Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Wang Cuihua seemed to have not heard the ridicule in Yang Lanhua’s words. She twisted her waist and patted her thigh. “Oh, blame my family for having too much work; I washed clothes, fed the animals, and when I looked at the time, it was already late. Who knew you’d planning to cook so early and prepare it so soon? If I knew it earlier, I would have come early to help you even if I missed doing my household chores. “

Regarding Wang Cuihua’s hypocritical words, Yang Lanhua didn’t believe any of them. Who was Wang Cuihua? Everyone knew that she was too lazy to help and only came here to eat. They were also blamed for cooking too early. Wang Cuihui was a shameless person, but even knowing that this was Wang Cuihua’s excuse, they couldn’t drive her out.

They can’t do things like that, let alone Song Dashan’s own mother. Even if they didn’t come to help, they can’t just drive them out. It is also right to ask Dashan’s mother to eat, so the angry Yang Lanhua and Li Xiaofeng can only accept them.

Li Mo also knew the truth. She looked at Wang Cuihua’s proud face and smiled. “Sister-in-law, we have prepared all the food, but the chopsticks have not been cleaned, the tables and chairs have not been arranged, then we will trouble sister-in-law.”

Wang Cuihua was shocked when Li Mo asked her to wash the dishes. Her face stiffened, and she refused to move.

At this time, Yang Lanhua reacted and smiled. She looked at Wang Cuihua, who hadn’t moved yet. “Aren’t you here to help? Why are you still standing there? Oh, were you just joking when you said you wanted to help? “

Wang Cuihua smiled awkwardly. “Where am I joking? I came here to help. I’ll go now. “

After speaking, she slowly walked towards the place where the tableware was piled up. She walked very slowly.

Li Xiaofeng added behind Wang Cuihua, “That bowl of chopsticks was borrowed from various houses in the village. If you break it, you have to pay for it, so be careful. “

Wang Cuihua did not respond but shouted at Mother Song and the woman beside her. “Hurry up and clean the dishes. Don’t you know what to do? “

Mother Song smiled and hurriedly walked over to help, and the woman who followed them also went to help.

At this time, a little boy ran into the kitchen, the eldest son of the Yang Lanhua family, called Xiaoshi.

Xiaoshi was out of breath. His words were urgent and fast. “Mother, Second Aunt, not good! The third Uncle of Xiaobao and Uncle Yongzi fought, and Uncle Yongzi was pushed off the roof by the Third Uncle of Xiaobao! “

When the few people in the kitchen heard this, they immediately put down their work in their hands and surrounded the kids. Li Xiaofeng asked Xiaoshi anxiously: “What’s wrong? What’s the reason for their quarrel? “

After all, Xiao Shiu was the oldest among the kids. After he caught his breath well and he talked about it. His words are much clearer. “It’s because of Xiaobao’s third Uncle. He pushed Uncle Yongzi down from the roof. Then, Second Uncle became angry, and he fought with Xiaoba’s Third Uncle. “

The three people who were washing the dishes also ran over. The face of the silent woman turned pale, and she quickly asked, “Did you not see clearly? Why would my Dalin push someone! “

Wang Cuihua’s face became distorted; thinking of this incident’s consequences, she immediately stared at Xiaoshi. “Stop talking nonsense! You’re just a child. How could you know what happened? Don’t ruin the reputation of my Brother-in-law! “

Yang Lanhua heard Wang Cuihua scare her child. She pushed Wang Cuihua, and she staggered. “Wang Cuihua, how dare you bully my child in my house? Who gave you the courage! “

Wang Cuihua had fought against Yang Lanhua before and was severely beaten by Yang Lanhua. She didn’t dare to provoke this agile woman, so she was pushed and didn’t dare to go forward and start the fight. She just stood in the distance and said. “Did I say something wrong? It’s not certain that my Third Brother-in-law pushed him. Are you doing this to put the charge on our house? “

Mother Song, who had long been on the side, keeping silent, also nodded after hearing this, “Yes, it’s not clear. It’s not my third son.”

Only Song Dalin’s wife Lin Zhaodi, who was standing at the side, flashed her eyes and said nothing.

Li Mo hurriedly stopped everyone’s argument. “Let’s stop talking about it. It’s useless to say more here. Let’s put things down first. Let’s go over there to see the situation. “

Everyone nodded, and as soon as they put the things away, they ran towards Song Dashan’s side.

The people on the roof over there came down and gathered around. Li Mo ran over and took a look. A man wailed on the ground with his legs in his arms, while Song Dalin and Zhao Changbang stood beside them with blue noses and swollen faces.

Li Mo hurried to Song Dashan, “Brother Dashan, what happened? Have you invited a doctor? “

Song Dashan nodded, his voice a little heavy, “Someone already went out to find a doctor.”

At this time, Lin Yong was lying on the ground. His family also rushed. When he saw Lin Yong’s condition, his wife and mother cried immediately, “Yongzi, what’s wrong with you? What happened? “

Li Mo hurried over to comfort Lin Yong’s wife and mother, and his wife immediately grabbed Li Mo and asked her: “What’s the matter? Didn’t he just come here to help? Why did he fall off the roof? “

Li Mo’s hand was hurt by her grasp. At this time, a guy around came up to explain, “Sister-in-law, don’t get too excited. It’s Song Dalin. He pushed Yongzi down from the roof. “

As soon as the man said this, Wang Cuihua, who was next to him, stopped and immediately yelled. “Don’t talk nonsense! How dare you say that our child’s third Uncle pushed him? “

The man is not afraid of Wang Cuihua, “The people working here have seen it. Song Dalin personally pushed it. I didn’t see it alone. “

Other people around also nodded in agreement, “It was Song Dalin who pushed him. He said he was here to help, but no, he didn’t. Instead of working, he yelled at other people to work with his hands behind his back and even reprimanded others for their “bad work.” Yongzi told him not to talk nonsense, so he pushed him down. “

Everyone now understands what happened. Everyone looked at Song Dalin one after another.

Song Dalin shrank his neck, lowering his head, not daring to look at the people who were surrounding him.

Looking at his reaction, it is already apparent that he did it.

Lin Yong’s wife found the culprit. She rushed up and gave Dalin a scratch, scratching his face until blood came out. “Good, Song Dalin, you even blame my family! You’re a disaster! “

Song Dalin was tortured everywhere by Lin Yong’s wife. At this time, Mother Song, who was crying on the side, rushed to stop her. “Please, don’t beat my third son, don’t fight.”

Seeing Mother Song going up to the fight, she was about to be beaten. It’s hard to watch the old woman being beaten, so everyone went up to comfort Lin Yong’s wife.

Song Dalin’s wife Lin Zhaodi stepped forward, grabbed Song Dalin’s sleeve, gritted her teeth, “Did you really push him?”

Song Dalin froze and couldn’t say anything.

At this time, the invited doctor arrived. The doctor rushed to see Lin Yong’s injury. After a long while, he got up and told them about his condition. “A broken leg, you have to cure the bone first and then eat a few medicines. It would take half a year of rehabilitation for him to fully recover. “

As soon as these words came out, everyone took a deep breath. In the village, intense labor is necessary. Not only did he need to drink medicine, but he also had to rehabilitate for half a year and was prohibited from working for a while.

Lin Yong’s wife and mother both began to cry.

Li Mo asked the doctor, “Doctor, how much do you think it will cost to cure him?”

The doctor touched his beard and told the truth, “It’s better to prepare one and a half taels of silver.”

The people around us were even more shocked. One or two taels of silver, a family, can’t save two taels all year round, and you have to pay one and a half taels of silver. Can you not feel bad?

A woman around said: “Song family, you quickly pay this money to Lin Yong’s family. This is Song Dalin’s fault. “

People around nodded, and Song Dalin had to pay the money.

Mother Song was shocked. When she heard that she would pay so much money, her tears flowed more, and her cries suddenly increased.

Lin Zhaodi also looked stiff; she lowered her head and said nothing.

When Wang Cuihua thought that the money should be paid out of his family’s money. Knowing that they would pay for him, she immediately stepped forward, “Our family has no money to pay for it!”

When everyone heard the rogue’s words, they all pointed to Wang Cuihua and his party. They started screaming, but Wang Cuihua was a petty person. If they don’t pay, you will never lose money.

Lin Yong’s brothers all came. Seeing the Song family’s plan to relinquish the bill, they were angry and stepped forward to arrest Song Dalin. “You don’t want to pay, right? If you don’t want to lose money, follow us to see an official! “they said and dragged Song Dalin.

Song Dalin yelled in fright when he heard that he was about to see the official. “Mother, Wife, save me. I don’t want to see the officials! You must save me! “

Mother Song immediately rushed to push the people around Song Dalin. “Don’t catch my Third son! You let go! Let go! We will pay! We will pay. “

When several people heard that they were willing to pay, they stopped, but they still held Song Dalin and didn’t let go of him.

When Wang Cuihua heard Mother Song say that she would pay, she immediately stopped her and immediately yelled: “Our family has no money. What are we going to pay them? We don’t have money! If you want to pay, the third brother will pay for himself! “

Lin Zhaodi also cried out. Choked up: “Sister-in-law, we are not separated. The money is from the house. Where do we have the money? If you are unwilling to pay and force us to pay back, then we will separate! “

When Wang Cuihua heard of the separation, she immediately objected, “No, the mother is still there. What kind of separation! You are not filial! “

Lin Zhaodi wiped away the tears and replied, “Then the money will have to be paid out by the family!”

Wang Cuihua choked. She simply turned her head and said, “There is no money at home!”

Mother Song shed tears, choked to see her elder son, “Boss, you will save your third brother!”

Song Dazhu wiped her face and looked embarrassed, “Mother, you know it’s too difficult for our family. Where can we find silver! “

Mother Song’s eyes widened, and she was interrupted before she could talk. “Mother, my son at home is going to be a scholar. He is the future of our family. How can he study if this family becomes poor! “

Mother Song’s words were stuck in her throat, and she couldn’t talk.

Wang Cuihua interrupted at this moment, “It stands to reason that we should not compensate for this. This wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for the purpose of repairing the Dashan family’s house. Dashan should shoulder this responsibility. “

As soon as this was said, the eyes of the others in the Song family brightened. All of them looked at Song Dashan.

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