Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Li Mo injured her hands, Song Dashan didn’t let her go into the kitchen. He asked her to play with Xiao Bao.

Li Mo suspected that in his heart, she and Xiao Bao were on the same level.

When Xiao Bao was playing in the yard, she sat and watched in a daze.

At that moment, a sharp voice came in: “Is Dashan at home?”

As soon as the voice fell, a middle-aged woman entered the yard.

Li Mo stood up. Although he didn’t know the person, she politely called this aunt and then said: “Brother Dashan is at home, Aunt, sit down first, I will call him.”

The woman saw Li Mo and laughed. “Are you Dashan’s new wife?”

Li Mo pretended to bow her head shyly and hurried to the back to call Dashan.

When she came out, the woman was teasing Xiao Bao.

“Auntie, why are you here?”

“I heard that you are going to buy peanut seeds tomorrow? I happen to be going to town tomorrow. I will go to Xia Laozhu’s house to make an appointment with a donkey car. I came here to ask if you want me to reserve a seat for you? “

Song Dashan remembered the matter and quickly nodded and thanked her, “Thank you, Auntie, if you didn’t remind me, I will forget that I have to reserve a seat, so please help me make the reservation. I need two seats. My wife will also go to town with me. “

The woman readily agreed, “Sure, I will tell him, then I saw that you are busy, Aunt is going now.”

“Auntie, walk slowly.”

After sending the woman away, Song Dashan talked to Li Mo: “Just now, it was Aunt Zhao who lives next door. She has been taking good care of Xiao Bao and me. If you want help in the future, you can go to Aunt Zhao. “

Li Mo nodded and asked, “What do you mean by reserving a seat?”

“Aunt Zhao was talking about reserving a seat in the donkey cart. In the nearby village, they have a donkey at home, bringing people to the town, but the donkey cart seats are limited. If you want to take a seat, you have to schedule in advance. Otherwise, you can only walk to town. ” Dashan said.

After listening to Song Dashan’s explanation, Li Mo knew what was going on and wondered how much each person would cost and how many people could sit at a time.

Song Dashan replied: “Generally, adults pay 3 cents a round trip, children 1 cent, and children have no seats, so they have to be held by adults. There are 15 seats available in the cart. “

Li Mo’s brain moved quickly. It’s 45 yuan a day; even if you only have one round trip a day, you can earn at least 45 yuan. In the village, if you work odd jobs, you can only make 10 yuan a day. Then this cart is too profitable. If you have a donkey at home, can you do this also? Why is there only Xia Laozhu’s family?

She told Song Dashan the doubts in her heart. Song Dashan laughed and explained to Li Mo: “A donkey costs about 6 taels of silver, which is a lot more expensive than buying a cow. They are all farmers who don’t have that much money. Even if you have so much money, you will definitely choose to buy cattle, which can cultivate the land, but donkeys can’t do farm work except for pulling people, so no one buys them so far. “

Li Mo understood. He looked at Song Dashan and felt that this matter was very suitable. Song Dashan is dry, his legs are inconvenient, and his farm work is too hard. If he can pull a cart, it will be easy and profitable.

If they make money later, Li Mo wanted to try it.

When they were eating at noon, she didn’t expect Aunt Zhao to come again, and her face looked terrible when she came in.

“Aunt Zhao, what’s the matter?” Song Dashan asked.

Aunt Zhao sat down on the bench that Li Mo brought and exhaled, then angrily replied: “Old Xiazhu’s house is getting more and more arrogant. I went to make a reservation, but he told me that the seat was tight. For one family, you could only reserve one seat, not two, bah! What kind of seats are tight? Why didn’t he say that before.”

Knowing that they are the only people who have a donkey cart, they are getting more arrogant. If someone offends them, don’t even think about riding in his donkey cart. Not only that, but the fee has risen from the previous two cents to three cents. If it weren’t for the fact that the town was too far for them to walk, everyone wouldn’t have bothered to ride in his Donkey cart.

This time, a new rule came out again, and a family was only allowed to have one seat. What should other people do?

Song Dashan didn’t look good when he heard this.

Li Mo was also very disappointed in her heart, and it seemed that he would not be able to go this time.

Pulling up Song Dashan’s sleeve, Li Mo said, “Brother Dashan, I’m not going, you go.”

Song Dashan’s complexion did not improve, and instead of replying to Li Mo, he asked Aunt Zhao: “Auntie, When will the bullock cart leave tomorrow? “

Aunt Zhao replied, “I will wait at the entrance of the village tomorrow morning.” She was angry but remembered that there were still many things to do. Aunt Zhao didn’t delay, so she went home.

Although Li Mo was disappointed, it was not impossible to go there forever. He could go again next time, put the matter behind him, and don’t think about it anymore.

Hard to think, before dawn the next day, Li Mo was woken up by Song Dashan.

“Brother Dashan, what’s the matter?”

“Get up. You have to wash up and go to town.”

Li Mo was surprised when she heard that, “Isn’t the family only given one seat? How can I go? “

“It’s okay, I can go. I have discussed with someone in the same village who drove the cattle to the town, and I’ll ride in his Oxcart. “

“The ox cart?”

“Well, the ox cart is too slow. It is estimated that the morning market in the town will be gone. When you arrive, just go to the grain shop. Follow Aunt Zhao, and you don’t have to wait for me to come back. “

He took out a bunch of coins from his pocket and handed them to Li Mo. “When you arrive in town, you can buy it yourself.”

Li Mo hesitated, “Brother Dashan, you have a business to go to town. It’s too late to take a bullock cart. You should ride the donkey cart. I won’t go anymore. I can go there next time.”

Song Dashan patted her. “It’s okay, you can go with peace of mind. You can’t delay buying seeds. You go ride the Donkey cart. “

“Fine.” Li Mo answered.

“Don’t worry. Just get up and wash. ” Song Dashan finished speaking and went out.

Li Mo had to get up to wash.

As soon as the sun rose, Song Dashan sent Li Mo to the village entrance and handed her to Aunt Zhao, who was already waiting there.

“Auntie, I’ll be bothering you with taking care of Li Mo.”

Aunt Zhao had heard Song Dashan talk about taking the bullock cart and nodded immediately, “Don’t worry, I will take care of your wife.”

Song Dashan accompanied Li Mo and waited for the car. , Until the donkey cart from Xia Laozhu’s house came.

When the donkey cart pulled the people away, and the cart’s shadow could not be seen, Song Dashan started walking towards the town.

Aunt Zhao was sitting next to Li Mo in the car, and a middle-aged woman who didn’t recognize her was sitting on the other side.

Aunt Zhao took Li Mo’s hand, “Girl, how old are you this year?” Li Mo thought about the original owner’s age and replied: “17 years old.”

Aunt Zhao nodded. “17 ah, much younger than Dashan.”

Li Mo pretended to be embarrassed and lowered her head.

Aunt Zhao looked at her shy behavior, smiled, and then said: “Girl, let me tell you, you really can’t go wrong with Dashan. Auntie can assure you. “

Li Mo chuckled and nodded. Song Dashan is indeed a good person.

Aunt Zhao sighed at this time, “I watched Dashan grow up. He is a very good child, but he has a bad life and has suffered a lot. “

Li Mo thought about what Aunt Zhao said. There must be a story behind it. She can’t help but be curious.

Aunt Zhao saw that Li Mo listened carefully, so she couldn’t help but say what she was holding in her heart: “Back when the court recruited soldiers, the Song family was reluctant to pay for money. So they pushed Dashan out as a soldier, and his family thought he would not return. They casually picked a woman with a bad reputation for Dashan to marry. As soon as he became married, Dashan left and never came back. His wife soon found out that she was pregnant and gave birth to Xiao Bao. “

Aunt Zhao said this and sighed, “It’s just that Xiao Bao was pitiful. He was in trouble at the time, and they invited the patriarch. The Song family had promised to raise Xiao Bao, but what happened to Xiao Bao’s life is really ah… “

Li Mo knew what was going on before.

It must be the Song family who used raising Xiao Bao as an excuse to ask Song Dashan for money support, which is the 8 taels of silver.

Thinking of Xiao Bao’s thin and pitiful appearance, Li Mo felt a little sour.

If they said that Song Dashan had a wife before, it would be impossible to say that she didn’t have a hint of grievance in her heart. She was afraid that he would always have another woman in his heart so that even if the two lived together, it would not be ignored entirely. But now, listening to Aunt Zhao, she is relieved to know that Song Dashan has no feelings for his previous wife.

Just talking all the way, Li Mo learned a lot about Song Dashan and estimated that it had been an hour and a half in modern time and finally arrived in town.

Aunt Zhao is going to the clothes shop to buy clothes. It turns out that her daughter will get married next month.

It’s just that Aunt Zhao wasn’t so happy when she said it. She looked worried.

Li Mo was puzzled, “Auntie is reluctant to marry her daughter?”

Aunt Zhao sighed and did not hide her from her, “You just came to our village, don’t you know? My little daughter, Qinhua’s face, was accidentally burned a few years ago. When I get to the face, I have recovered for so many years, but I still have a little scar on my face, and she still has to get married. Can I not worry about it? “

Li Mo didn’t understand, “Does the other party know Qinhua? Is there a scar on Qinhua’s face? “

Aunt Zhao shook his head, “Qinhua has a childhood sweetheart. Qinhua has scars on her face. He knows, but he likes Qinhua and wasn’t bothered by her scars. He was willing to marry Qinhua. “

“This is very good. Since he didn’t dislike Qinhua, why are you worried? “

“He didn’t dislike Qinhua, but his parents were actually very dissatisfied with Qinhua. If he was not firm on marrying, Qinhua might not be able to marry him. On the day of marriage, the man’s aunts would go to see the bride. Seeing the scars on our Qinhua’s face, her parents-in-law might lose face in front of their relatives. If you lose your face, how can they treat Qinhua well? How could I conceal my daughter’s scar? ” Aunt Zhao said, her voice choked.

Only then did Li Mo understand why Aunt Zhao was so worried.

At this moment, the inspiration flashed, and she suddenly thought of how she could make money.

Yes, although there were no celebrities here, she could still put makeup on the brides here. Marriage is a huge matter. They will be willing to spend money on this occasion.

Li Mo’s heart jumped quickly, and he felt hopeful of fortune.


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