Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 56

Chapter 56

The bride’s family was very polite. When they saw Li Mo, they immediately came up to greet them. They first served tea and fruit snacks. After Li Mo and Meizi had some tea, they took Li Mo and Meizi to the bride’s boudoir.

The bride’s wedding gown had been put on. They were just waiting for Li Mo to arrive and put on her makeup.

The bride’s house was noisy. The seventh and eighth aunts and the children from various families were chattering very noisily. They were even more excited when they saw Li Mo arrive, and it was difficult to tell whose voice was who for a while.

Li Mo frowned slightly and whispered to Yang Lanhua, who was following her: “Sister-in-law, can you clear the room? It’s too noisy. “

Yang Lanhua looked at the room and frowned slightly, and then whispered: “It’s too noisy. Our family has too many relatives and children. When everyone gathers, everyone can’t calm down when they talk. I will go to see my sister-in-law. “It’s not that she was the one who married her daughter today. She can not make the decision to expel people. She can only let her sister-in-law come in.

Yang Lanhua went in a hurry and soon brought the host’s family over.

“Everyone goes out and drinks some tea and eats some candy because there is no place to sit in this house. Later, my girl will be dressed up. The door of this room must be locked. If you have something to do, you can stay, but you won’t be able to leave. “The bride’s mother said to the people in the house.

When everyone heard this, they understood the host’s meaning and went out with their children, but some did not leave, wanting to see the bride’s makeup. But the remaining people were not too many, not so noisy. The host family also did not say anything, so they let them stay.

After Yang Lanhua locked the door of the room, Li Mi opened the makeup box and started to clean the bride’s face first.

This time, the bride was a normal peasant girl, just like the kind of bride Mei Zi was planning to put on makeup, so this was suitable for Meizi to learn. Therefore, when putting on makeup, Li Mo deliberately simplified the steps and slowed down the action so that Mei Zi could see it properly, which was also to gain experience.

It took half an hour for Li Mo to put on the makeup for the bride. Needless to say, the bride was very satisfied. The people who watched her also praised her, saying that some married daughters would also look for Li Mo in the future.

This time, the bride was a normal peasant girl, just like the kind of bride Mei Zi was planning to put on makeup, so this was suitable for Meizi to learn. Therefore, when putting on makeup, Li Mo deliberately simplified the steps and slowed down the action so that Mei Zi could see it properly, which was also to gain experience.

Everyone had never seen Li Mo before, and this was the first time they had seen her, and they were not particularly familiar with her reputation. However, now that they had seen her make the bride look so good, they were moved to ask Li Mo for makeup for future marriages. They nodded their heads and said they would give Yang Lanhua a message when the time came.

Li Mo smiled and looked at Mei Zi. The first step in Mei Zi’s makeup was taken.

After putting on makeup for the bride, Li Mo didn’t stay long and said goodbye to Meizi, Yang Lanhua, and the host’s family, who were still staying there, and the two hurried back home.

On the way, Li Mo asked: “Meizi, did you have any thoughts when you saw me doing the bride’s makeup? If you were to do it, how are you going to do it? “

Meizi thought for a while and said: “If I were to do the bride’s makeup, I would focus on the bride’s base makeup because the bride’s skin is a bit dark and rough. As long as the base makeup is handled well, the whole thing will look much better; also, the bride’s cheekbones were a bit high, so they should be properly trimmed and covered up. “

Meizi finished speaking, looking at Li Mo a little nervously, waiting for Li Mo’s comments.

Li Mo smiled and nodded, “Yes, you are right. Those two points just now are indeed the main shortcomings on the bride’s face. I focused on these two points when I transformed them. “

In fact, the bride has other flaws, but Meizi can see the main two points. It is already very good. When you deal with these two points, the bride will definitely be much more beautiful. It is impossible to make people dissatisfied. This is enough for Meizi.

Hearing her sister-in-law affirm herself, Meizi’s confidence skyrocketed, her eyes brightened, and the corners of her mouth curled up, revealing her big white teeth like a little girl.

Li Mo smiled when Meizi looked happy.

At this time, Meizi looked at the rice fields on both sides of the road and said to Li Mo, “Sister-in-law, the village has already started to harvest rice. I went to your field to see it yesterday, and it could be harvested. When are you and your brother planning to harvest? It happened that Tiezi was there. We can go and cut it together, and we can harvest the rice soon, without you and my brother having to work so hard for so long. “

After she heard what Meizi said, Li Mo suddenly turned her eyes to the fields on both sides of the road. When she cast a glance at it, she discovered that the rice fields were all yellow and orange. Someone was already busy in the fields not far away.

Li Mo then remembered that it was indeed time to harvest the rice.

She was so busy putting on makeup that she hadn’t noticed the things in the field. If it hadn’t been for Meizi, she wouldn’t have remembered it.

“Have the people in the village begun harvesting rice?” Li Mo murmured.

Meizi nodded, “In the past few days, someone in the village has started to harvest rice. After two days, everyone should start harvesting. I went to the fields a few times, and the rice at home was also ripe and ready to be cut. Sister-in-law, let’s hurry up. You can’t delay it. “

Li Mo nodded, the rice was ripe, and indeed there was no time to lose. But because she was so busy and forgetful, she didn’t notice that the rice was ripe, so she didn’t have the time to ask someone to help her harvest the rice in advance, as she had previously thought.

Seeing Li Mo’s complexion, Meizi asked, “What’s wrong with your sister-in-law?”

Li Mo slowly shook her head, “Nothing, your brother and I will cut the rice. You and Tiezi don’t delay things for us. Tiezi has to earn a lot of money by selling goods every day, don’t delay.”

“Sister-in-law, where is the delay? These days, villagers are starting to harvest rice. There are not many people at home who still have the heart to buy things from the goods. Ah, Tiezi, his business is not doing well these days; it is expected that no one will stay at home to buy things in a few days, so we will have to wait until the rice harvest is over to have a business; the rice will be harvested first. “Mei Zi said, shaking his head.

Li Mo thought about it, too. Harvesting rice in this village was a big deal. Both men, women, and children will go to the fields to do farm work. Everyone goes to the fields. There are indeed no people in the village, and there is no time to buy things from a peddler.

It is estimated that Song Dashan will have no business driving the carriage. Everyone will have to go to the fields. No one has time to go to the town market. Song Dashan can’t drive anyone. Harvesting rice at home will not delay anything.

If Tiezi and Meizi were there, it would be a lot easier. Even if you don’t ask for help, you won’t be tired. Their family does not have many fields. It is estimated that a few people will do it in less than two days and will not be tired. So this year, they can harvest it by themselves. After they buy more fields in the future, they can rent the fields to others for planting instead of doing it themselves.

Thinking of this, Li Mo nodded, “Okay, I’ll go back and make arrangements so that we can harvest the rice in a few days.”

The two returned home, and Song Dashan had already returned.

Li Mo asked him about cutting rice. Song Dashan nodded, “It’s time, the villagers have already started cutting these two days, and I planned to start cutting these two days.”

Li Mo looked at Song Dashan’s legs and looked at him. She was worried about “Dashan, can you cut rice with this leg? The doctor said you couldn’t use force, so don’t go. “He can take care of the two children at home and cook, by the way, so that he won’t tire his legs.

As if he knew Li Mo’s thoughts, Song Dashan touched Li Mo’s head, “Don’t worry, harvesting the rice is not so exhausting. My waist and arms may be exhausted, but my legs will not be. I will pay attention to using the other leg to work hard and go to the side to rest from time to time. This won’t hurt my legs. I know it in my heart. “

“But…” Li Mo wanted to say something. She swallowed her words and nodded: “Okay, we will start the harvest the day after tomorrow, and I will go to town to put on makeup for a day. I will tell the boss that I will go back to the shop when the rice at home is harvested. “

Song Dashan shook his head without thinking about it. “You don’t need to cut it. I can. You can go to town to put on makeup or rest at home. “Song Dashan never thought of letting Li Mo go on the field. She couldn’t even do household chores well. How could she cut rice? The skin was so tender that she could wear out her hand with a scythe, so he couldn’t bear to let her go.

Seeing that Song Dashan felt sorry for Li Mo, Meizi chuckled.

Her brother, she used to think he was an elm bump[1] he was an elm bump, she compared him to a wood LMAO, and she was worried that he would never find a wife again. Then, unexpectedly, he can be so tender. It seems that it was because he had never met my sister-in-law.

Seeing Meizi’s smile, Li Mo gave Song Dashan scorn and settled down without talking to him.

Although she can’t do farm work, she can’t watch her family do it and enjoy herself like a princess. Usually when they are both at home. Song Dashan would pamper her like a princess. But, now that her younger sister and brother-in-law are there, they can’t do that.

The next day, Song Dashan said to the villagers that he would not pull the cart for the next three days when he was pulling the cart. Then he would pull it three days later so that, if everyone had something to buy in town, they would have to buy it today.

The villagers had the same idea, and they all planned to buy what they lacked in the family today and buy some more meat to eat better when they work hard.

Li Mo thinks so too. In the past few days, she had to work hard and eat well, so she asked Song Dashan to go to the butcher shop to buy more meat to take home while she went to the shop to put on makeup.

After putting on makeup for a day, Li Mo informed Sister Yue and told her that she would return to the shop three days later.

Harvesting rice was a big deal, so Sister Yue would naturally not say anything.

Everything was ready, and the next day, the family went down to the field with a sickle.

The two little guys were also taken to the field together. No one in the family took care of the two. They would feel uneasy if they didn’t take children with them.

Li Mo took an old bedsheet from home, spread it under a tree in the field, then took off the two little guys’ shoes, put them on, and then brought them water and food. Then, put it on the sheets and let the two little guys play together obediently.

The two little kids were also good. They were just sitting under the tree and playing together. Then, Xiao Bao took out the little wooden stick he was carrying and taught Xiao Shu to do arithmetic like a little teacher.

The adults looked at them and laughed at the same time, and then they began to bury their heads in the rice.

Li Mo had never cut rice in her previous life. This was the first time she used a sickle. In the beginning, she was really a little curious and excited. Then, she took the sickle and cut it like Song Dashan.

Song Dashan adjusted Li Mo’s posture and explained the key to cutting rice, by the way, and then held her hand a few times before she cut it clumsily.

It was okay at the beginning, but after holding on for half an hour, Li Mo felt that her waist was almost unable to straighten up, her eyes were wet with sweat, and the hand holding the sickle was also aching. It is estimated that the blisters were about to be rubbed out.

At this time, Li Mo deeply realized the poem “Who knows that every grain of food is hard work?”

She had only cut for a few hours, but the farmers, who had to work hard for many days in a row, didn’t know how tired they would be.

Looking at Song Dashan, Tiezi, and Meizi, who was cutting without resting for a moment, Li Mo was suddenly glad that she had skill at putting on makeup. If she was studying physics, chemistry, English, and other majors in modern times and came here… would I starve to death? In addition, she lacked the strength even to truss a chicken *, and her back could not resist the responsibilities, could not be raised. This may offend some people. Maybe if the man she met was not a good man, and she would be dismissed immediately.

  • * (TN: lacking the strength even to truss a chicken-it’s a Chinese idiom. It means unaccustomed to physical work)

She was fortunate enough that she had good skills. And at the same time, she met a good man.

She was thinking about her heart, but Li Mo’s hand movement didn’t stop. Everyone was doing it, and she was too embarrassed to rest.

Suddenly, Li Mo’s sickle was stopped by someone. Li Mo raised his eyes to see that Song Dashan was there.

Song Dashan took off the sickle in Li Mo’s hand, opened Li Mo’s palm, and frowned when he saw her red palm, and could not help but gently rub her palm.

Li Mo was a little embarrassed, and her hands shrank back.

Song Dashan said sternly for the first time, “Don’t move, let me see.”

Li Mo had to say softly: “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Song Dashan’s eyebrows were still not relaxed, and he lowered his head to rub for a long time before speaking: “You can’t do this well. So don’t try to be strong, don’t cut, just follow us and bundle up the rice we cut down, and save us from bundling it ourselves.”

The rice was tied up with a rice rope and could be picked up later. It’s very simple. This is why Li Mo could do it, but this is usually the work of the eight or nine-year-old children in the family. Now she can only do this…

Li Mo hesitated. Song Dashan touched her blushing face and coaxed: “Don’t be brave, there is not much rice in the family, and it will be done in a short time. There is no shortage of manpower. You are good. “

Li Mo was coaxed by Song Dashan, like how you would coax a child. She was slightly embarrassed by what he said but finally nodded and obediently went to bundle up the rice.

At noon, when it was almost time to make lunch, Li Mo said to Mei Zi, who was still cutting wheat, “Mei Zi, it’s almost noon. Why don’t you go home with me to make some food and bring it to them later?”

She also told Mei Zi to go home to rest and not to get tired. As for Song Dashan and Tiezi, I think we know that these two men are not willing to go home to rest.

Before Li Mo left, she rushed to Song Dashan and Tiezi and said, “You two go to the children’s side to rest, drink some water, and then eat later. We will bring you food later.”

Song Dashan knew that Li Mo was worried about his legs. So he nodded, and pulled Tiezi, and went straight to rest under the tree.

Li Mo was relieved, and only then did she take Meizi home to cook.

At noon, the two made a braised pork with kelp and pork ribs soup, copied a vegetable dish, and went to the fields with a large bowl of rice.

The meal was placed on the sheets, a bowl and a pair of chopsticks were divided among several people, and the whole family sat together to eat.

There are other families around who are also eating in the fields. When they saw their food, they looked at their food, and some even joked: “Dashan, your family’s food smells so good that we can’t eat it.”

Song Dashan smiled, “My wife at home did it, come and have a taste?”

Everyone was just joking. How could it be possible to actually run to eat other people’s food? Of course, they shook their heads and refused.

It’s just this joke in the field that makes those who have worked for a long time feel better.

Li Mo ate less, the first to finish eating, sat in front of Song Dashan, lifted his leg to his own lap, lifted the trouser leg, touched his leg, “Does it hurt? Did you use your legs hard today? “

Song Dashan smiled in his eyes, “It’s okay. It was supported by my right leg. I didn’t press down on my left leg at all. Don’t worry. It’s hard to see. How can I make fun of my leg? “

Song Dashan’s leg was treated twice. After that, it obviously improved a lot, and the horrible blue and purple on his legs gradually turned to red. During this period, his legs were not so lame when walking. Obviously, the whole family was very happy.

Seeing that his legs were indeed doing well now, Li Mo relaxed, and she was relieved looking at the rice fields that could end in more than half a day.

Even if Song Dashan’s legs get better next year, he won’t farm by himself next year.

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1 he was an elm bump, she compared him to a wood LMAO


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