Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 54

Chapter 54

The family is now in urgent need of money. Putting makeup in the shop makes more money than putting makeup on the bride in the village. Li Mo couldn’t give up the business in the shop, but after making so much effort in the village, her reputation has now spread. Someone will come to ask for makeup. Li Mo doesn’t want to lose the village market in vain.

In fact, she had a vague idea in her head before but never thought of it. Just now, when she saw that Yang Lanhua was going back to reject the other party, she made up her mind and then opened her mouth to keep her and promised to come down.

What Li Mo had in mind was to give Meizi the village market in the future.

Although Meizi didn’t know how to put on makeup, she can teach her from now on. In modern times, she has taken many students, and now it’s no problem to take one more student.

It is true that Meizi can’t learn the essence of her makeup, but she can teach her a set of fixed techniques of makeup. As long as she follows these steps, the makeup will not be as stunning, but certainly, it can make people beautiful, much better than no makeup. Compared to the craftsmanship of those old beauticians, it was a little bit better when the time comes, and she believes that the young ladies in the village will still be willing to find Meizi for makeup.

The reason why Li Mo had this idea is that her future goal is to open a store in the town. When the time comes, she is bound to move her family to the town, and the house in the village would be empty. She had planned to give the house to Meizi’s family for them to live in and also give Meizi the family’s fields, as long as she gives them some food every year.

Let the Meizi family move to live in the village. One is to let them stop living in the mountains. It is such a huge risk to live in the mountains. They might encounter wild beasts anytime. The other is to make it easier for Tiezi to pick up goods and sell things and to live in the village so that wherever they go, it will be better than living in the mountains. It would be more convenient.

When the family went to the town, naturally, they could no longer do the makeup business in the village. No one would take over this business, and it would be wasted. It would be better to teach Meizi now and let Meizi take over the business. Meizi could make a profit if she lives in the village and it is convenient for her to go out and put on makeup, even if she only has business once every few days. Moreover, in the future, she will open a shop in the town, and then Meizi will need to do something important for her. She just needs Meizi to spare half a day.

Thinking of this, Li Mo turned around and went back to Song Dashan. She asked him to call Meizi and Tiezi over and tell them to bring the necessary things to prepare for staying for a while.

Song Dashan didn’t ask any questions. After eating, he headed towards Meizi’s house.

Li Mo took advantage of this time to tidy up the makeup, thinking about how to teach Meizi a fixed and error-free makeup method later.

Song Dashan moved quickly and brought Meizi, Tiezi, and Xiao Shu back before the sunset.

“Sister-in-law, did you call us here for something? I asked my brother, but he didn’t know. He just said, “you wanted to see us.” Meizi asked Li Mo as soon as she came in.

Li Mo asked them to put their things in the other room where they usually live, and when they were done, they sat on the bench in the hall.

Then Li Mo said, “I asked you to come here today because I want to tell you something.”

Before Li Mo finished speaking, Meizi was startled, unable to sit still on the bench. She stood up and looked at Li Mo, “Sister-in-law, what are you talking about? Are you kidding me! “

Li Mo looked at the wide-eyed Meizi in amusement, and she slapped her lightly, “When did I ever joke with you like that? What I said is true. Why are you so surprised? “

Meizi’s eyes widened, and she waved her hand quickly, “Sister-in-law, are you kidding me? You are going to scare me to death, okay? I don’t know how to do makeup. You are so good at putting on makeup. I can’t even think about doing it. How can I learn it? It is impossible. “

Seeing Meizi waving her hand without thinking, Li Mo sighed and then continued: “I didn’t want you to learn my craft. I know you can’t learn it. I will just teach you a set of fixed makeup methods to deal with every bride. Although the method I teach you can’t be as beautiful as mine, it can also be half as beautiful. It’s more than enough for most people. Even if it’s not as beautiful as my work, the village people would still be willing to hire you. “

Meizi was a little hesitant. She slowly sat down, hung her head, and thought about it, but after a long time of thinking, she shook her head, “No, sister-in-law, that thing of yours is too difficult, I can’t understand it. Every time I look at you applying makeup, I feel dizzy. How can I remember the steps? I can’t. “

Li Mo saw her scared to death. She doesn’t know if she should laugh or cry. She had to comfort her, “I know my makeup techniques were very difficult, but what I’m going to teach you is not that complicated. It’s very simple. Don’t scare yourself before you learn, okay? It is not as hard as you think. “

Meizi scratched her head and said bitterly, “Sister-in-law, it’s easy for you. In my opinion, you have magical skills. “

Li Mo laughed out loud at her words.

Tiezi and Song Dashan also laughed.

“Sister-in-law, don’t laugh. What I said is true, you can even cover up the flaws on other people’s faces, and you can make them look beautiful even if they are that ugly,” Meizi said, holding her mouth shut. You want me to do it. How is that possible? “

Tiezi nodded in agreement. He also felt that Meizi was not very good, mainly because his sister-in-law’s craftsmanship was too good.

Li Mo shook her head helplessly, “Meizi, I know you can’t make a flawed face look like a normal face, and I don’t intend to let you do that. I will just give you the art of doing makeup for normal women. It’s up to them to hire you. You just have to do your best. “

Meizi was caught. With Li Mo’s words, she was lost in thought.

Li Mo watched Meizi ponder and continued: “I will not be able to take care of the makeup business in the village in the future. I want to give you the business in the village, but it’s up to you whether you do it or not. If you don’t want to do it, then let’s stop. Don’t be embarrassed. I’m just proposing. “

Meizi raised her eyes to Li Mo, “Sister-in-law, I know you’re doing this for my own good. If you were to put this craft on someone else, they’d be begging on their knees to learn it. You’re willing to teach me now. How could I not want to learn it, but I’m just afraid that I’m stupid and won’t be able to learn it well, so I’ll lose your face and let you down.”

Li Mo smiled and stroked her head, “My little sister, you have to trust your sister-in-law. Since she wants to teach you, she can definitely teach you. Don’t think too much. I asked your brother to call you guys to come here because I want to take advantage of every night when I come back to teach you more, and it just so happens that in a few days, I’m going to do makeup for one of Zhao’s sister-in-law, Yan Luhua’s maiden sister; you come with me, and if you can, let you do it directly.”

“Ah? Sister-in-law, let me…… let me make up? I….I can’t, right? “Meizi was so scared that she stood up once again.

Seeing that she was stunned again, Li Mo had to reach out to her again and drag her to sit on the stool, “Don’t get so excited, okay? I will teach you this period of time and not let you start directly, and I have to ask people whether they are willing to let you do it and if they are willing to be your first client, if they are not willing, you will look at the side, accumulate a little experience. “

Meizi pursed her lips, swallowed, and nodded apprehensively, “Yes, yes.”

Li Mo really can’t help her. It’s useless to say more now, but let her see her own results to have some confidence in herself.

So, while it was still dark, Li Mo immediately took out the makeup box and let Meizi sit on the stool with a large mirror in front of her so that she could clearly see her face.

At this time, Li Mo cleaned Meizi’s face first and then applied beauty cream to Meizi after cleaning. Li Mo said while doing it: “No matter what makeup you put on, you must first clean your face and keep your skin clean, and then use this face oil and wipe it evenly on your face. The purpose of this is to moisturize the face and make the makeup look good when putting on makeup. “

Meizi nodded and remembered it in her heart.

Next, Li Mo took out the face powder and rubbed it on Meizi’s face while saying, “After that step, it’s time for the face primer, which is to use this powder on the face. If a person’s face skin is not bad, then just a thin layer, not too much, or it will turn bad. If her face had a bad complexion, or there are a lot of skin spots and other small defects, then you have to use more powder to cover up these things so that people can not see them. “

After she said that, Li Mo applied a slightly thicker powder on Meizi’s face before continuing, “Here, like your face at the moment, you applied more powder. Does it feel unnatural to look at this time with the powder floating on your face?

“The beautician in the village puts a lot of powder on her face, making her look like a ghost. It scares everyone to death, “Meizi nodded.

Li Mo smiled and nodded, “So we can’t be like them. If we want to look good, we have to cover things on our faces and make people look natural. This is what I made. We will use this face oil. After rubbing the powder, apply it to make your makeup look natural. Of course, you can’t apply the powder to someone’s face as hard as you can. Otherwise, nothing will be saved. You have to learn the appropriate amount to cover the blemishes just now. “

Meizi frowned and nodded lightly.

Li Mo then proceeded to the next step.

“The next step is the treatment of eyebrows. You have to draw eyebrows for the bride, but there are many kinds of eyebrow shapes. If you can not master them, then learn only one. Nowadays, women adore willow brows, so all you need to do is learn how to make willow brows, and you won’t make a mistake. But remember, you can’t make them too heavy, you have to make them gently, little by little, and the purpose is to look natural. “Li Mo slowly drew willow-leaf eyebrows on Meizi’s eyebrows.

Meizi looked at it seriously.

After finishing her eyebrows, Li Mo came to Meizi’s eye area.

“Everyone’s eyes are different, but it’s hard to make them look good. It’s impossible for you to make different eyes look good, so all you have to do is master a fixed method of drawing, which is to paint eyeliner to make the eyes deeper and more divine, and then make the eyelashes, make them darker and curlier, see how I did it. “Li Mo said while drawing upon Meizi’s eyes, on the two steps just mentioned, no other extra things, very simple.

After seeing it, Meizi thought for a while, remembered it silently in her mind a few times, and nodded when she remembered it.

Seeing Meizi remember this, Li Mo came to the nose.

“The treatment of the nose, it will be divided into two types of people, some people’s nose is upright, you do not have to deal with, some people’s nose lying flesh is not delicate, you will give her a little treatment. You see, to make the nose upright, we need to make the nose look narrow on both sides. Then you have to use this shadow on both sides of the nose a little bit and then follow the curvature of the two sides. Wiped evenly, wiped it naturally, and then put a highlight on the bridge of the nose line. See, just like I made for you. “

After the makeup was done, Li Mo asked Meizi to look at it in the mirror, “Look, does it look darker on the sides of your nose now? But it looks like your nose is straighter? “

Meizi looked carefully at her nose in the mirror and nodded in surprise, “Yes, sister-in-law, you made your nose curve in just two simple strokes, and it looks much better.”

Li Mo smiled: “You can see it too. I just finished it twice. It’s very simple, and you can do it too.”

There was joy in Meizi’s eyes as if suddenly, she had a little confidence.

Li Mo returned to the lips, took out the rogue, dug out a little with her little finger, and rubbed it thinly on Meizi’s lips, saying: “The last thing is to make the lips; you just need to dig out a little with your little finger and apply it evenly on the lips, the color should be even, not beyond the shape of the lips, if you meet thick lips, you should not apply it at the outermost edge or the corners.” This is also very simple. “

Meizi nodded quickly, “Sister-in-law, I will do this.”

Finally, Li Mo said, “The last thing I want to teach you is facial modification. Some girls have good facial shapes, so you don’t need to modify them, but some girls’ faces are not good, so you have to use shadows. Just use the shadow you used on your nose to modify it. For example, if a person’s mandible is prominent and looks square, you can put shadows on both sides of the mandible and transition to the skin naturally, but remember, you can’t make a noticeable black mark, just make it natural. “

Li Mo said while putting a little shadow on Meizi’s cheekbones, which were slightly prominent.

“This is the same in other places, such as your cheekbones.”

Meizi looked at it carefully and nodded after reading it.

After finishing the makeup on her face, Li Mo stood behind Meizi and unwrapped her hair bun. He said, “The last one is the bun. It is best to comb different buns according to different facial shapes, but you can’t remember. With so many hair buns, I’ll teach you two universal and good-looking buns. You won’t have to worry if you learn these two. No one will say that you are not good-looking. “

Li Mo changed Meizi’s bun three times.

After the bun was done, the makeup was completely finished. Compared to the time Li Mo used to do makeup before, this simple version of makeup only took half a quarter of an hour to complete.

Meizi looked at her face in the mirror and was surprised to find that she had become much prettier and was very different from the way she looked before.

“Sister-in-law, you made me so beautiful with just simple makeup. You’re amazing!”

Li Mo shook her head, “Although the steps are simple, they can have good results. You only need to practice a lot, and you can make something so beautiful. Well, this kind of effect I am giving you now was completely easy for you. Therefore, so many worries before are completely unnecessary. What I taught you is very simple and practical, not that complicated. “

Meizi completely began to have confidence, “sister-in-law, now I believe, if I can do what you taught me, as long as it’s from the ordinary people in the village, I can do it. It is much better than those beauticians in the village. Sister-in-law, don’t worry, I will study hard and practice hard so as not to shame you. “

Li Mo laughed, “Okay, your sister-in-law believes in you, then you will apply makeup to me. Just follow the steps I just taught you. I won’t remind you. “

Meizi took a deep breath, nodded.


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