Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 40

Chapter 40

The next day, Li Mo woke up very early.

Last night, she severely stopped a certain man’s immoral practice and took a good rest for the night. The pain in her body was relieved a lot, and her whole body felt more refreshed.

Song Dashan got up earlier than Li Mo. He had already cooked breakfast and boiled the hot water. Li Mo washed up with the hot water and had breakfast with him. She then picked up the sleeping Xiao Bao and put it in the carriage. The family headed towards the address left by the woman yesterday.

The woman’s house was not far away. It took them less than half an hour to arrive. When Li Mo got out of the carriage, the woman was waiting at the door. Seeing Li Mo, she happily greeted her. “Big sister, you are finally here.”

Seeing her excited look, Li Mo knew that she couldn’t wait any longer, so she smiled, “It’s late. Let me do your big daughter’s makeup as soon as possible. “

She invited Li Mo and the others into the house with a smile, then invited Dashan and Xiao Bao into the hall and Li Mo into her daughter’s room.

When Li Mo entered the room, she first saw a girl who was doing needlework. She had a beautiful face. Although she was not that pretty, she still belonged to the category of a normal girl. Li Mo knew that this should not be the girl who she needed to dress up.

Sure enough, the next second, the woman introduced her. “This is my youngest daughter, Xiao Liu. Come on, Xiao Liu, call her sister. “

The girl nodded at Li Mo a little shyly and called out, “Sister.”

Li Mo was about to inquire about the eldest girl’s whereabouts when a young lady entered the room with a teacup in her hand.

The woman grabbed the teacup from the girl’s hands and hurriedly put it on the table, greeting Li Mo. “Sister, please drink tea.”

Then the woman pulled the girl who served tea over to Li Mo and said, “Sister, this is my eldest daughter, Zhenzhen. I have to trouble you today. “

Li Mo calmly glanced at the girl’s face and nodded, “Sister-in-law, you are welcome. I will try my best to make your daughter look good. “

When the woman heard this, she was overjoyed, as if she had already seen her daughter being able to get married.

Li Mo sighed. This Sister-in-law really took her makeup skills as psychological comfort.

In fact, for Li Mo, this girl was not too old. She was at most twenty years old. She was still a child-like student in modern times. But in this period, she was considered an old woman, and her parents were worried because she was not married yet. It was really hard to say something about this.

Li Mo knew that this woman was anxious. She meaningfully drank a mouthful of tea, then opened the makeup box and made Zhen Zhen sit down.

Zhen Zhen was a bit restrained. Her eyes were filled with nervousness and a hint of expectation. Maybe the girl didn’t want to look good in front of the matchmaker, but the girl wanted to look good.

Li Mo let go of the thoughts in her mind and began to seriously do her work.

In Li Mo’s eyes, ZhenZhen’s facial defects were not too serious. It’s just that one eye was bigger than the other eye. The difference between the two eyes was too obvious, and she also had buck teeth, which caused the mouth to protrude. These two points ruined the girl’s entire face. No matter how good the other five features were, it would still look unattractive with those two points.

Li Mo has also worked on facial defects before. This was a basic skill for makeup artists. First of all, they must learn to cover the defects to the greatest extent.

Li Mo had dealt with more serious defects before. For her, Zhen Zhen’s facial defect was not too difficult. The effect of her makeup can be almost similar to an ordinary person’s look, plus the effect of beautification done by the makeup. Her face would not be as stunning, but she could still make her beautiful at most.

To be honest, Li Mo didn’t intend to cover up the girl’s facial defects too much before coming. She only planned to beautify it in other ways so that people know that the girl was flawed, but at the same time, make everyone think she was pretty. With this, not only would she not deceive people, but also make the girl beautiful.

But when she arrived here today, seeing the anxiety and expectation in the girl’s eyes. Li Mo’s heart was slightly stirred. Perhaps for this girl, this might be the only chance in her life to become beautiful. In the future, she didn’t expect she would have the chance to ask someone to be her dedicated makeup artist who would cover up her shortcomings and have a normal face. Wouldn’t she regret it for a lifetime if she didn’t grab this opportunity?

Anyway, Zhen Zhen’s Mother had already given money to the matchmaker. Even if the girl is not good-looking, the matchmaker would have to arrange to see her in advance. She was invited to put on makeup only to give the family psychological comfort and reassurance. If the makeup turned out well or not, it won’t affect the result. So why not abandon her worries and simply give this girl to become beautiful? This could be regarded as fulfilling this girl’s dream of becoming beautiful.

Thinking of this, Li Mo settled down her thoughts and first cleansed Zhen Zhen’s face before applying makeup.

Li Mo followed the usual steps, applied foundation on her face, and then focused on the girl’s eyes.

Many girls who can do makeup can transform their small eyes into big eyes through eye makeup modification. For Li Mo, it was easy to turn both eyes similar in size. This will be the perfect way to solve her eye problem.

The eye makeup took Li Mo a quarter of an hour to finish, and it not only rendered the eyes appear the same size, but it also transformed the single eyelid into double eyelids. The two eyes were as bright as waves and appeared really lively, thanks to the makeup.

The woman watching from the side saw that her daughter’s eyes were no longer different in size, but rather they had become bigger. They looked several times better than other people’s normal eyes. She held two hands excitedly and felt that today this was going to be a good sign. Her daughter would definitely be able to solve her lifelong affair this time.

Li Mo continued to deal with the next problem, her buck teeth.

There was no orthodontist in this era. There was really no way for her to make her buck teeth look natural. Li Mo can’t correct her buck teeth. She can only use makeup to make the mouth protruding visually invisible. This depends on shadow and high light to produce light and dark contrast, which will cause visual fallacy to complete.

Li Mo carefully added shadows and highlights to the area around her mouth, handling them little by little. She didn’t dare to be careless about the details. She straightened up and observed it, and adjusted it again. It took a little while to achieve a satisfactory result.

Li Mo nodded and applied the lipstick to Zhenzhen’s lips. The modification for the mouth was completed.

Next was the makeup for the other parts. The other parts were really good—just a little modification.

She took the hair apart and combed it into a nice bun that matched the shape of Zhenzhen’s face. Finally, the overall makeup was completed.

Li Mo looked at it and nodded. She was very satisfied with the makeup she made with this backward ancient makeup. Today, as long as you really don’t open your mouth and don’t laugh, you won’t notice her buck teeth.

But it was impossible not to open your mouth and laugh. It was expected that the matchmaker also knew her flaws, and she knew that it was the effect of makeup.

Every time Li Mo finished putting on makeup, she would silently retreat to the side to pack her own makeup case. This time was no exception. Li Mo silently stepped back to the vacant place. She knew that no matter who it was in this family, they looked forward to having a glimpse of it in their hearts.

Zhen Zhen’s Mother was so excited, she leaned forward and held her daughter’s face to look at it and said. “It’s so amazing, it’s so amazing! You can’t see what it looked like before. “

Zhenzhen didn’t have a mirror in front of her. Seeing her Mother’s excitement, she couldn’t sit still and said hurriedly, “Mother, give me a mirror and let me see.”

Zhen Zhen’s sister was clever. She ran to take the small mirror and handed it to Zhenzhen, “Sister, take a look. You are so beautiful now! “

Zhenzhen quickly took the mirror and saw what she looked like right now.

She touched her eyes and mouth in disbelief.

I really can’t see the way I looked before, as if I looked like a normal person.

No, it’s not like a normal person, now I’m much more beautiful than other girls in the village.

Really… Her eyes suddenly turned red.


Zhen Zhen’s Mother understood her daughter’s mood, and saw that she was about to cry, and quickly wiped her tears, “You can’t cry, today you looked so beautiful. If you cry, your makeup will be removed, so don’t cry, don’t cry, quickly wipe your tears. “

Zhenzhen nodded quickly and wiped her eyes lightly so that the tears didn’t ruin her eye makeup.

Zhen Zhen’s Mother sighed, “If you don’t speak and show your teeth, you can’t see it at all. You don’t need to open your mouth too much today. “

Zhen Zhen said helplessly. “Mother, how can I keep my mouth shut? People will treat me as if I am mute. Anyway, I’m just flawed, and the matchmaker knows it. It’s okay to show my teeth. I’m satisfied that I could be beautiful today. “

Zhen Zhen’s Mother nodded, “It’s your Mother who thinks wrong. How can you not open your mouth and not speak? “

Zen Zhen’s Mother was excited for a short while before she remembered to thank Li Mo.

Li Mo also does not need too many thanks. After listening to a lot of praise and thanks, she smiled and shook her head. “You don’t have to thank me, I received your money. It’s natural for me to take out all my skills. “

Li Mo didn’t want to delay too much time, and seeing that it was getting late, she declined the woman’s invitation to stay for lunch and offered her goodbyes.

The woman hurriedly took out the money and handed it to Li Mo. Finally, she thanked Li Mo. “Thank you so much for today.”

Li Mo nodded, stopped the woman from sending her out again, and followed Song Dashan in the donkey carriage, and they hurried home.

Xiao Bao woke up while Li Mo was putting on makeup. After knowing where he was, he stayed obediently in Song Dashan’s arms and waited for Li Mo until she came out. Then he stretched out his little hand for Li Mo for a hug. Li Mo picked him up and hugged him.

Xiao Bao rubbed his face on her neck.

Li Mo patted Xiaobao’s now fleshy little back and took out the small cakes she especially placed in the donkey carriage for him to eat.

In fact, Xiao Bao was hungry a long time ago, but he had been holding back from saying anything, so when he saw the pastry, his eyes lit up, but he first sent it to Li Mo’s mouth for Li Mo to take a bite, and then lowered his head to eat it.

It was almost noon when they got home. Song Dashan asked Li Mo to rest while he went into the vegetable garden to pick vegetables and prepare their lunch.

Li Mo put the money she earned today into the small box where she saved the money.

She let Xiaobao play and then went into the kitchen to help Song Dashan cook.

Song Dashan was washing the vegetables, and Li Mo stepped forward and said, “You go and make a fire, and I will wash the vegetables.”

Song Dashan hurriedly stopped her to prevent her from moving, “Don’t move, I’ll do it, the water is cold, don’t touch the cold water.”

Li Mo was helpless. The weather was too hot. What would happen if she touched cold water?

She found that Song Dashan was more accustomed to her now, except when he was not at home, she could do some housework. When he was here, he basically didn’t want her to do anything. You can’t find this type of in the modern era, which was even rarer in ancient times.

Li Mo couldn’t help but smile and felt that her vision for picking a man was still very good.

When the two were about to start cooking, Xiao Bao, who had gone out to play, returned. When he walked into the kitchen, his face was drooping, he looked listless, and his body became dirty. At first glance, you will think that he rolled on the ground.

Li Mo was surprised. Xiao Bao loves being clean very much. He hadn’t seen him rolling on the ground. Something must have happened.

Li Mo hurriedly approached him and picked him up. “What’s the matter with Xiao Bao?”

Xiao Bao was very strong just now. Even if he was fighting, his face was tight. When he saw how concerned Li Mo was, he suddenly felt aggrieved, and his eyes turned red, but he still remembered Li Mo’s words that a man should not cry easily.

He wiped his eyes with a small hand and said to Li Mo: “I just fought with… and Laizi…. they…”

Li Mo didn’t show much shock but still asked gently: “Why did Xiao Bao fight with them?”

Xiao Bao wanted to wipe his eyes again, but Li Mo stopped him and wiped his eyes for him with a clean handkerchief.

Xiaobao looked at the gentle appearance of Li Mo and felt more aggrieved. He was not a child without a mother. Aunt Mo was his Mother. She was better than other mothers and treated Xiao Bao better. No one was as good as Aunt Mo!

Xiao Bao sucked his little nose and said, “I just gave the cakes to Brother Shi to eat. They wanted them, but I didn’t give them a cake. They said that I am a child without a mother, only a stepmother, and the stepmother would torture me in the future, and then I couldn’t help but fight with them. “

Li Mo frowned slightly. She knew that it must be the adults in the family who had been chewing their tongues at home, and this was heard by the children, so they said this.

Li Mo didn’t care about this, but the child was still young, and it was hard to avoid being sad to hear such words.

Li Mo kissed Xiao Bao’s little face and comforted him: “They are spouting nonsense, although Aunt Mo didn’t give birth to Xiao Bao, Aunt Mo will love Xiao Bao as much as a real mother does, right?”

Xiao Bao nodded, his little hand put his arm around Li Mo’s neck and rubbed against Li Mo’s neck. “Aunt Mo, you are the best mother, better than all the mothers.”

Li Mo’s eyes turned red when she heard what Xiao Bao said. She kissed the top of Xiao Bao’s head.

At this time, Xiao Bao raised his head and looked at Li Mo, his small eyes gleaming with desire and entanglement, as if he wanted to say something but didn’t dare to say it.

Li Mo kissed him encouragingly, “What’s wrong? Do you have anything to say? You can tell Aunt Mo directly without any hesitation. “

Xiao Bao bit his lip, confused for a moment, and summoned his courage and said: “Aunt Mo, everyone else has a mother, and they can call them Mother. I want to call you too, I … Can I call you Mother? “

The desire and longing were visible in his words.

Li Mo was stunned.

She kept asking Xiaobao to call her Aunt because she was afraid that Xiao Bao wouldn’t want to call her Mother, and she didn’t want to force her child.

Does this child really want to call her Mother?

Had he been afraid to call me Mother? Afraid of her rejection?

Li Mo asked, “Does Xiaobao want to call me Mother?”

Xiao Bao nodded. “Yes, I want to… but others said that you are not my Mother, so I can’t call you Mother. Xiaobao was very disappointed. “

Li Mo guessed that those bored women in the village were jealous of her, who was talking nonsense to Xiao Bao. Since she had earned money, many women in the village who loved to talk about their families’ shortcomings were speaking in a sour manner.

Li Mo turned Xiao Bao in her arms and deliberately boasted: “I especially like Xiao Bao to call me Mother. I am so happy that Xiao Bao would call me Mother! “

Xiao Bao’s eyes lit up instantly, “Really?”

Li Mo nodded heavily.

Xiao Bao immediately kissed Li Mo’s cheek just like how she usually kissed him and shouted in a loud voice, “Mother! You are my Mother! My Mother! “

Seeing the little guy’s happy face, Li Mo smiled.

Song Dashan watched from the side, his mouth curled up, and he walked over and hugged Li Mo and Xiao Bao and kissed each of them on the top of their heads.

Song Dashan took Xiao Bao from Li Mo’s arms and embraced him into his arms.

He let Xiaobao face him and said to Xiaobao earnestly: “In the future, what other people say to you, do not listen, do not get angry, just ignore them, just know in your heart that your Mother is the best for you. Do not care what other people say. Do you remember?

Xiaobao nodded obediently, “I remember.”

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    ah this author inows how to make me cry with the tenderness of this novel’s main characters. i love that xiao bao feels like a child. more often than not i find myself somewhat irritated with how mature kids are in these cnovels. like, 40 yrs old stuck in a 3 year body. they can understand concepts that should be harder to grasp. ⁷

    • Miaw has spoken 2 years ago

      You’d be surprised with some kids’ thought process. It really depends on the environment and situation on how they mature.

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    Brb gotta wipe these tears (of happiness) from my eyes. I love this lil family

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    How can you say that to a children. He lost his mom early, he had a hard time in the house of his uncle. Now he has a family and a stepmom that treat him well people are jealous I don’t get it at all. They should be happy for him


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