Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 45

Chapter 45

The proprietress removed the makeup she put on today, revealing her original appearance.

The proprietress herself was indeed good-looking, and she looked beautiful after putting on makeup. She looked beautiful with her makeup because she was originally beautiful and not because it was enhanced by her makeup. Although her makeup appeared to be done quite well, it was because she applied foundation on her face and didn’t put anything other than that powder.

If the proprietress was not beautiful, she would not look good after applying makeup on her face.

Li Mo, on the other hand, didn’t tell the proprietress what she thought and just focused on applying makeup on her.

Li Mo didn’t use a lot of powder on her base makeup because Sister Yue’s skin was in good condition, so she just used a thin layer to cover up the spots and blemishes on her face, which made her face look bright and delicate.

Li Mo then reshaped her brows and made them fit her face, and modified them with an eyebrow powder to achieve the best effect.

Sister Yue’s facial features were good as a whole, but it was still too early to reach perfection. The most important parts that needed to be taken care of were the nose and chin. Her nose was not upright and slightly flat, and her chin, although it was considered delicate according to normal people, was slightly wider. So Li Mo focused her attention on these two areas.

To modify these areas, she needed to rely mostly upon contours and highlights. Li Mo applied shadows on both ends of the nose, adjusted it to the most suitable size, and then applied highlights to make the nose look pretty. For the chin, she also did the same. They were slightly wide. She contoured them and applied some highlights to make the chin more delicate.

After completing these two parts, the rest of the processing was not too difficult. Li Mo drew a slightly upward arc on Sister Yue and swept a little pink at the corners of her eyes to give a slight sense of both feminine and noble aura that suited Sister Yue’s temperament. As for the lips, Li Mo used two different colors of lipstick to give her the bitten-lips look[1] bitten-lips look – darker lipstick applied on the inner part of the lips, and lighter on the outer part. It made her lips clear and seductive.

The face of the proprietress was very good and did not require shadow modification, so Li Mo skipped this step and combed her hair instead. Li Mo picked a bun that suited her face, which was—the fairy cloud bun. This bun was very difficult and time-consuming. However, the outcome was very beautiful. No matter which angle, it can make people unable to move their eyes and instantly grab their attention. Coupled with the ruby earrings worn by Sister Yue today, they complemented each other and made her look more beautiful.

After a half-hour, Li Mo came to a halt and looked at Sister Yue’s face. She nodded in her heart. She was very satisfied with her makeup this time.

“Sister Yue, I’m done. You can now see for yourself. ” Li Mo said and moved the super-large mirror in the store to her.

The lady boss looked at herself in the mirror and was surprised by Li Mo’s work.

The appearance of the proprietress at this time, based on her original six points, she had at least grown to eight points. Now, it was not too much to call her a beauty.

Sister Yue touched her face and almost couldn’t believe it. Can she still be this beautiful?

Sister Yue used to boast that she had a cosmetic shop and she had studied makeup quite well, and she learned countless makeup techniques. She often taught makeup techniques to her customers who came to buy cosmetic powder, which was highly praised by customers. She thought that her makeup skills were quite good, and, to put it bluntly, she could be considered a very good makeup artist in this town.

When Li Mo claimed that her makeup skills were very good. She thought in her heart that it was because her vision was not wide enough, and Li Mo’s confidence rose from the praises that the villagers said to her, but it was also possible that Li Mo’s makeup skills were indeed good, but they would never surpass her own.

But now, she finally knew how wrong her thoughts were before. Fortunately, she didn’t show a few of her thoughts to Li Mo. Otherwise, she would be really shameless.

Li Mo’s makeup skills were not just good. It can be regarded as superb, a master of masters. She has lived to such an age and has seen a lot of skillful hands, but she has never seen anyone that can compare to her.

She thought she had really picked up a treasure.

The town was small, but there were a lot of rich people residing in this town, especially the wives and concubines of the rich families, who were willing to spend money on their faces, and every time a new product comes out, they rush to spend money to buy it.

If they heard that someone could make them beautiful in her shop, they would definitely rush to her shop. When that time comes, they will feel that her shop’s cosmetics were better than the other shops. Would they still not buy makeup products from her shop?

Sister Yue was very thankful that she had a good relationship with Li Mo and came to her first instead of looking for other shops. Otherwise, she would have missed this good opportunity.

Sister Yue didn’t hide her thoughts from Li Mo. She grabbed Li Mo’s hand and said: “Sister, your craft is really unmatched. I believe what you said before. With your craft and the contacts in my shop, I believe that not only those people who want to put makeup on their faces will be an endless stream, but also it will give my shop more customers due to your recommendation. Sister, the two of us will have good cooperation in the future. “

Li Mo knew that she had agreed to her proposal. Li Mo couldn’t help but laugh. “Sister Yue, you should prepare first. It’s best to hang a sign at the door to attract customers. I will wait for you to be ready. I’ll come over at any time and start putting makeup on the customers in the store. “

Sister Yue nodded, “Naturally, I hope that the sooner this matter starts, the better. I’ll let someone make a sign and put it at the door today. If you don’t have anything else, you can come over tomorrow morning. As long as there are customers in the store, I’ll recommend you. Those ladies from good backgrounds will definitely be willing to try. You don’t have to worry about not having a customer. “

Li Mo smiled and nodded, “Then I’ll be here tomorrow morning. I will trouble Sister Yue at that time. “

Sister Yue waved her hand, “What is the trouble? I still have to thank you. By the way, sister, how much do you plan to charge for makeup this time? “

Li Mo actually didn’t know how much was appropriate for this service. She used to put makeup on brides before, and she didn’t know if the charge should be the same, so she directly asked Sister Yue. “Sister Yue, I used to give makeup to the brides in the countryside. I charged them fifteen wen as a fee. As for this, I really don’t know how much to charge. You are familiar with this town. Give me some advice. “

Sister Yue pondered for a bit. Although there were a lot of rich people in this town, she didn’t know what would be the appropriate price. The customers from this shop were not all rich, there were also many ordinary people who bought in this shop. This charge is definitely not a per-person charge. It must be a flat rate. The price can not be set too high. Otherwise, ordinary people would be upset.

“I think you can accept twenty wen so that ordinary people in the town can afford it. By word of mouth, the business will definitely not be bad. ” Sister Yue said after a long pause.

“Then I will charge it according to what Sister said. Each person pays twenty wen. When I put on makeup, I will tell them to buy your makeup products and accessories that suited them. It could be considered a piece of advice, but this can help your business to gain more customers.

Sister Yue liked Li Mo’s attitude. She smiled and said. “Sister Li, then the two of us will cooperate in the future.”


After the matter in the cosmetic shop was settled, the villagers who came arrived and were ready to return to their village. Li Mo said her goodbyes and left the shop.

Xiao Bao saw Li Mo come out, and he immediately rushed to Li Mo and threw himself into her arms excitedly. “Mother, why have you been there for so long? I have been waiting for a long time. I wanted to go in to find you, but my father was bad, and he wouldn’t let go of me. “

Li Mo was amused by Xiao Bao’s complaint, but she still gave Xiao Bao a face, raised her hand, and hit Song Dashan, pretending to be angry: “Why are you so bad? Why didn’t you let Xiao Bao go in? “

Xiao Bao nodded seriously.

Song Dashan chuckled lightly and rubbed Li Mo’s cheeks. He took the makeup box in her hand and put it in the donkey carriage, then he helped her get inside the carriage. He carried Xiao Bao and let him go inside the carriage. After everything was settled, he drove the donkey carriage to the meeting place, where the villagers were waiting.

When they got home, Li Mo told Song Dashan about the matter. She hadn’t confirmed before, so she didn’t tell him what she wanted to do explicitly.

Song Dashan’s eyes flashed with guilt and distress. He took Li Mo into his arms, “You have worked so hard, I can’t bear to see you working so hard. Don’t worry about money, I can go to town in the afternoon to look for more work. I will go to the dock and ask. If I can find more work, you can stay at home. “

Li Mo knew that he was concerned about her. Usually, he doesn’t even let her do housework. Now, she needed to wake up in the morning and go to town. He was really reluctant to let her be tired. However, she doesn’t think of it as hard work. As she was busy with her career and earning money for her family, no matter how hard it was, she was still motivated. She didn’t want to put all the pressure on him. If she has the ability to make money, why not do it?

And instead, she feels that going to the town every day to make money was better than staying at home and doing nothing.

Li Mo put her arms around Song Dashan’s neck and kissed him on the face, “It’s not hard. I’m bored at home doing nothing every day. I can just go to town with you every day, don’t you think it’s still bad? “

How can Song Dashan not feel bad? She needed to wake up early in the morning. He knew that Li Mo usually wakes up naturally.

But what Li Mo decided to do, Song Dashan couldn’t stop, and he couldn’t resist her, so he could only let her do what she wanted.

Li Mo shook his arm and said softly, “From now on, you will be responsible for waking me up every day. I will stay in town until the evening. You must remember to pick me up. “

Song Dashan smiled helplessly and kissed Li Mo on her forehead, “Okay, I will send you there from now on, and I will pick you up when you’re done.”

Knowing that he had compromised, Li Mo couldn’t help herself from smiling.

Because Li Mo had to get up early the next day, Li Mo went to bed early and was woken up by Song Dashan before dawn.

Li Mo rubbed her eyes to make herself awake. After hurriedly washing and eating breakfast, she went inside the donkey carriage and went to town.

Before entering the shop today, Li Mo saw cardboard erected at the door of the shop, with a brush written on it: “We do makeup and beauty treatments, no charge unless you become beautiful.

Li Mo secretly smiled and said that this proprietress could really catch the attention of the customers, and a sentence like “unless you become beautiful, no charge” could pique the interest of ordinary people. It seems that the proprietress really trusts her makeup skills.

Li Mo took the makeup box and walked into the shop. Sister Yue greeted her immediately, and took Li Mo’s hand, and said: “Sister, you are here, come and see the makeup place I arranged for you,”

Li Mo followed Sister Yue, and she saw the difference that was made today. The boss specially arranged a small area with a beautiful screen in a place inside. There was a table for dressing and a large mirror and a shelf on it, with towels, basins, and a stool for people to sit on for makeup. The place looked simple and elegant. It looked comfortable to the eye.

Li Mo was surprised that Sister Yue was so particular about these details and that she had even set up a dressing room for her in such a short period of time. She didn’t know how to thank her.

Sister Yue waved her hand, “I am not doing this solely for you. I am also thinking about the business of the store. If you just sit in the store like this, everyone can take a look. Not only does this make my store not look elegant, but the customers would also be upset. If you are able to put makeup in a place that is comfortable, then the customers will feel happy, and they will be willing to come back in the future and buy more cosmetics in the shop.

Li Mo could not help but feel that the wisdom of the ancients was no less than that of modern people, and their business philosophy and thinking were no less than that of modern people. She, a modern person, never thought of it. Sister Yue thought of it in just one night and completed it quickly. This power of action was really not superficial.

She felt embarrassed, but she was happier in her heart. It’s a pleasure to cooperate with such a person.

“Sister, you should prepare quickly. Tell me what is missing. A regular customer will be coming over for makeup later. I told her yesterday, and she said yes. “

Li Mo was surprised. Did she get the client so soon? She thought she would be sitting around doing nothing for the first few days.

Seeing Li Mo’s surprised face, Sister Yuesmiled and said: “I have been operating this shop for so many years, and there are still many regular customers. Yesterday afternoon, a regular customer came to buy a powder. I just mentioned it to her casually. The main reason she accepted it was because she saw my face yesterday and I told her that it was done by you. That lady was moved by your work, so she made an appointment right away. Anyway, she was not a person short of money. “

It turns out that this was the case. It seemed that the lady who was coming over was a person who was not short of money.

Li Mo nodded, “I don’t have anything missing on this site. I will immediately put on makeup after the lady arrives. “

As soon as the voice fell, a woman in her early thirties came in and saw the lady boss and Li Mo. She immediately asked curiously: “Sister Yue, is this the makeup artist with superb makeup skills you mentioned yesterday?”

The proprietress took the woman by the hand and guided her to the stool in the dressing room, and let her sit down, “No. This was the one who drew my makeup yesterday. She was the one who made me dislike the makeup I put on myself this morning. Before, I thought I had good makeup skills. “

The woman was amused by the Sister Yue’s words.

After smiling, the woman looked at Li Mo and said jokingly: “Sister, your craftsmanship was really good. Sister Yue’s face was so beautiful yesterday, and it’s not the same as her usual. I wish I could look so beautiful. It’s a pity that I am not as good-looking as Sister Yue. “

There was a touch of curiosity and envy in the woman’s words, which showed that the makeup on Sister Yue’s face had really attracted her yesterday.

Li Mo smiled and didn’t pretend to be humble but just said: “Madam, I will do my best to make you beautiful.”

Sister Yue said at this time: “Madam, it’s useless to say more. It’s better to let her do it now. I guarantee you that you will be satisfied. If you are dissatisfied, we will not charge you. “

The woman angrily glanced at Sister Yue. “If I didn’t believe what you said. I wouldn’t have come here today if I didn’t believe you. “

Sister Yue nodded, “Yes, let’s start now.”

Li Mo first filled the basin on the shelf with warm water, then used a towel to remove the woman’s makeup. After it was completely clean, Li Mo began to apply makeup on the woman’s face.


1 bitten-lips look – darker lipstick applied on the inner part of the lips, and lighter on the outer part

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