Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 49

Chapter 49

By the end of the afternoon, Song Dashan was waiting outside of the store to pick up Li Mo, who had finished her work for the day.

Li Mo said her goodbyes to Sister Yue and picked up Xiao Bao. She walked out of the shop with her makeup case.

Song Dashan came forward to take the Xiao Bao and the makeup case in Li Mo’s arms. After Li Mo climbed into the cart, he handed Xiao Bao and the makeup case to her and then went to the front to drive the donkey carriage home.

After they arrived home, Song Dashan sent Li Mo to their room to rest while he went to the kitchen to make dinner.

Li Mo had not been idle all day and had done makeup for five customers. Three of them had paid extra money. She earned a total of 130 yen.

Looking at the more than one hundred coins in the purse, although Li Mo was a little tired physically, her heart was happy. If she keeps this up and has five customers per day, she could earn at least a hundred wen per day. If you subtract the four days they spent in the city, for a total of 26 days, she could earn at least two taels of silver and 600 wen per month. In addition to that, the perfume balm’s income amounted to more than three taels of silver a month. Plus, the money that Song Dashan earns in his donkey cart was more than enough for treating his legs.

However, they still have an expense for their monthly living. They also buy some things from time to time. In this way, they can’t save much money every month.

They still have to pay Song Dashan’s mother one tael of silver for alimony during the New Year. The grain produced in their little field at home was not enough for their consumption, so she needed to spend money to buy grain for them to eat. So she planned to buy more land when she had money. Moreover, she thinks that when Song Dashan’s legs are healed, she plans to open a makeup shop.

All the plans in her heart require a lot of money to be realized. With their situation of being a moonlight[1]“月光” was in the law, which means “moonlight”. It could have been referring to this “月光族” which means Moonlight group/those who spend their monthly income … Continue reading., it was definitely possible.

There was still another way to increase income, but I don’t know if it is feasible.

I’ll try it tomorrow.

After thinking about it, she put the silver in a special box and locked it. Li Mo took out the small schoolbag that she made for Xiao Bao last time.

The proprietress loves Xiao Bao very much. When there’s no customer, she likes to hold Xiao Bao and talk with him. When there was a customer, Xiao Bao was also obedient. He would sit on the chair next to her and didn’t speak. He was just watching her being busy.

When she came back, the proprietress specifically explained that she could take Xiao Bao with her to the shop.

Li Mo also wanted to take Xiao Bao with her so that she could spend more time with him and not neglect the child because of her busy schedule. Secondly, Song Dashan was also busy, and she was not sure if it was okay to take Xiao Bao with him; thirdly, she wanted to take advantage of the time and teach Xiao Bao when there was no customer.

Therefore, Li Mo planned to bring the small school bag she made for Xiao Bao, fill it with the books she bought for him and the small sticks Song Dashan made for Xiao Bao to learn arithmetic, as well as some snacks she bought for Xiao Bao, and let Xiao Bao carry the bag to the store tomorrow.

At this time, Song Dashan came into the room and called Li Mo to eat.

When he saw Li Mo sitting on the bed, he touched her cheek and asked softly, “Are you tired today?”

Li Mo wanted to shake her head, but after thinking about it, she nodded again and threw herself into his arms, wrapping her arms around his strong and thin waist and rubbing herself against his chest, which was the first time she acted like a baby in front of him.

Song Dashan kissed the top of Li Mo’s hair passionately and wanted to say that she could not go if she was tired, but he knew that Li Mo would not agree to that, and he promised to support her, so he just whispered in her ear, “I will boil more water after dinner, so you can take a good bath to get rid of the fatigue and go to bed early tonight.”

Li Mo nodded and let out a lazy “um” sound.

No one was home, so Song Dashan didn’t shy away from picking Li Mo up, carried her straight to the table in the hall, put her down, and then went to the kitchen to bring out the food.

When Xiao Bao saw Li Mo sitting down, he also ran over and climbed onto the stool and sat down by himself. After he was given a bowl and a pair of chopsticks, he began to eat obediently.

After the family finished eating, they first gave the little one a bath and placed him on the bed. Song Dashan gave Li Mo a bucket full of hot water and let her lie in it for a good bath.

When Li Mo got into the comfortable hot water, her whole body felt a sense of relief, and she felt so comfortable that she didn’t want to get up.

After bathing for a long time, the water gradually became cold, and she could no longer soak in it, so Li Mo had to get up.

Just as she stood up to get her clothes, the door behind her creaked, scaring Li Mo. She immediately squatted back into the water.

When she looked back in shock, it was Song Dashan with another bucket of hot water in his hand.

Seeing Li Mo’s panic, the corner of Song Dashan’s mouth curled up, “It’s me, don’t be afraid.” He said while closing the door bolt.

Li Mo stared at him, locking the door bolts, and he had never come in before every time she took a bath.

“Why did you come in?” Li Mo used a towel to cover her chest and asked, glaring at the man.

Song Dashan slowly poured the hot water in his hand into the tub, and only when it was finished did he say unhurriedly, “I brought you some hot water.”

Li Mo waited for a long time but did not see the man go out of the room, and she couldn’t help but be annoyed. “Why are you not going out yet? Didn’t you say you came to deliver the hot water? “

Song Dashan put the bucket down and simply reached into the water with both hands, dragged Li Mo’s towel into his own hands, and slowly wiped Li Mo’s body.

Li Mo was shocked, and her face was completely red. Although the two of them had done that thing, they had never helped each other to take a bath like this.

She was so embarrassed.: “Song Dashan! What are you doing! “

Hearing Li Mo’s scolding, Song Dashan curled his mouth and said calmly: “I’m giving you a bath.”

Li Mo: “……”

Very good. He has learned a new trick.

She saw him as a drunk, but he was not really interested in alcohol[2]having an ulterior motive or have other things in mind.

Sure enough, rubbing and rubbing, Song Dashan removed his clothes, and he himself went into the tub.

Before Li Mo could refuse, Song Dashan blocked Li Mo’s mouth. When she was breathless from the kiss, he whispered in her ear: “I know that I can’t move my legs, so I will not move. Can you sit up and move by yourself? “As he

With that, he lifted Li Mo up and put her on top of himself.

Li Mo was instantly filled up.

For a moment, Li Mo couldn’t utter any words, and she could only be tossed around by this big wolf dog.

Men really can’t hold back, even men with bad legs.

Finally, Li Mo was carried back to her room by Song Dashan.

Before falling asleep, she bit the man’s neck bitterly.

This man was not honest at all on this matter. She was touched that he was so active in boiling water for her.

It was just set up, after all.


The next day, Li Mo was woken up bySong Dashan’s soft kisses. After everything was set up, Li Mo took out a few boxes of balm and put them inside her makeup case. Then she took out the previously used box, opened the lid, dug out a little bit from it, and applied it on her wrist. She gently wiped it with her fingers and then put the lid back.

Song Dashan watched Li Mo’s movements and didn’t understand why she was interested in applying the perfume today.

Although Li Mo sells balm, she never uses it herself.

Seeing the faint doubt in Song Dashan’s eyes, Li Mo smiled without explaining her intentions and only said: “I’ll tell you when I come back tonight.”

She wanted to wait until it was successful.

She purposely smeared this balm today because it was her own idea of making some more money.

She wanted to sell her balm in Sister Yue’s cosmetic shop.

She didn’t sell her balm in town because she was afraid of getting in trouble for stealing customers from other stores, but if she sold it directly at Sister Yue’s shop, she wouldn’t be afraid because the ordinary people in this town couldn’t find trouble with Sister Yue’s family.

She discovered that Sister Yue’s balms were purchased in the city for eight wen per box, but they also had to pay for transportation. The cost of transporting the balms was more than eight wen. With that, the selling price of the balm was even more expensive, that it became a luxury product. The ordinary people of this town could not afford it.

If Sister Yue’s shop sold the balm she made, a box would only cost her four wen, and she wouldn’t have to buy her supplies from outside the town. She can directly get from the direct supplier. The overall cost would be only 4 wen. With this, the store can sell a low-priced balm that even ordinary people from the town can afford.

Of course, this was just a calculation in her heart. Whether it can be realized or not depends on what the proprietress thought. That’s why she put on this balm for today, and she also specially brought a few boxes in order to see if Sister Yue would be willing to buy them from her.

It’s just that Li Mo didn’t expect that. Just as she got off the carriage, a figure rushed towards her.

“Sister Li, why did you just arrived now?” There was a crisp voice that only Miss Lin had.

Fortunately, before she could jump over, Song Dashan stopped her with quick eyes to avoid the ending of Li Mo being hit.

When she was stopped by Song Dashan, Miss Lin glared at him in anger. “Who are you? Why did you stop me! “

Song Dashan ignored her, and he handed the makeup case to Li Mo and then gave the small school bag to Xiao Bao. Xiao Bao put it on his back.

Originally, after she saw Song Dashan ignoring her, Miss Lin was about to get angry, but seeing that Song Dashan and Li Mo acted intimately, the anger was suppressed again, and she looked at Li Mo and asked, “Sister Li, who is this guy?”

Could it be that he is not a servant of Sister Li’s family? Why do you want a crippled man to be your servant?

“Miss Lin, this is my husband.”

Then he pointed to Xiao Bao and said, “This is my son.”

Miss Lin’s eyes widened when she heard it, and she couldn’t believe her: “Your Husband?!”

How could Li Mo not know what she was surprised about, but she didn’t want to talk to this senseless person. She only said to Song Dashan: “You go buy some meat for the house first, and there are no candles at home. You remember to buy two.”

Song Dashan nodded and said: “Take care of yourself, don’t be tired. I will go first, and I will pick you up in the afternoon.”

Li Mo nodded and watched his donkey carriage go, and then she brought Xiao Bao inside the shop.

Miss Lin hurriedly followed in. She opened her mouth to say something, but she closed it again. After a while, she couldn’t help but approach Li Mo. “Sister Li, is that really your husband? You are so beautiful and so amazing. How can you find someone…”

Miss Lin swallowed the rest of her words after seeing the look in Li Mo’s eyes.

Seeing the way she held back her words, Li Mo sighed and said, “That’s my husband. My husband is very good.”

Miss Lin suffocated her mouth and muttered, “But he is crippled.”

Li Mo was really afraid that the little girl would be bothered to get to the bottom of it. So she said directly: “My husband was not born with a crippled leg. He injured his leg in the war before. Now we are undergoing treatment, and he will be fine in the future. Don’t tell me that my husband is not good in front of me, otherwise. I’ll be really angry. “

Miss Lin looked at Li Mo’s seriousness, and she didn’t dare to say anything else to slander Song Dashan.

Li Mo didn’t want to tell the girl too much. Knowing what she was here for today, she opened the makeup case and asked her to sit down, “Miss Lin, let’s start putting on your makeup.”

Miss Lin sat down and said, “Sister Li. “My name is Lin Xiaoyu, and you can just call me Xiaoyu; calling me Miss Lin is too strange; we’ll be friends in the future, so it shouldn’t be Miss Lin.”

Li Mo had nothing to say when she met such a self-acquainted little girl. She only knew that she could be annoyed by her if she didn’t listen to her.

Li Mo immediately replied, “Okay, Xiaoyu.”

Lin Xiaoyu was happy.

Li Mo started to do Xiaoyu’s makeup, but for today, she gave her the mirror, so she could look at herself.

But this little girl didn’t like to look in the mirror anymore, but instead, she kept talking to Li Mo and asking questions.

Only now did Li Mo realize that the arrogant fighter from yesterday turned out to be a chatterbox.

Every time Xiaoyu asked Li Mo, Li Mo would answer with a hum.

After she finished putting on Xiaoyu’s makeup, she naturally looked as beautiful as yesterday.

Lin Xiaoyu was satisfied, and this time, she only took out 20 wen to give to Li Mo. After Li Mo took it, Xiaoyu took out a small purse and took out a ceramic doll from it, handing it to Xiao Bao, who was sitting on the side and watching them obediently.

“Here you are. This is for you. I bought it especially for you.”

Xiao Bao blinked in confusion and couldn’t help but look at Li Mo.

Li Mo looked at Lin Xiaoyu, “Xiaoyu, what are you doing?”

Lin Xiaoyu impatiently waved his hand, “This is a child’s thing. I deliberately bought it to give it to your child. The stall owner said that children are very fond of this thing. Yesterday I gave you more money, but you didn’t take it. If I gave this to you, could you still not accept it? If you don’t want it, it means you are looking down on me as a friend. “

Li Mo really couldn’t keep up with this girl’s rhythm.

Seeing that she had to give in, Li Mo sighed and said to Xiao Bao, “Xiao Bao, take it, and say thank you to Aunt.”

Xiao Bao reached out to take it and put his hands together and bowed. “Thank you, Aunt.”

Lin Xiaoyu thought that this child was quite cute, and she couldn’t help rubbing his little head.

After the makeup was done, the little girl did not go away and went shopping in the store, and when she saw something she liked, she would try it, and if it was good, she would buy it. In a short time, she bought a large number of products, and Sister Yue couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

When it was about to eat lunch, Lin Xiaoyu reluctantly left.

“Pfft-” The proprietress laughed.

“Sister Li, you are so attractive. This little girl admired you so much that she couldn’t bear to leave. I think she is going to become a regular customer in my store. “

Li Mo shook her head helplessly.

When Sister Yue realized it was time to eat, she asked the staff to keep an eye on the store and led Li Mo and Xiao Bao to the back to eat.

Li Mo saw that it was a good time and stretched her sleeve to the boss’s wife and asked, “Sister Yue, smell it, does it smell good?”

Sister Yue sniffed lightly and asked: “Was this a balm you bought? I’ve never smelled this before. Did you buy it from someone else’s store? “

Li Mo shook her head and smiled, “This is indeed a balm, but I didn’t buy it from someone else’s.”

Sister Yue knew that Li Mo had something to say, “Oh.”

Li Mo looked at the boss and said seriously: “Sister Yue, I still want to do business with you today. Let’s talk about it while we eat.”


1 “月光” was in the law, which means “moonlight”. It could have been referring to this “月光族” which means Moonlight group/those who spend their monthly income before receiving their next salary
2 having an ulterior motive or have other things in mind

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