Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 55

Chapter 55

Meizi followed the steps taught by Li Mo, carefully applying makeup on Li Mo.

Li Mo watched carefully without making any sound, and only when she encountered something wrong on the ground would she make a sound to remind her.

In this way, it took Meizi half an hour to finish the makeup on Li Mo’s face.

Li Mo examined her face in the mirror; her brows were a little heavy, a little asymmetrical on both sides, and she appeared slightly unnatural; her lips were barely painted, but almost all of the paint was applied outside her lips. She was still lacking in looking natural; as for the eyeliner, it was also a bit out.

The rest weren’t too bad either.

For Meizi’s makeup, Li Mo gave a score of six points, which was barely passable.

Meizi looked at Li Mo’s face and was a bit ashamed. “Sister-in-law, my makeup was much worse than yours. I’m too stupid.”

Li Mo smiled and patted her hand to comfort her. “It’s okay. It’s your first time. Your first makeup was already very good. What you lack is more practice. In the future, you can do it yourself at home, try a few more times, slowly accumulate experience, accumulate a little experience, and then you will get better and better. Don’t rush. “We won’t take business until you’re ready, so don’t be afraid, so go ahead and be bold. “

Meizi nodded, “Sister-in-law, I know I will practice more at home, and I will ask you if I don’t know anything.”

Li Mo nodded and saw that it was getting late, so she went to make dinner.

The next day, Li Mo continued to go to the store to do her makeup, but today she brought Meizi with her.

She was going to let Meizi accompany her to the store and let Mezi watch her apply makeup for a day as a way to gain experience. She bought another set of makeup for Meizi at the store.

When she arrived at the store, the owner eagerly greeted her as if she hadn’t seen Li Mo for a long time. “Sister, you’re here.”

Li Mo laughed, “Sister Yue, I haven’t been here for two days. Why? Did you miss me that much? “

“No, I did not miss you; if you didn’t come back, I would be looking for you. Do you know, when you didn’t come for two days, many customers asked me where you’d been for two days?” Every day, Lin Xiaoyu would rush to me; I was afraid of her questions, but I promised her that you would return today. Just to silence her for a while; if you didn’t, I would go insane. “Sister Yue said,

Seeing Sister Yue’s headache, Li Mo remembered Lin Xiaoyu, and the corners of his mouth curled up, and she could probably understand the pain of the boss.

Speaking of Cao Cao Cao, just as the two spoke, Lin Xiaoyu came in.

“Ah, Sister Li Mo, you’re back. Where have you been for the past two days? How come you are nowhere to be seen? “Lin Xiaoyu excitedly grabbed Li Mo’s arm and shook it.

Li Mo was dizzy from her shaking and hurriedly pulled the little aunt’s hand, “Don’t shake, don’t shake, I’m back, go sit down, I’ll do your makeup.”

“Oh,” Lin Xiaoyu immediately obeyed and sat on the stool.

Li Mo waved to Meizi, “Meizi, come here, and you can watch from the side.”

Meizi hurriedly stood next to Li Mo and watched her.

Because it was serious makeup for a customer, Li Mo did not explain it to Meizi while doing the makeup this time, but she just did it as usual and only let Meizi look at it herself, and it was up to her to understand how much she could understand.

After finishing Lin Xiaoyu’s makeup, she didn’t take a break, and then several customers came, one after another, waiting for their turn.

Li Mo didn’t have time to say much and immediately plunged into the wave of makeup.

When all the customers were finished, it was already past noon, and Li Mo’s stomach was grumbling with hunger.

Sister Yue hurriedly said, “I warmed up the food for you, so go eat and take a rest.”

Li Mo nodded and took Xiao Bao and Meizi, who had already eaten, to the kitchen to eat.

In the afternoon, a few more customers came to the store, and Li Mo continued to work as she had done in the morning.

Between 3:00 to 5:00 o’clock, Song Dashan arrived at the store.

Li Mo had just finished working on a customer, and when she saw him come in unprecedentedly, she hurriedly asked, “Did you deliver the firewood to Sister Yun?”

Song Dashan nodded, “Yes, I have just finished it. I came to tell you that someone just asked me to go get their goods; it’s not far, it’s in town; I may be a little late; don’t worry, wait for me in the store. “

“Okay, we’re not in a hurry. Don’t worry, take your time. We’ll wait for you,” Li Mo said, nodding.

When Song Dashan finished talking, he turned around and went out.

Today’s guests were especially large. It seems that the makeup that was not applied two days ago was made up today, and it was busy. In the evening, there were guests that came in.

But today, Song Dashan hadn’t come yet, and Li Mo was not in a hurry to go home, so she was still doing makeup for the customers.

It wasn’t until it turned dark that Song Dashan, who had arrived, came to pick them up.

“Are you finished with it?” Li Mo asked.

Song Dashan took the things from Li Mo’s hand and said, “Yes, I’m all done.”

Li Mo took Meizi and Xiao Bao into the donkey carriage, and the family went home in the evening glow.

Tiezi was already home, and even the food was ready, which saved them the trouble of cooking dinner in the dark.

The family sat around the table and ate.

“Meizi, do you know where Uncle Zhang’s house is? Tomorrow, go over and ask Uncle Zhang to make you a makeup case like the one I’m currently using to hold your future makeup stuff. “Li Mo explained to Meizi.

Meizi nodded.

“You’ve seen me do a dozen people’s makeup today. Think about it in your mind. The rest is up to you tomorrow. The first thing you need to do is to ask for their permission to try it on your own. “

Meizi nodded, “Sister-in-law, I know you don’t have to worry about me. I will practice well on my own.”

Meizi was not stupid, and she was also hardworking, so Li Mo was not very worried about her.

After the family chatted for a while, Song Dashan boiled some hot water, and after everyone washed up, they went to their own rooms to rest.

Song Dashan took out all the money he had earned today and handed it to Li Mo. “I earned forty-eight pounds from delivering firewood today and twenty pounds from hauling goods this afternoon. That’s sixty-eight wens in total.”

Li Mo looked at him emptying his pockets, and couldn’t help but laugh.

This man of hers, ah, he really doesn’t know how to hide a penny. He came back and handed over all the money on his body. Such a man was really too cute.

Li Mo came close to him and printed a kiss on each side of his face, “Husband is awesome.”

Song Dashan couldn’t stop the smile flashing in his eyes. It was his favorite thing to give the money he earned. Because every time he would give it to Li Mo, she would always kiss him and then compliment him. He couldn’t stop his heart from being happy.

Li Mo took out five coins and stuffed them into Song Dashan’s pocket, “This is yours, keep it, don’t save money when you’re thirsty and hungry outside, buy something to eat and drink, okay?”

Li Mo was not the type of woman who would refuse to give money to men; she would always give Song Dashan a few coins to put in his pocket, ensuring that he had at least 30 dollars in his pocket and could pay for anything. But she has never seen him spend the money; every now and then, he will buy something good for her and Xiao Bao.

This man always makes her feel warm.

The next day, Li Mo followed Song Dashan to town while Meizi stayed at home.

There were only three customers in the morning, so Li Mo could sit down and take a rest after her makeup.

There were no customers in the store for a while, so Sister Yue also went into the dressing room and sat next to Li Mo, holding Xiao Bao and watching him do arithmetic with his small stick.

While watching Xiao Bao, Sister Yue chatted with Li Mo.

They walked to a nearby clothing store while they talked.

“I just learned from a customer who came to buy powder this morning that the owner of the cloth house not far from our street was beaten up yesterday, and I heard that he was beaten so badly that the cloth shop owner did not open today.”

“Ah? Which clothing shop? “Li Mo looked up and asked.

“Which clothes shop is there? It’s the clothes shop of Boss Zhang in front. “

Li Mo’s movement was a pause, remembering the unpleasant situation of that day.

Sister Yue didn’t pay attention to Li Mo’s expression. She continued: “I heard people say that he was beaten in a small alley when he came back from drinking with someone. His body was covered by a sack. His whole face was beaten into a pig’s head. His own father and mother couldn’t recognize him when they saw him. When he was found, the whole person was still unconscious, or someone who knew him sent him to the doctor. “

Li Mo’s heart thudded. She subconsciously thought that Song Dashan had done it, but the next second she felt amused by her own thoughts.

How could Song Dashan have done it? He was busy all day yesterday, and last night he was even busy until dark before he came to pick them up, so how could he have had time to beat someone up? She really thought too much.

“Maybe he offended someone.” Li Mo said lightly.

Sister Yue also thought, “Business people inevitably offend people, but they don’t know whether it’s a business matter or a personal grievance. It is estimated that this enmity is not small. Otherwise, they wouldn’t beat people so badly, but it’s a pity, but unfortunately, this loss can only be eaten in vain. It is impossible to find the culprit. “

Li Mo nodded. In ancient times, there was no surveillance and no fingerprint detection as long as no one saw it. Who knows which person did it.

However, Zhang Zeshi is not a good person and was taught a good lesson, which was also considered to vent her anger.

At night, Li Mo returned home, lying in Song Dashan’s arms, and told Song Dashan about the incident as if it were a funny story. “Dashan, I heard that the man was badly beaten, and he could only stay in bed for a while, and he wouldn’t be able to recover for a month. It was really the evil men who were punished by the wicked.

“Yeah.” Song Dashan responded indifferently.

Li Mo patted his chest. “Look, someone has already taught him a lesson, so don’t take that incident last time to heart. Forget it. From now on, we won’t mention him. There’s no point in bringing up this kind of person. “

Song Dashan nodded in the darkness, “Well, don’t mention it.”

Li Mo relaxed, rubbed his arms, and gradually went to sleep.

Song Dashan listened to the breathing of the delicate person in his arms. He slowly pulled Li Mo’s wrist and kissed it gently.

The next day, at the store, Sister Yue told Li Mo about the aftermath of the incident.

“The first thing I thought was that Zhang Zeshi would stay in bed and get better, but I didn’t know that today he went to court to sue, vowing to arrest the person who beat him up. I don’t know if they paid the court, but the sheriff really started to check out the neighborhood, and the households around the alley were called out for questioning. “

Although Li Mo was not concerned about the matter of Zhang Zeshi, privately, she still didn’t want the person who beat him up to be caught, so she asked: “What did they ask?”

Sister Yue waved her hand, “It was dark at that time. Everyone was cooking dinner at home, and it was in that unoccupied alley, and no one was there. I heard that they investigated for most of the day, but nothing was discovered, and those sheriffs were impatient, and they went back with the excuse of looking for clues. They refused to check. “

When Li Mo heard, knowing that this matter would not make any progress, her heart was happy.

This issue was also an interesting thing to hear about. After talking, Li Mo would leave this matter behind and continue to busy themselves.

During the day, she did her makeup in the store, and at night, she went back to guide Meizi to do her makeup, so the days were busy and full.

After ten days or so, Meizi’s makeup skills became better and better than at the beginning. Remembering the steps, Li Mo taught her firmly, and she remembered a set of steps so well that she could do them smoothly without thinking.

At first, Meizi’s makeup still had a lot of problems, but after Li Mo’s guidance and correction, these problems gradually disappeared. Although the makeup was still not perfect, it was already eight points away from Li Mo’s requirements. The remaining two points need to be improved again in practice.

In a flash, it was time to go to Yang Lanhua’s maid’s house for her sister’s wedding. Li Mo told Sister Yue what she was going to do today and drove Meizi to the bride’s house.

As Yang Lanhua’s mother’s house was not far away, Li Mo did not ride Song Dashan’s donkey carriage today but walked there. Originally, Song Dashan wanted to drive the donkey carriage to send them, but Li Mo thought that there was no donkey carriage in Meizi’s house. In the future, even if she puts on makeup, she will wake up early and walk over. Shee planned to take Meizi to experience it in advance, so she refused Song Dashan to send them off.

Li Mo only planned to let Meizi do the makeup in the nearby village and would not go to faraway places so that there would be other things for Meizi to do in the future, and she didn’t need to go all the way to do makeup for people to earn money.

On the way, Li Mo told Yang Lanhua about Meizi taking over the bridal makeup in the village. “Sister-in-law, I have already taught Meizi makeup. I plan to leave the village makeup business for Meizi in the future. If anyone asks again, you can just mention Meizi. “

Yang Lanhua nodded, “It’s a good idea for you to let Meizi take over. The other day, Meizi came to me and gave me free makeup, and it was very good.

When Meizi heard Yang Lanhua praise her, her face reddened with shame, and she hurriedly waved her hand, “Don’t praise me, sister-in-law, my skills can’t compare with my sister-in-law’s. I haven’t even learned 10% of my sister-in-law’s. I can only say I’ve learned the skin. “

Yang Lanhua waved her hand indifferently, “No one can match your sister-in-law’s technique. You can learn up to the skin of your sister-in-law’s makeup, and it’s already very good. Compared with ordinary people, your technique is very good. For those beauticians, you were a little bit better than them. Even if your sister-in-law wouldn’t accept putting makeup in the village, I can guarantee that they would still look for you. “

Meizi was even more embarrassed.

Li Mo asked at this time: “Sister-in-law, Meizi’s current craftsmanship is pretty good. I wonder if your sister has specified to let me do the makeup? Is it possible to let Meizi do it? “

Yang Lanhua looked embarrassed when she heard the words, “Sister, this is really embarrassing. My sister heard you were good at the craftsmanship and directed me to you. According to my understanding, she probably won’t agree to change…”

Li Mo also did not feel anything. “Sister-in-law, this is very normal, I just asked. If I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t have come this time. I’ll leave Meizi to observe from the sidelines. It just happens that Meizi needs to study for a while. The next time someone comes to look for a beautician, let Meizi go. “

“This is exactly the reason, although Meizi’s craft is good now before I told my sister that it was you, now the change is not proper. Meizi, don’t feel bad.” The last sentence was said to Meizi.

Meizi waved her hand quickly, “No, no, I’m not in a hurry. I still want to practice again and strive to become better so as not to lose my sister-in-law’s face.”

The three of them just talked and walked from dawn, right up to the bride’s house.


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