Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Xiao Bao still didn’t go to sleep as early as before. He kept pulling Li Mo to talk, and from time to time, he called out “mother” like an oath. Li Mo’s heart softened, and she responded to him and answered all his questions.

Ever since Xiao Bao called her Mother. He kept asking questions all night. He suddenly became excited and asked a hundred thousand “whys.”

When he came to bed, he was still very energetic and was still full of energy to talk. Even his favorite bedtime stories can’t stop him from talking.

Song Dashan, who had been silent for a long time, finally couldn’t help it. At this time, he suddenly said, “Xiao Bao, you should go to sleep.”

Xiao Bao pouted, “No, I want to talk to my mother, my mother and I have a lot of things to talk about.”

Xiaobao especially emphasized the word “my mother” as if to show off to Dashan that he has a mother.

Li Mo stifled her laugh and quietly watched the conversation between the father and son.

Song Dashan: “Many of your questions tonight were already asked last night and the night before.”

Xiaobao: “But if you ask a few more times, you can remember it, and my mother also said to review the old and know the new”

Song Dashan:”……”

Who would have thought words like that would come out of my son?

Song Dashan patted him on the head. His voice was serious and solemn, “Your Mother is sleepy. If you don’t sleep, how can your mother sleep? “

Xiao Bao was about to say something, but he stopped himself. He blinked his eyes and touched Li Mo’s face. “Mother, are you tired? Are you going to sleep? “

Li Mo was pondering what to answer, whether she was going to sleep or not. Before she could answer, Song Dashan’s big hand sneaked into her clothes from under the quilt and directly grabbed the soft spot on one side and squeezed it.

“Ah…” Li Mo screamed softly

Xiao Bao was anxious. “Mother, what’s wrong with you? Did a bug bit you? “

Li Mo wanted to say that it was not a bug that bit her but a mad dog.

(T/N: 色-mad about sex/pervert/lecherous)

Li Mo smiled and said to Xiao Bao: “It’s not because of the mosquito who bit me, but because Mother is tired and Mother wants to sleep.”

After Xiao Bao heard Li Mo’s reason, he nodded and immediately said: “Mother, Xiao Bao will not speak anymore, Xiaobao will sleep now, and Mother will also sleep if I sleep.”

Li Mo nodded, “Okay, then Xiao Bao should fall asleep quickly.”

Xiao Bao laid down immediately, and closed his eyes, and started to sleep.

When Xiao Bao went to bed, he immediately fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes. They soon heard the regular breathing of the little guy.

Li Mo breathed a sigh of relief and slapped the hand that was still on her. “Let go!”

Song Dashan didn’t move. He paused and slowly moved towards her, burying his face on Li Mo’s chest and rubbing it gently. His tone was like a spoiled dog, “You are better, right? It doesn’t hurt anymore, right? “

How can Li Mo not understand what he meant? He has been acting like a child for these past few days and nights. She was rejected by Li Mo on the grounds that she was not doing well, so she could escape this man’s touch.

This man was well-behaved in bed before. He was cautious and solemn when he held her hands, for he was afraid that she would be angry. Li Mo was dumbfounded by this man. Now, no matter how you hit him or pinch him, he would still kiss her or touch her. What she couldn’t stand was him acting like a baby. He was such a big man, and he actually learned to act like a baby without shame.

Li Mo refused again: “It’s still not better, just bear it!”

Song Dashan stopped talking.

Just when Li Mo thought she would be fine tonight, Song Dashan didn’t let her go as easily as he usually did. He went straight to investigate it by himself and muttered vaguely to himself: “I’ll see it for myself and see if it’s healed.”

Li Mo almost yelled out of fright and hurriedly grabbed his hand. “What are you doing?Behave! “

Song Dashan’s strength is not something that Li Mo can easily shake. It took Li Mo a while, but she was still unable to remove his hands. Just when Li Mo wanted to beat him, he finally took his hand out and then confirmed: “It’s okay.”

Li Mo:”…”

Li Mo sighed and knew that she was holding this man back, and seeing the way he looked tonight, it was not possible to say no to him, so she gritted her teeth and said, “Then you are only allowed to do it once, no more touching after doing it once.”

Song Dashan’s eyes lit up. He immediately nodded, “Okay, just one time.”

After he finished speaking, he quickly got up, picked up the sleeping Xiao Bao to another room, and then returned quickly. He rushed to the bed, directly removed Li Mo’s clothes, and pressed her on the bed.

Li Mo wanted to tell him to be gentle. However, what she wanted to say quickly scattered in the air, leaving only a piece of space.

After everything was over, Li Mo wanted to beat him, but unfortunately, she couldn’t even lift her arm, so she bit his chest bitterly, and Dashan only laughed at her display.

“You still know how to laugh, you liar!” Li Mo accused.

Song Dashan hugged Li Mo tightly, kneading one hand on Li Mo’s perfect circle. His tone was innocent, “I didn’t lie to you. You said I could do it once. It was once, not much at all. “

Li Mo:”…”

There were not many, but your once is not normal, and it is not worse than a few times.

He did it on purpose.

Li Mo didn’t want to talk to this stinky man anymore. She had already seen the true face of this man. It was just a devil in disguise, and it was hopeless. She can’t save it.

Li Mo rested for a while, and her drowsiness gradually became intense. He poked Song Dashan and muttered: “Hurry up and put my clothes on for me, and then go and take Xiao Bao back, otherwise if he finds himself sleeping in a different room tomorrow, he will be so angry that he will ignore you for a day.”

Li Mo fell asleep after she said those words to Brother Dashan.

Song Dashan looked at her for a long time, then kissed her affectionately on her forehead, then got up and gently took Li Mo into his arms. He took out her clothes and put them on for her one by one. Then he put her on the bed to have a nice sleep, and then put on his own clothes.

After getting dressed, he took Xiao Bao back from another room and put him in his original sleeping position.

Poor Xiao Bao. He didn’t even know that he was moved by his father for many nights.

The next day, Li Mo slept until the sun rose. When she woke up, Song Dashan had already gone to drive the donkey carriage, leaving only breakfast in the pot.

Li Mo rubbed her sore waist. She walked slowly into the yard and saw that Xiaob Bao was feeding the chicks.

When he saw Li Mo was awake, Xiaobao immediately ran over and hugged Li Mo, “Mother, father said if you wake up, remember to eat, the rice is in the pot. Mother, go eat quickly, don’t be hungry. “

Li Mo was amused by his little adult appearance. She took him into her arms and kissed him. “Baby, Have you eaten it yet? ” Li Mo asked.

Xiao Bao nodded. “I have eaten, but my mother hasn’t eaten yet.”

Li Mo took Xiaobao into the kitchen and put Xiaobao on the kitchen bench. She went to wash by herself and then opened the lid. Take out the porridge and steamed buns inside and put them on a small table to start eating and feed Xiaobao from time to time.

After eating breakfast, Li Mo took out the fabrics she bought in the town a few days ago and began to make sheets and quilt covers. The previous bedding at home was too bad and can’t be used. Li Mo intended to make new ones and planned to go to town to acquire more bed cotton. When the straw mats are no longer used, all the quilts and mattresses at home are replaced, and we will not use straws as mattresses again.

At noon, Li Mo put down the needle and went to the kitchen to cook lunch. At this time, a woman and a middle-aged man came to their house.

Li Mo recognized the two people. They were people from the same village. They lived next to Old Zhang’s house. They had met and spoken before when they visited Old Zhang’s house.

Li Mo greeted them and asked, “Uncle, Aunt, why are you here? Please sit, have a seat. “

The middle-aged man was surnamed Wang, and Li Mo called them Uncle Wang and Aunt Wang.

Uncle Wang looked in the yard and said, “Did Song Dashan go to drive the cart? Is he not home yet? “

Li Mo nodded. “Yes, he hasn’t come back yet. He should be back in a while. “

As she said that, she poured tea for the two of them.

Aunt Wang hurriedly stopped Li Mo. “Don’t be polite. We’re here today to ask for Dasan’s help. “

Li Mo put down the tea and sat down. “Uncle Wang and Aunt Wang, if you have something to say, you can tell me. We will help you if we can. ” Li Mo said.

Uncle Wang directly said: “This was the case. My second son was working in a restaurant in the town. Thanks to him, the vegetables we have grown can be used by the restaurant as their supply and can be directly shipped to the restaurant. We used to ship the supply to the restaurant with the Xia Laozhu family’s donkey cart. This year, we wanted to ask your family’s Song Dashan to transport the goods. “

Their family was now supplying a large number of vegetables to the restaurant at low prices to make money, although they don’t like Xia Laozhu very much. Their family needed to transport the vegetables with Xia Laozhu’s donkey cart rather than hire from the town, which was more expensive. Their family had no choice but to use Xia Laozhu’s cart, but now that Song Dashan also had a cart, of course, they would choose Song Dashan’s donkey cart.

Li Mo’s heart was moved, and suddenly she had thought of an idea, but she still suppressed the thought in her heart and asked, “I wonder how many vegetables your family wanted to transport. Is one cart enough to pull all of it? “

Uncle Wang nodded, “A total of ten baskets of vegetables. One cart is enough. “

At this time, Aunt Wang asked, “I don’t know how much your family would like to charge for a trip?”

Li Mo pondered in her heart, Song Dashan usually earns 30 to 50 yuan for a trip to town, and this trip was similar to driving people, so it’s about 40 yuan.

Li Mo replied: “Uncle Wang and Aunt Wang, you can give 40 yuan for one trip.”

Uncle Wang and Aunt Wang looked at each other with obvious happiness in their eyes. Old Xia Zhu’s family would charge them more than fifty yuan for one trip. This time there were more vegetables than usual, and it was a few dozen cents cheaper. How can they not be happy?

Uncle Wang nodded immediately, “Lady Song, I will trouble you to tell Dashan when he comes back to go visit my house. I have to transport the vegetables this afternoon. “

Li Mo nodded and said, “Okay, when Brother Dashan comes back, I will tell him. After eating, we will go to your house to transport the vegetables to the town. “

Uncle Wang and Aunt Wang left happily.

Li Mo looked at the back of the two of them and smiled, thinking of another way to make money in her heart.

Before, Song Dashan drove people to make money in the morning, and the car was basically idle in the afternoon. If someone comes to their house and asks them to drive the car for them, there would be business to do in the afternoon, and the profit wouldn’t be less in the morning.

This will require Song Dashan to build up his reputation for driving people and goods. In the future, regular customers will find him, and then customers will introduce him to potential customers. This way, a steady stream of business will come to the door, and the profit will naturally not be less.

This requires finding a way to let people know that their cart can also transport goods.

Li Mo remembered that when she came back from the town for the first time, she and Song Dashan had hired a car from the side of the road, so they could do the same.

Thinking of this, Li Mo locked the door, picked up Xiaobao, and went to Uncle Zhang’s house. She bought a thin wooden board directly from Uncle Zhang and nailed a few holes in the board.

After returning home, Li Mo took out the brush he bought for Xiao Bao and wrote a line on the wooden board: “We drive people and transport goods. The price is affordable. ” Then she wrote the address of their house below.

After thinking about it, most people in rural areas are illiterate. Li Mo drew a simple diagram under the wooden board. It shows a donkey cart pulling something. It should be able to be understood by people who don’t know how to read. Even if they don’t understand, interested people will come and ask if they know its meaning.

When Song Dashan came back and saw the board hanging in the yard, he was quite curious and asked Li Mo what it was.

Li Mo pulled him to the wooden board, pointed to the words on it to explain it to him, and then said that Aunt Wang and Uncle Wang asked him to transport food today, and they planned to transport the goods in the afternoon.

Song Dashan’s eyes lit up as he listens to Li Mo. He looked at the board and nodded repeatedly. Seeing that Xiao Bao was not there, he quickly pulled Li Mo’s little hand over and kissed her, and then he said: “Li Mo, you are so smart. Other people will know what it means when they look at this wooden board and this painting. Then someone will find me to transport their goods. “

Li Mo pulled her hand back, squeezed his face, and she stood up, “Go, cook. I was busy with this board just now, and I was only able to cook half of the meal. “

Song Dashan went to the kitchen and cooked with a smile on his lips.


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