Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 50

Chapter 50

The proprietress knows Li Mo well now, knowing that she will not speak big words easily, so when she heard Li Mo say to do another business with her, she immediately looked squarely in her heart and asked Li Mo to elaborate.

Li Mo was also aware of Sister Yue’s open-mindedness and boldness, as well as her dislike of beating around the bush. So she directly said: “Sister Yue, my body scent was indeed the smell of a perfume balm, but I did not buy it from another store, but I made it myself.”

Sister Yue was slightly surprised, “You made it?”

Li Mo nodded, “Exactly, it’s a recipe. I figured it out myself, and it’s quite effective. The smell was not inferior to the balm sold in a store.”

Seeing the lady boss listen carefully, Li Mo continued: “I used to make them and sell them to the women in the village because the price was relatively cheaper, they sold very well; but I didn’t come to the town to sell them, because I was afraid that it would affect the sales of the shops in the town. It’s not good if you get into trouble. But now I’m in your shop, and I’d like to recommend my balm to you. If you’re interested in it, Sister Yue, you can sell it. “

The proprietress grabbed Li Mo’s arm again. She sniffed it and found that the smell was really good. She became interested and asked, “Did you bring your own balm? I want to see it. “

Li Mo nodded, “I brought a few boxes today, Sister Yue. Wait a moment, and I will go and get them.”

Li Mo went to the front, took out a box from his makeup box, returned to the kitchen, and handed it to the proprietress.

When Sister Yue saw the exquisite box, her eyes brightened, and before she opened it, “Your box is not bad, but the weight was too much, compared to the balms in my shop.”

Li Mo said: “Before, I intended to sell it to ordinary people who usually couldn’t afford to buy perfume balm. The portion of each box was larger and more affordable. Ordinary people would be willing to buy the balm with this.

Sister Yue nodded her head in agreement.

She reached out to open the lid of the box, and an elegant fragrance came out of the box. When you take a closer look, you can see the delicate pink cream, like the delicate and clean face of a beautiful lady.

Sister Yue was very satisfied with the appearance of Li Mo’s balm.

Li Mo took the balm at this time, stretched out her hand, and dipped her finger for a bit. She pulled Sister Yue’s wrist and gently spread it evenly, “Sister Yue, try this balm. This box is my gift to you.”

Sister Yue was already 80% committed to taking on this business at this point, but the remaining 20% needed to be investigated.

“Sister Li, your balm was really good. I wonder if you do this business with me, what would be the price?”

“I’ll charge you four wen for a box, and you don’t have to pick up the goods; I’ll bring them to you every time,” Li Mo said, extending her four delicate jade fingers.

For a brief moment, Sister Yue was taken aback, “Only four wens?”

“Yes, I will only charge you four wen; you can sell it at a slightly lower price than the usual balm, so the store can have two kinds of balm at two prices, and even women from ordinary families can afford to buy it,” Li Mo smiled.

Sister Yue reflected. “Before I went to the city specifically to buy balm, each balm cost eight wen plus the delay, labor costs, and transportation fees—each box of balm cost at least ten wens. I have to earn money, so the price of this balm will not be lower. This resulted in not being able to sell the balm well. In addition to that, ordinary people will not buy it except for the rich and famous people. If you charge me four wen per box, I can sell it for eight wen per box. Each box will be able to earn as usual, but more people will be willing to buy it. I could earn more money. “

Sister Yue said and looked at Li Mo’s eyes with a smile, “Sister Yue, such a good business. How can I let go of it?”

Li Mo also smiled and said directly, “That’s just right. I brought a few boxes. Today, Sister Yue, you can try to sell them and see the result.”

Sister Yue became more and more impressed with Li Mo. This little lady, who could not be related to the word village woman, was even more beautiful than some ladies and had a unique vision. Such a woman, landing in this ordinary township, I do not know whether it is fortunate or unfortunate.

In the afternoon, the proprietress put the five boxes of balm brought by Li Mo on the display stand. They were placed alongside the original balm sold in the store, but they were priced separately and marked with “8 wen per box” on a small piece of wood specially designed for this balm.

At that moment, all the customers who came to the store and saw the balm that was priced at only eight cents could not help but ask, especially those women who were dressed in ordinary clothes. They asked in interest.

The proprietress naturally answered their questions one by one, using her good business eloquence, and within an hour in the afternoon, the five boxes of balm were sold out.

The proprietress was overjoyed, and she deliberately went into the dressing room and told Li Mo about it, “Sister, your five boxes of balm were sold out. Just now, two women came together. Only the last box was left. There was nothing left. She bought it and asked me if there were any available balms in stock. I promised that she would have it tomorrow. You have to bring me some more tomorrow. No, you have to bring more and bring dozens of boxes. “

Li Mo thought of the remaining balms in their house. She said: “I don’t have much stock at my home. I’ll only be able to bring twenty boxes over tomorrow, and I’ll make them later. I will bring you when it’s done. “

Sister Yue wanted her to bring more, but in that case, it was fine to sell 20 boxes first, so she could only urge Li Mo to make more quickly.

Li Mo nodded in response, very happy in his heart, and now he had made another profit.

However, the family was still running low on the balm, so they needed to make more. Tomorrow, she can ask Song Dashan to go to the back of the mountain to pick up the flowers while we have time in the afternoon and then hurry to make the balm when we return at night.

At this time, someone in front called Sister Yue to come over, and she hurriedly went to the front to meet the guest.

Li Mo took out the small wooden sticks in Xiao Bao’s school bag and started to teach Xiao Bao how to add and subtract within ten.

But before she could teach Xiao Bao two sentences, Sister Yue returned, followed by a person.

Sister Yue guided the person behind her to Li Mo and introduced her to her, “Sister Yub, this is the makeup artist in my store. Like me, you can call her sister Li.”

After saying that, she said to Li Mo, “Sister, this has been my friend since childhood. You can call her Sister Yun.”

Li Mo stood up and bowed to the visitor, “Sister Yun.”

Sister Yun also bowed her head and said: “I heard that there was an amazing makeup artist in Sister Yue’s shop. So I immediately came here to take a look. “

Sister Yue covered her mouth and laughed, “My sister only officially started coming to my shop yesterday to do makeup. How come you know about it today? You are so busy. I don’t believe you have time to chat with the women. “

Sister Yun waved her hand and said, “Have you forgotten what I do for a living? This afternoon, Mrs. Huang went to my place for lunch, and as soon as she saw me, she told me about the makeup artist you hired here. And she was so fascinated, and that made me curious. After lunch, I handed over the shop to the clerk and dashed over to you to see it. “

Sister Yue heard the reason and looked at her teasingly, “I think you are not curious but itchy, right?”

Yun Niang blushed when she heard what Sister Yue said, and she pushed the proprietress, “Where is it? It’s just curiosity.”

Sister Yue smiled more openly, “Do I still not know you? You liked to toss your face every day. “

Sister Yun was not convinced, “As if you don’t do it, compared with, mine was nothing much. At least I don’t wear makeup every day. “

Sister was not angry, “I run a cosmetic shop. Can I not wear makeup? What about you? You go into the kitchen every day. And your skin is getting worse and worse. The doctor told you to use less makeup, but you still don’t listen. “

Speaking of this, Yun Niang was depressed and frowned, “I don’t want to, but how can I see people without makeup? There are so many guests coming and going every day. If I don’t cover them up, the diners will lose their appetite. “

Sister Yue also knows this, but looking at her friend’s face, she can’t help sighing.

Sister Yue stopped talking. She looked at Li Mo and said, “Sister Li, put some makeup on your Sister Yun.”

Although Li Mo didn’t know what was going on, she could tell from the face of Sister Yun that she had a lot of acne and acne marks on her face. It was not completely covered by the makeup. Maybe that’s what she’s talking about.

Li Mo asked Sister Yun to sit down and remove her makeup first.

There was a thick layer of makeup on Sister Yun’s face, probably to cover her acne. She applied a thick layer of powder, which looked quite unnatural. Now she takes off her makeup and feels much more relaxed. However, the acne on her face was also completely revealed.

Sister Yun also saw her face in the mirror and sighed heavily.

She didn’t know how many doctors she had seen and how many drugs she had taken, but she was still unable to cure it. Some have finally disappeared, others have grown again, and her face has never been cleaned. The doctor said that it was not necessary to put on makeup. Otherwise it is not conducive to the disappearance of the acne on the face, but the face would look unpleasant if the acne was not covered by makeup. How could she open her business?

Li Mo looked at the state on Sister Yun’s face. She reached out to touch her skin and asked, “Sister Yun, do you usually like spicy food?”

Sister Yun shook her head, “I don’t like it very much. I like to eat some light dishes. “

“Then, do you sleep late at night?”

Sister Yun shook her head, “it’s not too late. Usually, I go to bed in Xu shi *. “

(TN: Xushi-between 7-9)

After listening to her answer, Li Mo was generally aware of the reason for her acne.” Sister Yun, your face is oily, and you are prone to acne.”

Both Sister Yun and Sister Yue were puzzled, “What is oily skin?”

Li Mo just remembered that this era does not know the classification of skin. Of course, they don’t understand the word oily skin.

Li Mo thought about it and explained, “oily skin is a type of skin that easily gets greasy on the face. It often gets their faces oily. “

Sister Yun nodded excitedly, “Yes, yes, that’s how I am. My face was often greasy, and I usually put on makeup to remove it. “

Sister Yue also asked curiously: “Does a person get acne because of the oily skin?”

Li Mo tried to explain in the most simple and understandable words: “People who are not acne-prone don’t have oily skin. There are many reasons for acne on the face, but people with oily skin are more likely to have acne. Oily skin often produces oil, which will block our sweating pores. Once blocked, things in the body can’t get out and will become inflamed. It’s acne on the face. “

Sister Yun understood it roughly. She then hurriedly asked: “What should I do? Was there any solution? “

Li Mo thought about it. She felt that Yun Niang probably had an endocrine problem and needed internal adjustment. She had no way to solve this, and she had to rely on the doctor.

But she still knows a little about the maintenance of external skin.

You must pay attention to cleanliness, keep the skin dry, and avoid contact with anything greasy if you have oily skin.

Li Mo told Sister Yun all the precautions, but Sister Yun shook her head bitterly. “It’s fine to maintain clean skin, but I can’t do it if you touch greasy things. You may not know that I’m a restaurant operator. I’m responsible for the signature dishes of my restaurant. That’s my exclusive craft. And can only be made by me. The oily fume of smoke was in the kitchen every day, so how can I avoid the oiliness? “

Li Mo didn’t expect that Yun Niang was doing kitchen work, so the oil fume was indeed unavoidable, so she could only try to isolate the oil fume from contacting the skin.

In order to isolate the oily fume. Li Mo thought of modern masks and hats.

There was no mask or the kind of hat she wanted. There were only veils and hangings. It was very inconvenient to use. It was even more inconvenient for Sister Yun.

But masks are different. Not only does it not affect the work, but it also isolates the outside smoke, coupled with the hat covering the forehead, leaving a pair of eyes outside. The skin reduces the smoke contact, which is also good protection for the skin.

If combined with deep cleaning and internal regulation, even if the skin will not be good immediately, it will not continue to get worse.

But now, if she mentioned masks and hats, they probably can’t imagine it. She might as well go back tonight and sew one for Sister Yun to see, and it could also be regarded as repaying the proprietress for her kindness.

Li Mo said to Sister Yun: “Sister Yun, I have some small things to isolate oil fumes, but I can’t do them now. If you have time tomorrow, I’ll give them to you. “

Sister Yun’s eyes lit up, and she said in surprise: “Really, Was there any way to block the oily fumes? “

Li Mo said honestly: “Part of it can be isolated, but it is not completely inaccessible. Your face needs to be treated internally and then externally protected. It will get better in a long time. “

Sister Yun happily took Li Mo’s hand and patted it, “Good sister, thank you.”

Sister Yue asked the side: “Do you want to put on makeup then?”

Sister Yun nodded quickly, “Of course. I had all my makeup removed. How can I go back to the store to do business without makeup? “

Sister Yue said helplessly: “You, you know that you have to apply makeup if you don’t know how to put on makeup. You really can’t help it. “

Sister Yun ignored the proprietress. She just sat upright and said: “Sister, I don’t have any other requirements, as long as I can cover the pimples on my face.”

Li Mo nodded.

Although covering acne is difficult for the average person, it is trivial and very simple for her.

After finishing the skincare before putting on makeup, Li Mo took out the powder, applied a thin layer on Sister Yun’s face, and after evenly blending the skin, she used the powder to apply finely on the acne and acne marks. The last point was to cover the acne and then use the beauty cream to blend the powdery skin with a thin layer of powder. In less than a cup of tea, the acne on Sister Yun’s face became invisible. Her face was smooth and delicate, as if there were no blemishes.

Sister Yun saw her skin in the mirror. Her eyes widened. She didn’t know how she worked so hard to solve the skin problem that caused her headaches. She obviously puts a lot of powder on her face every day, but she still can’t cover it completely, and the powder on her face was uncomfortable and tight.

How come to the hands of this Sister Li? It is solved with just three strokes.

No wonder that Madam Huang praised the craftsmanship of this girl Li so enthusiastically. It seems that it was not an exaggeration, but that she was really capable.

Next, Sister Yun was looking forward to it, not knowing what she could be transformed into.

Sister Yun’s facial features were very good. Before, they were destroyed by the acne on her face. After no skin problems, she was still very good-looking, so the makeup was also very easy to put on.

It took Li Mo less than half a quarter of an hour to do Sister Yun’s makeup.

When Sister Yun saw her appearance in the mirror, she agreed with Madam Huang’s praise of Li Mo.

Sure enough, she has extraordinary craftsmanship. How could she be so beautiful?

This old friend of mine also has a vision. And he even digs such a person into the shop. After this, the business will be so good that she can’t help but be too busy.

It seems that she could also be like Madam Huang, who would always talk about Sister Li’s skills and talk to the guests who went to the restaurant for dinner.

Sister Yun took out a bunch of copper plates from her purse and gave them to Li Mo very generously.

Li Mo thinks that the quantity of this string of copper plates was more than that given by Lin Xiaoyu last time, so she can’t take it. She just said that she would only take 20 Wen.

Yun Niang smiled and shoved the copper into Li Mo’s hand. “You not only made me beautiful today, but you are also helping me to make things that can isolate the oil fumes. I am grateful for your help. Don’t refuse. It’s too much to refuse. “

Li Mo was not a person to get embarrassed easily. Since Sister Yun has said so, it’s not good for her to refuse anymore. In the future, trying to find a way to repay her and this matter could be regarded as a token of their friendship.

Finally, Sister Yun and Li Mo made an appointment with Sister Yue to come over tomorrow afternoon and left in a hurry.


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