Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 42

Chapter 42

In the afternoon, Song Dashan attached the wooden board made by Li Mo to the donkey cart’s outer wall with a rope and then drove the cart to Uncle Wang’s house to transport the vegetables.

Song Dashan helped Uncle Wang move the basket full of vegetables into the carriage, and there was only one available seat for Uncle Wang.

Uncle Wang did not get inside the carriage immediately, but instead, he looked at the wooden board Song Dashan attached to his carriage.

Song Dashan smiled and asked Uncle Wang, “Uncle Wang, can you understand what’s on the board?”

Uncle Wang smiled and nodded, “Although I can’t read the words on the board, I could still understand it because the drawing was clear. You can tell at one glance that you planned to use the donkey carriage to transport goods. “

Song Dashan nodded and said proudly: “Uncle Wang, you are right, this wooden board was made by my wife.”

Uncle Wang was surprised. “It seems like your wife knew how to write.”

Song Dashan nodded, “Well, yes, she learned it before, and she can write general characters. Now, Li Mo has been teaching Xiao Bao how to write and read. She said she wanted to teach Xiao Bao, and after he reached the right age, he would be sent to the school to study. “

Uncle Wang couldn’t help patting Song Dashan on the shoulder, “Good boy, you are married to a good wife. You should cherish your wife. “

Song Dashan grinned, “Of course, I will treat her well.”

Uncle Wang looked at Song Dashan’s silly look and laughed. He was a young man. Indeed, he was very enthusiastic about his wife.

Uncle Wang got in the carriage, and Song Dashan drove to the town.

On the way, Uncle Wang said to Song Dashan: “Dashan, you also know that Uncle Wang’s family earns money by growing vegetables, and from time to time, we have to bring the vegetables to town. It is not cost-effective for our family to buy a donkey cart by ourselves since we won’t use it much. So in the future, I plan to rely on your donkey carriage to bring the vegetables to the restaurant in town. Then I will bother you when that time comes. “

“You are welcome, Uncle Wang. Whenever you look for me to transport your vegetables, it helps my business. You can rest assured that I will not casually change the price, and I will still charge you the same price in the future.

Uncle Wang smiled. “Uncle is grateful to you.”

After that, Uncle Wang said to Song Dashan again: “Dashan, Uncle Wang has a business that I want to introduce to you, and let’s see if you are interested in it. There was also a farmer who transports vegetables in a restaurant. It was also because of his son, who was working in that restaurant. His family was always hiring a donkey carriage to pull their supplies. It seems that they pay a huge sum of money every time they hire a donkey carriage. If he was to pay the amount of money you charge, he would definitely be willing to ask you to transport his goods in your donkey carriage, and I will help you persuade him. “

When Song Dashan heard what Uncle Wang said, he was happy and asked: “Then Uncle Wang, where does that family live? Was it far from our village? “

Uncle Wang said: “That family lives in Xiaoxing Village. The town’s distance to their village and from the town to our village is almost the same. It’s about half an hour from our village to their village. If you help his family transport the vegetables, it will take half an hour to go to his house and then to the town. Are you interested?. “

Song Dashan’s thoughts moved. It was not a big deal for him to spend more than half an hour. There was no reason for him to not reject it, so he immediately said: “Uncle, thank you so much. Then I will bother you to persuade that family about this matter. If he was willing to change bearers and wanted the family’s donkey carriage to transport their goods, I would charge him according to the average cost per trip. It will only be 40 wen per trip. “

Uncle Wang smiled and said, “If he said he wasn’t willing to pull his food supplies after knowing how much it cost, then he is a fool. Don’t worry. Uncle Wang will go to him today and assure you that this can be considered as done. “

When they arrived in the town, Song Dashan drove the donkey carriage to the entrance of the restaurant and helped Uncle Wang to move the vegetables down.

When the basket-full of vegetables were almost moved, Uncle Wang returned together with a dark-skinned man who looked like he was almost fifty years old. “Dashan, this was the person I told you who also supplies food ingredients for a restaurant. You can just call him Uncle Xing. Old Xing, this is Dashan. I came to town with his donkey carriage today. “

Song Dashan smiled and nodded to the man and called out, “Uncle Xing.”

Uncle Xing nodded and said, “Just now. Your Uncle Wang told me about you. Would you like to transport my food supplies for 40 wen? “

Song Dashan nodded.

Uncle Xing was happier than before. He said: “Dashan, from now on, my food supplies will be handed over to you. In general, restaurants here will deliver food every tenth of a month. In order to not have a conflict with the day of delivery for your Uncle Wang, I can be one day behind. Every time you go to move the ingredients for your Uncle Wang, the next day you can come to my house and move the ingredients. Do you think it will work out for you? “

Song Dashan nodded, “Then time is settled, Uncle Xing. Tell me the specific address of your home, Uncle Xing. I will go to your house on time to move the ingredients for you. “

When everything was settled and they had come to terms, Song Dashan took Uncle Wang back to the village.

When he got home, Li Mo was washing the sheets and quilts. Song Dashan tied the donkey carriage and hurriedly walked over and picked up Li Mo, “You should get up. You can’t wash such a heavy thing. I will wash it. “

Dashan pulled up Li Mo and gave her the money he earned for today. He then squatted down and washed the sheets and quilt.

Li Mo smiled and lowered her head and gave Song Dashan a heavy kiss on his cheeks. “Husband is so good!”

Song Dashan’s eyes lit up again.

Li Mo rushed back to the room to put the money away.

That evening, when the sky was still not dark, Meizi and Tiezi brought Xiao Shu over.

“Brother, sister-in-law, Tiezi’s injury is almost healed. I asked him to rest for a while. He didn’t want to stay at home anymore. He wanted to come over and pick up the cargo cart to start selling the goods tomorrow. That’s why we came here, so that tomorrow morning, Tiezi can go to town with Brother to buy some snacks and then start selling them afterward. “

Li Mo looked at Tiezi and asked, “Was your injury really okay? You must not push yourself”.

Tiezi patted his shoulder, “Sister-in-law, it’s really okay, and it was not a big injury. I have rested for many days. I am already fine, so you don’t have to worry. I will not push myself to the limit”.

Song Dashan nodded and said:. “Then, tomorrow morning, you can come with me to go to town.”

After everyone ate their dinner, they all rested and slept early.

Since the opposite room was occupied by Meizi’s family tonight, Song Dashan had nowhere to send Xiao Bao, so he had to go to bed in a depressed mood.

Li Mo snickered with joy.

Song Dashan was so annoyed that he rubbed Li Mo after Xiao Bao fell asleep.

The next day, Song Dashan took Tiezi to the town, while Meizi stayed at home.

When it was almost noon, Tiezi and Song Dashan came back. Tiezi came in with a bag of parcels and opened it on the table. Inside were various candies and small pastries.

Tiezi took some and gave it to Xiao Shu and Xiao Bao to eat, wrapped the rest in the paper, and put it in the cargo cart.

Tiezi said: “I carry the cargo cart while going back home in the afternoon and see how people react to this business.”

After that, Teizi thought of something, and he took out the rattle from the package and let everyone see it. “Today, I saw someone who was selling his handmade rattle. I bought several of them. I think children might like to play with it, so I will try to sell it. That person gave me a discount and charged me for 2 wen. I intend to sell this rattle for 3 yuan. If I was able to sell them all, then I would go to town to buy some more. “

Li Mo nodded, affirming Tiezi’s approach, “If you see any small objects in the future and if you think you can sell them and make money out of them, then try selling them. If you were unable to sell them, you could still continue to sell them. There are many types of things that are popular. In the future, if you go to the old place every now and then, everyone will recognize you and look forward to your visit, so your business will not fail. “

Tiezi also thought about it this way. He planned to sell more items that were likely to be sold in the future and try to increase the variety of things he would sell as much as possible. With that, villagers or people in the mountains can buy what they need without traveling all the way to the town.

Li Mo suddenly thought of something: Generally, people in villages or mountains will go to the town to sell some small things, such as their family’s eggs, chickens, ducks and geese, and as well as their family’s grain. Everyone likes to save up what they had and then go to the town to sell, but if Tiezi was in the process of selling goods. He accidentally meets people who want to sell these small things. He can also buy them at a price slightly lower than the town’s price, and then, he can resell them to the town. He could still make money from this. You are not delaying the process of selling and buying goods. As a matter of fact, you earn a few more cents.

Li Mo told Tiezi about her thoughts. Tiezi’s eyes lit up, and he nodded, “Yes, I can ask if anyone wants to sell me something while I am in the process of selling my goods. If I were to find something, I’d ask my brother-in-law to sell it the next time he goes to the town. I will share the money with my brother-in-law. “

Song Dashan waved his hand quickly: “I will sell it to you, but you can take the money. I don’t want it. “

Meizi hurriedly said: “How can you not take it? Then we will be exploiting you if you won’t take the money. You are letting us ride your carriage without charging us, and now you are not charging us for selling the goods for us. If you don’t accept the money, Tiezi will not accept the good at all since he doesn’t have time to sell it in the town anyway. “

Tiezi nodded to the side.

Song Dashan was about to speak, but he was interrupted by Li Mo. “Okay. Just listen to the younger sister. I know that my brother-in-law won’t have the time to sell it. Brother Dashan can help him. Brother Dashan can have 30% of the profit while Brother-in-law can have the rest of it. That’s settled. No more arguments. “

Li Mo decided to stop Meizi, Tiezi, and Song Dashan from the push and pull situation to divide the profit. Once it was settled, all of them agreed to the allocation of the profit.

Li Mo continued what she wanted to say: “Just now, I only talked about collecting things, but in fact, you can also trade your goods for their goods. Some poor people can take some items from their home and exchange them with you. But you must reduce the value of the item they want to trade with so that you can ensure that you are earning money. “

Meizi clapped her hands, “Yes, some people are poor. It was more likely that they didn’t have enough money. Some of them couldn’t afford to buy some eggs, and their grains were far too little. If they can exchange something for food, they will definitely be willing. “

“Tiezi, if you are about to sell out your goods, or you want to collect more goods in the future, you can come to our house in the evening and tell Brother Dashan that you have something to buy or sell in the town, he can buy or sell it for you the next day. You can come back the same day to get the goods and money. “

Tiezi nodded.

The matter was settled. The family sat down for lunch. After the meal, Tiezi took Meizi and Xiao Shu home.

Tiezi picked up the cargo cart and planned to sell his goods on the way home. The first stop was in this village.

Li Mo and Song Dashan simply picked up Xiao Bao, locked the door, and followed Tiezi. While sending them off to see if there was anything that they could do to help. It was their first day, and it was inevitable that there would be problems that may occur.

Tiezi picked up the cargo cart and took out a rattle when he left the house and shook it.

The sound of the rattle quickly attracted many people and made them look out from their doors. When they saw Teizi, they knew that he was a dealer. Coincidentally, Teizi timely shouted: “Selling oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar, rice flour, candy, snacks, needleworks, and toys ~.”

Tiezi’s voice was straightforward and easy to understand. Everyone who heard it knew what he was selling. Soon, people gathered around and looked at Tiezi’s cargo cart curiously.

Tiezi saw more people and simply put down the cargo cart, then opened the lid to reveal the goods inside, and said to the people around: “What do you want to buy? My price is the same as in town, and it’s not more expensive than goods from the town. If you buy from me, you will be able to save money from paying transportation fees. “

Everyone stretched their heads and looked at the things Tiezi was selling. Some people saw the things that they were currently lacking.

A woman said: “My house is running out of soy sauce. I planned to buy it the next time I go to the town. Since you are selling here, then I will just buy some, but how much would this soy sauce cost? “

Tiezi took out the spoon of soy sauce and showed it to the woman, and said, “Sister, I will use this spoon to measure the amount of soy sauce for you. A spoonful would be five wen. “

The woman glanced at the soy sauce spoon. She found out that it was very deep, with a lot of capacity. It seemed to be larger than the spoon they use in the town. The cost of soy sauce was generally five wen per spoon. From this point of view, it was indeed not expensive.

The woman immediately went home and took out the small jar of soy sauce at home and said to Tiezi: “Then give me a spoonful.”

“Of course,” Tiezi said and used the spoon of soy sauce to scoop out a spoonful of soy sauce and poured it into the jar without wasting any drops.

When they saw the woman buy something from Tiezi, others started to buy it also. Some wanted some flour, some wanted some vinegar, some kids asked the adults to buy sugar, some kids wanted cakes, and one child fell in love with the rattle and wanted to buy it, and finally, the adult bought one for him, which made the children around unable to move their eyes from it.

The business was unexpectedly good, but even if Teizi was busy, he didn’t ask Meizi to help him. After all, he had to get used to this since he would sell the goods alone in the future.

When Li Mo saw this, he also stood with Song Dashan and watched from a distance and did not come forward to help. The villagers thought that they were also coming to see the salesman. Only a few people knew Meizi. Some of them got curious and asked around, and then they found out that the salesman was Meizi’s husband.

It took a full hour for Tiezi to greet the people in the village. Everyone bought everything that should be bought. Now he can completely pick up the cargo cart and continue to the next village.

But Tiezi found out that he couldn’t leave for the time being today.

Because many of the cargo cart items were almost sold out just now, he has to report it to Song Dashan now and then go to town tomorrow to bring some more.

Therefore, Tiezi picked up the cargo cart again and went back to Li Mo’s house with Meizi.

Was the salesman planning to restock? His goods are all fresh, plus Tiezi gave them a good price.

So many villagers came to buy them from him. All of his stocks were sold out. At this rate, he would not be able to go to the next town. He needed to restock tomorrow.

Meizi and Tiezi were worried that they would not be able to sell their products. They didn’t expect that their business would be so good on the first day. It was unexpected.

Meizi’s mouth was tilted, and Li Mo squatted down to check the things that were missing from the cargo cart, and she then calculated how much to buy again tomorrow.

They bought many things such as rice noodles and oil, but today they only have a part of it in the cargo cart, and they can add it later. These were the other things that were almost sold and must be re-purchased.

Most of the sweets and pastries were basically sold out, and only one rattle was left. Even Li Mo’s balm was almost sold out. There were only two boxes left. Li Mo can directly restock the balm, and the rest will be restocked in the town tomorrow.

Song Dashan made a careful note of what he needed to buy, and then Tiezi and Meizi went home.

The next day, Tiezi came before noon, and when he came, he was still carrying a cargo cart.

Li Mo was surprised, “Did you come here to get the goods now?”

Tiezi wiped his sweat and replied: “There were not many things left yesterday. I sold them immediately when I went back to the mountains. I don’t need to go to other villages anymore. I waited for rice, noodles, oil, but nothing else was sold, so I just went over and waited for Brother to come back and continue to sell in the afternoon. “

Li Mo nodded, knowing that Tiezi’s business was good. She was happy for him.

When it was almost noon, Song Dashan hurried back home and took many things out of the carriage. They were all the things ordered by Tiezi, which was several times larger than the last time.

Tiezi hurriedly checked them one by one, and the products were put back into the cargo cart, then calculated the price and gave Song Dashan money. After that, regardless of Li Mo and Song Dashan’s request for him to stay for a bit, he ran away without eating lunch.

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