Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 9

Chapter Nine

Li Mo didn’t talk much and proceeded to do her job.

Li Mo asked Qinhua to wash her face with warm water. She then scraped a little cosmetic cream in her hand. She rubbed it evenly and carefully applied it on Qinhua’s face, applying a little more on her scar.

After the cosmetic cream was fully absorbed in her face, Li Mo took out the powder she bought yesterday and applied it evenly on Qinhua’s face. She did not apply too much, only a thin layer, but the powder was applied thickly to cover up the scar. At this time, Qinhua’s face was only white with scars, which didn’t look natural.

When the people around her saw it, they were surprised and looked at Li Mo inquiringly.

Li Mo ignored the inquiring eyes around her and focused on the movements of her hands. She took out the eyebrow powder, carefully painted Qinhua’s eyebrows, and then slightly processed the eyebrow powder and powder to use for contour and highlights. The contour modification is more three-dimensional and refined. The eye makeup is painted with rouge powder and eyebrow powder. After finishing, she took out the beauty cream again. She applied it to Qinhua’s face first and then applied it evenly to the entire face.

The next step is the key point. Using Li Mo’s special tapping technique to tap on Qinhua’s face to fully integrate the beauty cream and makeup, the makeup fits the face, natural and fresh.

Everyone only saw Li Mo wiping lightly, circling, pressing, patting, with her slender fingers flying up and down. They could hardly understand what she was doing.

It was not until half an hour passed that Li Mo lifted up and let out a sigh of relief.

The face makeup is basically completed.

Finally, Li Mo put lipstick on Qinhua. She swept a layer of paint, studied her face for a while, and then removed Qinhua’s hair bun, combed Qinhua with a flying fairy bun, and everything was done.

Li Mo closed her hands, observed her Qinhua’s face again, and nodded inwardly.

Although the tools are simple and crude, the effect is really not bad, and it is not in vain to work so hard.

At this time, Li Mo stepped aside. To let those around her, who had been waiting for a while to see what Qinhua looked like now.

Before being blocked by Li Mo, everyone couldn’t really see the appearance of Qinhua. As soon as Li Mo stepped aside, the face of Qinhua appeared in front of everyone, and they gasped.

Qinhua looked like a village girl with a flawed face before.

But that village girl, with bright eyes, white teeth, crested eyebrows, delicate face, and beautiful eyes, is such a lovely lady now.

As for the scars that everyone was worried about before, they were nowhere to be seen.

Yang Lanhua even approached in surprise and reached out to touch the scar in front of Qinhua. The uneven touch reminded her that the scar on my sister-in-law’s face had not disappeared, but the naked eye could not see it at all.

“Mother, I really can’t see it at all!” Yang Lanhua called Aunt Zhao in excitement.

Aunt Zhao had seen it a long time ago, and her eyes were red with excitement. The eldest daughter-in-law’s shout made her finally unable to bear it. She stepped forward and looked at Qinhua’s face, surprised and excited. Her mouth could not stop praising her.

Qinhua saw the surprised faces of the people surrounding her. She saw her mother and sister-in-law looking so excited, the suppressed anxiety in her heart disappeared, and joy couldn’t stop appearing. It was done! This is done! So there is no other thing now, so I hurried to get a mirror.

When she saw her face in the mirror, Qinhua was dumbfounded.

Is this still herself? When was she so beautiful?

As if asking for confirmation with her trembling hands. She touched the scar that had been on her face for many years. The scar still existed, but it was really invisible!

Qinhua’s eyes turned red, and she turned to look at her mother, “Mother, this is me. I can still be so beautiful. “

Aunt Zhao nodded with red eyes. She embraced her little daughter in her arms and patted her back to comfort her. “Yes… Yes, I really can’t see it anymore. You look so beautiful. It’s fine now. “

The mother and daughter were holding each other and crying.

Li Mo looked at the excitement and joy of this family and couldn’t help but curl her mouth.

It’s great. My technology can still make others happy in this period.

At that moment, the second sister-in-law of Qinhua, standing by the side, couldn’t stand it anymore. She stood up and patted Aunt Zhao, “Mother, stop crying first. We still have to thank Sister Li Mo for this.

After being reminded, Aunt Zhao and Qinhua awakened from their excitement. Aunt Zhao slapped her thigh, annoyed, “Look at me, this old fool. I forgot to thank Li Mo. ” When she pulled Li Mo’s hand, her tone was excited, “Li Mo, Auntie wants to thank you so much. Thank you so much. Now the thorn in Auntie’s heart is finally gone. “

Qin Hua also said, “Sister-in-law, I really don’t know how to thank you. You made me so beautiful. I never knew I could be so beautiful. “

Li Mo smiled. Shaking her head, she patted the hands of Aunt Zhao and Qinhua. “Auntie, Qinhua, you don’t have to thank me anymore. You took care of Dashan and Xiaobao a lot, and I am very happy to help sister Qinhua now. “

Aunt Zhao couldn’t help but nod. “Well, I won’t say anything. Auntie will remember it in my heart. ” After finished speaking, she continued: “The aunt will ask you, I will trouble you when Qinhua gets married. I’ll leave it to you to dress up as Qinhua. “

Li Mo naturally agreed.

When Li Mo’s family said goodbye, Aunt Zhao held Li Mo’s hand and held it tightly, “Don’t go back, you should stay and have lunch at Auntie’s house, and let Auntie her gratitude to you.”

Li Mo shook her head quickly, “Aunt, No, it’s just a matter of effort.”

Aunt Zhao didn’t listen, and she didn’t let Li Mo go. “Come and take a sip of tea and have some light rice. Why can’t you stay? Is it because you dislike your aunt’s house for having no good food for you to eat? “

“How can we dislike Auntie’s food?”

“Since you don’t dislike Auntie’s food, you will eat it at my aunt’s house, or else I will think of it as you dislike Aunt’s food.”

Li Mo couldn’t laugh or cry. Although she knew this was Aunt Zhao’s aggressive method to make her stay, she didn’t know how to refuse Aunt’s offer. She gave a look at Song Dashan, hoping that he would go out.

Zhao Dashan saw Li Mo’s gaze and patted Li Mo’s arm, “Since Auntie wants us to stay, let’s eat at Auntie’s house.”

Aunt Zhao nodded when she heard this. “That’s right. Why are you polite to Auntie? She hurriedly commanded her daughters-in-law. “Go to the vegetable garden and pick some vegetables, Qinhua. You go take out the leftover bacon a few days ago and make a garlic fried pork at noon. “

Qinhua nodded, and she went away in a hurry.

Looking at this scene, Li Mo knew that it was too late to refuse, so she didn’t say anything. She just rolled up her sleeves and went to the vegetable garden to help.

When cooking, Li Mo kept talking with the Zhao Family’s sisters-in-law. Everyone talked about the housework, and soon they became familiar with each other. Yang Lanhua even asked Li Mo how to put on makeup and make herself look like a fairy.

The kitchen was filled with waves of laughter,

When eating at noon, all the young and old men from the Zhao Family, who went out to work, came back. Everyone didn’t talk much, and they all sat around the big table to eat together.

When he saw Qinhua’s face, Daddy Zhao, who didn’t talk that much, was surprised by Qinhua’s appearance.

Qinhua’s second brother, Zhao Changbang, and Song Dashan grew up together. They can wear a pair of trousers together. He is quite hearty and funny. He gave Song Dashan a thumbs up right now, “Dashan, your wife is amazing. You found a treasure. “

When this was said, everyone laughed. Zhao Changbang’s wife Li Xiaofeng beat him angrily and cursed: “You vulgar man! Watch your words. “

Zhao Changbang scratched his head and didn’t care. “It was a compliment. Look at how beautiful my siblings became. “

Everyone agreed with this. Li Mo’s makeup skills are really incredible.

Aunt Zhao nodded in agreement: “This is true. Li Mo’s craftsmanship is truly amazing. “

Seeing everyone praising her, Li Mo turned her head and immediately told Aunt Zhao what she was thinking. “Auntie, in fact, I always have a plan in my heart, and I want to ask you to help me.”

Aunt Zhao said quickly, “Just tell me if you have anything to say.”

Li Mo glanced at the Zhao family and slowly said, “Auntie, my makeup, you have seen it, no matter how ugly people are, I can make her look good. Therefore, I want to use my makeup craftsmanship as a way to make money. Do you think it is possible? “

When the Zhao family heard Li Mo’s words, they all stayed for a while, apart from people who specialize in dressing up. They hadn’t seen anyone specializing in makeup, let alone as young as this lady. They were usually old women who do this work.

But when you think about it, everyone thinks it’s not impossible. Li Mo’s makeup skills are so good. It’s better than those women who can only paint white faces. If they were a bride, they would definitely choose Li Mo.

Those who are not good-looking women who are about to marry must have also hoped that someone could make them beautiful in their marriage ceremony. To leave a good impression in front of the people who are present at the ceremony.

Aunt Zhao also thought of this and immediately nodded, “This is possible. With your craftsmanship, I’m not afraid that no one will ask you to dress them up. “

Li Mo was also very happy when she heard that and became more confident. “Auntie, if there are people you know who are interested, I would like to ask you to help me pay attention and recommend me.”

Aunt Zhao didn’t hesitate and agreed., “This is easy. Auntie will help you. “

Then she turned to face her several daughters-in-law and Qinhua and said: “You also pay attention to helping Li Mo with her business.”

At that moment, several sisters-in-law of the Zhao family nodded.

“Mother, sister Li Mo’s craftsmanship is so good. Even if I don’t talk about it, people will definitely ask me about it after the ceremony. “

Aunt Zhao remembered something at that moment and asked Li Mo, “If someone asks for the price, how much do you plan to charge?”

Li Mo didn’t know how much it would cost for this makeup, so she asked Aunt Zhao, “Auntie, I don’t know how much it costs. How much do you think is appropriate? “

After thinking for a while, she said: “The village ladies who dress up as brides are usually given a red envelope. The price varies, normally it’s 10 to 15 wen. Auntie thinks that you should follow this price. It’s not good to exceed it. “

Li Mo nodded, “About that aunt, I want 15 yuan as a price.”

Aunt Zhao nodded and now secretly regarded this as a major event, planning to ask Li Mo later.


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