Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 58

Chapter 58

Li Mo looked at Sister Yue, and her thoughts moved.

Perhaps, she can ask Sister Yue for help and cooperate with her.

“Sister Yue, in fact, I also know that the balm that I make is too little, and I have thought of away, but my method requires silver, and I can’t get that much silver now.” The

Sister Yue raised her eyebrows and looked at Li Mo, waiting for Li Mo’s next words.

Li Mo didn’t go beating around the bush and then said directly: “Sister Yue, are you interested in cooperating with me and doing this perfume balm business together?”

Sister Yue did not answer but instead beckoned to the man in the store, “Look at the store. If there’s anything, just call me. “

The man nodded his head and answered yes.

Sister Yue pulled Li Mo, “Let’s go to the back and talk.” She pulled Li Mo directly to the small room at the back of the store to rest.

When she reached the room, Sister Yue closed the door and then turned to look at Li Mo.

“Sister, you know, I am very interested in your balm. You are giving me the opportunity to cooperate with you. How could I not be interested? Now you can talk about how to cooperate? “

Li Mo’s heart was relieved, hooked up the corners of her lips, and said, “Sister Yue, I’ll be honest, what I lack now is money, and what you don’t lack is money. I will make more different flavors of balm. “

Sister Yue’s eyes opened slightly, and the light in her eyes became even brighter.

Li Mo continued: “Sister Yue, I now need money to develop balms with different flavors. You only need to pay me a sum of money. In the future, I will only sell my balms to you in this town, and I will never sell them to other families. In the future, I’ll sell it to you for two wen per box, and I won’t make a dime off of it.”

Li Mo’s proposal was, in fact, very beneficial to Sister Yue. Now that she pays a sum of money, she will earn more than she does now. It is considered a semi-monopolistic market. If she sells well, she will soon be able to pay back the capital. As long as she’s a business-minded person, she will certainly agree.

Sister Yue was by no means a brainless person. On the contrary, she has a very good mind. So when Li Mo’s proposal came out, she thought about it for a while and immediately decided to do it. She nodded immediately, “Okay, I agree with this cooperation. I just don’t know how much this specific money will be paid out?”

Li Mo’s idea was to buy the land behind their house, which is near the back of the mountain, so they could build a wall to separate it from the outside world, and then divide it into a piece of the area to grow flowers and this kind of growing flowers, she will give to Meizi.

When you plant flowers by yourself, you can plant all kinds of flowers, and there will be more than two flavors of balm.

The cost needed to complete this matter is the money needed for her to buy the land in the back of their house, plus the money to buy flower seeds, and finally, the money to build the fence. The cost of this, she didn’t know exactly how much it would take for the time being, and she needed to go back to the village head to discuss it.

“I need to go back to the village to discuss with the village head, so I’ll talk to you in detail when I’ve settled on the land, and then we’ll set a contract.”

Sister Yue nodded, “Okay, you are very thoughtful. I’m not worried. When the time comes, you determine how much money you want. Then, we will discuss it again.”

The matter was settled, and Li Mo went home that day and talked to Song Dashan and Meizi about it.

Meizi wondered, “Sister-in-law, why do you want to buy land and plant flowers? We can go to the back mountains, use the land as we like, and don’t cost us any money. “

Li Mo smiled and shook her head. “You don’t know if you are in this village. People sharpen their heads all day long to study what other people’s homes are doing. Even if we are careful and conceal what we are doing when we go to the back mountains to pick flowers, some people will notice. Many people are asking the Zhao family intentionally or unintentionally. Some people have guessed that we used it to make a balm. “

Meizi’s eyes widened, “Ah? What should I do? If others know that, will they steal the business with us? “

Li Mo patted her, “It’s okay, for so long, no one has made anything. It’s because they don’t know how to make this balm. At most, they put some flowers in the purse for incense. But in the future, if we want to plant flowers, we can’t be at the back of the mountain anymore. By then, even if others can’t make the balm, there is no guarantee that someone won’t be bad enough to pick our flowers or possibly do damage. We can’t go to the back mountains every day and watch it. “

Song Dashan agreed with Li Mo’s words, “It’s impossible to plant flowers without alerting the people in the village, so if someone wants to destroy them, we can’t prevent it. We still have to grow it in our own homes to be safe. “

Tiezi nodded when he heard the words.

Li Mo continued: “I have thought about it. Our house is just behind the mountain. It is impossible for anyone to use this land. It is estimated that it will not be too expensive to buy. Let’s discuss this with the village chief then. Dashan, you will go tomorrow. Buy two jars of wine in the town, and buy some meat and pastries, and bring them to the village chief’s house tomorrow night to discuss this matter with him. “

Song Dashan nodded, “Okay, I’ve written it down.” As he said, he looked at the open space behind his house. “I estimate that this piece of land will not be too expensive, and nearly ten taels of silver can be taken.”

Ten taels of silver were within Li Mo’s budget. If it really only needs that much, then it’s totally fine.

The next day, Song Dashan took the things he bought and went directly to the village head’s house in the dark without taking Li Mo with him.

Li Mo waited at home for two hours before Song Dashan came back.

“How was it? Is everything fine? “Li Mo asked while bringing him a bowl of water.

Song Dashan took the water and didn’t rush to drink it. Instead, he smiled and nodded towards Li Mo, “Yes, the village chief agreed.” He said with his fist up, meaning ten taels of silver.

(NL: Yes, with his fist > _ <)

It was exactly the same as Song Dashan estimated.

Li Mo smiled and squeezed his fist, “Ten taels of silver?”

“Well, ten taels of silver will buy out the plot of land behind our house.”

Li Mo’s heart settled.

If the vacant land at the back costs ten taels of silver, then it would cost almost three taels of silver to put a fence around it. Two taels of silver to buy various seeds, plus the first planting, and also to hire a person who knows how to plant flowers to guide them, so the cost can be controlled within twenty taels of silver, which is not too much.

The cost is determined, and then she can make a contract with the boss, and then they can start preparing.

Li Mo suddenly felt that her career was taking off, and she was getting more and more excited.

The next day, Li Mo confirmed the contract’s content with Boss Yue in a cheerful mood.

Boss Yue gave out twenty taels of silver, and Li Mo’s business in this town would only be provided to the proprietress’s family, and each box of balm only cost her two wen.

Li Mo and Boss Yue each put their fingerprints on the contract, and the cooperation is complete.

Next is the matter of buying land.

Song Dashan went to the village head’s house again the night after, and when he came back, he was holding the land deed.

“Dashan, it’s ready now. The land behind it is ours, and we can prepare to build the fence. “Li Mo held the land deed in his hand and was very happy.

“Dashan, this is good. The land behind it is ours now. We can start preparing to build the wall.” Li Mo was very happy with the land deed in her hand.

Song Dashan stroked Li Mo’s smiling face, “Good, I’ll do it next time. I’ll ask some people from the village to help us build the wall. In less than ten days, we can build the wall. So you don’t have to worry about it.”

The only thing she needs to think about is what seeds to prepare.

It’s going to be autumn soon, and it’s impossible to plant any flowers here like in modern times, or flowers that can be sown in this season, and this season, it seems that the only flowers that can be planted are larkspur, pansies, cinnamon, kale, marigolds, daisies, bluebells, cornflowers, evening primrose, freesia, etc. These flowers can be planted now and will bloom next year.

In the coming year, when spring begins, she can also plant a variety of other flowers to enrich the types. Each season there are different flowers for them to make into a perfume balm. There will no longer be a situation where they lack flowers.

After this year, the variety of balms can be diversified.

Thinking of this, Li Mo called Meizi and told her: “Meizi, you and Tiezi should stay here for the time being. My sister-in-law still needs your help here. I’ll take the two little ones to the store. You don’t have to worry about them. “

Meizi nodded, “Sister-in-law, I’ll take care of this. After that, you can go and do your make-up business. I have no problem making meals.”

Meizi is good at doing things, much better than her. So Li Mo has nothing to worry about.

The only thing she was worried about was that their family’s purchase of land and the building of the wall would definitely attract the village people’s attention, and after that, their family would have to live under the village people’s close scrutiny, and the safety of the future was an important issue.

It is also impossible to have someone at home all the time, so we must think of some way to ensure the safety of the family.

Seeing Li Mo frowning and contemplating, Song Dashan reached out and stroked her brow, “What’s wrong?”

Li Mo looked at him and thought for a moment before voicing her concerns.

When Song Dashan heard her words, he patted her on the back and asked, “What’s the matter?” It’s very simple. Let’s go to someone with a small puppy and ask for a dog to raise. We will raise it slowly from childhood, and when it grows up, the dog can guard our home. “

When she heard Song Dashan say this, she suddenly realized.

Yes, every family in the countryside would have a dog to look after the house, and their family was one of the rare ones without a dog. She also forgot that she could keep a dog.

There are too many dogs in this village, but they are fierce, and they can keep an eye on the house to protect the yard, preventing general thieves from entering the house to take advantage of it.

Moreover, with a dog in the house, you can also give your child an extra playmate. Children like having animals in the house most.

Li Mo took Song Dashan’s arm and couldn’t wait, “Dashan, then you hurry up and take the puppy back, and so we can raise it now.”

Seeing Li Mo was happy, Song Dashan also smiled and nodded, “Okay, I’ll do it later. Go and see which dog in the village has a baby boy, and if they have one, I will take one back. “

Song Dashan was also very fond of Li Mo, and he knows that she is very impatient, so generally, when Li Mo says something, he will do it for her right away. This time too, he got up not long after sitting down and went to the village to look for a dog.

Li Mo smiled and got up and followed, “I’m going too. I’m going to pick a puppy.”

Song Dashan nodded and took Li Mo to Uncle Fang’s house in the village first.

He remembers that when he was a child, Uncle Fang had a very ferocious wolf dog. At that time, the children were afraid of that dog, and he was also afraid. Later, when he grew up, when he went out to be a soldier, the dog was still there, but he was old. But it still has children, and its children were also very fierce. So the home will be in good hands. If Uncle Fang’s dog has a puppy, it’s definitely not bad.

When Li Mo and Song Dashan arrived at Uncle Fang’s house, their family was having dinner.

Before Uncle Fang’s family could speak, his dog barked at the two of them first, scaring Li Mo into Song Dashan’s arms subconsciously.

Song Dashan hurriedly protected Li Mo and patted her back to soothe her, “It’s okay, it’s the dog of Uncle Fang’s family. He didn’t know us. That’s why he barked at us.”

Uncle Fang quickly stomped towards the dog, “Blackie, go, stop barking!”

When the dog heard Uncle Fang’s scolding, he immediately whimpered and obediently retired to the den, staring at Li Mo, but didn’t bark anymore.

The watchdog stopped barking. Uncle Fang looked at Song Dashan and said, “Dashan, why did you come to Uncle’s house?”

Song Dashan took Li Mo, greeted Uncle Fang’s family first, and then said: “Uncle, I want to raise a dog. I know your dog is great, so I went to ask. I wonder if there are any puppies in your family. “

When he heard the words, Uncle Fang smiled and pointed to the doghouse in the corner, saying, “You really came at the right time. My dog just gave birth. The puppies were half a month old, she’s still guarding them, and when she sees a stranger approaching, she will bark. Otherwise, it wasn’t so fierce just now.”

Li Mo looked curiously into the doghouse when she heard the words and vaguely saw a group of puppies staying under the big dogs, arching around.

Song Dashan also saw it and said to Uncle Fang: “Uncle, can you give me one? I want to raise one.”

Uncle Fang waved his hand, “What’s the matter? We are still worried about what to do with this nest of dogs. It is impossible to keep so many dogs. We can not afford to feed them all. If you come here to get one, it is very good. I’ll go and hold one for you. “

Uncle Fang looked at the doghouse, and the other aunt said, “Wife, you go and lead Blackie to the backyard. Otherwise, it’s not easy to handle her here.”

Aunt Fang nodded and pulled Blackie, and she dragged Blackie directly to the backyard. Although Blackie was reluctant, she still followed Aunt Fang. Just when she left, she frequently looked at her kennel.

Li Mo suddenly felt a little sad. The dog’s mother had some feelings, right? She knew her child was going to disappear, so she showed such a look, right?

Li Mo pulled Song Dashan’s sleeve, “Dashan, pick a male, not a female dog.”

The male dog will not look like the mother, and she will not be sad in the future.

Song Dashan nodded and followed Uncle Fang to the kennel, choosing one by one.

There were three male dogs in the den, and Song Dashan asked Li Mo to choose one.

Li Mo looked at all three of them carefully and finally selected the puppy with black color all over his body. This dog will grow up to be very mighty and able to bluff people.

Li Mo also gave him a domineering name on the spot. Based on his appearance, she called him General.

This name left Song Dashan speechless for a while.

However, it was another member of their family.


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