Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 44

Chapter 44

It started to get dark when they left the medical clinic, and they couldn’t travel at night, so Li Mo decided to find an inn to sleep for one night.

Li Mo didn’t want Song Dashan to go walk too far, so she stopped choosing and went straight into the inn not too far from them. She asked the innkeeper for a room.

The second innkeeper took Song Dashan’s donkey carriage into the shed in their backyard, tied it up, and then took Li Mo upstairs.

When he was going up the stairs, Song Dashan suddenly stopped and looked downstairs with a blank expression.

“What’s wrong?” Li Mo asked as she drew his hand away from her. What are you looking at? “

She followed his gaze. At the counter, a young man was talking to the shopkeeper. He looked like he was the son of an official.

Li Mo didn’t know anything about that man. It’s impossible for Song Dashan to have any intersection with that man just by looking at his clothes. Song Dashan probably didn’t look at him.

Song Dashan turned his head and shook his head, “Nothing, let’s go.”

Li Mo nodded and then walked upstairs.

The waiter opened a room and said to Li Mo, “You can eat on the first floor if you want to eat. We provide a bucket of hot water in the evening. If you want more, you have to pay for the extra bucket. If you have any questions, you can call me at any time. “

Li Mo nodded and thanked the waiter.

Song Dashan put Xiao Bao down, Xiao Bao immediately looked around curiously. This was the first time he spent the night outside, which was very new to him.

Li Mo said to Song Dashan: “We will go down and get something to eat later, then rest early and go home tomorrow morning.”

Song Dashan nodded.

The three of them took a rest, then they went downstairs to eat. Instead of eating at the inn, they went outside and ordered a bowl of noodles. It was not that they didn’t want to eat better, but because Song Dashan’s leg still needed to be treated in the future. Their overall income couldn’t cover their expenditure. It was necessary to save money. Even if they saved money today, it was still not enough. They must find a way to make more money. Otherwise, they would not be able to support two treatments a month.

But how can they make more money?

Li Mo was thinking while eating but didn’t think of a way until she finished eating.

Forget it, the money now can support two treatments, and there was still time to think about it slowly.

After eating, the three of them went back to the inn. They asked the waiter for some hot water to rinse briefly. They then turned off the lights and went to sleep early.

Early the next morning, Li Mo and Song Dashan checked out of their room and drove the donkey carriage back to their village.

When they arrived home, they cleaned the inside and out of the house a little bit, and then Li Mo and Song Dashan went to Aunt Zhao’s house to pick up the chicks.

Aunt Zhao was cooking and saw Li Mo and Song Dashan coming back, and immediately asked in surprise: “You are back? How was it? Can Dashan’s legs be cured? “

Li Mo nodded, “Yes, the doctor said that although it is difficult to treat, it can still be cured. From now on, we will go to the city’s medical clinic for treatment every half a month. “

Aunt Zhao was very happy to hear the news, “That’s great, Dashan’s leg can be cured. Your life will only get better in the future. “

Li Mo smiled and nodded and then asked: “Aunt Zhao when we were not at home these past two days, did anyone come to my house to ask for makeup?”

Aunt Zhao shook her head, “No, I have been watching your house, but no one has been there.”

Li Mo nodded, a little disappointed in her heart.

Her current business volume was still too small, and sometimes no one came to her for makeup for a few days. Her makeup skills were really useless. Now that they want to treat Song Dashan’s leg, the money is really not enough if this continues.

No, I really need to think of a way. We must increase the scope of our business.

Li Mo had been trying to find a way and could not eat well, and she couldn’t sleep after going to bed at night, tossing and turning.

Song Dashan hugged Li Mo into his arms and rubbed her, and his hands went into his clothes and grabbed the two soft balls and kneaded them. He asked as he rubbed her. “What’s the matter? Why are you distracted? What are you thinking about? “

This man is in the heat again.

Li Mo pulled out his hand and said solemnly: “During your leg treatment, you are not allowed to do this!”

Song Dashan was dumbfounded and hurriedly asked, “Why not?”

“Didn’t you hear what the doctor said? You can’t use force on your leg, and you can’t do this if you want a fast recovery. “

Song Dashan said in an aggrieved voice, “It doesn’t affect my leg. My leg will still be fine. I can do it, it’s okay. “

Li Mo rolled her eyes. “Who said it would not affect your legs? Are you not embarrassed to tell me it won’t affect your leg? “

It was clear that, when doing that, he would be using his lower body the most. How can he do that without using his legs?

The doctor said that the legs shouldn’t use strong force. Although she doesn’t know if it counts as a strong force during the treatment, it is always right to be careful.

Song Dashan saw that Li Mo insisted. He buried his head in Li Mo’s chest and rubbed it around her chest. He was even acting like a child.

Li Mo would be soft-hearted when he was acting like this, but this was a special time. She definitely can’t indulge him. Li Mo ruthlessly pushed his dog’s head away. “It’s useless to act like a baby. It’s no good. I would still say no.”

Song Dashan mumbled out a soft whine, like a dog abandoned by its owner.

Li Mo couldn’t laugh or cry, but she still held back.

After a while, when Li Mo thought Song Dashan was already asleep, Song Dashan came over again, took Li Mo into his arms, and wrapped his legs around Li Mo’s legs. He wrapped her in his arms tightly, then buried his face in Li Mo’s neck and gently said, “Then I won’t do it, I’ll embrace while we sleep, okay?”

Li Mo curled her mouth and reached out to touch his head, consenting to this clinging behavior.

After a while, Song Dashan’s regular breathing sounded over, and he had clearly fallen asleep.

Li Mo smiled, but she couldn’t sleep. She was still thinking of ways to increase their business.

At present, the business of dressing up for the brides in this village can not be increased. Not to mention that not every bride will look for her to be their beautician. Even if every bride looked for her, the business size was far from enough. After all, it would be impossible to have a marriage ceremony every.

To increase the scope of the business, she must break away from the current business model and find a new way. This “way” needs to have a steady stream of customers, and you don’t need to travel far to put makeup on others. The person who wanted to be dressed up must come directly to her. Then there was no need to worry about making money.

But it’s not easy to think of a way. How can there be such a way? If she could open a makeup shop in the town and let the customers come to the door, she could still achieve it, but now Song Dashan’s leg treatment money was far from enough. Where can she get the money to open a shop? Even if she rents a shop, she can’t afford it. This road is really unworkable.

Li Mo had a headache and couldn’t help patting her head.

She patted and patted, and suddenly, Li Mo stopped moving for a while, and she thought of a good way.

Yes, just use the shop!

Although she doesn’t have the money to open a shop, she can sit in someone else’s shop and wait for customers who want a makeover. Isn’t that feasible?

About the storefront. Why don’t I just go to those shops that sell makeup products?

Li Mo remembered the shop where he had been buying rouge gouache.

She and the proprietress were already acquainted, and she had a general understanding of the proprietress. She was quite bold and informal and had a good personality. She was not the kind of person who likes to cheat people. The most important thing is that the proprietress was a relative of the town’s governor, and she was backed by him. There is no need to worry about other families doing bad things or getting them into trouble.

Li Mo’s heart pounded.

She felt that there was hope for earning more money.

As long as she can impress the boss and take a fancy to her makeup skills, the boss will invite her as a beautician to her shop, and if there are customers who come to the boss’s shop and she (the boss) will help her promote her business, then she (Li Mo) can directly help, by telling them to buy make up in the shop. It’s a win-win situation. If her makeup was good, then there would only be more visitors and repeat visitors. Even curious guests will come to the store to have a glimpse. At that time, more people would buy her (the boss) makeup products. Then both of them will earn money.

Li Mo thought that her plan was very promising. She decided to go to town with Song Dashan tomorrow.

Li Mo got more and more excited as she thought about it. She stayed excited until midnight and finally fell asleep in a daze, but she did not sleep well. She woke up immediately when Song Dashan got up in the morning.

“Why did you wake up? It’s still early. You can go to sleep again. “

Li Mo rubbed her eyes and shook her head, “I won’t sleep anymore, I’m going to town with you today.”

“What are you going to do in the town?”

“I have something to do in the powder shop.”

Song Dashan thought she would buy makeup products, so he nodded and took her out of the quilt, rubbed her face to make her sober, and waited for Li Mo to open her eyes completely before leaving to make breakfast.

After the two were ready, they carried Xiao Bao, who was still in his dream, into the carriage, and the family went to the village gate to wait for the villagers who wanted to go to the town.

When it was almost time to go off, the people in the carriage were almost full. Song Dashan got up and started the donkey carriage, and drove to the town.

When they arrived in the town, everyone else went to the market to work. Song Dashan drove the donkey carriage to the front of the powder shop where Li Mo often went.

Li Mo let Song Dashan and Xiao Bao stay in the carriage and carried her makeup case into the shop.

The proprietress saw Li Mo coming in, and she greeted her with a smile, “Sister Li, are you here again to buy makeup today?”

Since Li Mo started putting on makeup, she often comes to her shop to buy cosmetic powder. The proprietress was very familiar with her.

Li Mo smiled, said hello to the boss’s wife first, and then said: “Sister Yue, I’m not here today to buy cosmetic powder. I’m planning to do business with you. I don’t know if you are interested in listening to it. “

The proprietress was not upset because Li Mo said she didn’t come to her shop to buy powder. Instead, she became interested when Li Mo said that she wanted to do business with her. She smiled and said.” Of course, Sister Li, you can tell me, I’m listening.”

Boss Yue welcomed Li Mo and let her let sit on a chair.

Li Mo knew that she was a bold person and didn’t mean anything, and asked directly: “Sister Yue, do you know what I do every time I buy so many cosmetics from your shop?”

The boss lady shook her head and said she didn’t know. The question was too private, and the boss lady hadn’t asked it before.

“Sister Yue, let me tell you the reason why I bought so many cosmetics in your shop. That was because I am a beautician who specializes in makeup for brides. “Li Mo said.

The proprietress was slightly surprised. She had been trying to guess what Li Mo was doing, but she had never thought she would be a beautician. She had never seen such a young and beautiful beautician.

However, the lady boss was also a person who had seen the world. She recovered after a moment of surprise. She knew that Li Mo must have a reason for coming here today. She directly asked: “Sister Li came today and told me that she wanted to do business with me. It must be about makeup. “

Li Mo knew that the lady boss was a clever person. She nodded directly, “Sister Yue, you are a bold person, so I won’t beat around the bush with you, I’ll be straightforward. I came here today to do business with you with my makeup. You can listen to it. If you think it’s feasible, then we’ll cooperate. If not, we are still friends. “

The female boss smiled and nodded. “Of course.”

“Sister Yue, I am not going to tell you lies. I dare not say that my makeup skills are the best in the world, but they’re also one of the best. The woman will be very beautiful, that is for sure. I’ve been making money by putting makeup on the bride before, but my husband’s leg injury needs to be treated. Our family doesn’t have enough money. I want to make more money, so I just want to put on makeup in your shop. If your customers come to see your cosmetics, you can recommend them to me. I can first give personalization. If you do not feel satisfied, I didn’t charge any money. It will not affect your business. “

Li Mo finished speaking. She took a sigh of relief and continued: “You can also put up a sign at the door to tell others that your product can make yourself beautiful. In this way, you can attract customers to come in so that the number of customers in your store will only increase, and your products will only be sold.”

After Li Mo finished speaking, she saw the proprietress meditating and continued: “Sister Yue, you who have been doing business all year round should know that if this business is completed, it will be beneficial to both of us. In the future, no matter who the customer comes for, the business of both parties will get better and better. What do you think? “

In fact, when Li Mo finished talking about the business, the lady boss was tempted. She hadn’t seen a shop with a beautician, but she could imagine the result of having a beautician in a shop. It would definitely arouse the customers’ curiosity, and just like what Li Mo said, this could attract more customers to her shop. The more customers she had, the easier it was to sell out all of her beauty products. This business was surely harmless to her business. She only needed to provide a place and use her voice to recommend Li Mo to the customers.

However, the only question now was, can Li Mo’s makeup skills really attract customers?

The proprietress thought for a while and said to Li Mo: “Sister Li, what you said was really tempting. If it’s as you said, I can benefit by just providing you with a venue, but I don’t know how good your makeup skills are. So Siter Li, if you are willing, can you show me? “

Li Mo became happy after she heard the boss’s words. It seemed that this deal was basically closed. So Li Mo immediately said: “Sister Yue, if you are willing, I will give you makeup now to show you my skills?”

The proprietress smiled, “Why not?”

Li Mo stood up and faced her. The proprietress made a “please” action and said, “Sister Yue, let’s remove the makeup on your face first, and then I will remake it for you.”

The proprietress ordered the store’s handyman to fetch a basin of water. She took out a bar of soap to wash her face and removed the makeup on her face.


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