Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Li Mo looked at Aunt Zhao, “Auntie, don’t worry, I have thought of a method.”

Aunt Zhao was surprised, “Do you really have a method? What way? “

Li Mo smiled, “Auntie, I know how to put on makeup, and I know how to cover up the scars on Qinhao’s face with makeup.”

The hope that Aunt Zhao had just raised was shattered, and the disappointment on her face was visible. “That won’t work. We had thought about applying powder to cover the scar, but the normal powder application can’t cover it. Her face looked like a ghost. It’s even better to not put on makeup. “

According to the original owner’s memory, Li Mo remembered that the foundation of this era was indeed very poorly worn. It was much easier to meltdown, and it looked terrible. They looked really pale.

However, Li Mo’s hands were called the scalpels of cosmetics. Many celebrities were willing to spend a lot just to hire her as their personal makeup artist.

Not to mention it’s just a small scar, even like Sister Feng’s face, she can also make it look like Fan Bingbing.[1]It was a reference from Luo Yufeng, an Internet celebrity/meme, and Fan Bingbing, the highest-paid celebrity in the Forbes China Celebrity 100.

Li Mo smiled confidently and said to Aunt Zhao: “Auntie, my makeup technique is different from ordinary people’s technique. I can make Qinhua beautiful. You can’t see the scars at all. Auntie, if you believe me, I do it to Qinhua once in advance. If it doesn’t turn out well, you won’t lose anything at all. “

Aunt Zhao thought about it too: It’s not a big deal to give it a try, and Li Mo originally came out from a big family. Maybe she really has a unique technique.

After thinking about it, Aunt Zhao’s heart suddenly became hot, and she immediately nodded. Aunt Zhao wanted to go back to their house and let Li Mo do Qinhua’s makeup.

Li Mo couldn’t laugh or cry. She hurriedly grabbed Aunt Zhao. “Aunty, we haven’t bought anything yet, and I’ll have to buy some rouge powder, otherwise how to apply makeup to Qinhua。”

Aunt Zhao patted her head when she heard it.”Right, I forgot about that. Blame your aunt for being too excited. Come on, let’s buy it.”

After speaking, she took Li Mo to a shop, but Li Mo found that the shop looked horrible and the powder they sold was too bad. She can’t use it.

So she took Aunt Zhao to find a cosmetic powder shop that looked relatively high-end.

This powder shop was not small in size, and the decoration also looked good. It seems pretty high-end. Seeing them coming in, the lady boss greeted them personally, and she didn’t seem bothered by how they were dressed. This made Li Mo have a good impression of this shop.

The Lady Boss was probably in her thirties. She wears a woman’s bun and puts on delicate makeup in this era. She looked very delicate and beautiful.

When the lady boss came to speak to them, Li Mo deliberately looked at the makeup on the lady boss’s face. It must be a lot more refined than ordinary makeup. However, Li Mo still found that the makeup was not natural enough, and the fine quality was evident.

The proprietress must have a better foundation. Otherwise, the effect would not be so good.

The lady boss warmly entertained Li Mo and Aunt Zhao: “What do you want to order? I have everything here in the shop. “

Aunt Zhao looked at Li Mo, and Li Mo chuckled at the lady boss, “Lady boss, I want to see some basic makeup, like powder, eyebrow powder, red dye for lips.”

The Lady Boss listened to Li Mo and opened her hands to lead them. “Come here, I’ll show you the products.” said the lady boss.

The Lady Boss took Li Mo and Aunt Zhao to the side of the display stand. One by one, she introduced the products and even let them use the trial supplies, making Li Mo think that this shop would do well in the future.

Li Mo tried the product on her skin, but she didn’t find anything that satisfied her. Even after using the best powder, it was not satisfactory in Li Mo’s opinion. Still, she knew that this was the product’s limitation in this period, and she couldn’t do anything about it.

Li Mo finally chose a box of powder, a box of eyebrow powder, a rouge box, and a balm. Finally, Li Mo also took a box of face oil, which was an old version of face cream.

After they bought the things they needed, the amount reached 300 yuan.

Li Mo suddenly felt like he was a prodigal wife.

Worried that Song Dashan might not have enough money, Li Mo quickly took out the money Song Dashan gave her and counted it. There was at least 500 yuan. That was a lot. Where did the money come from? She thought that they didn’t have money at home.

Li Mo felt suspicious. Li Mo counted out 300 yuan, gave them to the Lady Boss, and then walked out of the shop.

Aunt Zhao was also a little frightened by Li Mo’s big spending; she simply bought a powder, which already cost her 300 wen, which was too expensive.

Li Mo knew Aunt Zhao’s doubts and explained patiently: “Auntie, this powder needs to be bought; otherwise, it will not produce good results, and these products are good for the skin.”

Aunt Zhao didn’t understand this either, but somehow she thought that Li Mo said made sense, so she nodded.

After buying what was necessary, Li Mo took Aunt Zhao to the medicine shop.

Li Mo wants to go to the medicine shop because she wants to buy something vital for applying makeup.

In her previous life, there was a team behind her studying pure natural skincare and cosmetics. Among them was a recipe, which was made of natural ingredients. The ingredients inside were all collected from nature. Several components were mixed in a particular proportion and applied to the face. After applying it for a long amount of time, it can make the skin white and elastic. It was used together with the makeup to produce a natural and long-lasting look.

Li Mo remembered the raw materials that were used to make it. These things were available no matter what era. They are usually available in any medicine shop.

Li Mo first went to a few small medicine shops, but unfortunately, the ingredients were unavailable. Finally, Li Mo found a large medicine shop and bought everything she needed.

After buying all the ingredients needed, Li Mo spent all the money she had except for the money allocated for the peanut seeds.

She didn’t know if Song Dashan would blame her when she went back.

Li Mo followed Aunt Zhao to the clothing shop to buy fabric. After the two people bought the items they needed, they noticed that it started to get late, and half the people at the market began to go back.

Aunt Zhao wanted to take Li Mo home. Li Mo thought for a while but refused.

Although Song Dashan said that she should go back first, Li Mo always felt uneasy. She wanted to wait for Song Dashan to share what she and Aunt Zhao talked about.

When Aunt Zhao heard Li Mo wanted to stay and wait for Song Dashan, she agreed and told Li Mo where she could buy the peanut seeds she needed.

Li Mo found the store according to what Aunt Zhao said. When she finished buying the peanut seed, Song Dashan had not come yet, so Li Mo stood in the corner of the store and looked at the street. She kept on searching for Song Dashan’s figure.

Li Mo waited a full quarter of an hour before finally seeing Song Dashan’s figure from a distance.

Song Dashan stopped just as he was about to meet her.

It looked like there was something wrong with Song Dashan.

Song Dashan’s left leg was completely unable to walk just as usual, but at that time, he was dragging his left leg completely, and the right leg seemed to be weaker.

When you look at him, you could see how exhausted he was. He looked like he would lose strength at any second.

How could this happen just by riding an ox cart?

Thinking of a certain possibility, Li Mo was a little out of breath. She suddenly felt unhappy in her heart.

He lied to her. There was no ox cart at all. He came here from the village just by walking. To think that he was even walking with his disabled legs!

It takes an hour and a half when you ride a cart. How long did Song Dashan walk before he arrived?

At that moment, Li Mo couldn’t help it anymore and quickly ran towards Song Dashan, who was standing still because of seeing her.

Li Mo’s voice was a bit unstable, “Are you sorry because you lied to me? There is no bullock cart at all. You walked to arrive here! “

Song Dashan’s face was stiff, and he didn’t speak for a while.

Not speaking was equivalent to admitting to it.

Li Mo slapped Song Dashan angrily. Her eyes were a little red, “Why didn’t you take your body seriously? How can you walk such a long way? Even an ordinary person can’t walk that long! “

Song Dashan saw that her eyes were red. He suddenly felt lost.

“No, don’t cry, don’t cry, I’m fine.”

Li Mo realized that her tears were about to fall. She quickly rubbed her eyes with her sleeves, took a few deep breaths, and calmed herself. Li Mo reached out to support Song Dashan. She took him to the tea shed on the side of the road to rest.

She asked Song Dashan to sit down. Li Mo squatted down and gently lifted his left leg trousers. She saw that his whole leg had turned purple, and it was swelling. It was so big that it looked horrifying.

Li Mo pursed her lips, she squeezed his knee again, and asked him, “Do you still feel pain in your bones?”

Song Dashan shook his head.

Li Mo didn’t believe it. Without a word, he helped Song Dashan up, “Let’s go.. let’s go to the hospital.”

Song Dashan hurriedly pulled Li Mo, “I don’t need to go to the hospital. The doctor here is not good enough. “

Li Mo thought, Huh? Are our doctors here in this town good enough? Does this mean that his legs could still be cured if they were to find other doctors?

“Can someone cure your legs?”

Song Dashan hesitated for a moment and nodded, “Well, I was injured on the battlefield, but I came back to see the doctor in the town. The doctor in the town couldn’t heal me, but there was a doctor from a medical clinic who said he could cure my legs in the city. “

Song Dashan paused when he said this.

Li Mo took out what he hadn’t said, “Was it too expensive?”

Song Dashan was silent for a moment and nodded.

“How much?”

“At least 30 taels.”

Li Mo felt that making money right now is an urgent problem.

After Song Dashan rested for a while, he bought peanut seeds with Li Mo’s help.

Li Mo couldn’t let him go back like this again.

At this time, the donkey-cart that came back to the village had already departed. Li Mo had no choice but to use other donkey carts. She found that several donkey carts were waiting to pull people on the street.

Li Mo turned to Song Dashan, “Brother Dashan, do you have any money?”

Song Dashan also saw the donkey cart on the road’s side and understood Li Mo’s meaning, but he paused and shook his head.

The most valuable things in him were all taken by her. Except for the money for keeping seeds, the rest was given to Li Mo.

Li Mo remembered what he had bought, thought for a while, and was ready to explain to Song Dashan now: “Brother Dashan, I have spent all the money you gave me, and I bought materials needed for makeup.”

Li Mo showed Song Dashan what she bought.

Song Dashan didn’t say anything and just nodded at her.

Seeing that Song Dashan was silent, Li Mo explained again, “Brother Dashan, I didn’t buy these for my own use. I wanted to try putting makeup on other people and earn money. “

Song Dashan’s eyes moved when he heard this. He didn’t say what he wanted to ask Li Mo and instead asked her to go back: “Let’s go back, my legs can do it.”

Li Mo firmly shook his head, “No!”

After speaking, Li Mo suddenly thought of a way.


1 It was a reference from Luo Yufeng, an Internet celebrity/meme, and Fan Bingbing, the highest-paid celebrity in the Forbes China Celebrity 100.


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  1. daedae has spoken 2 years ago

    thanks for translating this piece! i am currently invested by this story. very realistic. li mo is a true modern woman with modern set of skills. i often find modlst transmigration fls very conviently equipped as transmigrators that they can easily assimilate as an ancient person but this story takes that all away. like most modern people you don’t know shit about skills needed to get by as an ancient person. as we humans have grown used to convenience due to technology, it’s harder to adjust in a world without it.


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