Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 53

Chapter 53

Li Mo was always worried that Song Dashan could not help but impulsively find trouble with Zhang Zeshi, but she didn’t see anything wrong with him after a few days. She thought that he might have listened to her, and she was relieved.

Tomorrow was the day they planned to go to the city and treat his leg again. Li Mo told Sister Yue in advance.

At night, Li Mo packed up all of the things they would bring, and then the family of three went to bed early that night.

The next day, when it was still dark, the family of three-headed towards the city again.

When they arrived in the city, it was already noon, and it was time to eat. Li Mo did not take Xiao Bao to eat noodles this time, but took Xiao Bao and Song Dashan to find a small restaurant, and ordered two meat and one vegetable dish, with white rice, and the family ate beautifully.

The money they earn is enough now. Li Mo didn’t want to treat her family harshly on food, especially since Xiao Bao was growing up. Only if he eats well can his health be good, and a boy can grow taller.

Xiao Bao really ate very well, with the braised pork and braised fish. After eating a whole bowl of rice, he had a round belly.

Li Mo couldn’t help but smile. Although now and then, the family will also cook some meat dishes, Li Mo does not have the skills. Song Dashan’s skills are limited to cooking vegetable dishes, naturally not as good as the dishes cooked in restaurants. No wonder Xiao Bao ate them well.

‘It seems that I still have to take time to learn to cook in the future.’

After the family of three had eaten enough, they went to the inn where they had stayed last time and asked for a room. They tied the donkey carriage to the shed in the backyard of the inn, and then the three of them walked to the hospital.

Li Mo was holding Xiao Bao in her arms, walking and showing him the two sides of the bustling city. From time to time, she would explain what he saw and show it to him.

As they were walking, they suddenly heard a noise from the front. They faintly heard someone crying, and when they looked around, they saw a circle of people in front of them, not knowing what they were looking at.

At that moment, two men hurriedly ran past Li Mo.

“Go check it out. That Zhang scoundrel was eyeing that old man, Sun’s family, this time.”

It seems that they want to take their daughter to pay off their debts. I think they have had bad intentions from the beginning. “

“Even if you know what to use, you can only admit that you had bad luck.”

Li Mo listened to a few sentences and guessed that it was some kind of story about a scoundrel bullying an old man.

Li Mo did not intend to go over to the crowd, but there were too many people on the side of the road. Some people parked their donkey carriages on the side of the road, blocking the way, so Li Mo did not want to take Xiao Bao to the crowd, thinking that there was no time to rush, so she stood aside and watched.

The girl was struggling desperately with tears on her face, but she couldn’t break free. The old man and woman next to him were blocking the girl and pulling at the young man.

The young man became impatient at this time and kicked the old man’s stomach. The old man staggered and fell back to the ground.

Both the woman and the little girl screamed.

“Damn you, old man, you don’t have a sense of shame. If you don’t have any money, give me your daughter to repay your debt. Now you don’t give me money or give me your daughter. Are you taking me, Zhang Erye, seriously?”

The woman cried and begged, “Zhang Erye, please, we will give you the money. Please be more accommodating, and don’t take my daughter, please.”

The youth pushed the woman fiercely and grimaced, “I have given you two days, and now you still want me to be accommodating? Dream on! “

The old woman cried out in anger, “But you are clearly blackmailing us on purpose! Where do we have so much money? “

The young man’s expression was stern, “You bastard old lady, which eye did you see that I was blackmailing you!” He kicked the old woman again. Finally, he kicked the old woman down, picked up the girl, and left.

Seeing that the girl was about to be taken away, a rebuke rang out, “Wait!”

The young man was taken back and stopped in his tracks. He looked back. A handsome-looking man in a black green-cloud python suit was walking across the crowd. Behind him were a few soldiers wearing armor and holding weapons.

Someone in the crowd recognized who the man was and shouted, “It’s the newly appointed captain!”

As soon as this remark came out, the surrounding noise began to clamor, and everyone bowed their heads to discuss it.

When Zhang Er saw the soldiers behind the man, his heart drummed, and then he heard the identity of the man. His legs were a little weak, and his heart could not help but be apprehensive, fearing that the newly appointed officer would find trouble with him.

The man walked up to a few people, glanced at the scene, winked at the soldiers behind him, and immediately, two soldiers stepped forward to help the old man, who had already fallen to the ground.

The man looked at Zhang Er holding the tear-stained girl’s arm, and a sharp look flashed in his eyes, but he still asked the reason for the matter first, “Why did you beat two old people in the street and still grab the girl?”

Zhang Erye’s eyes flashed, and after a moment, he straightened his waist and said, “My Lord, the food that this old man sold was not clean. After I ate it, I vomited and had diarrhea. I went to the doctor and asked the old man for the medicine, but the old man couldn’t afford to pay, so he gave his daughter to me to offset the debt. “

As soon as Zhang Er’s words were finished, the old woman immediately retorted, “You are talking nonsense! Your Lord, you must be the judge of all of us. My family’s food was absolutely clean, and there was no problem. We have been selling food for so many years and have been accused of having bad food. He said that he had eaten our food and had a bad stomach, so he wanted us to pay for 10 pounds of silver. If not, he would take my daughter to pay off the debt! Woo…”

A ton of silver! The words of the old woman made everyone around him gasp.

“I can’t believe they wanted ten taels of silver; even if he had a bad stomach, he shouldn’t charge ten taels of silver; a few dozen wens will do; this Zhang Erye was talking too much.”

“What a bad stomach. I have eaten the old Sun’s sugar patties for so many years, but I’m fine. So why does he have trouble eating them?

“That’s right, the old Sun has been sold here for so many years, and there have been no accidents. It is clear that this is Zhang Erye’s intention. “

The comments of the people around me made Zhang Er’s face flush with anger. Had it not been for an official in front of him, he would have kicked them a long time ago.

The man looked straight at Zhang Er. “You said you had a bad stomach. Do you have a prescription? Which medical clinic did you go to? “

Zhang Er’s face became stiff, a trace of panic flashed across his face, his eyes rolled, and he said: “I… I saw a wandering doctor. He saw it and left. I don’t know where he went. “

The corner of the man’s mouth turned into a curved arc. Oh, I can’t believe it’s such a coincidence, so you’re well now? “

Zhang Er immediately nodded, “It’s all right, it’s all right after taking medicine for a few days.”

“Then where did you get the medicine? Take us to see it. “

Zhang Er did not even have to think this time. He immediately returned: “My medicine was also sold to me by that wandering doctor, who did not go to medical school to buy the medicine.”

The man laughed out loud this time. “So, no one can testify that you ate something bad. Does no one know how much you spend on your stomach? “

When Zhang Er heard that something was not right, he immediately said: “Lord, but it’s true that I had a bad stomach and also spent money. Although the doctor was not here, I can not spend money just to suffer for anything, right? This money must be compensated ah! “

The man stroked the sleeve of his official uniform. “You said that the stall owner’s food was not clean. That’s why you had an upset stomach, but the stall owner did not agree. And none of you have evidence, and I don’t want to be biased, so how about this: I would personally try this food, and if I ate it and had an upset stomach, I would believe your words; if not, you are blackmailing them!

As the man said, regardless of Zhang Er’s sudden change of color, he asked the old man to take a few pieces of sugar cake on the spot, letting the soldiers behind him take one piece, and he himself reached out and took one piece and ate it.

After a while, the man wiped his hands and said, “It tastes good.” Then he said to Zhang Er: “Now you go back first. If the soldier behind me or I have diarrhea before tomorrow, then I will sentence this old man to pay you those silvers. If I’m okay, then get ready to go to prison. “

Zhang Er’s face changed abruptly, and an unconcealable panic appeared on his face, and he stubbornly said: “My Lord, this… this… maybe I ate it. It’s not clean, but is it clean today? My Lord, forget it, I don’t care, I will pay the money by myself, forget it. “

The smile on the man’s face closed. His eyes stared sharply at Zhang Er. His voice was also utterly cold, “Why? Do you want to find trouble? You want to let it go and forget about it? You are not that capable! Today I want to see how unclean you are that you dare to rob a woman in the street! “

Zhang Er was just a gangster, usually relying on an uncle at home to be a small sheriff in the yamen, dominating the blessing; ordinary people were also afraid of him, so they could only accept being bullied by him. No one cared about him before, which makes him always bully people here. But after all, he was a petty man. He had never been in this kind of battle before, and he also deliberately blackmailed him. At that moment, he was frightened by the man’s aura. Sweat poured from his face. The next second, he knelt on the ground and slammed his head severely, “Lord, I was wrong. should not have done such a forced robbery of people’s women. Lord, I will never dare again. Please bypass the minor matter this time. “

But the man remained unmoved. “You Didn’t you say you had a bad stomach? What? I’m not good enough to seek justice for you. “

Zhang Er crouched on the ground, his body began to tremble, “Lord, it is the little lard blinded by the heart and intentionally said that I had a bad stomach. But, Lord, I was wrong, Lord, spare my life ah.”

The man wasn’t surprised by his reaction at all. He stared at him for a while, then he frowned and slowly said: “You deliberately blackmail, but also wantonly hurt people, intended to rob people’s girls, simply audacious. You are now required to pay two dollars in silver for the family’s medical expenses before going to the county office to collect the thirty dollars. Are you not convinced? “

Why did Zhang Er dare to refuse? He immediately nodded, “Serve me with small clothes.”

The man waved to the soldier behind him and finally said before he left: “If I ever see you bullying people in the future, it won’t be as simple as thirty big slabs.”

Zhang Er was so frightened that he trembled. Then, while trembling, he said: “Small one won’t do it anymore, never again.”

The man didn’t look at the person kneeling on the ground and went straight away.

It wasn’t until the man walked far away that the onlookers began to speak loudly and praise the man.

“This newly appointed Master Lieutenant was really Master Qingtian. Before, Zhang Er had been having trouble, and no one could control him. “

“It seems that we don’t need to be afraid of such gangsters in the future. Otherwise, we will go to Master Lieutenant.”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t care about the yamen. Let’s go to Master Lieutenant.”

Li Mo witnessed everything just now, and he also admired the young Captain Lieutenant in his heart, and this small matter, he was also willing to personally come over to ask and give the little people a fair judgment.

“Dashan, the lord captain just now, was quite good. It would be nice if all the officials were like this. “Li Mo said to Song Dashan, who was next to her.

Song Dashan didn’t reply for a long while. Finally, Li Mo took a look and found that he was looking into the distance with a dazed expression.

Li Mo pulled his arm, “Dashan, what’s wrong with you? What are you staring at? “

Song Dashan came back to his senses and shook his head, “Nothing, nothing, I was thinking about something. What’s wrong?”

Li Mo shook her head, “Nothing, let’s go, let’s go to the hospital.”

“Oh, okay.” Song Dashan nodded.

We went to the doctor’s office to get acupuncture and medicine again and took another fifteen pairs of medicine. Unfortunately, when they came out of the hospital, it was already dark.

A family of three stayed at the inn for one night and left for home at dawn like last time.

When they got home at noon, Song Dashan went into the kitchen to cook, and Li Mo cleaned up the house a bit. However, it has not yet been completely cleaned up. There was a cry from outside the door.

“Dashan, are you at home?”

Li Mo hurriedly stood at the door of the house and saw that Yang Lanhua was coming over.

“Sister Lanhua, we just came back. What’s wrong?”

Yang Lanhua saw Li Mo come back and heaved a sigh of relief. “I thought you hadn’t come back yet. I have come here several times. “

Li Mo was puzzled. “Sister Lanhua, what’s the matter?”

Yang Lanhua nodded, “Yes, it’s a sister from my native family who was going to get married. She deliberately sent a message and said they wanted you to be their makeup artist at her wedding. “

When Li Mo heard this, she pursed her lips and looked hesitant.

She was worried about this before. Now she is doing makeup in the shop in town every day, so she will definitely have no time to put makeup on the people in the village because the bride in the village will be delayed for a long time, and Song Dashan will be delayed at the same time. It takes half a day to pick her up and send her there. But now, a few people can be transformed into a shop in just a day.

She must have chosen to put on makeup in the shop. This was the time that they needed to earn more money.

But in this way, she would not be able to take care of the clients in the village, and the reputation that she had established would be wasted,

She had been thinking about this for a few days, but she hadn’t come up with any ideas yet, and now this business had come to her door.

This was a dilemma for her.


Seeing Li Mo’s dilemma, Yang Lanhua also remembered that Li Mo now puts on makeup in a shop in the town. She definitely earns more money in a day than doing makeup for a bride in the village. So her family’s request might not be possible.

Yang Lanhua couldn’t help but ask, “Sister, are you not doing makeup business in this village?”

Seeing that Li Mo didn’t answer, Yang Lanhua sighed, “Hey, actually, you don’t need to say anything. You make more money in the town than in the village, but it’s a pity that many villages around here are looking for you after knowing your reputation. It seems that my sister has to find a beautician again. Forget it, and I’ll go back and tell her. “

Seeing that Yang Lanhua was about to leave, Li Mo said to stop her, “Sister-in-law, wait.”

“What is it, sister?”

“Sister-in-law, I have accepted your sister’s request. You can tell her.”

Yang Lanhua was surprised,

“Sister, don’t you go to town to do make-up?”

Li Mo said: “Sister-in-law, I will do your sister’s makeup this time. After that, I have other ways to deal with it. But, I won’t give up the business in the village.”

Yang Lanhua was still very happy when Li Mo agreed. Her younger sister also heard that Li Mo had good makeup skills, so she gave her a message. She came over and told her that she must invite Li Mo to put on her makeup for her wedding. She still thought she would disappoint her sister this time, but she did not expect Sister Li to agree.

Although she didn’t know what Sister Li planned to do in the future, she believed that she must have a way.

Yang Lanhua replied with joy, and Li Mo fell into deep thought.


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