Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 10

Chapter 10

After having lunch at Zhao’s household, the family of three went back home.

On the way back, Li Mo silently calculated in his heart how much money the family needs now.

Their clothes were tattered and couldn’t be worn. They must have two new sets of clothes to change; there are no pots and pans in the house, so we need to buy a new set; their house is on the verge of collapsing. It is hard to stay there any longer, especially when it rains. It must be repaired. The most important thing is Song Dashan’s legs, which need to be treated as soon as possible. It can not be delayed for too long.

Thinking about it this way, Li Mo discovered that there are so many things that needed to be fixed. And it is impossible to achieve these without fifty taels of silver. She only charges 15 yuan for makeup. How long will it take to get rid of their current situation?

No, I still have to think about other ways to make money.

Li Mo racked her brains to think about what kind of product she could do by hand. At that moment, she accidentally glanced and found that there were clusters of blooming roses growing under the fence on the roadside. Li Mo’s eyes lit up, and she thought of an idea.

For a person who has devoted her life to researching beauty products, how could she not know how to make perfume balm and perfume? She only remembered it just now.

Women in this era also like to use incense. Some ointments were made for women. If you put a little bit on your body, it can exude a pleasant aroma. This product is popular among women. However, this kind of product was regarded as a luxury. A small box of this product costs 15 yuan. Only wealthy families can afford this product.

Li Mo knows how to make a simple perfume balm. The main ingredients for making this perfume balm can be seen anywhere. Some materials that needed to be bought weren’t expensive, there will be no loss. Everyone loves to be beautiful. They were simply reluctant to buy an expensive product. If she sells it at a lower price, everyone would definitely be willing to buy it.

After thinking of this, Li Mo’s heart warmed up again. She was immediately motivated. She ran to the clusters of roses. She lowered her head and smelled it. She thought about the steps on how to create it.

Xiaobao saw Li Mo smelling and touching the flowers and hurriedly ran over to her side and coped with what Li Mo did just now. He tried to smell the flowers. But with his short legs, he wasn’t able to reach it. So he jumped anxiously. Li Mo looked at Xiaobao’s funny action. She bent over to pick him up and leaned closer to let Xiabao smell it. The little guy sniffed hard as if trying to suck all the fragrance from the flower into his nose.

Song Dashan also came over and asked Li Mo, “What’s wrong? Do you like these flowers? “

Li Mo didn’t answer but asked Song Dashan instead, “Brother Dashan, are there many roses in the village?”

Song Dashan shook his head. There are not many roses in the village. Most of them were planted in their yards by some people. Usually, they don’t grow much, but there are many in the mountains. “

LiMo was happy and asked, “Does the mountain have any Jinhua flowers?”

Song Dashan frowned. In doubt, he asked. “What are Jinhua flowers? I don’t seem to have heard of it. “

Li Mo thought to herself that this kind of plant is common in the modern era. Shouldn’t it be absent in this period? Is it because the name was different in this period? Li Mo described the characteristics of this plant to Song Dashan in detail.

After Song Dashan heard it, he knew what Li Mo was talking about. He thought it was a kind of flower initially, but it was actually a white grass-like plant called Xuancao. It was everywhere in the back mountains and grew throughout the year. There was a faint scent, and many people in the village would pick some and put it in a bottle.

Listening to Song Dashan, Li Mo was sure that this was Jinhua. With this Jinhua, the ingredients for making ointment were all available.

Li Mo didn’t hide it and talked to Song Dashan about her plan to make the perfume balm, “Brother Dashan, this perfume balm will cost at least 15 yuan for each small box and be sold in the cosmetic shop. I only need rose flowers and daylilies to make this. That’s it, the cost is about nothing. I can make a little more and sell it to the village women for five cents a box. They will definitely be willing to buy it. “

Song Dashan was really surprised. He didn’t expect this little lady who was bought recklessly; not only does she have good makeup skills, but she also knows how to make a perfume balm. Looking at her beautiful appearance, Song Dashan remembered what Zhao Changbang said. He had picked up a treasure and couldn’t help but admit that she was indeed a treasure, a priceless treasure.

Li Mo didn’t notice that Song Dashan was in deep thought and asked him something that kept bothering her: “Brother Dashan, where can I find someone who can make a small box with a lid that could be used to hold the perfume balm?”

Song Dashan was asked by Li Mo and was snapped back to reality. He replied: “It’s okay to use an iron box, but it’s too expensive. One box would cost two or three yuan. Let’s use a wooden box. One is about one cent. Uncle Zhang has been doing this kind of work in the village. He is a carpenter. We can ask him to make it. “

Li Mo listened to SOng Dashan and nodded in agreement. Since she was aiming for a low-end route, and the target buyer was the women in the village, the wooden box was also acceptable. As long as the contents are good, no one can refuse to buy them.

Li Mo thought for a while, but she still needed a box before starting preparing, so she needed to settle the box first.

Upon hearing this, Song Dashan took Li Mo straight to Uncle Zhang’s house.

Uncle Zhang’s house is in the easternmost part of the village. He has been a carpenter all his life, and his craftsmanship has been handed down from generation to generation. Anyone in the village who wants furniture to be built will immediately come to Uncle Zhang.

As soon as they entered the yard of Old Uncle Zhang’s house, they saw that the yard was full of wood. There was a large pile of tools in a corner, and wood shavings were scattered everywhere, and a few pieces of well-made furniture were placed aside.

Song Dashan first shouted in front of the house, and within the next seconds, there was a firm answer: “Come in.”

Then there was a man who looked forty to fifty years old. Not so tall, sturdy dark skin and a saw in his hand.

Seeing that it was Song Dashan, Old Uncle Zhang greeted him: “Oh, It’s Dashan, are you here to get the tub? I have finished making it. Wait, I will bring it to you. ” Without waiting for Song Dashan’s response, he went inside the house again. After a while, he came out with a big basin and handed it to Song Dashan: “Come, the bathtub you want is ready for you to use.”

Li Mo looked at the basin in Uncle Zhang’s hand, about one meter in diameter. It is half a meter deep, and it is really used for bathing.

She remembered that I used a washbasin to take a bath when I first came in this period. Was it made for me?

Li Mo looked at Song Dashan in surprise. Her eyes lit up.

Song Dashan saw Li Mo’s bright eyes and the uncontrollable joy in her eyes. He couldn’t help but curve his lips upwards. He thanked Uncle Zhang with a smile and then pulled Li Mo forward and introduced her: “Uncle, this is my wife.”

Uncle Zhang had seen Li Mo, beside Song Dashan, but it was not appropriate to ask him. However, this time, Song Dashan took the initiative to introduce her. He nodded with a smile. “Good, the two of you will have a good life in the future.”

Song Dashan smiled and nodded and then told Uncle Zhang the purpose of their visit: “Uncle, I have something to ask for you to help. I would like to ask you to make me some small wooden boxes. “

Uncle Zhang asked, “What do you want to do? Tell me more about it. “

Song Dashan looked at Li Mo. Li Mo smiled. She opened her hand to compare the size and explained to Old Uncle Zhang: “Uncle Zhang, I want to be about this size. It’s tall, round, and with a lid that can be closed and opened to put some rouge gouache in it. “

Uncle Zhang immediately understood this description and immediately responded, “Don’t worry, it’s simple. How many boxes do you want? When do you want it? “

Li Mo thought for a while and replied, “I want ten first. I want to get it as soon as possible. I don’t know if Uncle Zhang can make it in a few days? “

Uncle Zhang estimated, “It’s not a lot. You can pick it up the day after tomorrow. “

The price is the same as Song Dashan estimated. One box only costs 1 wen.

Li Mo hurriedly took out 10 yuan from the armband and gave it to Uncle Zhang.

After it was settled, the family of three went home.

Li Mo told Song Dashan that she wanted to go to the mountain to pick roses and Jinhua. Song Dashan thought about it and arranged a work plan. “I will go to the field to plant some peanuts, and the day after tomorrow, I will take you to the back of the mountain to pick some flowers.”

Li Mo had no objection to this arrangement and nodded in agreement.

Song Dashan wanted to plant the peanuts by himself, but Li Mo followed him with a hoe in her hands. Of course, the little tail Song Xiaobao naturally followed suit, so the family of three went out together again.

They sprinkled peanut seeds into the pits, buried them in the soil, and poured some water.

Li Mo took the peanut seeds, put peanut seeds into the holes one by one, and then Song Dashan followed behind and filled the holes with his hoe.

This work is much simpler than hoeing the ground. Li Mo did it, and the two of them worked until it started to get dark. They planned to do the rest tomorrow.

The three returned home, Xiaobao went to play in the yard, Li Mo and Song Dashan went into the kitchen to cook dinner.

The meat and bones they bought before were still frozen in the tank. Li Mo took them out and planned to use them all of tonight. The family will have a sumptuous meal.

She cut the meat slightly, stir-fried it with the green peppers they got from Aunt Zhao, stewed a soup with meat bones, and braised the meat in a brown sauce. This meal is definitely rich.

Li Mo directly scooped out a half bowl of brown rice and then scooped a half bowl of polished rice, mixed and cooked together。

Just when the food was almost ready, a voice came from the kitchen door: “Dashan.”

Li Mo turned around and saw Song Dashan’s mother standing at the kitchen door with two children in her hands. They were the two children brought by Wang Cuihua yesterday.

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