Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 51

Chapter 51

After Sister Yun left, Sister Yue said to Li Mo: “In the future, if she gives you more money, you can take it, no need to resist. She can only act generously to someone if she really likes that person. I can see that she likes you, so just treat her sincerely in the future. “

Li Mo also liked Sister Yun’s character. She could see that she was also open-minded and had a bright personality, and this was exactly the kind of personality Li Mo liked.

Sister Yue didn’t know what Li Mo was thinking, she sighed. “Don’t look at her bright and cheerful appearance. In fact, she also had a bitter life. Her husband died early and didn’t leave her a child. The only thing left for her was the restaurant. She was not interested in getting married again. Her heart, mind, and soul were now focused on spending time at her restaurant, and her attention was drawn to her face. Unfortunately, her face has not been well. “

After Sister Yue finished talking, she thought of the reason for Sister Yun’s sudden visit to her shop. She smiled. “When she heard something that could make her look beautiful, she would always like to give it a try. So when she heard about your skills, she immediately came here. “

Li Mo sighed in her heart, but she admired Sister Yun very much.

A woman who was managing a restaurant alone didn’t show any trace of self-pity. On the contrary, she was bright and generous. She was also an open-minded person. Such a person was worthy of admiration.

Thinking that Sister Yun’s only enjoyment was on her face, Li Mo thought in her heart that she must think of ways to make her face better.

That night, Li Mo took out the fabric leftover from the clothes she made at home, and made an ancient version of the mask according to the modern mask, and then made a hat to cover the woman’s hair and forehead according to the woman’s hair bun in this era.

This mask and hat will insulate the fumes and stop the skin from continuing to deteriorate.

But to completely let the face acne go down alone will not work. She also has to think of another way.

In modern times, there are many products that can eliminate acne. You can just apply it directly to your face, but here, there was not even a deep-cleansing cleanser, only aromatic soap to wash your face, so if you want to get rid of acne, you have to find something that is available now.

Li Mo searched for a natural method to get rid of acne, and after thinking about it, two things came to her mind.

The first was aloe vera.

The modern aloe vera gel is soothing and can improve one’s appearance. Besides that, it was anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

The principle behind it was that aloe vera has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Aloe vera was also very effective in getting rid of acne and also helps in expelling toxins from the skin. As long as the fresh aloe vera is washed and cut, mashed into a puree on the face for a quarter of an hour, you see the effect of it.

The second one was the Coptis Chinensis.

Coptis Chinensis is well-known for clearing away heat and detoxification. And it was naturally very effective in getting rid of acne when used on the face. Add the Coptis powder to warm water to make a paste, and apply it to the face. It also has a good acne-removing effect.

These two methods can be explained to Sister Yun tomorrow, and she can try them out.

The next day, Sister Yun came to the store before the appointed time and saw that Li Mo was busy applying makeup to a customer, so she didn’t bother her but sat next to her and watched quietly. When Li Mo was finished, Sister Yun was a little embarrassed. “I’m so anxious, and I can’t help but want to see what good things you’ve made for me. Good sister, show them to me.”

Li Mo smiled and opened the small cloth bag in her makeup case, took out the mask and hat inside, and handed them to Sister Yun. “Sister Yun, this is the one.”

Sister Yun, naturally, had never seen such things. Her fingers were carrying the mask’s strap. She had a puzzled look on her face. “Sister, I have not seen this thing. How do you use it?”

Li Mo took Sister Yun’s hand and stood in front of her, buckling the straps at both ends of the mask behind her ears and adjusting the position of the mask to cover the eyes below the chin, leaving only a pair of eyes and the top of her head exposed.

Yuniang’s eyes lit up. She looked left and right in the mirror and took several deep breaths before she said in awe. “It’s surprisingly convenient! It covers my face, and it doesn’t sway around like a veil, and I don’t have to worry about it falling off. “

Sister touched the band behind her ear again and felt that this little thing was good for her, so she asked, “Sister, what is this called?”

Li Mo replied, “This is called a face mask. It is used to cover the mouth.”

Sister Yun nodded her head and said happily, “Good, good, this thing is good. It not only covered my mouth, but also covered my face, and this did not affect my breathing, and can block the oil smoke when I cook.”

After saying that, Sister Yun picked up another thing in her hand and asked, “Then what is this? Does it seem to be a hat? “

Behind this hat was a large and long cloth cover. The head part is wide, similar to the appearance of the forehead. The back also has a band. It looks like a hat, but it’s not the same as the usual one. It’s strangely tight.

Li Mo did not answer but took the hat directly, and put Sister Yun’s hair bun into the hat from behind, and then fixed the bottom part on her forehead, and fastened it with a strap according to the size of her head. This time, the hair and forehead were all covered. If she was to cook in the kitchen, it would not dirty her hair, but also her forehead could be covered. The only part of the face that was exposed was her eyes.

In fact, there were also hats here. Many men wear hats, and many cooks also wear hats when cooking, but that kind of hat is not suitable for women because women’s hair buns are complicated, and they can’t be worn by women. So Sister Yun never wore a hat. She could only cook with her hair and face exposed.

Sister Yue patted her thigh, surprised that the hat was also like this.” How come I did not think of making a hat like this, the one that could be used when cooking? This way, you don’t have to have your hair smelling like grease every time. “

Sister Yun looked at herself. She could only see her eyes. Thinking of the future, she didn’t need to expose her bare skin to the smoke in the kitchen. Maybe, her acne would slowly disappear. The thought of that future made Sister Yun happy. She held her purse and picked out a string of copper coins. She stuffed it in Li Mo’s hand. “Sister, I really don’t know how to thank you. This money was for the face mask and the hat. You must accept it. “

Li Mo waved her hand while pushing it back.” Sister Yun, this is not worth the money. A few small pieces of fabric were not worth a few copper coins. If I accept this money, then what kind of person am I? Besides, the extra money you gave yesterday could have made many masks and hats. “

Seeing that Sister Yun still insisted on giving, Li Mo had to say, “Sister Yun, I treat you as a friend. This was a small token of appreciation from a friend. If you give memory, you are disowning me as a friend.”

Sister Yun had a good feeling about Li Mo, so when she said that, she stopped giving money and took Li Mo’s hand and said, “Okay, okay, I won’t give money. I’ll take your kindness to heart.”

When she stopped insisting on giving money, Li Mo continued, “Sister Yun, I also know a few natural methods to get rid of acne. You go back and try it. The effect should be good if you persist for a long time.”

Li Mo told Sister Yun the details about the aloe vera and the Coptis Chinensis.

Sister Yun had only used the ointment prepared by the doctor before, so she had never heard of the methods Li Mo mentioned, but she was willing to try anything that could cure her face.

Sister Yun really appreciated Li Mo’s kindness. Even if it didn’t work, she still deserved her thanks for taking a bit of her time to find methods to cure her face. Sister Yun could only wait for the right opportunity to thank her later since Li Mo didn’t want to receive her money.

Li Mo did not know what was in Sister Yun’s mind. She really did not want any thanks, she just told her what she knew, and she didn’t even know if it would work or not.

She was just hoping that it would work.

However, what made people happy was that the method provided by Li Mo really worked out for Yun Niang.

A few days later, Sister Yun came to Sister Yue’s shop happily, and as soon as she came in, she grabbed Sister Yue and shouted: “Sister Yue, look at my face!”

Sister Yue saw that Sister Yun had no makeup on her face today, and she could easily find that the color of her pimples was much lighter.

She was surprised and held her face and looked at it carefully, and found that the pimples on her face were much smaller, and the color had also changed from dark to light, and her whole face was not as ugly as it was at the beginning.

“Sister Yun, your face has really improved a lot.” Sister Yue was truly happy for her best friend.

Sister Yun nodded her head repeatedly, “Yes, yes, you know, a lot of my acne had disappeared, and every time I woke up, I couldn’t help but smile.”

Sister Yun looked around the store and said, “Where is Sister Li? I want to thank her properly. “

“She has gone to relieve herself, and she will be back later.”

Hearing what Sister Yue said, she sat down on a chair. When she saw a mirror on the table, she couldn’t help but take a look at her face.

Sister Yue smiled and asked, “You’re not going to give money to thank people again, are you? I don’t think it’s a good idea to give money, and sister Li won’t accept it, she will be unhappy. “

Sister Yun glared at Sister Yue, “Am I so confused? I have my own way of thanking people. “

At this time, Li Mo came back, and when she saw the sitting Sister Yun, she greeted her with a smile, “Sister Yun, you’re here.”

After saying that, with Li Mo’s sharp eyes, she saw Sister Yun’s face and said with surprise, “Sister Yun, your face has improved a lot.”

Sister Yun took Li Mo’s hand and nodded, “It’s really good. I have to thank you for your method. I haven’t worn makeup for the past few days. I always wear a mask and hat inside the kitchen. I always wear my mask when I go out, claiming that I have a cold. In addition to taking medication, I rub aloe vera paste, and Coptis Chinensis paste twice a day, and I was surprised that it worked. “

Li Mo does not dare to claim credit for this. “Sister Yun, it wasn’t all because of my method that your face has improved. You didn’t wear makeup this time, but you also drank the medicine prescribed by the doctor. The combination of the two compartments made your face a lot better. You should continue to insist on this in the future. Your acne will certainly be all gone. “

Yun Niang: “That’s because your method worked. I don’t know how much medicine I drank before, but I didn’t see any improvement. There is finally hope after such a long time.”

Li Mo still couldn’t help but tell her. “Sister Yun, you must stop applying makeup until your face is completely healed; otherwise, it will not heal.”

“I don’t dare to make myself look bad again. Now that my face has started to get better, I will keep my face like this. I don’t care if I’m ridiculed for a while. “

Li Mo and Sister Yue both couldn’t help but laugh at what Sister Yun said.

At this time, Yun Niang smiled and looked at Li Mo, “Sister, you helped me a lot this time. I don’t want to ruin our friendship, so I won’t give you money as my token of gratitude, but I don’t have anything to thank you for. You know that I also run a restaurant here in the town. I have a business for you. I think it would be quite suitable for your family. I wonder if you are interested. “

“Sister Yun, please tell me. I’d like to hear it,” Li Mo said, her heart moved.

Sister Yun immediately said: “This was the case, my restaurant every day had to burn a lot of firewood. Every morning I had to go to the market to find those who come to town to sell firewood. The villagers sell firewood for burning, but the villagers who come to the town to sell firewood transport their firewoods, one load at a time, which was not enough. I have to find several people to purchase firewood that is enough for a day. “

“I had an appointment with a few villagers before. They send the firewood to me every day, but sometimes I can’t see anyone at all, and I don’t know if it is given to another family. In the end, I had to go to the market to buy it. I find it very troublesome. I heard that your family lives in the village. Your husband has a donkey cart. I don’t know if your family is willing to do this firewood business. Give me firewood every day? Don’t worry. The price is the same as in town: eight wens per load of firewood.”

Sister Yun also heard from the proprietress that she knew Li Mo’s family lived in the village behind the mountain and that her man had problems with his leg. Now he is driving a donkey cart for a living. Their family’s situation was not very good because she needed to cure her husband’s leg. That is why she came to the town to put on makeup for others. She went to the bazaar this morning to find villagers who sell firewood. As a result, few people came to sell firewood today. She had found a few people and hadn’t bought enough. She wished that someone would send her all the firewood she needed every day. There was a flash of inspiration when she thought of Li Mo.

The villagers could easily go to the mountain to collect firewood, except for the waste of energy, and there was no cost. If this work could be done by Li Mo’s man, he could use a donkey carriage to pull the firewood she needs every day at one time. They can also earn a lot from this.

So today, Sister Yun came not only to tell them the good news about her face but also to tell Li Mo about the business and ask her what she thought.

After hearing Sister Yun’s words, Li Mo’s heart moved quickly, and she asked her, “Sister Yun, I wonder how much firewood you need every day?”

Yun Niang stretched out her five fingers, “I need at least five loads of firewood every day to have enough. If your family does this business, you can send me once every two days, ten loads at a time. It’s best to send two extra loads.”

Li Mo thought in her heart, except for sending vegetables in the afternoon, Song Dashan was not busy now. So, the rest of the afternoon was basically empty, and it is very convenient to go to the mountains to get firewood, and there is no other cost except time and physical strength. It stands to reason that this can be done. It’s just that it’s too tiring to hit five loads of firewood every day. It is estimated that five loads of firewood can be produced by one person without rest for an afternoon. Song Dashan’s legs can’t be so tired now.

But if you cooperate with others, you can make money without being so tired, and you can earn more or less money.

Thinking of this, Li Mo smiled and stood up and gave a salute to Sister Yun. “Sister Yun, thank you for giving this business to my house. Li Mo would like to thank you. “

Sister Yun knew that Li Mo had accepted this business. She smiled and helped her up, “Thank you, anyway, I have to find someone to buy firewood. I’ll save you trouble if your family gives me everything at once.”

Li Mo couldn’t help but rejoice in her decision to come to town to do makeup. No matter where she is, she must have the support of a network. Today, she can also be regarded as having tasted the benefits of having a connection.

That night, Li Mo told Song Dashan about it after returning home.

Song Dashan was also very happy, “This is fine. I am at home in the afternoon, and I can go up the mountain to chop wood, and then give it to this restaurant the next afternoon and pick you up from the town, by the way. “

Li Mo smiled and squeezed his face. She ordered: “You are not allowed to collect firewood by yourself. Is it that easy to chop five or six loads of firewood? You can only do it all by yourself for an afternoon. It will be exhausting. Your legs are now exhausting. Your legs can not do so much tiring work for now. “

Song Dashan frowned, “What should I do then? Do you want to find someone else to do it? “

Li Mo nodded, “That’s what I planned. You work in partnership with others. You get less firewood, but you will send the firewood, and then the money will be divided into half. Even though you will make less money, you will not be tired. “

Song Dashan thought for a moment. He nodded and then asked, “Who do you want to work with?”

Li Mo stretched out her index finger and nodded her head. “What do you think?”

Song Dashan embraced Li Mo in his arms and asked in a positive tone, “Cooperate with Uncle Zhao’s family?”

Li Mo: “Of course. The Zhao family has helped us a lot. We can ask them and earn money together with them. “

After dinner, it was still early, so Li Mo and Song Dashan took Xiao Bao to the Zhao family.

The Zhao family had just finished eating their dinner, and the whole family was cooling off in the courtyard.

When they saw Li Mo coming in, Yang Lanhua quickly carried two small benches and let them sit down.

“Li Mo, do you have anything to do today?” Aunt Zhao asked.

Li Mo is very busy now and usually doesn’t stop by. Aunt Zhao hadn’t seen her for a long time. Seeing her over here tonight, she wondered if there was anything going on with her.

Li Mo smiled and nodded, “Auntie, I really have something to tell you.”

Li Mo then told her about her plan to sell firewood in partnership, and after she finished, she said, “I think it’s not the busy season, and your family has a lot of strong laborers, so you can take advantage of the time when you have nothing to do and go to fetch some firewood, which is much easier than going to town to find work and earn more money.”

Aunt Zhao and Uncle Zhao were happy, “Li Mo, this is a big deal. It’s a good thing, and it’s easy to get firewood. The first and the second children can go to the mountains in the afternoon and work for a long time without delaying other things. “

The two brothers of the Zhao family nodded, “Yes, this is easy.”

“Dashan will send firewood to the town every two days, and twelve loads of firewood will be sent to the town at once,” Li Mo said, looking at the Zhao family members who were overjoyed. Dashan will accompany you to chop firewood. You have many families, and you have a lot of firewood, but Dashan will be in the town, so our two families have half the money for one person. Do you think this is okay? “

Uncle Zhao nodded again and again, “Okay, why not? This business can’t be done without Dashan’s donkey carriage, so how can we do better? I have to thank you for having business and still thinking about our family. “

Li Mo said sincerely: “Uncle Zhao, don’t say that. Before, your family didn’t know how much your family helped us. We remember your love for our family, don’t say thank you. “

The Zhao family’s hearts were warm. Although helping the Song Dashan family was not intended for anything, but being remembered and having benefits in mind, they can not be happy.

The Zhao family agreed to go firewood hunting together tomorrow afternoon, and Li Mo and Song Dashan took Xiao Bao back home.


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