Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 52

Chapter 52

In the afternoon, Li Mo had just finished putting on a woman’s makeup. Seeing that no one was waiting in line for makeup, Li Mo stretched her head to look at the current time. She thought for a while and said to the lady boss: “Sister Yue, I’ll go out for a bit. Today, Dashan will send firewood to Sister Yun. I want to go and see if there is anything wrong. “

Sister Yue knew that Song Dashan, the man of Li Mo’s family, was going to send firewoods to Sister Yun’s restaurant, and since this was the first day, Li Mo couldn’t help but to feel uneasy about going over there to take a look, so she nodded and said, “Go on, I’ll watch Xiao Bao, don’t worry.”

Sister Yun’s restaurant was not far from the shop. It took less than a quarter of an hour to walk there.

Li Mo left Xiao Bao with the boss’s wife for a while, then filled a bamboo tube full of cool white boiled water with the newly bought bamboo tube, and “borrowed” two pieces of pastry from Xiao Bao’s small school bag, and took them out of the store together, heading for Sister Yun’s restaurant.

Yesterday, Song Dashan and the two Zhao brothers went to the mountains to collect firewood, and later, Uncle Zhao also went with them. As there were more people, the speed of collecting firewood increased quickly. A few people had nothing to do in the afternoon, so they worked hard all afternoon. They had prepared twelve loads of firewood for two days. Today Song Dashan finished pulling people in the morning. After lunch, he loaded the firewood into the cart and filled the car, and then drove the donkey cart to the town. The firewood was sent up, and the Zhao family continued to go up the mountain to prepare the firewood to be sent the day after tomorrow.

Sister Yun’s restaurant was on the main street behind the street where Sister Yue’s powder shop was located. Li Mo planned to walk along the main street and then turn to another street when she inadvertently glanced at the store on the right-hand side of the place where she was now, and it was the clothing shop of the man who had illicit thoughts about her.

At that moment, the shopkeeper who was standing at the door had already seen her outside the door.

Since the lantern festival, Li Mo no longer goes to this clothing shop and instead buys it from another clothing shop. She had already forgotten what happened last time and naturally forgot the boss, Zhang Zeshi. So she didn’t remember that the clothing store was located on this street. Her heart was startled when she saw the person standing at the shop’s door by chance, and she subconsciously turned into the side alley and went a different way.

Although Li Mo had nothing to do with this man and has already refused this man, people’s words can be terrible. Li Mo didn’t want to give rise to unnecessary trouble. It’s better to avoid it early, in case this man had any other thoughts…

Li Mo hurriedly walked along the alley, but before she could take two steps, she heard the sound of hurried footsteps coming from behind. Li Mo was shocked, and her steps accelerated.

“Sister Li, please stay where you are.” When he saw Li Mo walking faster, the person behind her shouted.

Li Mo didn’t expect this person to be so insensitive. She had already made her refusal clear, and she had just made it so obvious that she was avoiding him, but he was still following her. ‘Is it possible that he hasn’t given up yet?’

Li Mo deliberately ignored him, but she couldn’t beat a big man in his footsteps. After a few breaths, he was overtaken by the person behind her, and her arm was pulled.

Li Mo shook off his arm and glared at the person who was following her. “Boss Zhang, what do you mean by doing that?”

Zhang Zeshi’s face remained as usual. He arched his hands to Li Mo and apologized, “Sister Li, just now I called you, and you ignored me. I was in too much of a hurry, that’s why I was rude. I hope you don’t mind.”

Li Mo did not relax because of his attitude. She frowned and sternly said: “Boss Zhang, I am a married woman. My husband and I love each other. With you, following me so rashly can affect my reputation. I hope that boss Zhang will have some self-respect so as not to cause unnecessary gossip and annoyance. “

The gentle smile on Zhang Zeshi’s face gradually failed to hang, and he looked at Li Mo’s delicate face inquisitively.

Although he was rejected by Li Mo last time, he did not give up because of it. Women are all the same in this way. After all, you must look after your own reserve. Only the kiln girl will pounce her fingers on the man, so he doesn’t mind. Her verbal refusal, as long as he insisted, let her see his intentions and understand that he really wanted to marry her and not on a whim. He believed that she would leave that poor loser and choose a better man for herself.

Although he didn’t make any movements during this period, he roughly knew her situation, and he also knew that she was applying makeup in the powder shop opened by Shang Yue Niang. This makes him despise her so-called husband even more in his heart, who was so incapable. Letting his own woman come out and show her face to support his family, how could such a man deserve to have such a beautiful woman?

This time he had been trying to find another opportunity to show her his feelings alone. Only after she nodded would he continue to the next step. However, he had no opportunity because the crippled man would pick her up and drive her. There was no chance to get close to her, which almost made him spit out a mouthful of blood.

Fortunately, the sky did not disappoint him, and he finally had a chance today. How could he miss it?

“Sister Li, I know I was naive last time; maybe you think I am not sincere, but I really can’t be more sincere to you. From the first time I saw you, I couldn’t forget you even if I closed my eyes. I want to marry you and be my wife. “Zhang Zeshi said warmly to Li Mo.

Zhang Zeshi looked at Li Mo’s flushed face and treated her as if she was shy. He continued to say: “At first, I knew you had a husband. I also gave up the idea, but later I learned that you were sold to that man and followed him out of necessity, but how can a woman like you, with a heart of blue, submit to such a vulgar man? A woman like you should have lived a carefree life instead of working day in and day out. “

Zhang Zeshi said, arched his hands, bowed to Li Mo sincerely, and solemnly said: “Sister Li, although I am not rich and wealthy, I have no worries about food and clothing, and I really love you. If I marry you, I will cherish and love you like a jewel, and I will not let you worry about anything. I am not playing tricks. I hope that Sister Li will give me a chance. As for your husband, I will deal with it properly and not let you worry about it. “

Li Mo’s face was red with anger, and she could not wait to punch the man in front of her. This person was really cheeky, she has stated her attitude many times, and she still thinks she was talking to herself, but in this era, no matter what the reason, women always suffer. If this matter becomes stalemate today, everyone will certainly not say that the boss shamelessly intended to seduce a married woman, but certainly, say that she shamelessly hooked up with a man and intends to go out of the wall[1]a wife having an illicit lover.

Li Mo endured her anger in her heart and said with a sullen face: “Boss Zhang, I don’t know what you misunderstood, but I repeat, my husband and I are very much in love, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with showing up to make money. What a pity, I thank you, boss Zhang for showing your love, but the little girl can’t bear it. I hope you will not pester me like this in the future, otherwise don’t blame me for not being polite! “

Zhang Zeshi’s eyes widened; he had not expected such a positive response to his genuine expression of interest. He did not believe Li Mo’s words of love, such a poor and despicable man, how could he attract the love of a beautiful woman? This must be her deliberate excuse.

Li Mo felt that this person really couldn’t understand human words, and the thoughts of trying to solve them politely disappeared in an instant.

Li Mo’s face was impatient, and her voice also carried boredom. “I think I have said it very clearly, but do you have a brain problem or can’t understand people? I told you that my husband and I have a good relationship. Where do you see that I have wronged myself? Also, you keep saying that my husband was a vulgar person. Is this something that a reasonable person can say? I think you are even worse than a vulgar person. Not to mention that my husband and I will not separate. Even if we do, I will not choose a man who has seduced a married woman twice to be my husband! Mr. Zhang, do you understand what I’m saying now? If you understand, I will trouble you. Stop pestering me. “

After Li Mo talking, she turned and continued walking without looking back, seeing the man’s black and red complexion as nothing.

She thought she could get rid of this person completely this time, but I didn’t expect a strong attack behind him. Her arm was violently pulled by him, and the next second he ran into the arms of the person behind him.

Li Mo’s arm was sore. She took two steps back quickly, but she couldn’t leave because her arm was dragged, and he slapped Zhang Zeshi’s face with anger, causing him to immediately let go.

Five fingerprints quickly appeared on Zhang Zeshi’s face. He covered his face and looked at Li Mo angrily, panting anxiously. It seemed that he was holding back the monstrous anger.

Li Mo gritted her teeth with hatred, “What are you doing? You want to rob a married woman in broad daylight! “

At this time, people who had already passed by heard the commotion and looked over curiously, while others recognized the man as the owner of the clothing store and began to point at them and muttered something.

Seeing more and more people, Zhang Zeshi’s anger and violent heart gradually subsided, and he thought that further entanglement would only be in full view and he would only be humiliated in the eyes of everyone. When the time came, the gain would not be worth the loss, so he waved his hand bitterly, “Huh, you’re just a sold b * tch, do you think you are a goddess? You’re only worthy of a crippled man in the countryside. “

Dropping these words, he turned around and walked away.

Li Mo took a few deep breaths before she suppressed the anger in her heart and turned to leave this place of right and wrong.

Li Mo didn’t rub her aching wrist until she left the place just now.

Her heart gradually calmed down, and Li Mo comforted herself. ‘Forget it, just treat it as if he had just met a madman.’

When she arrived at Sister Yun’s restaurant, Li Mo organized herself, put on a smile, and entered the restaurant.

The man told her that the boss was collecting firewood in the backyard. Li Mo told the man her identity. After listening, the man took Li Mo to the firewood room in the backyard.

Inside, Song Dashan was unloading firewood from the carriage, and there was a man nearby who was helping them, and Sister Yun was counting.

Seeing Li Mo coming over, Sister Yun smiled and waved, “Sister Li, are you here? Come on. “

Li Mo smiled and stepped forward to Yun Niang, “My Dashan is here for the first time today. I’m worried, so I came here and see if there is anything wrong. “

Sister Yun glanced at the firewood room teasingly, “You guys are really in love. You’re even worried about such a little thing.”

Li Mo bit her lower lip and smiled, “Sister Yun, don’t make fun of me.”

Sister Yun waved her hand, “Okay, just kidding, the firewood sent by your husband was very good, and each weight has a full portion, much more than what I bought from other village people before.”

Li Mo smiled and said, “This is what it should be.”

When Song Dashan emerged from the wood house and saw Li Mo, his eyes lit up, and he rushed over, “Why are you here? It’s such a hot day. What if you get sunburned? “He said and touched her slightly red cheek like he did at home.

Li Mo slapped him on the arm and signaled that there was someone else here.

Song Dashan remembered the people around him. He scratched his head in embarrassment. He lowered his head and went back to unload the firewood.

Sister Yun snorted and was amused.

Li Mo also laughed.

After a while, Song Dashan and her partner finished unloading all the firewood. Yun Niang gave the money to Song Dashan and agreed to come and deliver the firewood the next day, and then let Li Mo and Song Dashan go to the lobby to sit and rest for a while.

Li Mo knew that Yun Niang had something to do, and it was not easy to bother her, so she rejected Yun Niang’s kindness, and Song Dashan took the donkey carriage to leave the restaurant and head towards the shop.

Li Mo asked Song Dashan to stop the donkey carriage in an empty alley and let him get up in the back carriage.

When Song Dashan came up, Li Mo took out the bamboo tube, opened the lid, and handed it to Song Dashan, “Hey, drink some water first, you are sweating so much, you might be thirsty.”

Song Dashan grinned. He took it and gulped it down.

Li Mo took out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat from his face while he was drinking.

Song Dashan drank the water in the bamboo tube in one breath, then stopped and put the lid back on.

Li Mo handed him two cakes to eat.

Song Dashan recognized them. They were Li Mo and Xiao Bao’s snacks. He shook his head, “I don’t want to eat them. You can eat them yourself.”

Knowing that he was reluctant to eat it, Li Mo grabbed a piece and handed it to his mouth, “Eat it.”

Song Dashan hesitated but opened his mouth and ate it, chewing on the sweet glutinousness in his mouth. His eyes and eyebrows were smiling.

Li Mo also smiled, then reached out and grabbed a piece and fed it into his mouth.

Song Dashan was about to lower his head to eat but found that Li Mo’s wrist was horribly bruised. He immediately grabbed Li Mo’s hand, “What’s wrong with this?”

Li Mo was surprised. She had just raised her hand and didn’t notice that her wrist was exposed.

She hurriedly pulled her sleeves down, smiled, and shook her head, “It’s okay, I got it by accident.”

The bruises on her wrist were clearly scratched by someone; how could it have been accidental? He did not believe Li Mo’s explanation, and he immediately sank his face, eyes filled with a rarely seen rage, “What’s the matter? Did someone bully you? If you don’t tell me, I’ll ask the lady boss; you’re in her shop, she’s got to know what happened to you.”

Li Mo hurriedly shook her head, “Don’t be like this. No one was bullying me, don’t ask the lady boss. She doesn’t know.”

Song Dashan immediately answered: “She doesn’t know? You were fine when you left in the morning since the lady boss didn’t know. That must be what you just got on the road. Who was bullying you? I am your husband. Do you want to hide this kind of thing from me? “


Li Mo was about to say something else when Song Dashan took her into his arms and kissed her face. “Wife, although I am useless, I must at least protect my wife from being bullied. If I can’t do this, how can I be worthy of being your husband? “

Li Mo’s eyes were slightly sour, and she hugged Song Dashan back.

After a while, Li Mo still opened her mouth to talk about what had just happened, and then said: “I did not do anything, he was just annoyed by my rejection, but after this incident, I believe he can no longer have such thoughts about me. I don’t want to tell you because I don’t want you to be impulsive. If you make something happen, how can our family live? So Dashan, promise me that you won’t go after that man! “

“I wasn’t bullied either, didn’t do anything to retaliate. You have to be good so that our family will have a better life. Promise me, okay? “Li Mo picked up Song Dashan’s face and kissed him on the lips.

Song Dashan lowered his head and nodded slowly, but his eyes were dark and invisible to Li Mo.

Li Mo smiled and kissed him again. She slowly fed him the remaining pastries, rested in the carriage for a while, then went back to the shop to continue putting on makeup, and then went home together when the time was up.


1 a wife having an illicit lover


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