Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

Li Mo was now entirely sure that Xiao Bao’s Aunt was an unreasonable person. It was useless to reason out to someone like her.

She didn’t need to be polite to her. Li Mo pointed at the two kids who ate Xiao Bao’s plum cake: “If you take something that does not belong to you and you didn’t ask for it, then it is called stealing. You came to my house with your children to steal things and beat my child. Why should I be ashamed of being mad at you? I’m going out to find people and let them be the judge. ” She said that while she was holding Xiao Bao. She walked out of the house, went to the yard, and started to shout.

Wang Cuihui chuckled in her heart. It is not good for her reputation if they found out what she did. Otherwise, there would be no face she could show to the public, and her son was planning to take the examination to become an official. It will ruin his reputation if this matter goes out in public.

Wang Cuihua hurriedly chased and caught Li Mo’s arm, her face changed, “Oh sister-in-law, why do you want to embarrass our family and let people treat us as a joke..” She said while she dragged Li Mo back to the house.

Li Mo was holding Xiao Bao in her arms. She felt distressed by how thin he was. Just as she was dragged by Wang Cuihui, she staggered and was stripped over by the doorstep.

Li Mo’s heart started to beat fast. She didn’t have enough time to think, so she closed her eyes and protected Xiao Bao by embracing him tightly in her arms.

But the next second, she didn’t feel any pain, and her body fell into a broad chest.

When Li Mo opened her eyes, she saw Song Dashan looking at her and Xiao Bao in a panic.

Li Mo breathed a sigh of relief and hastily looked for Xiao Bao. Fortunately, the child was just buried in her chest and wasn’t frightened by the fall.

After stabilizing Li Mo, he pulled Wang Cuihua’s hands away from Li Mo.

He looked at her fiercely, “What are you doing?!”

Wang Cuihua shuddered at his cold eyes, and she took a step back unconsciously.

Just after withdrawing, she realized why she was afraid. She remembered that she was his sister-in-law. After the realization, she began to get bolder again. She took a step forward. She raised her head high. “I just told my sister-in-law to not talk about family matters to outsiders, to not be an embarrassment to our family. Am I not allowed to tell her? “

Li Mo couldn’t hide the mocking tone in her voice: “Should I be embarrassed? I am not the one who messed around with other people’s things and beat up someone else’s child. Who should be ashamed?! “

Wang Cuihua’s face turned red, and she immediately folded her hand on his waist and pointed her finger at Li Mo: “Who are you? You are just a cheap hoof that was bought, and how dare you to talk to me like this?! “

After saying this, she turned to Song Dashan: “When you haven’t been at home for a few years, would Xiaobao survive if I didn’t raise him? Now that you’re back, do you even let your wife bully me? Don’t you have any conscience! “

Song Dashan was indifferent to her words. His face was still cold as ice. “Sister-in-law, you know what Xiaobao experienced when he was in your house. I also gave you eight taels of silver, which was more than enough to thank you for raising Xiao Bao. “

Of course, Wang Cuihua knew it in her heart, but she refused to admit defeat: “I raised Xiaobao and just for a few dimes that would suffice for the grace I have given you?” After speaking, she sat down on the ground and started to cry in distress: “What did I do to be in this miserable state? I became frugal just to raise my brother-in-law’s child, but in the end, he gave me a few silvers to send us out and wasn’t even allowed to go to their home”.

While crying, she glanced at the food on the table. She winked at her two children.

The two children immediately understood what their mother meant and stuffed the cakes and steamed buns in their arms.

Li Mo yelled at them: “What are you doing! Give it back! ” The two children were not afraid of Li Mo at all. One of them gave Li Mo a blank look and said confidently. “Song Xiaobao’s life was given by my family, so everything in your home should be ours.”

Li Mo was left speechless by the child’s words.

Li Mo took a step forward. “You! Put it down! That was bought for Xiao Bao. ” Seeing that Li Mo was trying to prevent her child from taking things, Wang Cuihua’s eyes turned. She immediately came close to her and started crying. “Oh! The aunt didn’t want to give anything to her nephew, and she even assaulted her nephew~. “

Li Mo was already speechless, the adults were rogue, the children were rouges. What kind of family is this?

At that moment, Song Dashan pulled Li Mo. He shook his head and gave her a reassuring look.

The next second, he strode forward, pulled Wang Cuihua up from the ground, and dragged her towards the gate.

No matter how sturdy Wang Cuihua was, she was not as strong as Song Dashan. She was dragged by Song Dashan, thumped hard in the back, and fiercely cursing him. However, she couldn’t stop Song Dashan’s footsteps, so she was dragged out of the gate was thrown out,

The two children were also afraid of seeing Wang Cuihua being thrown out and ran away.

Wang Cuihua was thrown out of the gate, and the movement was not small. Both the left and right neighboring houses went out to watch the excitement and stared at Wang Cuihua.

At this time, Wang Cuihua was already crying and bursting into tears. “Look, my brother beat his sister-in-law! See and be the judge~. “

Li Mo was just a little confused by Song Dashan’s actions. It was only then that he reacted and quickly picked up Xiao Bao and ran to the gate.

Afraid that everyone would be misled by Wang Cuihua’s words, Li Mo secretly squeezed his thigh, and her eyes suddenly turned red.

Li Mo looked at Wang Cuihua, frowned slightly, and looked sad, “Sister-in-law, we are not unwilling to give our nephews a little bit of food, but you can’t take it directly without asking. Xiaobao is still a kid. Why did you hit him? “

When everyone heard this, they all looked at Little Treasure in Li Mo’s arms. The little boy’s eyes were really swollen, and there was a palm print on his face. Half of his face was swollen. He looked very pitiful.

Seeing Xiaobao looking like this, they remembered Wang Cuihua’s usual virtues.

Everyone believed Li Mo’s words. Someone immediately called out Wang Cuihua. “Wang Cuihua, you hit Xiaobao when he was at your house, and now he is in his family’s house. You still want to beat him. Why are you so vicious? “

“That’s right, come to someone’s house to grab things and beat their children. How thickskinned are you? “

“If Wang Cuihua loves to take advantage of me, I will also throw her out.”

Everyone accused Wang Cuihua, who was sitting on the ground, which made Wang Cuihua’s face untenable. Unexpectedly, the daughter-in-law bought by Song Dashan was not that weak-hearted, much better than the previous one。

Seeing that I couldn’t take advantage of them, she got up and ran away with the two children.

After the three left, and their backs were no longer visible, everyone comforted Li Mo and Xiaobao for a while, and they dispersed.

Li Mo brought Xiaobao and Song Dashan inside the house.

Song Dashan looked at Li Mo’s still red eyes with a trace of playfulness in his eyes.

Li Mo remembered what she was doing just now. She chuckled and hurried to look at the things on the table without looking at Song Dashan.

They didn’t take everything on the table, aside from the plum blossom cake and steamed buns she bought especially for Xiaobao. But Xiaobao was only able to eat one piece, and after a while, all of it disappeared.

Seeing Li Mo’s distressed look, Song Dashan patted her on the back, “It’s okay, next time we go to town, let’s buy it again.”

Xiaobao also followed Song Dashan’s action. He even patted Li Moon on the back and comforted her, “Aunt Mo, don’t cry. Xiaobao didn’t want to eat cakes. Xiaobao likes porridge. “

Li Mo was happy and sad at what the little man said.

Being sensible at this young age, she didn’t know how much he had suffered before, but now that he has been bullied, he is still comforting her. Compared with modern little kids, Xiao Bao is too really good.

Next time she comes to town, she must buy something good for Xiaobao.

Li Mo tidied up the leftovers, put all the rice and seasonings in the cupboard, locked them up. She put the meat and bones they bought in a basin and put them in cold water to be damaged by tomorrow.

Song Dashan continued to boil the water. Li Mo dipped the water in the jar, soaked it with a piece of fabric, and applied it to Xiaobao’s face.

Xiaobao obediently covered the swollen area with a cloth.

Li Mo took advantage of this moment to take out the only little flour in the cupboard. She was planning to make hand-made noodles. She originally planned to make porridge with steamed buns. Now that they are gone, Li Mo didn’t want the family to continue drinking brown rice porridge, so she remembered to make this.

Li Mo had only eaten ready-made noodles before. She knew how to make them for hand-rolled noodles, but she hasn’t tried doing them by herself.

In the end, it was Song Dashan who kneaded the dough. Li Mo cut it out and put it into the pot.

This dinner was incredibly fragrant because Li Mo put oil and a little minced meat on it. Xiaobao’s stomach was full, and he was delighted. Even Song Dashan was happy.

Seeing how happy the father and son were as they ate, Li Mo was also pleased in her heart and even developed a sense of pride in her heart: she must make a lot of money. Every meal in the family has meat!

Li Mo immediately took out the materials she bought and prepared all the materials that needed to be processed with this sense of pride.

She didn’t use a huge amount of materials. She only needs three types: hemp grass, elm grass, and stone peach fruit.

These three things need to be soaked in water for half an hour. Then mix and crush according to the ratio of 2:2:1, pour out the residue, put in the face oil container, stir evenly, and finally become a wet ointment. Put it on your hand and rub it evenly, then you can apply it to your face. It can also be smeared after makeup, which can play the role of setting the makeup and amplifying the makeup effect. Li Mo named it beauty cream。

When Song Dashan heard how to use these materials, he took the initiative to bring the pestle, mix and grind these things.

Li Mo simply handed it over to him, taking advantage of this moment to carefully study the cosmetics she bought, thinking about maximizing their effects.

The two of them stayed busy until it started to get dark. At this time, Li Mo realized that there was not even a lit candle at home, so she had to buy a few back next time.

The next day, Song Dashan did not go to the fields. After the family had breakfast, Li Mo took the makeup tools to Aunt Zhao’s house.

She greeted Aunt Zhao, so today, Aunt Zhao’s family went out to work except for the females who stayed at home. Everyone was curious and wanted to see what Li Mo’s young wife was capable of. Special techniques can make the scar look beautiful. The whole family gathered in Qinhua’s room, and it was the first time that Li Mo saw Qinhua’s appearance.

There is indeed a scar on the left cheek. The scar is black, so makeup can’t cover it. Li Mo discovered that Qinhua actually has very good facial features, an oval face, dark skin, double eyelids, and a cherry mouth. If there was no scar, she must be a little beautiful.

Li Mo originally thought that Qinhua would be introverted because of the scars on her face. Who knew that she was a very refreshing and generous person. She did not flinch at all. On the contrary, she loved to laugh, and she spoke straightforwardly.

Seeing that Li Mo was coming, she immediately came out to greet her and smiled heartily. “Sister-in-law, my mother told me yesterday that you have a way to cover up my scars. I was so happy that I didn’t sleep well last night. I was looking forward to your arrival”.

Li Mo was amused by her words and had a good impression of her.


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