’s worried eyes. She smiled and comforted him. “Don’t worry, Xiao Bao, Aunt Mo is fine. I was just sleepy, so I needed to sleep more. After waking up, I am fine now. “

After knowing that Li Mo was okay, he nodded and then climbed into the bed to see Li Mo.

Li Mo was taken aback. She was currently naked, and she couldn’t let Xiao Bao climb to the bed.

When Li Mo was about to think of a way to let Xiao Bao go out to play, Song Dashan came in and saw that Xiao Bao was about to climb on the bed. He immediately stepped forward and picked up Xiao Bao, and walked outside. “Little Treasure, Daddy wants to ask you to do me a favor. Daddy has too much work today, and there’s no time to feed our donkey. Can you help Daddy to feed it? We can’t starve the donkey. “

Xiao Bao still likes the donkey very much. When he heard that the donkey was starving, he immediately became worried and quickly turned his head and waved to Li Mo, “Aunt Mo, Xiaobao will feed the big donkey first and come back to see you later.”

Li Mo smiled and nodded.

After Song Dashan came in again, he closed the door of the room.

He looked at Li Mo, who was lying on the bed while staring at him too. Song Dashan blushed, thinking of what happened last night. He felt uncomfortable, but at the same time, he could feel the surging sweetness in his heart.

He walked towards Li Mo and looked at Li Mo’s beautiful face. He asked gently. “Are you okay now? Does it hurt? Do you want to lie down and rest for a day? “

Li Mo rolled her eyes: If you were afraid of that, I would feel pain and discomfort. You should have controlled it last night! Who was always lying to her and saying that she would be fine soon?

Liar! Beasts!

Song Dashan seemed to understand the meaning in Li Mo’s eyes and scratched his head in shame. “I… I will pay attention next time. I won’t be so strong anymore. Next time I will be gentle. “

Oh, now you’re thinking about next time.

Li Mo ignored him. She looked at the bedside and did not see her clothes. She couldn’t help asking Song Dashan, “Where are my clothes?”

Song Dashan blushed and said, “Your clothes yesterday were dirty. I took them and washed them. I will bring you clean clothes. ” He took out a set of clean clothes from the closet, including the small clothes, and gave them to Li Mo.

Li Mo got up gently. As soon as she moved, she could feel pain from the lower part of her body, and it should have been from last night’s abrasion.

When he saw Li Mo frowning. Song Dashan hurriedly stepped forward and held her. “What’s wrong? Is it very painful? Do you want me to buy some ointment? Sorry, it’s my fault. I’ll be gentle next time, and I will never hurt you anymore. “

Li Mo shook her head. “You don’t need to buy ointment. It will be fine in a few days. “

In fact, Li Mo didn’t want to blame him. Judging from Song Dashan’s first performance last night, he was also not very skilled in this aspect. It looked like he didn’t have much experience before, so he stumbled at the beginning and didn’t know how to control his strength. He didn’t learn how to do it until later.

Song Dashan pursed his lips, took the clothes, and gently lifted the quilt covering Li Mo, “Don’t move, I will help put the clothes on you.”

Li Mo’s face also blushed, but he thought that they were husband and wife. It’s not a big deal to help your wife to wear her clothes.

Put on a dress for his wife. This was also a way of cultivating feelings. There was no need to refuse Song Dashan. So Li Mo obediently let him dress her up.

Song Dashan lifted the little quilt. He saw the scene under the quilt. He stopped moving. A trace of guilt flashed in his eyes, and the beautiful thoughts that had just risen stopped. He couldn’t help but blame himself for being indifferent and taking Li Mo carelessly. He must be gentle next time, and he can’t be like this again.

After picking up the inside clothes, Song Dashan completely embraced Li Mo into his arms, let her sit on his lap, and dressed Li Mo carefully.

Although he was not proficient, he was serious, and Li Mo did not urge him to do it faster. But instead, she let him dress her up slowly.

Only after a while did Song Dashan put all of Li Mo’s clothes on. He hugged her from the bed, gently put her on the ground, and then said with some worry: “You should stay in bed these days. Don’t do anything. I’ll do all the work. “

Li Mo pushed away his hands, “Don’t make a fuss too much. I’m fine. Go and see how Xiao Bao is. Do you really expect that he could feed the donkey? “

Song Dashanwas still worried about Li Mo. He simply hugged Li Mo to the table in the main room and sat down, “Don’t move, I’ll warm up the breakfast and bring it to you.”

Li Mo looked at him at his back, and she was dumbfounded: Did this person think that she was a porcelain doll?

Li Mo stood up and walked to the front yard to watch Xiao Bao feed the donkey. He noticed that Xiao Bao was holding the grass and feeding him with seriousness, and his little face was engrossed as if he was doing something great.

Li Mo smiled and said, “Xiao Bao, hurry up and come in. You don’t have to keep feeding the donkey. “

Xiao Bao stopped feeding the donkey when he heard Li Mo call him. He immediately turned his head and ran to Li Mo with his short legs. He hugged Li Mo’s leg and looked up at her. “Aunt Mo? Are you fine? Have you had a good rest? “

Li Mo nodded, “Yes, Aunt Mo rested well.”

Song Dashan, who came out of the kitchen, walked over to them and picked up his son. “Aunt Mo is going to eat, and Xiao Bao will be with Aunt Mo.”

After speaking, he looked at Li Mo, “Hurry up and eat. Don’t walk around today. “

Li Mo had to take Xiao Bao to eat.

After the meal, Song Dashan cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks and let Li Mo sit and play with Xiao Bao for a while.

Just then, the woman who visited yesterday came again.

The woman knocked at the door first and then came in with the host’s family’s consent.

Seeing Li Mo and Song Dashan, the woman greeted them, then looked at Li Mo and pleaded: “Big sister, I’m here again today. I’d like to ask you to help me. “

Yesterday, she didn’t have the time to tell Song Dashan that the woman who came and asked her to put on makeup for her eldest daughter. Her daughter was unable to get married because she had a defect in her face. She has been staying at home as an unmarried girl. The woman was very worried, so she tried to marry the girl, but she didn’t succeed. The last time she saw Li Mo’s superb makeup technique, she was moved and thought about it. She wanted Lem to make her daughter look good so that people would look at her and give her a nod.

Li Mo refused yesterday.

After hearing about the reasons, Li Mo didn’t want to do it. Obviously, she wanted to deceive the person into marrying her daughter. But what if the man married her daughter? It was not easy for a man in the village to marry a wife. If he was deceived, the whole family would collapse. Isn’t this tantamount to doing wicked things?

If the other party didn’t mind the girl’s face’s flaws, she would certainly be willing to dress the girl beautifully in her wedding ceremony, but the other party didn’t know the girl’s flaws would never agree.

Li Mo said again. “Sister, I can’t do this, it’s a fraudulent marriage, and no one will be able to get a good deal when it happens.”

The woman said with an ashamed expression, “I just thought of marrying her off, but I didn’t think of the consequences of people finding out the truth.”

After the woman finished, she sighed, then said: “I went back yesterday and asked around, and found out that a matchmaker has a young man with the same facial defects, but in other aspects, he looks good. The matchmaker was looking for a wife for that young man. I thought that the two would be a great match, so I thought I could ask the matchmaker to pull strings. Yesterday I went to this matchmaker, and I found out that the matchmaker had several other women who were having a hard time finding a husband, and the matchmaker was planning to arrange a time to see them one by one. My girl was placed last in seeing the matchmaker. “

When the woman said this, she was rather embarrassed and said: “Generally, this thing can’t be delayed for too long. People may only look at the first few and decide if there are good ones. It’s difficult to get to see the last one. If my girl is placed last, surely, she won’t be able to see him. I gave money to the matchmaker and asked her to arrange for her to be in the front. The matchmaker collected the money, and she also wanted to see the appearance of my daughter. So I thought if you could make my girl look better, satisfy the matchmaker, and arrange for my girl to see the young man in advance. “

When the woman said this, she was afraid that Li Mo would still object to it. She quickly said, “Don’t worry, as long as you can let the matchmaker arrange for my girl to be in front. As for seeing each other that day, I assure you that she won’t apply makeup. She’s going to see him with a bared face. What do you think of it? “

Li Mo thought for a while and shook her head, “Although you are not deceiving the man, you are deceiving the matchmaker. The matchmaker can see your girl’s appearance that day. “

The woman also said: “Sister, I have told the matchmaker about the defects of my daughter. How can I hide it from the matchmaker? The matchmaker also said that she could apply makeup. Who doesn’t dress up when they present themselves to the matchmaker? If my girl doesn’t dress up, and if the matchmaker thinks it’s not okay, what can I do? “

Li Mo wanted to say that she gave the matchmaker money. If the matchmaker turned her back, she could settle the account with her. Therefore, the matchmaker should not accept the money and do nothing. But looking at how the woman had to put on makeup, Li Mo felt that even if she reassured her, she would still be worried.

She was now anxious and had no bottom in her heart, so she wanted to find psychological comfort. This comfort was her makeup, probably thinking that her daughter’s marriage would be successful with makeup, and if she could not be invited to do the makeup, the little girl’s marriage would not be good.

Li Mo felt pity for this woman: so should I help her with this?

When the woman saw Li Mo’s serious look, she still didn’t agree with it. The woman hurriedly said: “Elder Sister, please do me a favor. Although my girl has some defects on her face, she is virtuous and capable. She is good at cooking, especially at cooking. It’s a blessing for any man to marry such a girl, but she has not been good-looking since she was born. That’s why she’s been delayed for so many years. You have to meet a suitable young man. Just give her a chance to see each other. Big sister, please help me. “

Li Mo looked at her pitiful appearance. She said: “I will help her to apply makeup. Your daughter can’t cover up all the flaws on her face. There are still some flaws that should be seen. I can only make the whole face look better, so do you still want me to put makeup on her? “

The woman nodded without hesitation, “Of course, as long as she looks more beautiful and defects that can be covered, you can apply makeup on it. With that, it can look a little bit better. “

Li Mo thought for a while. If what she said was the truth, this girl was also pitiful. It was not impossible to help her. In the end, she still has to look at herself. It can’t be considered deception. She was only concerned that this woman was deceiving her, and that if something went wrong, she would be in big trouble.

Li Mo thought for a while, got up, went to the room to take out a pen, ink, paper, and inkstone, and wrote the words that the woman said on the paper. If there were any deceptions and troubles, she would not bear it and would not have anything to do with it.

After she finished writing, Li Mo read it to the woman and then said: “If you agree, press a handprint on it, and I’ll go and put your girl’s makeup on that day.”

The woman pressed her handprint without saying anything.

Li Mo nodded and asked, “When will I go to apply makeup on your daughter?”

The woman said, “This is a bit urgent. The matchmaker will come to see the girl tomorrow. The other girls must also be anxious to find the matchmaker and want to set up an arrangement. I also made the matchmaker promise to come to my house tomorrow. So, eldest sister, I might have to bother you to go tomorrow.”

Li Mo was about to agree, and Song Dashan on the side grabbed her hand, and he said in a worried voice: “Will you be fine tomorrow?”

Li Mo was feeling angry and amused: she was not sick, and there was nothing wrong with her. Why did this person always think that she was going to be broken?

Li Mo glared at him, then turned to respond to the woman: “Sister, leave an address, and we will go to your house tomorrow.”

Seeing Li Mo agreed, the woman was very happy, left the address, and happily went out.

Looking at her cheerful back, Li Mo couldn’t help but sympathize and hope that the woman would be happy this time.

Song Dashan watched Li Mo looking out the door. He stretched out his hand, turned Li Mo’s face to face him, and said, “You have to get up early tomorrow. Should I take you to rest now? “

She slapped his hand down and turned around to go into the room to continue sewing the small cloth bag, which was the first school bag for Xiao Bao.

Unexpectedly, Song Dashan also followed her in and sat next to her to watch her.

At first, it was fine, but he was still looking at it after half a day, so she couldn’t figure out what was so beautiful about a woman who was sewing clothes. She didn’t understand it.

She looked up at him, she found that he hadn’t looked at the cloth bag at all but was staring at her.

Li Mo was so angry that she couldn’t help but to say, “Didn’t you run to the fields yesterday? Wasn’t it a joy for you to serve the chickens and donkeys? Why don’t you go now? “

Song Dashan blushed, scratched his face. Song Dashan hugged Li Mo and rubbed his face on her neck like a coquettish little puppy.

Li Mo was amused and wanted to toss his head down, but she let him go and lowered her head to continue sewing after thinking about it.

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