Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Mother, why are you here?” Song Dashan greeted.

Mother Song smiled and did not answer Song Dashan’s query. Instead, she asked, “Dashan, I came here at noon, but no one’s here. Where did you go at noon?”

“Mother, We ate lunch at the Zhao Family’s house. “

Mother Song was doubtful. “Why did they invite you to eat at their house?”

Song Dashan didn’t tell the truth but said lightly: “I helped Aunt Zhao last time. That is why she asked us to eat at their house.”

Mother Song nodded when she heard Song Dashan’s answer.

Mother Song lowered her head without worrying about it anymore and looked at the two children beside her. She said: “You can go and play with Brother Xiao Bao for a while, and then I will call you when the food is ready. “

After she finished talking to the two children, she rolled up her sleeves and went in. “Mother will cook for you.”

Li Mo pursed her lips, secretly saying that this meant that they were staying for dinner.

Li Mo had no objection to Song Dashan’s Mother coming to eat with them, but his Mother brought the two children from his sister-in-law’s family. The two children only followed their Mother to come to Li Mo’s house yesterday and bullied their Xiaobao. Doesn’t Song Dashan’s Mother know what happened yesterday? Even knowing what happened, she still brought the two children to eat dinner here. Li Mo didn’t believe that Wang Cuihua was not involved in this affair.

Li Mo believed that it was indeed Wang Cuihua’s idea. When she came here yesterday, she saw the steamed buns and plum cakes. Li Mo guessed that she also saw the pork belly and meat bones they bought.

At that time, Wang Cuihua wanted to take them all back, but Song Dashan threw them out before they could snatch them. The two children could only take the steamed buns and plum cakes. She couldn’t take the meat. That’s why when they went back home, she felt unhappy and thought of a plan to have a share of the meat.

After thinking about it all night, Wang Cuihua deliberately did not cook for Mother Song. She ambiguously said to Mother Song: “Mother, I saw that Brother Dashan bought a lot of meat yesterday. Mother, I think brother-in-law should be filial to you. It’s better for you to eat there, and why don’t you bring Ming’er and Song’er to their uncle? “

Mother Song moved her mouth and wanted to say something. However, Wang Cuihua interrupted her directly: “Mother, I think Brother Dashan must honor you. That’s why I didn’t cook for you and the two children at noon. Why don’t you go to their house? These poor children usually live a hard life and can’t eat anything good, so why don’t you bring them to their uncle’s house? If you don’t go there, what can you eat? “

Mother Song swallowed the words she was about to say and directly brought the two children to Song Dashan’s house.

Unexpectedly, the door of Song Dashan’s house was locked, and no one was at home.

When she went back, she was naturally nagged by Wang Cuihua for a while. She could only make a coarse grain porridge to soothe her belly.

At dinner, Wang Cuihua asked her to bring her two children to Song Dasha’s house again.

This time, her second son was finally at home.

Li Mo looked at Mother Song, who insisted on helping them cook their dinner. She glanced at Song Dashan and didn’t say anything. She continued to do what she was doing.

Song Dashan opened his mouth and said to his Mother: “Mother, you don’t need to help us cook. We are almost done. You can go out and sit. “

“Your Mother is not a kid. I will prepare the tableware. “

Mother Song saw that the food was really ready. She turned around and took out the bowls and chopsticks from the cabinet and put them on the table.

The food was delivered to the table. The two children of Song Dazhu’s family were already sitting on the square table. One person sat on one side, and there were only two seats left on the table.

Li Mo didn’t want to be polite to these two children and immediately spoke to the two children: “You two, move to the other side.”

The two children didn’t listen to Li Mo and turned a deaf ear to Li Mo’s words, and sat comfortably without budging from their seats.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? If you don’t move, then you can’t have your dinner. ” Li Mo said again.

The youngest one was dissatisfied and yelled at Li Mo: “How dare you! Song Xiao Bao owed his life to us! You should take care of us when we come here to eat! “

When Li Mo heard this, her scalp exploded, and her voice couldn’t help but be stern. “Who said that Xiao Bao’s life belongs to your family?! Who said that? Who wants to serve you?! “

The two children were still young after all. Li Mo sternly scolded them, and they shrank, but they didn’t move.

When Mother Song’s face didn’t look good, she immediately came out and said, “Li Mo, they are still young and ignorant. Don’t fret over other family’s children.”

When Li Mo heard Mother Song’s words, she was dissatisfied. What did she mean by they are young and ignorant? They are seven and eight years old. They are much older than Xiao Bao, but he knows what’s right and what’s wrong, so why can’t they understand?

What’s more, what they said, was what they heard from the adults surrounding them. If it wasn’t because of the adults in their house, how could a child say something terrible? And what’s wrong with Mother Song? Didn’t she hear what they said? Not only did she not teach them a lesson, but she defended them too.

Li Mo was so angry that she just didn’t mind she was talking to an elderly person., “Mother, didn’t you hear what they said? How do the adults know what the children said was not good? Who said that our Xiao Bao’s life belongs to them? Who said that our family should serve your family? “

When Mother Song heard the words, her face became stiff. After a few seconds, she said unreservedly: “Where is the adult in the house who said that? It was the children who didn’t know and learned them from outside. Don’t think too much about it. “

Li Mo can see that this Mother Song was favoring the Big Brother’s family and will not consider Song Dashan at all.

Just as Li Mo was thinking about how to restrain the two children, a figure flashed beside her. Song Dashan took two steps forward, and in one hand, he grabbed the two children in their hands, picked them up, and moved them from the table.

The two children were violently picked up. They were screaming in fright, kicking their feet repeatedly, and yelling: “Dead lame, You! Let me down! I’m going to tell my Father and Mother! Let me down, dead lame! “

Song Dashan turned a deaf ear, grabbed the two of them, and walked to the door.

Seeing that the two children were about to be thrown out, Mother Song rushed forward and hugged Song Dashan’s leg, “Dashan, don’t be like this, they are young, don’t hurt them, Dashan, listen to Mother.”

Mother Song was hugging him. If he continues to drag the kids, Dashan could hurt his Mother. After the pause, he put the two children down, but he watched them too harshly and shouted, “If you do it again, you know what will happen. Do you understand?! “

The two children immediately hid behind Mother Song, but they didn’t dare to scold him anymore.

Finally, Mother Song let the two children sit on one side, Song Dashan alone at the end of the table. Li Mo took Xiao Bao. They were sitting in front of the two kids. Mother Song sat on the other side, facing Song Dashan.

When they were eating, the two children were gorging the food. The chopsticks were moving fast and non-stop. They also picked the meat tongs, piled up the meat in their rice bowls, and constantly stuffed their mouths.

At this time, the three of Li Mo’s family didn’t eat much at all. If it weren’t for Li Mo’s eyesight and quick hands to add a few more meats to Xiao Bao, Xiaobao wouldn’t even have been able to taste the meat.

Song Dashan also put a few pieces of meat in Li Mo’s bowl, but he didn’t eat anything himself.

The rice they cooked at noon was enough for their family of three. Now a few people came, the rice wasn’t enough, and none of them was full.

Seeing that they were out of food, the two children cried and wanted to eat more. Song Mother also looked at Li Mo.

Li Mo’s face was not good, “I’m out of food. I only cooked for our family’s portion at noon, so there is no more left. “

When the two children heard this, they refused to conform and immediately patted the table and yelled that they wanted to eat.

Song Dashan put the bowl down violently, making a loud “BANG,” and staring straight at the two children. Under such staring, their voices gradually became quieter until there was no sound.

The atmosphere was deadly silent, and Mother Song came out to appease Song Dashan. “Dashan, I will tell your eldest brother what they did. Don’t be angry. But Dashan, this food was indeed too little for us to eat. Can you cook again? Just a little bit? “

Li Mo laughed angrily but stopped talking and handed it to Song Dashan to see how he would treat his Mother. She was an outsider. It’s not good to say something. And maybe Song Dashan will be displeased for disrespecting his Mother.

When Song Dashan heard his Mother’s words, his teeth clenched suddenly, as if all the words he was holding back finally went out. He said: “Mother, do you think I have money to buy rice when I am this poor. We eat big ballast porridge with pickles every day. It was Li Mo who took out the last item on her body to buy these things. The food that she bought for Xiao Bao was stolen by her sister-in-law and her two nephews. Now, this dish is not enough for you. So what do you want me to do? Go out to beg for food? “

Mother Song’s head was getting lower and lower by Song Dashan’s words. Before she was nagged in her ears by her eldest daughter-in-law, she gradually felt that her second son had money hidden in his body, and he had a good life. When the second son said this, her guilt came up again, and she was speechless. It took a long time before she stood up with a flushed face and pulled the two children, “Dashan, it’s Mother’s fault, then Mother is leaving.”

After speaking, she hurried out with the two children.

Li Mo looked at Mother Song’s figure without speaking, but it was funny in her heart. It seemed that Mother Song would feel guilty every time and would run away after doing the deed.

When Mother Song left, Li Mo looked at the empty plates on the table, and her anger came up again. She finally bought something just to be fed to the stomach of other people, but she couldn’t say it. She was really feeling aggrieved.

Song Dashan glanced at Li Mo’s aggrieved face, his lips moved, and he wanted to say something. Finally, he sighed and stood up. He said: “I’ll go to the kitchen and cook some porridge” and went to the kitchen.

Li Mo didn’t say anything, nor did she help him. She didn’t want to move.

In the end, she ate a bit of porridge and finally didn’t feel hungry. Li Mo boiled some hot water and took a bath with the newly bought basin, then gave Xiao Bao a bath, and the family of three went to bed and rest.

After Li Mo told Xiaobao the story and coaxed him to sleep, the growing tension finally calmed down.

At that moment, one hand stretched over and held Li Mo’s hand, Li Mo struggled to break free, but the hand that was holding her, held her even tighter.

In the darkness, Song Dashan’s slightly hoarse voice sounded, “Don’t be angry. It won’t happen again in the future. “

Li Mo said nothing.

It took a long time for her to make an “um” sound.


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