Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 57

Chapter 57

The rice was harvested and spread on the ground outside the door in less than two days by the family. It took another half a day to thresh the rice, and then they waited for the sun to dry it.

The rice harvest ended so quickly in their home.

After two days of exhaustion, Li Mo and the two children were fine, but Song Dashan, Tiezi, and Meizi were all tanned.

Li Mo was distressed. On the third day, she went to town early and bought a carton of spare ribs, a carton of pork belly, and some fish, then went to buy a jar of wine and some delicious food for the two children, and they returned home stuffed.

After returning home, Li Mo first gave the two little guys the pastry for them to eat and then brought out the vegetables they had bought for the kitchen.

‘Today, I have to prepare a good meal and replenish everyone.’

There were already a lot of vegetables in the vegetable garden at home. Li Mo went to pick two more vegetables and cooked a table full of vegetables at noon. The four adults poured a bowl of wine, and the family ate and drank. It was a very pleasant afternoon.

“Sister-in-law, people get thinner when they harvest rice. I worked with Tiezi for two days, and not only are we not skinny, but we’ve also probably gained weight. “Meizi took a small sip of wine and smiled comfortably.

Li Mo was laughed at. “Where did you get fat? Every one of you became darker and looked thin. “

Tiezi smiled, “Sister-in-law, I’m really not thin. I have eaten so well these days. I ate some cakes, which were similar to New Year’s. “

Li Mo raised her lips. “You must eat well when you do heavy work. You can eat more, but no matter how much you want to save, you can’t save on food. “

Meizi and Tiezi really thought that coming to their brother and sister-in-law’s house was not a job, but it was a blessing.

The family was having a good time eating. At the time, there was a knock on the door.

“Is the host’s family here?”

Li Mo heard an unfamiliar voice and glanced at Song Dashan. She was about to look outside the door. Song Dashan held Li Mo’s hand and stood up first. “Sit down. I’ll go take a look.”

Song Dashan walked out the door and soon led two middle-aged men.

Song Dashan first spoke to Li Mo and said: “Li Mo, these two are the bosses and buddies of Yubaozhai in town. They said that they had something to do with you. “

The middle-aged man in a long gown headed for Li Mo arched his hands and greeted Li Mo. “Madame Song, I am the boss of Yubaozhai. My surname is Xu. I’ve come uninvited to bother you today. “

Li Mo stood up, concealed the doubt in her eyes, and nodded slightly to the man wearing a gown. Come here, sit first. “Then she brought two benches and put them on the table to invite them to take a seat.

Boss Xu looked at the dishes on the table and knew that they were eating, but they were disturbed by him, so he was slightly embarrassed.

It stands to reason that he shouldn’t have come to someone else’s house at noon, but it took him a few days to find out about Madame Song. He couldn’t wait for a while, so he came. If he doesn’t come today, he may not be able to see people later.

Isn’t it difficult to go to Shang Yue’s shop to talk to someone?

It will be blown out by Shang Yuegniang.

Boss Xu bowed his hands again, “Brother Song, Madame Song, I am really sorry for today. I came over and was disturbed by people eating at this time. Please continue eating, don’t pay attention to us. We will wait until you finish eating. “

Despite what they said, they couldn’t really continue to eat as if they didn’t exist, and Li Mo smiled and said, “It’s okay, we’ve almost eaten.” Wait a moment. We’ll just clean up. “

After Li Mo gave Meizi a wink, Meizi understood it. She quickly stood up and cleared the table with Li Mo, and removed all the dishes on the table, and transferred them to the kitchen table.

Li Mal placed the two little ones on the kitchen table, let them continue eating, and said to Meizi: “Meizi, you and Tiezi continue to take the two little ones to eat. Don’t worry about the things in front, your brother and I will be there, don’t wait for us.” She said and went to the front.

Song Dashan had already served two bowls of tea to the two.

Li Mo took a seat and said straightforwardly: “I wonder why Boss Xu came here? Why don’t you just say it? “

Boss Xu didn’t expect Li Mo to be so direct, and he didn’t want to beat around the bush and said directly: “Madame Song is now working in Shangyue’s Yuefangzhai and doing customers’ makeup, right?”

Li Mo’s eyes flashed when she heard this, and she had a general understanding of Boss Xu’s purpose today, but she still pretended to be ignorant and just nodded.

“Yes, I am indeed working as a makeup lady in Yue Fang Zhai.”

Boss Xu stroked the beard on his chin and laughed, “I have had the pleasure of seeing Madame Song’s handiwork. It is truly unmatched. “

“I’m glad that Boss Xu liked it.” Li Mo knew that these words were just foreshadowing and that the rest was the point.

Sure enough, in the next second, this boss Xu continued, “I really appreciate Madam Song’s skills and would like to ask her to do makeup for our customers in my store.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not hiring you for nothing. Besides the money for your makeup, I’ll give you an extra one tael of silver per month. I don’t know what you think?” He said it as if he was afraid that Li Mo would refuse it.

He had inquired about Madame Song in Shang Yue’s store. Apart from the money she made from doing makeup, she didn’t have any other money. Now he was willing to give an extra one or two silver coins. He didn’t believe that Madame Song would not agree with him.

Since Madame Shang Yue asked this Madame Song to put on makeup in her shop, the business in his shop has been getting worse and worse recently, and many customers have gone to Madame Shang Yue. At first, he didn’t understand what was going on, and then he inquired. He realized that everyone was attracted to the makeup artist who came from Madame Shang Yue’s shop. According to the women who have done makeup, the makeup artist’s craftsmanship can be described as superb. No matter how ugly they are, they can be made beautiful, and she also teaches people a bun combing method that suits them for free.

This time, he was so worried when he saw that the shop’s business was deteriorating that he decided to dig for someone.

He inquired about the makeup artist everywhere, and it took a lot of thought to get the news clearly. He planned to contact this makeup artist in private a few days ago, but he hadn’t seen this makeup artist appear in Madame Yue’s shop in the past few days. In his shop, he was so anxious that his mouth blistered and finally decided to come to the house to talk directly, and there was today’s matter.

Fortunately, he came over this time. At this moment, he saw the appearance of the family members, and he became more confident about digging this makeup artist back into his shop.

Therefore, he waited confidently for Li Mo’s answer.

As for Li Mo, even though she had some guesses, she still didn’t expect to be digging today.

Has her reputation spread so quickly?

However, although she is very happy that someone appreciates her craftsmanship, she has to refuse the kindness of Boss Xu.

Although there was no extra silver or money in Sister Yue’s shop, it was Sister Yue who gave her a place without hesitation and even set up a dressing room for her. For every customer who came to her shop, Sister Yue patiently recommended her, which has kept her makeup business very good.

Now the relationship between her and Sister Yue was not only a partner but also a good friend relationship. She believes in Sister Yue’s character, and if she works in her store with peace of mind, she won’t go to another store just for the sake of a mere one tael of silver.

So at that moment, Li Mo looked at Boss Xu apologetically, “I’m really sorry, Boss Xu, I have promised Sister Yue to always work in her shop, and I don’t plan on changing. Thank you for your kindness.”

When he listened to Li Mo’s refusal without any hesitation, Boss Xu widened his eyes in surprise, “You… Madame Song, do you think that one tael of silver is too little? “How about this: every month, I’ll give you one and a half taels of silver; what do you think?”

Li Mo shook her head and said sincerely: “Boss Xu, it’s really not a matter of silver. It’s the right to be a man with words and beliefs from the beginning and to the end. I don’t want to go wherever the conditions are good. This is too snobbish. I am really very grateful to Boss Xu for his love and appreciation, but I chose Yuefangzhai first. I really can’t change my family at this time. Please accept my apologies, Boss Xu.”

“Madame Song, people die for money, and birds die for food. It is better to change masters. This is understandable. “Boss Xu still persisted in persuading me.

Li Mo’s complexion did not change. Her eyes remained firm. “Boss Xu, I have decided that you don’t have to say anything.”

Boss Xu’s words of persuasion were stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t say anything.

He could see that Li Mo really didn’t disagree because of her lack of talent. What she said was true, and she refused because she didn’t want to betray her faith.

I’m not sure why, while regretting it, his admiration for Madame Song grew in his heart.

A woman from a bad family can resist the temptation of money and choose faith and righteousness. I must say, her character is very good.

It seems that today’s persuasion will not be successful, and there will probably be no chance in the future.

Boss Xu looked at Li Mo regretfully and sighed, “I admire Madame Song’s character very much. Since that’s the case, I can’t force it, just…” Speaking here, Boss Xu paused and raised his smile again. “It’s just that I have one more thing that I hope Madame Song will consider.”

“Oh? Boss Xu told me directly. “

“I heard that Madame Song not only knows how to put on makeup but can also make a balm. The low-priced balm sold in Boss Shang Yue’s store is provided by you, and it sells very well. I wonder if I can also sell your balm in my store?” Boss Xu stroked his beard, “This is not considered sorry to Boss Shang, right?”

Li Mo looked at Boss Xu, slightly surprised.

It seems that Boss Xu had inquired about her very clearly. He even knew her from selling perfume. It seems that he came prepared today.

Unfortunately, Li Mo still couldn’t agree.

When she decided to sell the balm in Sister Yue’s shop, she thought about it. The reason why she only sold it in Sister Yue’s shop and did not go to other homes was because of the limitations of the market.

The market in town is so big, and there are so many people who buy cosmetics. If you give it to Sister Yue and also give it to other shops, the total quantity sold will not be large, but the number of balms that Sister Yue can sell will decrease sharply. Does it make sense for her to work so hard to find so many sellers? Sometimes, selling it to different stores is not as good as selling it only to one store. Hunger marketing still has some truth to it.

Moreover, the other reason is that she will open a store by herself in the future and plans to make the cheap balm a feature of her store. If every store had it now, his store’s reputation would be much better.

Although she was embarrassed, Li Mo had to refuse Boss Xu’s proposal again.

Finally, boss Xu returned in disappointment.

On the second day, Li Mo went to the shop, and the first thing was to inform Sister Yue about yesterday’s events.

After hearing this, Sister Yue didn’t feel much anger. She just said, “Your craftsmanship is good. Recently, because of your work, business in the shop has become much better than usual. This will inevitably rob other people’s businesses. Everyone is a vegetarian. The news is unavoidable for you, and I believe it is not just the boss Xu who is hammering your idea. After speaking, Sister Yue took Li Mo’s hand. Her eyes moved. “It’s just that I didn’t expect you to refuse it. Boss Xu, after all, is willing to give you one or two and a half more silver. “My sister, your sister, was deeply moved. “

Li Mo patted the boss’s hand, “Sister Yue, I remember all the support you gave me at the beginning, and I’m very happy doing it with you. What kind of person would I become if I left just because other shops offered better conditions?”

Sister Yue smiled and said, “Sister, don’t worry, sister is not that harsh. I will never let you lose out when you are here. From now on, I will pay you a couple of silver dollars a month. You can do it with me with peace of mind. “

Li Mo immediately shook her head and refused. “Sister Yue, don’t say anything. I used your shop and ate your food here. I am very grateful. Where can I ask you to give me extra money? Don’t compare with Boss Xu, Sister Yue, don’t worry, I won’t go to other shops. If you give me money, then you don’t consider me a friend. “

Sister Yue hugged Li Mo with emotion, “Sister, it’s my sister’s blessing to have you as a friend. I thank you. “

Li Mo patted the boss’s back and then talked about the balm. “Sister Yue, it seems that other families have also noticed this low-priced balm. This balm is still selling very well. “

Sister Yue nodded, “Your balm is affordable and cheap. It’s for sure that it’s easy to sell. People are buying less of the same balm these days. Sooner or later, other houses will notice. “

After the boss said it, she glanced at Li Mo, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Sister, your elder sister would like to make some suggestions. Your balm is a good thing. Don’t worry about selling it badly. Your elder sister also wanted to focus on selling your balm. But there is one flaw with your balm: the variety is too limited. There is no more scent than the two flavors of the balm. Several women have asked me if I have other flavors before, and I always shake my head in reply. “

Li Mo smiled bitterly as she looked at the balm placed in the store.

She did not think of this. The two flavors are indeed too few, but the back mountain only has these two kinds of wildflowers, and the others can’t be found there. Where can she make other flavors of balm?

Even with the two flavors, it will soon be impossible to do. Soon it will be autumn, and this rose is going to fall. By that time, even the fragrance of rose flowers had almost gone.

She had been thinking about this problem a long time ago, and she had a solution in her heart, but she didn’t have much money to realize it for the time being, so she had to delay and wait until the family became wealthy.

Unexpectedly, it was picked up by the boss.

It seems that this matter has to be resolved early.

Li Mo looked at the boss. Her mind moved.

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