Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 47

Chapter 47

After Li Mo finished putting makeup on the two ladies, it was almost noon, and it was time for lunch.

It was impossible for Li Mo to go home at noon, so she had to have a casual meal in town.

She was about to go to the noodle stall outside to have a bowl of noodles when Sister Yue stopped her.

“Sister, from now on, you can eat in the store at noon. There’s a small kitchen in the back, and the food will be ready later. “

Li Mo quickly declined, “Sister Yue, I can just go outside and eat. I didn’t have to pay to do my makeup in your store, and now I’m going to eat your food. That would be embarrassing. “

Sister Yue took Li Mo’s hand and refused to let her go. “You’re wrong. Even though you didn’t pay me, you will definitely bring me many customers in the future, so it’s just my way to thank you. Besides, I have to eat when you’re here, and I have to eat when you’re not. I don’t care about the food you eat. I’m happy to have someone to eat with. I used to eat alone, and I was too lonely, so you can stay and eat with me. “

When the lady boss noticed Li Mo’s hesitation, she lowered her face and asked, “Do you think the food here isn’t good? Then you can go out to eat. “

Li Mo had been well aware that Sister Yue had said this on purpose. Given her reluctance to stay, it appeared too petty to decline again, so she nodded her head and agreed and at the same time felt more grateful towards Sister Yue.

At that time, Song Dashan entered the store with Xiao Bao in his arms.

Li Mo greeted him, took Xiao Bao into her arms and kissed him, and introduced him to Sister Yue: “Sister Yue, this is my husband Song Dashan, and this is my son, Xiao Bao. Xiao Bao, call her Aunt Yue. “

Song Dashan nodded politely, and Xiao Bao called “Aunt Yue.”

The current Xiao Bao was not as thin and bony as when Li Mo first met him. He was now fair-skinned, his cheeks and body very fleshy, and with the cute little clothes Li Mo made for him, he looked like a dumpling, too cute.

Sister Yue, who had been childless for many years, had always loved children very much. Seeing Xiao Bao’s cuteness, she immediately fell in love with him. She couldn’t help but stretch out her hand to hug Xiao Bao, “Xiao Bao, can you let Aunt Yue hug you?”

Xiao Bao blinked. He thought about it and obediently poked out his little fleshy arms.

Sister Yue was overjoyed and quickly took Xiao Bao over, embraced him in her arms tightly, and gently rubbed his fleshy little back. The more she rubbed his fleshy back, the more she liked it, and she couldn’t help but kiss him on his plump cheeks.

Xiao Bao smiled when he was kissed and learned the way he usually kisses Li Mo at home. He kissed Sister Yue’s face. This made Sister Yue surprised by Xiao Bao. “Oh, why are you so cute?”

Xiao Bao giggled.

Li Mo’s mouth curled up, leaving the two to have fun with each other. He looked at Song Dashan and asked, “Why haven’t you returned to the village?”

“You can’t go home at noon, so I don’t know if you had eaten at noon, so I came here to see you. I’ll return to the village later, and then I’ll pick you up in the afternoon. “

Knowing that he was worried about her, Li Mo told Song Dashan that Sister Yue offered her to eat there at noon, so he didn’t have to worry.

Seeing that it was getting late, Song Dashan wanted to take Xiao Bao and take him home. Unexpectedly, Sister Yue spoke and wanted to let Xiao Bao stay, “Anyway, you have to come and pick up Sister Li in the afternoon. Why don’t you leave Xiao Bao here? We’ll look after him, it will be fine. “

Song Dashan was afraid that Xiao Bao would stay and affect the boss’s business. Before he could refuse, he was stopped by Li Mo. “It’s okay. Let Xiao Bao stay.”

She could see that the proprietress loved Xiao Bao very much and wanted to play with Xiao Bao, so it didn’t matter if Xiao Bao would stay, so she could also spend more time with him.

Seeing that Li Mo agreed, Song Dashan nodded bid farewell to the proprietress and left the shop to go back home.

The proprietress happily carried Xiao Bao directly to the kitchen in the back. She put him on the small stool by the table and called Li Mo and Xiao Bao to eat.

During the meal, the proprietress was more careful and thoughtful than Li Mo. She kept filling Xiao Bao with vegetables, making Xiao Bao’s stomach round.

Li Mo could see that Sister Yue really likes children. Seeing that Sister Yue was also 30 years old, she couldn’t help but be curious: “Sister Yue, how old is your child? Who’s looking after the child at home? “

When Sister Yue heard Li Mo’s question, her face turned depressed. She sighed helplessly, “My husband and I have been married for more than ten years, but unfortunately, I have never been pregnant. I have seen countless doctors see what’s wrong with me, but they didn’t see any problem. Now, I have given up. Maybe this is God’s arrangement. There’s no use in forcing it. “

LiMo has seen many couples in the modern world that had the same problems as her. Many couples were childless, not because there was something wrong with their bodies. It was because they couldn’t be pregnant, and it was destined to come late. However, in modern times, there were test-tube babies[1]test-tube babies = in vitro fertilization but not in ancient times. You could only wait for God’s destined time.

Li Mo patted sister Yue’s hand to comfort her: “Sister Yue, maybe it’s just that God arranged for your child to come a little bit later. Don’t worry. If your body is healthy, you will have it sooner or later. “

Sister Yue knew that Li Mo was comforting her, and she didn’t care much. She had actually thought about it. Fortunately, her husband really felt sorry for her. Even if she was unable to give birth, he had always been good to her and never had any other thoughts, let alone blaming her for not having a child. She was lucky enough. Other things could not be forced.

Sister Yue didn’t intend to continue this topic anymore and instead talked about Li Mo’s makeup.

“Sister Li, you did well in putting makeup for those two ladies. There will be more people who will look for you in the future. Those two ladies’ families were merchants. Their family was part of the top merchants in this town. Their business was big, and they had a wide network. They often chat and drink tea with other wives from big families. Just wait, when they hear the news, they will come to you, and I’m afraid that you will be busy by that time. “

Li Mo was happy when she heard this information. She hurriedly smiled: “I think that the busier, the better. This only shows that the shop’s business was getting more and more attention and customers. We will be able to earn more money. “

Sister Yue nodded.

However, the “a few days later.” was still too late because someone heard the news that afternoon.

The person who came here was still Madam Lin, but there was a woman behind Madam Lin.

Madam Lin entered the room not long after the three proprietresses had finished eating, and the proprietress was holding Xiao Bao and talking to him.

As soon as Madam Lin came in, she shouted. “Boss, I’m here again.”

Sister Yue looked at the person following Madam Lin and instantly knew what was going on, but she still put down Xiao Bao calmly and got up to greet her.

“Madam Lin, what has brought you here again?”

Madam Lin pulled the woman behind her and smiled at SIister Yue: “It’s because of the makeup that your makeup artist did for me today. My sister-in-law saw it and wanted to come over to let your makeup artist do hers too. That’s why I brought my sister-in-law here.

Madam Lin smiled, but she was really annoyed.

Her little sister-in-law had a bad temper and dumb. She usually relied on her husband’s love and didn’t take Madam Lin seriously. She likes to compare with her. If she had something good happened with Madam Lin, she gets upset. Every time Madam Lin bought something, her sister-in-law would ask for it, but since her husband loved his only sister, he would give it to her. So, whenever Madam Lin buys new cosmetics, as long as they’re good, they’ll automatically go to her sister-in-law’s makeup box.

Actually, she didn’t mind giving it to her sister-in-law, but the thing was, she always applies massive amounts of powder on her face. Every day, she puts on heavy makeup so that you can’t see her face clearly.

Okay, no one can say anything about your makeup, but if you are beautiful, then so be it. But the key is that this sister-in-law and her husband almost appeared similar. They even looked like her dead father-in-law. Since she had considered her as a family, it was hard to say something.

She was not good-looking, but she liked to dress up. As a result, it was hard to find something suitable for her. She had always thought she was attractive. She gets angry at the thought of being ugly when she goes out with Madam Lin.

Today, she put on makeup and went home happily to show her husband what she looked like now. Unexpectedly, she was seen by her sister-in-law, who immediately jumped up and asked her what she had done.

Seeing the envy and jealousy in the eyes of her sister-in-law and the way she scratched her ears, she knew that once she said it, her sister-in-law would come over and put on makeup right away.

Sure enough, she was hurriedly pulled out by herself before she finished her meal and rushed all the way to the store. Without even catching her breath and with a thin sweat on her face, she almost messed up her makeup today.

The owner also knew the nature of Mrs. Lin’s sister-in-law and the disagreement between her and Mrs. Lin, but she didn’t say anything, only welcomed Mrs. Lin and her sister-in-law with a smile on her face and walked inside. “It just so happens that there are no customers right now. Miss Lin will be able to do it soon, follow me.” Sister Yue said, then she took the two into the dressing room.

Li Mo saw Madam Lin coming in and got up to greet her.

Madam Lin smiled and took Li Mo’s hand and said politely: “Madam Song, this is my sister-in-law, and I want you to apply makeup to her. I will trouble you. “

In fact, Madam Lin believes she was causing Li Mo distress. After all, judging by her sister-in-law’s face, it was extremely difficult to make her look good, and judging by her sister-in-law’s unreasonable temperament, she might have to make things difficult for Madame Song if she didn’t look good. However, she couldn’t help it. Her sister-in-law was pleading with her to come to the shop and invite Madam Song to apply her makeup; she could only bring her there.

If her sister-in-law makes trouble for Li Mo, then she will stop her.

Li Mo didn’t know Madam Lin’s faint feeling of guilt towards her. After saying hello, she asked Madam Lin’s sister-in-law to sit down in front of the dressing table.

Miss Lin did not say anything since she came in, but now that she saw the makeup artist that her sister-in-law said had excellent makeup skills, she finally spoke up, “Are you the makeup artist who did my sister-in-law’s makeup? You must make me look much better than my sister-in-law. If not, then you’re just blowing your own trumpet. [2]Blowing your own trumpet-bragging about your own achievements.

Li Mo twitched her mouth, she secretly thought: “Where did this oddball come from? What made it so hateful when it spoke? “

Before Li Mo could say anything, Madam Lin’s face sank, and she reprimanded: “What are you saying? How could you be so mean and unreasonable! “

Miss Lin ignored Madam Lin’s reprimand and calmly stated, “I didn’t say anything wrong; Ah, I’m so much younger than you, and I’m still an unmarried girl. Shouldn’t the makeup I put on look better than you? If it’s not as good as you, the problem lies with her skills. “

“You…” Madam Lin was distressed by what she said. Younger than her? Does being younger make her look better than herself? She didn’t know how to say those unreasonable words with a straight face. I don’t know how to write the word “shame” anymore.

Of course, Madam Lin didn’t say what she thought in her heart. If she said that, she wouldn’t be able to go home today.

In fact, not only Mrs. Lin thought so, except for Xiao Bao, everyone present was amazed by Miss Lin’s lack of self-awareness.

Li Mo was also embarrassed in her heart; this Miss Lin was going to cause her a lot of trouble.

Although Madam Lin doesn’t look good, she belongs to people with ordinary looks. Although not brilliant and not ugly, she could still easily make herself beautiful with her makeup techniques. On the other hand, this Miss Lin is of ordinary appearance. Although she doesn’t look good, it’s not ugly. It’s easy to put on makeup to make her beautiful. But this Miss Lin, people didn’t dare to compliment her. Such a look, even if she was young, you can’t save anything. To make her more beautiful than Madam Lin would be tough.

Seeing Li Mo’s delay, Miss Lin frowned unhappily, “Why are you still not starting? Are you not capable of making me look good? Were you just bragging? “

Li Mo really wanted to tell this oddball to shut up right away. But considering that her makeup business had just started and she was still in the boss’s store, it was not good to offend the customers, so Li Mo could only hold back her displeasure and keep quiet.

Sister Yue also frowned unhappily. She would have stopped doing this business if it hadn’t been for Madam Lin beside her, who kept begging with her eyes; who cares about earning 20 wen from this person’s money!

Madam Lin also knew that her stinky little sister-in-law was offending people again, and she was very annoyed, but she had no choice but to clean up her mess. She could only sternly reprimanded: “If you don’t stop talking, no one will treat you as dumb. It’s not your turn to comment on other people’s skills! If you do! I won’t care if you are not transformed by others. “

Miss Lin’s mouth shrank, but she didn’t speak anymore, and they didn’t know if she was really afraid that Li Mo wouldn’t transform her.

Li Mo took a deep breath, forgetting what had just happened in her heart, and only treated the person in front of her as a normal guest.

Everyone who puts on makeup under her hands, no matter who they are, and regardless of their personality, will try her best to achieve the best result. This is her professional ethics.

After the psychological construction, Li Mo then started to do it.

The first thing Li Mo had to do was to remove the makeup from Miss Lin’s face that was so thick that she couldn’t see her natural facial features.

As the makeup on Miss Lin’s face was too thick, it took Li Mo a while to remove the makeup. The water was changed three times before the original face of Miss Lin was revealed.

Li Mo found that this Miss Lin with or without makeup looked the same. She put on makeup to hide her original face, with no exaggeration. Without makeup, her face was indeed not good-looking.

To be honest, this was the first time in ancient times that Li mo saw a face without flaws could be so ugly.

This Miss Lin was also surprising. There were no good-looking features in her facial features. Although it is not too ugly, the combination of her facial features was like a man’s.

Yes, this Miss Lin has the face of a man.

Li Mo couldn’t help but think of the movie with the character Ruhua[3] Ruhua is a character from Stephen Chow’s movie. in modern times. She didn’t expect to see someone like that in the ancient times.

If this face had been on a man’s face, it would have been ordinary, but on a woman’s face, it would have been ugly.

Li Mo has never put makeup on this type of face,

Putting makeup on a client this time was interesting.


1 test-tube babies = in vitro fertilization
2 Blowing your own trumpet-bragging about your own achievements.
3 Ruhua is a character from Stephen Chow’s movie.


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