Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 4

Chapter 4

After Li Mo took a bath, Song Dashan boiled water again. Li Mo poured the hot water into the basin, picked up Xiao Bao’s small towel, and wiped Xiao Bao’s face.

After a day of getting along with Xiao Bao, he no longer rejected Li Mo and even became quite attached to Li Mo. He looked at Li Mo’s eyes brightly.

Li Mo guessed that Xiao Bao would replace her position as his mother. Deep down in his heart, he wanted to have a mother too. As soon as she treated him well, he immediately let go of his guard and relied on her.

Thinking of this, Li Mo felt sour. She understood Xiao Bao’s feelings very well because she had lost her mother since she was a child. Later, her stepmother came in. She fully realized what it means to have a stepmother and a stepdad. Those two people were the ones who caused harm to her during her growth period, and that can never be erased. Therefore, she knew what kind of damage a parent could bring to their children. She also knew the child’s desire to feel his father and mother’s love, so she wanted to be a good mother to Xiao Bao. As long as she is here, she will treat him well and make him feel loved.

Li Mo washed Xiao Bao’s face and kissed his little cheek, “Our Xiao Bao is so clean. Aunt Mo wants to send kisses to Xiao Bao.”

Xiao Bao giggled, and his tiny body twisted in embarrassment.

Li Mo carried him and made him sit on the small bench. She put his little feet in the footbath to soak his feet, scratching the soles of his feet deliberately and teasing him again. He giggled; his body trembled. The child’s crisp childish voice roamed around the room.

Xiao Bao couldn’t bear it. He hugged Li Mo’s neck and buried his face in Li Mo’s neck. Xiao Bao asked: “Aunt Mo, it’s itchy. Xiao Bao’s feet are itchy, don’t scratch Xiao Bao. “

Li Mo also laughed. She didn’t tease him for too long. She sensed that the water was getting cold, so she picked up Xiao Bao. At that time, Song Dashan took a bath outside.

Xiao Bao looked at Song Dashan with bright eyes, “Father.”

Song Dashan responded before he poured the water.

Li Mo hadn’t thought of it just now. Now that he saw Song Dashan, she remembered that the two would sleep in the same bed tonight, and he felt a little uncomfortable.
Putting Xiao Bao into the bed, he quickly crawled into the bed.

Song Dashan entered the room, closed the door, and saw that the two people were already lying down on the bed.

He pursed his lips without saying anything. He stood by the bed and took off his outer clothes. He got in the bed and slept on the outer side.

Li Mo slept in the innermost part, with Xiao Bao asleep in the middle, but none of the three were asleep.

Li Mo deliberately ignored Song Dashan, only holding Xiao Bao. She patted his small back gently and told him bedtime stories, telling him the story of a mermaid.

“On a very deep seabed, there is a majestic palace in which six mermaid princesses live. They are all gorgeous, especially the youngest princess. She has long golden hair and is more beautiful than her sisters. She likes to listen to her sisters’ stories about many new things about the sea. Therefore, the little princess often thinks that she can go to the sea one day to see it on her own. After waiting for so long, on her 15th birthday, the little princess swam to the surface of the sea, and there was a large ship on the sea. There were many people on the ship. It seems like they are holding a grand birthday party. “

Xiao Bao was wide awake. He was attentive, with his eyes blinking softly.

He had never heard such a story. He was entirely attracted by Li Mo’s story.

Li Mo spoke for a long time.

Before she finished telling the story, Xiao Bao had successfully fallen asleep, looked cute with the corners of his mouth arched up slightly.

Li Mo kissed him affectionately on his small forehead. As soon as he raised his head, he saw Song Dashan looking at her steadily with his deep eyes.

Li Mo’s heart skipped a beat “Brother Dashan, what’s the matter?”

Song Dashan shook his head, “It’s nothing. Go to sleep.” After speaking, he turned around.

The two people didn’t speak for a while, only hearing each other’s breathing.

Li Mo closed her eyes and tried to ignore the people around her. She let go of her thoughts. She began to think about her future.

She had no superb cooking skills, no recipes that could be sold, and she didn’t know how to make glass soaps or anything else. She can’t even raise chickens, ducks, and pigs. All the ways to get rich through novels will not work for her. The only thing she knew was about how to put on makeup and beauty products. She can rely on this craft, but there are no celebrities in this period, just like in the modern era. Who would ask her to be their personal beautician and stylist? The people here were so poor, and how would they dare to ask someone to put makeup on them?

She didn’t know if she could make money here by relying on her craft and if she could change the status quo of this family.

Li Mo thought about it and finally did not know when she would fall asleep.

When she woke up the next day, the sky outside was just bright, Xiao Bao was still sleeping sweetly in her arms, and Song Dashan, on the other side, was no longer there.

Li Mo got up gently, got off the bed quietly, and walked out of the room.

Song Dashan is making breakfast in the kitchen.

“Brother Dashan, Good Morning.”

Song Dashan nodded, “There is hot water in the small pot, so you can wash.”

Li Mo scooped the hot water in the small pot into the basin and took it to the yard to wash.

Before washing, I heard the sound of footsteps behind her, a small body threw on his back, and a soft milk sound rang in her ears, “Aunt Mo~.”
Li Mo smiled, turned around, and held Xiao Bao in her arms.

“Xiao Bao is awake? ” Xiao Bao is still a little confused, rubbing his eyes with his hands and muttering in his mouth.

“Xiao Bao is awake. I hadn’t seen Aunt Mo and Daddy when I woke up. “

Li Mo patted his back, “Okay. Dad is in the kitchen, Aunt Mo will wash you up, and we will have breakfast later. “

Xiao Bao nodded obediently.

Breakfast was still coarse grain porridge. Li Mo was used to it, and they only had coarse grains at home, nothing else.

After eating, Song Dashan picked up the hoe again to go out.

Li Mo quickly stopped him, “Brother Dashan, where are you going?”

Song Dashan replied: “I’ll finish digging the fields, and I’ll plant peanuts in a few days.”

Li Mo hurriedly followed, “Brother Dashan, take me with you. I want to help. “

Song Dashan raised his eyebrows, “No, the ground is sloppy. You take care of Xiao Bao at home. “

How could Li Mo stay at home with peace of mind and do nothing, so she felt uneasy?

She was very determined to follow, “Brother Dashan, you take me along with you, I don’t have anything to do at home, and I’ll be bored.”

Seeing that she wanted to go, Song Dashan had no choice but to agree. He took a straw hat for Li Mo to wear.

At this time, Xiao Bao, next to him, also ran over, “Father, I want to go too. I will also dig in the field! “

Song Dashan smiled and took the two together.

When they went out, Song Dashan carried two hoes while Li Mo hugged Xiao Bao and followed him.

There were already many villagers on the road. They nodded and greeted them, but their eyes looked at Li Mo with a meaningful look.

Li Mo held Xiao Bao and smiled behind Song Dashan.

Song Dashan also found those people’s eyes and frowned slightly.

The two of them walked faster.

Song Dashan owned dry land that was located in the village’s westernmost part. That is where Dashan wanted to plant the peanut seeds.

Song Dashan asked Li Mo and Xiao Bao to sit on the ridge to play, and he went down to dig the ground with his hoe. Li Mo was not a child, and of course, she would not sit around and watch Dashan do the work. She immediately asked Xiao Bao to sit and not run around, so she picked up another hoe and followed Song Dashan to dig the ground.

She had never dug ground before, so she could only watch how Song Dashan did it and then imitated him. She tried several times and gradually found a way to do it. Soon she could do it decently, Song Dashan also said she was doing a good job, and Li Mo felt a sense of joy. It didn’t take long for her to be happy, but she thought that the palm holding the hoe was burning hot.

Li Mo grinned and secretly said that this body’s skin was the same as her previous life, and it was very fragile. It would turn red after a while, and it would have blisters easily.

Li Mo inhaled, shook her palm, and continued to dig the ground calmly. She didn’t want Song Dashan to see her acting strange, but she was a lot slower. Fortunately, Song Dashan didn’t expect her to dig as much as him, so he let her go.

Song Dashan dug a mile, and when he turned around, he saw Li Mo, who was left behind and digging slowly. Song Dashan had a smile in his eyes, but he immediately noticed something was wrong. The posture of her digging the ground was incorrect.

Song Dashan walked over, took off Li Mo’s hoe, opened her hand, and saw that the palm was red and blisters were faintly visible.

Li Mo was a little embarrassed about being seen.

Song Dashan held Li Mo with a hoe in one hand and pulled her to the edge of the ridge, “Don’t do it anymore, just sit here.”

Xiao Bao, playing with the dog’s tail grass, also found Li Mo’s hand. He came up and asked worriedly: “Aunt Mo, what’s wrong with you?”

Li Mo smiled at him, “Aunt Mo is okay. Xiao Bao doesn’t need to worry. “

Xiao Bao still looked at Li Mo with watery eyes.

Li Mo’s heart softened again, and she handed her hand to Xiao Bao,

“Then Xiao Bao blows to Aunt Mo. The pain will go away if you blow it. ” Xiao Bao immediately lowered his head, pouting and blowing vigorously. His cheeks bulged.

Song Dashan watched from the side, and his eyes slowly began to smile. Looking at the two of them playing, he went back, limping, and then dug the ground.
Until noon, Song Dashan had almost dug the ground, and there was not much left to do.

Seeing that it was time to go home to cook their lunch, Song Dashan planned to come back in the afternoon to finish the rest.

He picked up the hoe and called Li Mo and Xiao Bao to go home together.

“Brother Dashan, are you planning to plant peanut seeds after you’re done digging the field?” Li Mo asked.

“I should be able to finish digging the ground today. Tomorrow I will go to town to buy peanut seeds, and I will plant them the day after tomorrow. “

Go to town? Li Mo felt excited, and she wondered if she could follow along to see what cosmetics were available in the town’s powder shop and the quality of the cosmetic products there. She had this habit in her previous life, where she collected a set of cosmetics from various brands. The first thing she did when going out was to purchase skincare products and cosmetics.

She is now suffering from that same problem.

Li Mo was a little embarrassed to speak and hesitated to open her mouth or just follow Dashan, but her heart was itching to do something. In the end, the old problem had overcome her embarrassment, and she asked softly: “Brother Dashan, can I go to town with you?”

Song Dashan glanced at Li Mo and nodded without asking why.

Li Mo didn’t expect Song Dashan to accept it so well. She agreed as soon as she said it. Thinking about it, for her, it seemed that no matter what request she said, he never refused.


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