Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 7

Chapter Seven

The body’s original owner kept a tiny jade pendant tied with a rope hidden in her chest. When the trader searched if she had any belongings in her, it was not found.

This pendant was rewarded by the lady who she was serving before. The jade she possessed is of excellent quality and should be sold for a lot of money.

Although this was the only thing left by the original owner, it is not good to be pawned. Still, they don’t have any choice. She can only pawn it first and then redeem it when she has money.

Li Mo took out the pendant and showed it to Song Dashan, “Brother Dashan, I have a pendant here. Let’s go to the pawnshop, and we should exchange for a large sum of money. “

Song Dashan immediately shook his head and refused, “No, this belongs to you. You should keep it. Let’s just go back. There is no need to pawn it. “

Li Mo insisted, “Your legs will be more damaged when we go back like this. Besides, this is not the only problem. The rice at home is almost gone. If you don’t buy some, what are we going to eat? If Xiaobao eats porridge every day, how can he grow up well? “

Song Dashan’s face was a bit ugly, but he had to admit that Li Mo was right.

At this moment, he deeply realized his incompetence.

Seeing the frustration in Song Dashan’s eyes, Li Mo felt a little bit unbearable, and her voice softened, “Brother Dashan, I am also a member of this family. Is there anything wrong if I contribute to this family? Do you not want me to be part of your family? “

Song Dashan looked at Li Mo, his clenched fists slowly relaxed, he closed his eyes, and finally nodded in agreement.

When the two came to the pawnshop, Li Mo showed the pendant to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper offered them the price of two taels of silver. Although this price is far from its own value, you can’t take advantage of its original value in this small town. Li Mo still agreed to take pawn it for two taels of silver. At least this money can solve their current problem.

Li Mo didn’t rush to leave the town with the money they acquired but instead took Song Dashan to buy things together.

They first went to a rice shop and bought a bag of brown rice and half a bag of polished rice to be mixed and cooked together.

Remembering that there were no vegetables at home, Li Mo went to buy some vegetable seeds and planned to go back to plant some vegetables in the yard.

If you want to cook, you have to buy tea, rice, oil, salt, sauce, and vinegar.

Next, she went to the meat shop, weighed a pound of pork belly, and bought the pork bones sold separately at a very low price.

Finally, Li Mo walked into a pastry shop and bought some plum cakes, which she planned to take back to Xiaobao to eat.

When passing a steamed bun shop on the way, Li Mo thought for a while and bought two steamed buns and a meat bun.

When she bought everything, it cost Li Mo nearly two hundred yuan. Li Mo felt the pain.

After she bought everything, they could go home now. Li Mo walked to the donkey cart on the side of the road to discuss the driver’s price.

Since Li Mo didn’t know what price was reasonable, she was almost fooled by the coachman. Finally, she relied on Song Dashan to negotiate with the coachman.

They agreed to pay 30 yuan for the ride. Li Mo put all the things they bought on the donkey cart and then climbed into the donkey cart with Song Dashan.

On the way back, Li Mo showed Song Dashan the rouge gouache she had bought before and told him about his plans.

Song Dashan didn’t take Li Mo’s words seriously at first and treated it as Li Mo did it out of impulse, thinking that Li Mo could use it for herself even if she couldn’t make money.

But now, when Li Mo talked about her plan, Song Dashan looked considerately.

Before Song Dashan served as a soldier, he traveled to many places and met many people. He naturally had a broader vision than ordinary villagers. He knew that if Li Mo’s skills were really that good, the business would be very good.

Before he joined the army, he had seen what bridal makeup looked like. The usual way of dressing up the lady, they always painted the bride with white powder. They couldn’t distinguish her original appearance. To be honest, it’s more ugly than not.

Suppose Li Mo can make the bride look beautiful and also cover the imperfections on the bride’s face. In that case, many people will definitely ask Li Mo to put on makeup.

Song Dashan looked at Li Mo and asked with confirmation: “You can really do it?”

Li Mo didn’t dare to say otherwise, but she was absolutely sure of her ability and smiled confidently. “Of course I can. I have promised Aunt Zhao; first, I will give Qinhao a transformation. You can go with me. “

Song Dashan nodded and wanted to see if Li Mo could do it.

Li Mo turned out to show Song Dashan the materials she bought. Afraid of being heard by the coachman, she intentionally approached Song Dashan’s ear and whispered: “This is the special material I want to use, and it can be made through this.”

Song Dashan was taken aback when she suddenly approached him. Only to smell a sweet fragrance rushing into the tip of his nose, and the heat of talking brushed onto his face, making half of his face hot. It was not until Li Mo finished speaking that the heat receded slightly.

This led to Song Dashan’s distraction on the next journey.

When they got home, they paid the coachman, put the things away, and then went to Aunt Zhao’s house to pick up Xiaobao.

When the two left in the morning, they entrusted Xiaobao to Zhao’s eldest daughter-in-law.

Li Mo picked up two plum cakes and planned to take them to Aunt Zhao’s house as a gift to thank them for taking care of Xiaobao.

As soon as the two entered Zhao’s house, a small shell rushed into Li Mo’s arms.

“Aunt Mo! Where did you and daddy go? Why did you only come to pick up Xiaobao now? ” The little milk voice in his arms was pitiful, and Li Mo felt guilty.

“Good dear, it’s Aunt Mo and Daddy that is not good. I came to pick up Xiaobao so late. Aunt Mo and Daddy will apologize to you. We will not do it next time, okay? ” The little man in her arms was coaxed by her words. He laughed and held Li Mo’s hand happily.

Aunt Zhao’s eldest daughter-in-law, Yang Lanhua, smiled and said, “This little guy has gone outside a lot of times to see if you arrived. In the afternoon, he simply sat at the hall entrance and stared at the door, looking forward to you two returning. “

Li Mo also laughed and handed the plum cake to Yang Lanhua, “Sister Lanhua, thank you for taking care of Xiaobao for a day. This is the plum cake I bought today for your children to try. “

Yang Lanhua hurriedly refused. “Don’t be sorry. It’s not a big deal to bring Little Treasure. Don’t be polite. “

“Sister Lanhua, this is for you children. You have to accept it, or I will be embarrassed to ask you for anything in the future. “

Li Mo said that Yang Lanhua accepted it, but Li Mo’s impression in her heart became very good. This little daughter-in-law not only grows well, but she can also be considerate.

Li Mo greeted the others in Zhao’s house again but didn’t see Zhao Qinhua. It should be in the room.

After saying hello, he took the little guy home.

When she got home, Li Mo asked Song Dashan to sit and rest and then gave the plum cake to the little guy. Seeing that he was eating softly, she went to the kitchen to boil water and planned to soak Song Dashan’s legs. If nothing’s done to ease Song Dashan’s leg, it will swell more when he gets up in the morning.

Relying on her of how the memory of Dashan made a fire, Li Mo followed his way, first igniting a handful of grass, throwing it under the stove, and then putting the dry branches in to ignite more fire.

The steps were okay, but there was still a problem in the end. Huo didn’t see it; only bursts of smoke came out, instantly making Li Mo choke and cough.

Sitting in the room to rest, Song Dashan ran into the kitchen quickly, startled by Li Mo’s movement, and saw thick smoke inside, and Li Mo was coughing in the thick smoke.

Song Dashan hurriedly went in and pulled Li Mo out, then sat near the stove and turned the furnace a few times with a fire stick. After a while, the smoke disappeared, and the fire started.

Li Mo, outside the kitchen, was a little ashamed.

Song Dashan looked at Li Mo, who bowed her head and did not speak, and the corners of his mouth curled slightly, “It’s okay, it’s because you piled up too much firewood and the fire can’t get up. That’s why you have to use a fire stick. That’s how you do it. “

It turned out like this. Li Mo nodded and walked into the kitchen.

“What are you doing with the boiled water?”

Li Mo replied truthfully: “I want to boil some hot water to soak your feet and then put them on your legs. Otherwise, it will become more swollen tomorrow. “

Song Dashan was stunned. Unexpectedly, Li Mo was still worried about his leg. There was a warm current in his heart. There was a smile in his eyes. I just sat and continued to ignite the fire. “I’ll do it. I won’t be tired if I sit. “

Li Mo nodded, “Okay, then I will go scoop for some rice and cook dinner. I’ll just steam the buns that I bought today for our dinner. “

Li Mo was about to scoop the rice when she suddenly heard the cry of Xiaobao in the hall, and she immediately threw down the things in his hand and ran towards the entrance.

In the main room, Xiaobao sat on the ground crying sorrowfully, covering his face.

On the side, a woman and two children were turning over what she had bought.

Seeing Li Mo, the two children glanced at their mother. Seeing that the mother didn’t say anything, they continued what they were doing, holding the plum cakes in their hands and eating them.

The woman’s eyes flickered, and then she smiled fakely, “Oh, this is the wife you bought, Dashan?”

Xiaobao saw Li Mo coming, and the grievances in his eyes burst out, and he cried. Xiaobao stretched and opened his little hands. “Aunt Mo, that Auntie hit Xiao Bao. It hurts. “

Li Mo’s heart pulled up, and she stepped forward and took Little Bao into her arms, looking at his cheek, making sure he was okay. The bright red palm prints were very obvious, and on his thin and small cheeks, people couldn’t bear looking at them.

Li Mo’s eyes sank, and she shot straight at the woman, with suppressed anger in her voice, “Did you beat my child?”

The woman, who was Song Dashan’s sister-in-law Wang Cuihua, smiled. She didn’t care much. “What do you mean by beating the child? It’s because the kids were playing together. It was just an accident. “

Li Mo smiled angrily. Accidentally?

It’s just talking nonsense with your eyes open!

Li Mo yelled and asked, “Heh! I didn’t know that the child’s slap was so big. Which child’s hand slapped him? “

Wang Cuihua didn’t expect that the cheap girl bought by Song Dashan would not give her face. She even dared to talk back. She looked at her and cried out, “Wow, no one cared about Xiaobao for so many years. It’s me who took care of him. Now you have only been in the house for a few days, and you came to me and got mad at me. Why do I suffer so much? “

After finishing, she stroked her chest with a look of heartache.

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