Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Looking at the money she earned, Li Mo was in a good mood. She felt that her business was gradually starting. Her family’s situation would get progressively better soon, and they would no longer be poor.
What Li Mo did not expect was that her good mood would be shattered that night.

There was a thunderstorm that night. All of the people were awakened by the thunderbolt, and the rain kept pouring heavily.

When Li Mo and Song Dashan were awake, their bodies and their quilts were already wet. A heavy raindrop poured from their roof. The raindrops leaked through the holes from the thatched roof and slid directly inside their house.

Song Dashan hurriedly jumped out of bed and put on his clothes.

He nudged Xiaobao to wake up and hugged him out of bed. He looked for a corner that was not wet and transferred him there. After settling Xiabao, he hurriedly picked up Li Mo and put her in that corner as well. He went back and took the dry part of the quilt and laid it down on the ground for Li Mo and Xiaobao.

When Song Dashan went to Li Mo and Xiaobao to shelter from the rain, he was already soaked.

Xiaobao was not wet from the rain, but Li Mo hurriedly went to the cabinet to find a piece of dry clothes and helped Xiaobao put them on so that Xiaobao wouldn’t catch a cold. Li Mo also urged Song Dashan to change clothes.

Song Dashan took the dry clothes and went to the hall to change.

The main house was not much better, it was leaking badly, and there was already water on the ground.

Looking at the leaking roof, Song Dashan sighed deeply.

When he returned, he didn’t have a place to live, and he didn’t have much money. It just so happened that this house would be sold, but because it was dilapidated, the price was low, and it was suitable for Song Dashan’s budget at that time. He bought it without much thought. He didn’t know that when it rained, leaking water was coming out of the roof.

Song Dashan thought he must repair the house this time. The rainy season was about to come, and their home wouldn’t be able to hold on if the house wasn’t rebuilt.

Li Mo also thought of this, and she asked, “Brother Dashan, how much does it cost to repair this house?”

Song Dashan estimated the cost in his heart.

“If we only need to repair the roof, I can chop some bamboo trees and get some hay and mud. If we want to find someone to help, we can ask the villagers for help. As long as you pack a lunch at noon, it won’t cost us much. It would only cost them more than 300 yuan.

Li Mo breathed a sigh of relief when she heard it. She still has a couple of silver left from the jade they pawned. If it costs a lot to repair the house, there won’t be enough money to buy some food.

Song Dashan looked at Li Mo and comforted her: ‘Don’t worry, tomorrow, I will go to Changbang and ask a few people to help us. I can fix it in just one day. “

Li Mo nodded and planned to boil some water tonight. However, they heard a loud sound, like something was collapsing.

Song Dashan sighed in his heart, he glanced at Li Mo and ran out of the room immediately, and when he went out, he saw the kitchen collapsed.

Li Mo also ran out holding Xiaobao and her heart sank when she saw the messy kitchen.

Song Dashan didn’t care about the kitchen; he searched for a sack and put it on Li Mo and Xiabao’s heads.

“Li Mo, you go and take Xiaobao to Aunt Zhao’s house and stay there.” After he asked Li Mo, he entered the room and asked Li Mo as he walked, “What do you want to bring?”

Li Mo was about to stop him from going inside, but she was slow to pull him back; instead, she shouted at him, “Brother Dashan! Come out, and I don’t need anything. “

Song Dashan didn’t come immediately; instead, he came out after carrying a big bag in his hand.

“Let’s go. Let’s say at Aunt Zhao’s house tonight.”

The three went to Aunt Zhao’s. Li Mo knocked on the door of Aunt Zhao. It didn’t take a while for someone to open the door, and they saw Song Dashan’s family of three. Zhao Changbang was surprised. “What happened? Come in! “

Song Dashan, Li Mo, and Xiaobao entered inside. The Zhao family gathered in the hall. The place was surrounded by candles. They were worried when they saw the appearance of the family of three. Aunt Zhao immediately asked her two daughters-in-law to cook ginger soup for the three not to catch a cold.

Then they let Li Mo take Xiaobao to change his clothes in Qinhua’s room. She also asked Song Dashan to go to Changbang to find him clothes to switch on.

Seeing that Li Mo and Xiaobao went to change clothes, Song Dashan told the Zhao family what happened. “Uncle, aunt. There was a leak in the house, and rain heavily poured down. The kitchen collapsed. I don’t dare to let Li Mo and Xiaobao stay at that house anymore. So I might have to trouble you to take our family. Let us stay at your home for a few days. “

Hearing Song Dashan’s words. Uncle Zhao waved his hands. “Whatever you say, live here. Don’t go back to your house until it is not rebuilt. “

Aunt Zhao also complained. “Dashan’s house is really too old and broken. I didn’t expect heavy rain; it wouldn’t be able to hold on. Oh, fortunately, it didn’t hurt anyone. “

Zhao Changbang found a piece of dry clothes for Song Dashan to change into; Li Mo and Xiaobao also changed into dry clothes and went out. The two families sat in the main room and discussed how to build the house tomorrow.

Zhao Changbang said: “If the rain stops tomorrow, I will bring a few strong laborers from the village to chop some bamboo, pick some mud, get some grass, and fix the roof for you. About the kitchen, I can’t fix it. “

Song Dashan nodded, “Originally, we were only planning to repair the roof. Who would have thought that the kitchen suddenly collapsed and the cabinets, stoves, and pots inside were ruined? “

When everyone heard it, they all understood that the amount they would spend was not small. It didn’t cost much to repair the roof, but it would cost a lot if you rebuilt the kitchen and fixed the stove.

Uncle Zhao looked at Song Dashan, “Dashan, this is a lot of money. Do you have enough money? If it is not enough, tell your uncle, uncle will lend you first. “

Song Dashan’s eyes were a little red. He nodded: “Uncle, I’m not polite to you; I don’t have enough money. I really need to borrow from you, Uncle. Rest assured, I will pay you back as soon as possible. “

Uncle Zhao waved his hand, “We have watched you grow up. Uncle believes you, don’t be polite. Let’s talk about how to do it. “

Song Dashan nodded heavily.

Li Mo looked at him and was grateful too, thinking that she must thank Uncle Zhao’s family well after this difficult time.

This night, Aunt Zhao arranged for Li Mo and Xiao Bao to sleep with Qin Hua, two daughters-in-law to sleep in one room, and two sons to sleep in a room with Song Dashan.

That night, Li Mo didn’t sleep much, thinking about their fallen house.

Li Mo woke up early the next morning. Qinhua and Xiaobao were still asleep. Li Mo quietly dressed and got up, opened the door quietly, and went out.

Unexpectedly, everyone else got up and was busy doing things, but she didn’t see Song Dashan.

Seeing Li Mo coming out, Yang Lanhua took Li Mo to the backyard to wash.

“The weather is good today. The workers went to repair your house today. Not too long this morning, Brother Dashan and my second brother went to the town to buy rammed mud and ask someone to build a house. ” Yang Lanhua said.

Li Mo knows that although there are bricks in this era, they are costly. Where can ordinary people buy bricks? They use rammed mud as bricks to build houses. This rammed earth is not easy to do. Besides technology, it also requires a lot of money and manpower. Hence, few people generally know how to make rammed mud by themselves. There is a workshop specializing in rammed mud in the town, so you can buy rammed mud and make it when you build a house.

Li Mo thought about how she could help and asked quickly: “Sister-in-law, are you preparing meals for the people who will come to help us at noon?”

“Of course, the villagers will help, and they will not ask for money; food would be enough for them. After everything is set, they will ask the villagers to have a meal. ” Yang Lanhua added another sentence. “Don’t worry, I thought of this in the morning. Dashan has brought some meat back from the town. “

Li Mo didn’t expect that Yang Lanhua had already arranged it, and her heart was moved. “Sister-in-law, I don’t know how to thank you.”

Yang Lanhua didn’t mind. “Why did you say thank you? We hadn’t thanked you that much when you gave us the perfume balm. “

Li Mo smiled, nodded, and stopped saying thank you but kept it in her heart.


Before noon, Song Dashan took the rammed mud and handed over the vegetables he bought to Li Mo. After that, he took the people to repair the house.

Li Mo asked Xiaobao to play with Zhao’s family’s children and went into the kitchen to prepare lunch. Fortunately, Yang Lanhua and Li Xiaofeng were busy working together. These two sisters-in-law were really good at cooking, and the dishes were basically made by them. This made Li Mo breathe a sigh of relief. Otherwise, with her craftsmanship, people who work will likely be dissatisfied.

They made a fried eggplant with meat at noon—a scrambled egg with tomatoes and roasted pork with potatoes. The portion is very generous, and there is a lot of meat. The staple food was put in a large pot containing steamed buns. Each person has two large buns. This kind of meal is already very good.

When the food was almost ready, Song Dashan’s Mother and Wang Cuihua came in, followed by a woman Li Mo had never seen.

Yang Lanhua and Li Xiaofeng sank their faces as soon as they saw the visitor, and their mouths were not polite. “What are you doing here?”

Mother Song smiled, rubbing her hands, and replied embarrassingly, “I heard that Dashan asked someone to build a house. We came to help. “

Wang Cuihua also took a step forward, watching the food in the pot, and said, “How can we not come to help with such a big event as Dashan’s family? My Dazhu and third brother have gone to help. If you need help with cooking, I’m here to help you. “

It’s nice to get help, but Yang Lanhua knows who Wang Cuihua’s family is, and it’s hard to say it to Song Mu directly, so she didn’t show mercy to Wang Cuihua.”Are you coming to help now? You didn’t come to help when the food is not ready. You arrive as soon as the food is prepared! Are you not embarrassed?! “

Mother Song turned red in embarrassment when she heard her words; she bowed her head and didn’t know what to say.


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  1. Diair Airship has spoken 1 year ago

    When it rains it pours, huh? Li Mo was so happy about making perfume boxes and selling them at 5 wen piece, and the very same day their house collapse, costing them several hundreds of wen. How many boxes would she have to sell to cover the cost? 60? 100? Are there even enough potential customers in the village to cover the cost? The boxes even lasts for 3 months, meaning once she’s saturated the market she’ll barely have any income.

    …I can’t help but question the feasibility of this venture…

    • Mai Lee has spoken 10 months ago

      I mentioned this in the prior chapter but she should’ve at least sold them for 10 if the regular ones in towns sell for 15.

      And about the money, she’s got about 2 taels of silver. From my understanding, 1 tael = 1000 yuan. She spent ~200 for some food items so they have ~1800 left. But idk if they have to use that with their neighbor’s help.

  2. daedae has spoken 2 years ago

    his mom truly is a shameless pig.


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