Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Since the woman had makeup on her face, Li Mo first filled the basin with warm water and then used a towel with soap to carefully remove the woman’s makeup. After it was all removed, she started to put on the makeup on the woman’s face.

The woman’s appearance was not ugly, but she was beautiful too. If you put her in the crowd, you won’t easily find her because her appearance was just ordinary.

Li Mo still followed her own habit. She carefully observed the woman’s facial features before doing her makeup. After a while, she found out the parts that needed to be modified by makeup.

The woman’s forehead was wide, making it look like it was big. It doesn’t look delicate enough or gentle. On the contrary, it gives the feeling that it was a bit rough. Her eyes had a single eyelid. Her eyes were not big enough and didn’t look bright. The nose was a little bit fleshy, slightly flabby, and naturally not quite straight; her lips were slightly thick and not moist and red enough; the overall contour of her face was too harsh, and her cheekbones were slightly protruding, which is not soft enough. Finally, her neck was not long enough to reflect the feminine beauty.

Generally speaking, her five facial features were mediocre. Many flaws could be spotted. They were far from exquisite. But she was not ugly. She was just neither ugly nor brilliant.

After she found out all of the shortcomings and the areas that could be improved, Li Mo had an idea of what type of makeup she would do for her.

Li Mo’s makeup strategy today was to carefully do it one by one. To transform all of the five features and work on the shortcomings she discovered, to make each of her features in their most beautiful state.

Li Mo picked up the makeup tools and gave the woman treatment on the forehead.

Sister Yue asked a guy to guard the shop in front. She was not busy with her business. She sat on the sidelines and watched Li Mo apply makeup. She planned to take a closer look. They used the same makeup, but Li Mo could make the person so beautiful.

Yesterday, she was the one who was sitting and having the makeup service of Li Mo. She didn’t see how her face was transformed by Li Mo. She was really looking forward to this day, having the opportunity to observe Li Mo’s makeup skills.

So at that moment, without blinking her eyes, Sister Yue watched Li Mo’s movements intently.

She saw Li Mo constantly changing the tools and the powder on her hands, sometimes lightly hooking, sometimes lightly sweeping, without thinking at all. Her hands were so fast that she couldn’t see clearly. Li Mo swept with a brush for a while and patted it with the back of her hand. And from time to time, she used her thumb to dab Xuan’er’s face. Sister Yue felt that it was too complicated after seeing the whole process.

To her original knowledge, eyebrow powders were directly used on the eyebrow. If you want it to look good, you need to apply it carefully, and it won’t look good if you are sloppy.

But this was not the case with Li Mo. She used a very thin brush to gently outline the edges of the eyebrows, and then outline the beautifully curved shape with a few strokes, and then drew them carefully, and the eyebrows now looked exquisite. It’s beautiful, and it’s a bit different from ordinary human eyebrows.

And also the lips, she didn’t just directly apply the lip cream evenly. How could she still have so much powder and lip cream? She even used different colors of lipstick. Not only did it didn’t look messy, but it looked amazingly beautiful under Li Mo’s hands. It looks so soft and attractive, making the people who see it unable to resist taking a bite.

The proprietress finally knew why it was the same makeup, but the difference was so big.

She has never seen Li Mo’s hand methods. In her opinion, everything that could be handled with a single stroke was ever-changing in Li Mo’s hands. The small facial features need to go through a lot of steps to deal with, and the processing methods for each different facial feature are not the same. In the end, it was these complicated steps that made the plain facial features beautiful and vivid.

The proprietress clearly knew that these steps of Li Mo were not something that you could learn easily.

Even if she tried her best to remember the steps, she would still not be able to do it well.

Even if she remembers the steps, she still can’t do it well and may not be able to draw a tiger but a dog.

The proprietress had an idea of learning some of Li Mo’s techniques, but now, she decided to do it more.

This was not something that she could learn. She couldn’t even remember the hand methods and steps, and she couldn’t keep track of it even if she remembers it. It was too difficult for her.

She’d better ask Sister Li to put makeup on the guests here.

Although she couldn’t learn it, Sister Yue was still interested and watched Li Mo with enthusiasm. Seeing the facial features of the woman changed little by little. She felt it was magical.

She didn’t dare to say anything about her makeup skills in the future.

Just when Sister Yue was seriously looking at it, a guy came over and called her.

“Madame, a customer came over to buy cream powder and said that she wanted to see you.”

Although the boss wanted to continue watching, the customer was the most important thing, so she reluctantly stood up and went to the front.

Seeing the visitor, the lady boss raised her lips and smiled to greet her. “Mrs. Huang, are you free today? I haven’t seen you for a long time. “

Mrs. Huang sat down on the chair and exchanged greetings with the boss. “If it was not because of the mess at home, I wouldn’t be busy and had the time to stroll around. I went to your shop to have a quick look. How about it? Do you have new products with you? If you have, let me have a look. “

Sister Yue wisely didn’t ask the reason for Mrs. Huang’s bad mood. It was probably about MadamHuang’s love affair.

After hearing Mrs. Huang’s words, she walked to the counter and took out a few boxes of exquisite powder from the innermost cabinet. Then she returned to Madam Huang’s side and opened the boxes of powder in her hand to show it to her one by one.

“What coincidence! A new batch of powder had just arrived. The color was excellent, and the effect was not comparable to other powders. These things were in short supply in other places. I was only able to get some because I had connections. I was saving it for you today. If you had come two days late, it might have been gone by that time.”

Madam Huang’s eyes lit up, and she lowered her head to look at the powders one by one. The more she looked at it, the more satisfied she became, and in the end, she paid the money and bought all the rest.

The Huang family was in the tea business, and they were one of the best merchants in this town. The family wealth was quite rich. This Mrs. Huang was a regular customer of this shop. She has always been willing to spend money on makeups, and she had never been stingy to dress herself up. It’s a pity that she was getting old, and she can’t dress as fresh and delicate as those young concubines in her family. She could see only it so much that she could bite silver ivory.

Mrs. Huang paid the money, stood up, and said goodbye to the lady boss: “Next time you have anything good, remember to keep it for me, I’ll leave first today.”

Seeing that Mrs. Huang was about to leave with her things, the boss lady’s eyes turned, and she opened her mouth to keep Mrs. Huang. “Ms. Huang, I wonder if you are free today? If you have time, I would like to recommend a good thing to you, I’m sure you will like it.”

Mrs. Huang didn’t have anything to do, so she listened to Sister Yue’s words. She sat down again on the chair and said. “Why do your words sound so mysterious? Tell me.”

The lady boss covered her mouth with a handkerchief and then said to Madam Huang: “Madam, I recently spent great effort to invite a makeup artist. Her makeup techniques were superb. It can be said that it was magical. To put it plainly, even if you are not good-looking, she can make you look good. I don’t know if you are interested in trying it.?”

After Sister Yue finished talking, she immediately added with confidence: “Mrs. Huang, if you try it, you will be satisfied.”

Mrs. Huang was completely interested in Sister Yue’s words, and then she remembered the sign that she saw at the door when she just came in: “Was it the one you said on the signboard?”

Sister Yue nodded, “Exactly. “

Ms. Huang stood up: “Where is the makeup artist? I would like to see if she can make me look good or not.”

Sister Yue stood up and guided Madam Huang to the makeup room while saying, “Inside the room, the makeup artist was doing Madam Lin’s makeup right now. When I came out, she was almost done. She must be already done by now. Let’s go and see its result.”

Madam Huang and Madam Lin were familiar with each other and knew each other. They have been doing business in this town for many years. She could say that they were like a half-sister. Now that she heard that Madam Lin was also putting on makeup, she became eager and walked inside faster.

“I had to go see how she was doing. Her face was worse than mine, and also to know if she could make it pretty.”

The lady boss was not in a hurry to say something nice. She just smiled and said, “Then you can go in and take a look.”

The two went into the dressing room.

Li Mo was washing her hands, and Mrs. Lin’s makeup had already been applied. At this time, she was looking in the mirror seriously, and she did not even turn her head when she heard Madam Huang’s voice.

Madam Huang called Madam Lin again, but she didn’t see Madam Lin paying attention to her. At that moment, she couldn’t help but quickly walked up to her and removed the mirror that was blocking her face, “I am calling you, but you are deliberately ignoring me. Your face–“

Madam Huang’s words stopped abruptly when she saw Madam Lin’s face.

“You, your face… are you the Wen Hui I know?”

At that moment, Mrs. Lin’s skin was fair and supple and looked better than the face of a young girl; her slightly smaller eyes have also become larger. It’s bright again, it looks radiant and beautiful; the fleshy nose has also changed a lot, becoming quite delicate and tender; the biggest change was her lips, originally she had thick lips, but at the moment they looked very beautiful and rosy, tender and crystal clear and seductively tight; looking at the original sharp silhouette, it is now very soft and gentle.

In short, the current Mrs. Lin looks so good that her facial features have regained once again. From the original plainness to beautiful and charming.

Mrs. Huang’s uncertain words made Mrs. Lin smile shyly. At this moment, she was like a little girl who was just getting ready, holding her face shyly and happily, her tone of excitement was unconcealed, “How was it? Isn’t it beautiful? I think it’s more beautiful than when I was younger. I can’t believe that this was me. Even as a young teenager, I’m not this good-looking. “

After Mrs. Lin finished speaking, she held the big mirror with joy. She took the mirror and stared at her reflection.

It’s no wonder that Mrs. Lin and Mrs. Huang were so surprised. They had never seen Li Mo’s makeup skills before. This was the first time they had seen Li Mo’s makeup skills. This time, she suddenly raised Madam Lin’s appearance to the pinnacle of life, as if she was back to being young again as if she was ten years younger. No beauty-loving woman can’t help herself from being excited.

Sister Yue patted the back of Madam Lin’s hand, “How about it, Madam? This makeup artist I hired was worthy of her reputation, right? “

Madam Lin nodded her head without any hesitation, “It’s more than a well-deserved reputation, it’s simply amazing. I have never seen some do it like hers. I’ve never seen such great craftsmanship.”

After Mrs. Lin finished speaking, the next sentence immediately followed: “I will often come in the future. I would come over if I needed to be dressed up if there was any major event in the future. This makeup will give me a great face for every party I will attend. “

Mrs. Huang had now also turned from the surprise of seeing Mrs. Lin to impatience. She looked at Li Mo anxiously and said, “You are the makeup artist that made her look like that, right? Quick, do it for me too. I want to be as beautiful as her. “

Li Mo wiped the water on her hands and nodded, “Okay, Madam, please sit down.”

Madam Huang eagerly pulled Madam Lin up, who was still sitting in front of the dressing table, “Hurry up and let me sit. “

Madam Lin, who was pulled up by her, flung her sleeve in anger, “Don’t pull, don’t pull, see how I will treat you if you ruin my makeup.” Then she moved the stool to make way.

But Madam Lin did not leave but sat next to her with the same curiosity, ready to see how such a beautiful makeup came out.

Madam Huang quickly sat down in front of the dressing table, looked at her face in the mirror, and couldn’t help sighing, “Look at the makeup I put on myself now. I really don’t think I can bear to see this again. Hurry up and take it off for me.”

Li Mo drew water and started to remove her makeup.

After the makeup on her face was removed, Mrs. Huang’s real face was also revealed.

According to Mrs. Huang’s current face, she was also a beauty when she was young, but after so many years of erosion, coupled with improper maintenance, as well as the use of cosmetics, the skin has become dry and dull, with no luster. There are many blackheads and blemishes. They are becoming more and more obvious, which made the good appearance of the young age deteriorate and no longer bright and beautiful.

But the good foundation was still there. Compared with Madam Lin’s original facial features, Madam Huang’s facial features were easier to modify, and the effect will be much better.

Madam Huang’s biggest problem was her skin. As long as a series of problems on the skin were dealt with properly, she can create a young-like delicate skin, and the whole person will look young and beautiful.

Li Mo immersed herself in the most important foundation of Madam Huang’s face.

Madam. Huang’s base makeup can’t be sloppy. If you want to cover the fine lines, light spots, and blackheads on her face, you must apply multiple layers of powder and cover them until you can’t see the flaws on her face. However, if she applied too much powder, it would be obvious. This requires a little bit of Li Mo’s layer-by-layer application of cosmetic cream to treat it slowly.

Li Mo spent half an hour processing the base makeup. Each layer of light powder must be blended with beauty cream to wipe away the powdery presence, and then put on a powder again and then apply some beauty cream to wipe out the powdery look until the defects on the face are completely covered and the whole face looks tender and white. This is the completion of the base makeup.

The next step was to modify the facial features. Li Mo started from the eyebrows to the eyes, to the nose, to the mouth, to the face, and then to the hairstyle.

Li Mo didn’t stop until the final bun was set.

The makeup of Mrs. Huang was also completely finished.

It goes without saying that Madam Huang was very satisfied with the result and was even more amazed than when she saw Madam Lin’s face.

Madam Lin narrowed her mouth on the side and said sourly, “Why is she more beautiful than me?”

Before Li Mo and the proprietress could say anything, Madam Huang smiled and covered her mouth, and then she was quite rude to Madam Lin: “You are not as good-looking as I am. It was not the makeup artist’s fault that you didn’t look as good as I am. If you have the ability, be as good-looking as I am. When we were young, you were not as beautiful as me. Be happy that you can be beautiful right now. “

Madam Lin was so embarrassed by what this person said, she stood up and pinched Madam Huang, which made Madam Huang yell out.

The lady boss didn’t care. She just watched them with a smile. She knew that the two of them had a good relationship, and they usually like to joke around to hurt each other. But their relationship has been getting better and better for so many years that they wanted to be in-laws.

The two laughed for a while before they got serious. First, they praised Li Mo for her work and then gave Li Mo’s money in front of the lady boss. The two also gave Li Mo extra ten wen, saying they were grateful for Li Mo making them so beautiful today and that they would be the envy of others when they walked down the street.

Li Mo thanked the two for their kindness and was very satisfied with today’s opening.


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