Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Li Mo was interested, and she couldn’t help feeling a little excited. Although this Miss Lin was very talkative, she still couldn’t wait to give her makeup.

If this time’s makeup could produce a good result, it can be considered as solving the “difficult problem.”

This Miss Lin’s facial features are also upright, her eyes were not slanted, and her mouth was not crooked. They were very normal, but the combination would result in a man’s face. It seemed like a man disguised as a woman. Li Mo couldn’t help but think carefully about what was the reason for this result.

After Li Mo watched for a long while, Li Mo finally found out the reason.

There was one reason why Miss Lin’s facial features are not good-looking, but it was not the main reason. The main reason was that each facial feature was too rough, not one or two, but all of them. There was no gracefulness and gentleness that a woman should have. On the contrary, it shows the messy and roughness of a man. Putting such roughness on a girl’s face makes it look like a man.

If she wanted to change this shortcoming, she needed to modify all aspects of her face until every facial feature becomes as delicate and soft as a normal woman.

Li Mo couldn’t help but frown, thinking carefully about the next treatment she should perform.

Just when Miss Lin was about to open her mouth, because of Li Mo’s delay, Li Mo began to do her work without saying anything.

Li Mo first asked Sister Yue to bring her a string for the bride’s wedding makeup.

Holding the string in her hand, Li Mo straightened the string with both hands. Before shaving Miss Lin, she said clearly to her: “Miss Lin, I will use this string to remove your facial hair. It will hurt a bit, so be patient. It won’t take a while. “Without waiting for Miss Lin to speak, directly began to shave.

The hair on Miss Lin’s face is too heavy, especially around her mouth. If you didn’t look closely, you’d think she had a beared. For a girl to look, she must first have delicate and clean skin. If her face is hairy, it will look rough. It’s impossible to look good.

So the first step was to shave off the hair on her face to make it delicate and clean.

However, shaving has its disadvantage. It will grow back, and it will grow faster than before. You will have to shave it every other period of time in the future. Otherwise, the hair on the face will only be heavier than before.

Li Mo intends to tell this to Miss Lin after finishing the makeup.

It’s a very painful process to shave off your facial hair by only using a string instead of the professional tools for shaving. Most people would feel pain, but Miss Lin, who had a lot of facial hair, would be in a lot of pain than the others.

Miss Lin couldn’t help but yell out when Li Mo started to scrape out the first string. She reflexively leaned back to avoid Li Mo’s string.

“What are you doing? It hurts! Do you want to kill me?!”

Li Mo ignored Miss Lin’s screaming but said flatly: “The hair on your face is too heavy. If you don’t shave it clean. With long facial hair, you’ll look like a man, and if you don’t shave it, it won’t look good with your makeup. If it doesn’t turn out well, it’s not my fault. “

After Li Mo’s words were finished, the anger in Miss Lin’s eyes died down, but a bit of hidden embarrassment flashed in her eyes. Her ears were also red, so she pressed her lips together and ceased speaking.

Li Mo saw Miss Lin’s reaction in her eyes, and a smile flashed in her heart.

It seems that this Miss Lin was not as unaware as she appeared. She also knew that she didn’t look good in her heart, so she was desperately trying to cover up her face with makeup. Was it because of the fear of ridicule? So she pretends to be so high and mighty, so sharp-tongued, to hide her inferiority?

Li Mo thought to herself, but she still had the same indifference written over her face. “Since Miss Lin was afraid of pain, then we will not shave it. Let’s proceed to put on makeup.”

Li Mo picked up the powder box and made a gesture to give Miss Lin makeup, but she sat upright and shouted: “Who said I am afraid of pain? If you want to shave, just continue to shave it. What’s with the half-shaved? You have to finish what you started, don’t you know? “

Li Mo suppressed the smile at the corner of her mouth and nodded, “Okay, let’s continue scraping.” Then she pulled the rope and scraped again.

This time, Miss Lin didn’t scream anymore. She pressed her lips tightly and let Li Mo shave her facial hair.

Li Mo tried to speed up the hand speed as much as possible, striving to finish the scraping in the fastest time and also let her suffer less pain.

When the hair on her face was shaved off, Li Mo saw Miss Lin secretly loosen from biting her lower lip. The hands that were gripping her skirt were also loosened slowly.

Li Mo couldn’t help but admire the girl a little. She didn’t scream because of the pain. It seemed that she really wanted to be beautiful.

After shaving the facial hair clean, the skin was much finer now, the hair around the mouth was gone. It no longer looked like stubble, and since Miss Lin does not go out every day, her skin is fair. Next would be the focus on the five facial features.

After putting on the base makeup, Li Mo started to treat her eyebrows.

Miss Lin’s eyebrows were black and thick, rougher than men’s, but she still strokes her eyebrows, making her already black eyebrows even blacker, and she’s almost catching up with the character Crayon Shin-chan. Even if you don’t know how to shave your eyebrows, you can still find someone else to do it. Why do you let such eyebrows grow on your face?

At this time, Li Mo was not familiar with Miss Lin, and she will know in the future that there was a kind of person called hand waste plus makeup waste and aesthetic waste.

Li Mo took the eyebrow trimming tweezers, slowly modified the rough eyebrows, removed all the excess eyebrows, left the curved willow-leaf eyebrows, and carefully painted them with eyebrow powder. Finally, a pair of eyebrows showed their softness.

After the eyebrows are finished, the next step was the eyes. Miss Lin’s eyes are not only single eyelid but also very small, which makes people uncomfortable. It’s like trying hard to open her eyes, but she can’t open them. But such eyes were very common. Doing this kind of eye makeup would be easy.

Li Mo turned her eyes into double eyelids in just a few moments. At the same time, he used the effect of eyeshadow to visually enlarge the eyes many times and then used pink eyeshadow to sweep a little pink at the end of the eyes, instantly making the eyes look bigger, round, cute, and playful. The feminine beauty immediately appeared.

After Li Mo was satisfied with her eyes, she began to turn to miss Lin’s big nose, using shadows and highlights to make it very delicate.

When the nose was completed, the mouth was the natural next step. Miss Lin’s mouth was really not close to the small Yin Tao[1] Yin Tao was a female Chinese actress. mouth that the woman pursues. The thickness of her lips was also objective. Such a mouth was not easy to handle. Li Mo had to visually reduce the size of her mouth first and then work on the lips, using powders and different colors of lipstick to create the visual effect of having thin lips.

It was easier said than done. It took Li Mo a full quarter of an hour to finish the lip makeup.

After taking a deep breath, Li Mo continued to solve the problem of her facial lines.

Miss Lin’s facial lines are too rough. It’s masculine to put it on a man’s face, but it’s not good to put it on a woman’s face. If you want to be soft and beautiful, the facial lines must be soft and delicate. So now, Li Mo picked up the brush again, and the brush danced on Miss Lin’s face with shadows and highlights.

By this time, the makeup on her face was over, and Sister Yue and Mrs. Lin, who were watching, were already too shocked to speak.

Li Mo didn’t care about the two people who looked like they’d seen a ghost. She stretched out her hand to untie Miss Lin’s original bun and combed her to flying fairy bun again. This hair bun was feminine and cute. It is most suitable for embodying the gentleness of women, and it is very suitable for women who want to create a feminine image.

After placing the last beaded flower in the bun, Li Mo closed her hand and finished. When she looked at the clock, it was half an hour late. But looking at the result, so much time was not spent in vain.

Because Li Mo was afraid that Miss Lin couldn’t keep her mouth shut when she was doing her makeup up, she put the mirror in the drawer and deliberately prevented her from looking in the mirror.

Now that it was finished, Li Mo took out the mirror from the drawer and placed it in front of Miss Lin.

But Miss Lin didn’t rush to look in the mirror. Instead, she looked at Mrs. Lin and Sister Yue first.

Mrs. Lin and Sister Yue blinked. They looked at each other and then said nothing.

Miss Lin didn’t know what the expressions of these two people meant, and she couldn’t help being dissatisfied: “What the hell do you mean by not talking? You want to kill me?!”

Madam Lin and Sister Yue were enraged when this girl began to speak again, and Madam Lin was even more enraged, and she said, “You don’t have eyes? Look at the mirror in front of you and don’t look at us! “

“You…” Miss Lin was choked by Madam Lin’s words. She turned her head hatefully and turned to Li Mo. She was anxious and had a look seeking answers.

Li Mo knew the girl’s thoughts. She just wanted to ask her if she looked good first, so she could be mentally prepared.

But Li Mo wanted to tease her too. So she didn’t speak and just pointed to the mirror with her chin, motioning her to look at it for herself.

Seeing that no one wanted to tell her, Miss Lin had no choice but to slowly put her gaze on the mirror in front of her, her eyes filled with unconcealable tension.

After what seemed like a quarter of an hour, finally, her eyes were cast in the mirror, and she saw her current appearance.


A long scream sounded in the shop, shocking all four people present inside. Xiao Bao shivered even more and immediately fell into Li Mo’s arms.

Li Mo took Xiao Bao into her arms and patted his small back to comfort him, “It’s okay, Don’t be afraid. Mother is here.”

Madam Lin was also frightened by her. She slapped Ms. Lin fiercely in anger. “You want to die. Ah, why are you screaming like this? People who don’t know what’s going on might be startled. Can you act normal?!”

Miss Lin’s scream stopped after being beaten heavily by Madam Lin’s arm. But she held the mirror and laughed like a lunatic.

“Hahaha, this is me, I’m so beautiful, hahaha…”

The proprietress looked at Madam Lin worriedly, “Madam Lin, is your girl okay?”

Madam Lin rolled her eyes and waved her hand. “She’s okay, she likes to shout. She must be too excited after looking at what she looks like now. Don’t mind her. Just let her go crazy for a while.

After Madam Lin finished speaking, she changed her face and looked at Li Mo with a smile. “Madame Song, I really didn’t expect your craft to be so perfect. To tell you the truth, I was guilty of giving you a problem by pushing my sister-in-law to you. I was only hoping you could make her look better, but I didn’t expect you to be so good. You made her look beautiful. “

The proprietress also had a new understanding of Li Mo’s skills and looked at Li Mo excitedly, “Sister, I’ve really found a treasure.”

LiMo was dumbfounded by the two of them. Why was it so exaggerated? How can one become God just by putting on makeup? It’s so ridiculous.

At that moment, Miss Lin, who had laughed for a quarter of an hour, finally stopped laughing and returned to normal.

But it’s not too normal, because, at this moment, she doesn’t have the same arrogant look just now. At that moment, she had a smile on her face, kindly looking at Li Mo, who was standing by the side. She pulled Li Mo’s arm and shook it heavily. “Sister, you are really amazing. You are making me worship you so much. Thank you so much!”

Li Mo was so shaken that she almost couldn’t hold Xiao Bao. She immediately withdrew her hand to stay away from Miss Lin and said politely: “You’re welcome, you’re welcome, as long as you like it.”

Miss Lin stepped forward again excitedly, “Like like, I like the way I look so much. I never thought I could have a day where I could be this beautiful. I can’t even dream of what I look like now. It’s all because of you. You make me admire you so much!”

Seeing this girl was about to come up and shake her again, Li Mo quickly said loudly: “I have something to explain to you. You standstill.”

Miss Lin, at that moment, was simply like a good little sheep. She immediately did not move, her eyes looking at her bashfully.

“Your face, you must shave it with a rope every three days, or else facial hair will grow out, longer than the original; and your brows, from now on, must follow the shape of the brows I formed for you, as long as they are not too thick, it will not be ugly; and your hair, you can learn how to do this hairstyle I did for you.” Oh, and don’t put too much powder on, just a thin layer. “

Li Mo said what she had planned to explain when she left.

Miss Lin waved her hand impatiently, “You are too complicated, I can’t remember, and I can’t fix it. I will come to you every day to do it for me. That will do. Don’t worry, I will give you more money. I will not be as stingy as others. “

Madam Lin, who was accused of being stingy: “…”

Li Mo: “…”

The thought of seeing this girl in the future, Li Mo had a cold sweat. She immediately laughed: “Actually, it is very easy to do it at home, just according to what I just said. You don’t need to come every day. It’s too much trouble and a waste of money. “

Miss Lin didn’t care, “No trouble at all. It’s just like I am out shopping. As for money, don’t worry, my brother has money. “

Li Mo really couldn’t convince the girl.

Miss Lin bowed her head, took out a large string of copper plates from her purse, and handed it to Li Mo, “Oh Yes, for your makeup money, thank you for making me so beautiful today.”

Li Mo knew at a glance that this string of copper plates was more than fifty wen, far more than twenty wen. So she declined the money and simply stated, “Miss Lin, I only charge twenty wen at a time, you’re giving too much.”

Miss Lin did not expect that someone would refuse the extra money. She used to give more money to others. Everyone accepted it with a smile, but this makeup artist didn’t want it.

At this moment, Miss Lin felt that Li Mo’s character was really good. Not only did she had good craftsmanship, but she was also not greedy for a small advantage. She was worth making friends with.

If Li Mo knew that she was entangled by this little girl to be her friend because of this, she would probably hate it that she didn’t accept it and hope that she could turn back time to immediately accept the extra money.

When Miss Lin was finally sent away, Li Mo breathed a sigh of relief, and Sister Yue also breathed a sigh of relief.

Xiao Bao also followed the example of the two people and breathed out, which made Li Mo laugh and rub his little head, “What are you breathing out for?”

Xiao Bao earnestly said with his little milk voice: “That auntie just now was noisy. She was not gentle at all.”

Li Mo and Sister Yue looked at each other, and they all laughed together.

Sister Yyue was so in love with Xiao Bao that she took Xiao Bao into her arms and kissed her lovingly, “You still know about gentleness? What do you mean by gentle? “

Xiao Bao was serious, pointing to Li Mo, and proudly said: “My mother is a gentle woman. The most gentle and best in the world. “

That’s what his father said.

He also thinks so.

Sister Yue laughed, deliberately turned Xiao Bao upside down, pretending to be sad, and asked: “Where about Aunt Yue? Was aunt Yue not gentle? “

Xiao Bao thought for a while and nodded, “Aunt Yue is also gentle, just a little less than my mother.” Xiao Bao said, and he put his two fleshy fingers together. Like giving a gesture of goodwill

Sister Yue couldn’t help but smile and kissed his little cheek again. She was very envious in her heart if only she had such a child.


1 Yin Tao was a female Chinese actress.


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