Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 12

Chapter 12

In the morning, Song Dashan went out to water their fields and took Li Mo to the back of the mountain on the following day.

Song Dashan carried a basket on his back and held Xiaobao in front with a cloth strip to carry him while picking flowers. Li Mo followed with a basket in her hand.

Sure enough, there were a lot of roses and Jinhua at the back of the mountain. Li Mo collected the roses, and Song Dashan collected the golden flowers, and it took some time to fill the baskets they brought.

To prevent people from asking questions, Li Mo and Song Dashan sent back the basket full of flowers to their home first and then went to Uncle Zhang’s house to get the wooden box.

Li Mo originally thought that the craftsman wouldn’t do much better from the ancient period, but she was surprised by the result. The wooden box Uncle Zhang made was delicate and polished very smoothly. When the lid is closed, you can’t see any gaps. When you remove the lid, it’s opened easily without any hindrance. There is also a small clasp on the lid. When you open it gently, it was stuck firmly in the body of the wooden box. So you don’t have to worry about spilling the powder.

With this box, her perfume balm didn’t look inferior at all. On the contrary, it adds points to her perfume balm; more people will buy it.

Li Mo sincerely thanked Uncle Zhang and secretly said that he could come to Uncle Zhang for anything in the future.

After getting the box, Li Mo started preparing ingredients to make the perfume balm.

Li Mo picked up the roses and started to take the petals of the roses. She washed the roses with water, mixed the crushed Jinhua, put them in a pot, and steamed them over a high fire.

After an hour, the roses and Jinhua became softer and sloppy. Li Mo stirred them with chopsticks, let them steam for at least fifteen minutes, and transferred them to a basin before extinguishing the fire. She added two lumps of face oil, stirred it evenly, and mashed the flowers together. This time, the balm finally looked good. It almost looked like a rouge; it looked beautiful.

Li Mo stretched out her hand, dipped it in the balm, and gently wiped it on her wrist, spreading it evenly. There was no red stain on her wrist. It just looked like something was not wiped out from her wrist, but you could smell the scent coming out from the balm.

She transferred the balm into the prepared wooden boxes, pressed them in the box, and waited for it to cool down in a while.

Li Mo picked up three boxes, packed them up, and walked to Aunt Zhao’s house.

Li Mo had already made up her mind and sent three boxes to Aunt Zhao’s house. If she wants to sell the balm, she must have someone try it and promote it. This thing can only be done by Aunt Zhao’s family, who have a good relationship with their family.

Li Mo came in after lunch. The Zhao family had just finished eating, and the family was resting.

When Zhao Qinhua saw Li Mo coming over, her eyes lit up, and she immediately greeted her, “Sister-in-law, you are here.”

Li Mo smiled and pulled her hand.

At this time, everyone in the Zhao family greeted her one after another.

At this time, everyone in the Zhao family greeted her one after another.

Aunt Zhao directly asked Li Mo, “Li Mo, are you here to find Auntie?”

Li Mo smiled and nodded, “Auntie, I have something I want to talk about with you.” He said that he would bring three boxes. Take it out and put it on the table.

At this time, everyone came over curiously; they looked at the wooden box curiously.

“Sister Li Mo, what is this?” Qin Lanhua asked.

Li Mo smiled, “This is the balm that I made, and I want to give it to you.”

When the Zhao family heard this, they were immediately surprised: “Cream? This is a balm? This is a good thing. “

Li Mo smiled. She opened one of them, took a little bit with her hand, pulled Qinhua’s hand, and gently smeared it on her wrist, then covered the balm cap, and asked everyone, “Does it smell good?.”

Li Xiaofeng took two steps away from the balm, and he could smell it from afar. It actually smelled better than the balm he smelled from the powder shop before. He went around Qinhua, and he could smell the scent surrounding Qinhua. “It’s too powerful. Just apply a little on the wrist. You can smell it all over your body. It smells good. Sister-in-law, did you really make this?

Li Mo nodded and pushed the three boxes of balm in front of them, “Sister-in-law, I did this, and I won’t lie to you. I plan to sell this and give you three boxes. You can use it and help me recommend it to others. “

Yang Lanhua was a little embarrassed, “Sister Li Mo, this balm is very expensive. You even gave us three boxes at once. You will lose a lot. This can’t be done. “

Li Mo shook her head, “Sister-in-law, I made this, and I didn’t buy it at a high price. You can use it well and recommend it to other people. Then I can make money. “

Qinhua said worriedly at this time: “Sister-in-law, your balm is good, but this balm is too expensive, and the people in our village are probably reluctant to spend money to buy it.”

Everyone else agreed with Qinhua. The people in this village might be reluctant to buy it.

Li Mo explained at the moment: “I won’t have the same price as in the powder shop. Even if I use this balm every day, a box can be used for about 3 months. I will only sell it for 5 yuan per box. Do you think they will still not buy it? “

“What? Sister-in-law, you only charge 5 yuan for a box like this? It’s too cheap, right? The cheapest in the powder shop is 15 cents. ” Li Xiaofeng was surprised.

Li Mo: “It is indeed 5 yuan. I’ll sell it to the women in the village. I don’t want to ask for a higher price. I just want to earn a little bit for each box. “

“Such a good thing, as long as it is 5 wen, they will buy it.” At this time, Aunt Zhao also spoke.

Li Mo smiled, “Then Auntie, Sister Lanhua, and Sister Qinhua, use them to help me talk about it with other people. If they are interested, tell them that I’m selling it. “

Several people nodded and agreed.

Li Mo initially thought it would be a few days before anyone would consider buying it. Still, in the afternoon, Qinhua brought a little lady to her house.

“Sister-in-law, this is Taozi, my good sister. She wants to buy your balm. ” Qinhua introduced the girl to Li Mo.

Li Mo looked at the girl and said with a smile: “Come in and let’s sit and talk.”

Taozi was a little shy. Her face was a little red when she saw Li Mo. It was the first time she had seen such a beautiful person. She couldn’t help but take a look at Li Mo a little bit longer.

Li Mo spotted the little girl’s sneaking gaze. She was amused and pretended she didn’t notice her gaze. She went to the kitchen and poured two bowls of water for both of them.

“Sister-in-law, you don’t have to do this. We came to buy your balm. ” Qinhua said

“I wiped your balm and went to play with Taozi. Taozi smelled the scent from my body; it was fragrant. ” Qinhua couldn’t help laughing after she finished talking.

Taozi on the side also nodded, with a small voice, “Sister-in-law, the smell on Qinhua’s body is really good, and I want to buy your balm too.”

Li Mo nodded and asked them to wait a while before entering her room to take out a box of balm and hand it to Taozi, “Come on, this is the balm. Would you like to try it? “

Taozi was moved. After Li Mo asked her if she wanted to try it, she immediately nodded with embarrassment. She opened the box carefully, and she saw the pink balm inside the box; it looked beautiful.

Taozi blinked and asked Li Mo with a hint of embarrassment, “Sister-in-law, how do you use this?”

Li Mo took the box, pulled out a little bit, and took Taozi’s hand and smeared it on her wrist, “Look, just take a small amount, and then apply it to your wrist or neck. Just a little bit can last for a day. No need to apply more. “

Taozi leaned close to her wrist and smelled it. It really smelled good; she felt really happy. She took out 5 yuan from her purse and handed it to Li Mo,

“Sister-in-law, this is the money. Your balm is much cheaper than the balm from the powder shop. “

Li Mo didn’t hesitate and took the money, “Then sister-in-law will take the money. If you don’t mind, you can also recommend it to your sisters-in-law. “

Taozi nodded, “It’s so cheap. I will definitely recommend them to you. “

Qinhua on the side pulled Li Mo’s sleeve, blinked, and said coquettishly. “Sister-in-law, I told Taozi that you gave me makeup last time, and Taozi didn’t believe me, sister-in-law. Can you do it for Taozi? She is about to get married. If you make her look better, she didn’t need to ask other dressing ladies. “

Taozi also looked at Li Mo with curiosity and desire in her eyes.

Li Mo smiled; how could she not accept it? It was like publicity for herself; she couldn’t wait to do it.

“Then you two wait a minute. I’ll get the tools. ” After Li Mo said this, she went inside her room to get makeup tools.

The two little ladies who stayed gleamed in delight.

Li Mo took a closer look at Taozi’s face. Her skin was rough, her eyes were relatively small, and her lips were a bit thick. When putting on makeup, she should focus on these points.

After thinking about it, Li Mo picked up the cosmetics and moved quickly on Taozi’s face.

Qinhua didn’t see how Li Mo put on her makeup last time, making her look very beautiful. Now, she finally saw it, but she only felt that Li Mo was really incredible after seeing it. Even if she looked at it step by step, she still couldn’t remember what she did or how she did it.

If she didn’t know this was Taozi, she wouldn’t have recognized her; Why is Taozi so beautiful?

Taozi’s rough skin disappeared. Now her face looked smooth and white. Her eyes are big and vigorous, and even her lips, which had always been thick before, are pink and tender at this moment, making people want to reach out. Touch it and see how it feels. Coupled with the fringed bun combed by Li Mo, Taozi looked more beautiful than the daughter of the Huangyuan outside the town.

“Taozi, you must not know how beautiful you are right now.” After Qinhua finished speaking, she immediately took the mirror and held it in front of Taozi for her to see. This look made Qinhua know what her expression was like at that time. She looked dumb.

Qinhua smiled and pushed Taozi, “Did Taozi become silly? Is it too beautiful? “

Taozi nodded blankly and muttered, “Is this me? Why is she beautiful? “

Qinhua smiled. She squeezed Taozi’s face and said, “Wake up! This is you! ” Taozi was pinched by her, “Ouch.” and she immediately hit Qinhua playfully, “Hey, don’t pinch my face. The makeup will be gone because of you. “

Qinhua laughed and said, “Smug!”

Taozi replied, “You are more conceited than me!”

Li Mo looked at two girls’ slapstick; they were still children, and in ancient times, they married at that young age.

At this time, the two of them finished fighting. Taozi took Li Mo’s hand with bright eyes, “Sister-in-law, your makeup is so beautiful. Please come and give me makeup when I am married. I want to go home and let my mother see me. ” She said and couldn’t wait to go home and ran out of the house.

Qinhua muttered behind, “She runs so fast.”


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  1. Mai Lee has spoken 9 months ago

    I know she’s just starting out but if she gives a sample make over every time a new customer comes, she’s gonna run out before she actually starts doing commissions. Idk maybe plot armor will help her. Plus, she really should’ve charged more the perfume boxes. At least 10 instead of the 5. She says it’s cheap to make but she only made 10 boxes. She gave away 3 so at most she’ll only get 35 yuan. Idk maybe 35 yuan goes for a lot more back then than I realize.


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