Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 59

Chapter 59

Li Mo hugged General Xiaojun into her arms, and the little puppy immediately rubbed against her neck, making a milky whimpering sound as if she was acting like a baby, which simply made her heart melt.

Li Mo couldn’t help but rub her cheek against the little puppy’s head and said softly, “General Xiaojun, you’ll be part of our family from now on. Are you happy?”

“Woo…” The puppy in her arms made a small whimpering sound as if in reply to Li Mo’s words.

Li Mo was so happy that she rubbed General Xiojun’s head again.

Song Dashan looked at Li Mo’s rare childish appearance. His eyes were filled with tenderness. He couldn’t help but also reach out and rub Li Mo’s hair, “Okay, let’s take him home and play with him when we get home.”

Li Mo nodded happily and quickly thanked Uncle Fang and Aunt Fang, then said goodbye.

The two of them carried Xiaojun back home and saw the two children playing in the yard. Li Mo immediately shouted at the two little ones, “My two little babies, come and see your new friend.”

When the two little ones heard that, they immediately raised their heads and saw the little puppy she was holding in her arms. Their eyes lit up, and they came over to hug her legs with their short legs.

“Mother, mother, the dog, the dog.”

“Auntie and uncle, I want a puppy.”

Both children stretched out one arm and couldn’t wait for the puppy dog in Li Mo’s arms.

Li Mo smiled and squatted down, showing the little puppy in her arms to the two little ones, “Look, this will be our family’s dog from now on. He’s called General Xiaojun. He will be your playmate from now on. You have to take good care of him, okay?”

Xiao Bao nodded his head like a chicken-pecking for food, “I know, I will take good care of General Xiaojun.” Then he reached out his hand and tentatively touched the head of General Xiaojun. He immediately retracted his hand and watched its reaction nervously.

General Xiaojun’s head raised, with a confused appearance, he looked at Xiao Bao, who was touched by him. He whimpered twice.

Xiao Bao took a look at him, the corner of his mouth grinned. He immediately reached out again to touch General Xiaojun’s head. Then he didn’t immediately withdraw, but instead, he gently rubbed him.

Xiao Shu saw it and was envious. He also hurriedly nodded, “Auntie, Xiao Shu will also take good care of him.” Then he also followed Xiao Bao’s example and put his hand on the back of General Xiaojun and rubbed him gently.

The two little ones’ excited appearance made Li Mo smile, stroking the two little ones’ heads and turned around and asked Song Dashan, “Dashan, where do you want him to live in the future?”

Song Dashan thought about it and said, “Wait a minute, I’m going to make a small doghouse for him.”

Li Mo agreed and said to Meizi, who came over out of curiosity, “Meizi, help my sister-in-law make some rice soup. He’s so small. We can only feed him rice soup.”

Meizi wiped her hands, “Okay, that’s easy. I’ll go boil some.”

Li Mo stood up and carried Xiao Jun to the room. The two little ones also ran after Li Mo with their short legs, forgetting even the game.

In the room, Song Dashan used a large basket made of bamboo strips and put some old clothes inside to make a small doghouse.

Li Mo gently put Xiaojun into the basket and immediately rubbed the clothes under him. He made a whimpering sound.

Li Mo nudged its little nose with her finger and said with a light smile, “General Xiaojun, this is your kennel. You stay well by yourself and play with your two little brothers.” After saying that, she talked with the two little ones: “You two, take care of him, play with him for a while, but don’t carry him, do you understand?”

The two little ones nodded immediately, their eyes glued to Xiaojun’s body, and they couldn’t get their eyes out of him.

Li Mo let the two little ones play there. She stood up and pulled Song Dashan into the open space behind her.

After looking around and comparing it on the ground, Li Mo decided to enclose her house with a fence so that the fence would protect her house as well. With that, she would be at ease when she was not at home.

“Dashan, how high do you plan to build this fence?” Li Mo asked.

“I plan to build a ten-foot-high wall, and then plant some thorns on the wall, so that no one can enter,” Song Dashan had thought about this question.

The wall would be two hundred and thirty centimeters, that is, two meters and three inches, so no one would be able to get in, and with the thorns, it would be impossible to get in.

“Have you found that person? You have to go to town in the morning to drive people, and you have to send firewood every two days, so you don’t have time to sit at home all day. Find someone you can trust. Otherwise, we won’t feel at ease. “

“Don’t worry, Uncle Fang’s son is good at building houses. I have already talked to him. He will take care of it, we don’t need to watch it, and Tiezi is also at home this time. We have him at home.”

Li Mo had nothing to worry about after hearing that Song Dashan had arranged everything. The next day, he took the two little guys to the shop to put on makeup.

Sister Yue asked how the flower garden was being built, and Li Mo told her in detail about the progress.

Sister Yue trusted Li Mo and her husband, so she didn’t say anything after hearing her words. She just pulled Li Mo and sat down, looked outside, and asked, “Have you found anything wrong in the past two days?

“Out of place?” Li Mo did not understand.

Sister Yue reminded me, “Something was not right in our store.”

Li Mo frowned, and thought about it, and said, “I don’t know if it’s a coincidence. I feel that there are a lot fewer customers coming to our store for makeup these two days. I thought it was an accident at first. I thought it was because everyone had something going on these two days, so I didn’t say anything to you. Now it seems that it is not a coincidence? “

“Where is the coincidence? Business is indeed a lot less, do you know why?” said Sister Yue gently.

Li Mo’s eyes turned, and it immediately became clear that it was not a coincidence. There was a reason for this matter.

And for this reason, she didn’t need Sister Yue to elaborate on it. As long as you think about it, you can guess it. It’s nothing more than business being robbed by rival stores.

So, Li Mo tentatively asked, “Are there other families stealing our store’s business?”

Sister Yue nodded her head with a frown, “I only found out yesterday that the Xu boss’s family, who went to you, and another pearl and jade pavilion, have followed the example of our family and invited makeup artists to do makeup for their customers in their store.

Li Mo smiled, and her heart wasn’t that surprised.

After all, no matter in which era, imitation was always one of the people’s outstanding abilities.

Her makeup method has brought so much business to the proprietress’s shop, and other stores have long been jealous. Otherwise, Boss Xu would not have come to the house to dig her out.

Now that they can’t dig her up, how could they not think of imitating it, except that the imitation came too quickly, so they were caught off guard?

However, it is their freedom to ask for other makeup artists. They can’t control it, and they don’t have a way to control it.

Li Mo asked, “Sister Yue, what is the price of other stores? Is it cheaper than ours? “

Sister Yue smiled, “If you want to steal business from my shop, it must be cheaper than ours. I inquired, and our shop charges twenty wens, but Boss Xu’s family only charges fifteen wen, and another family only charges twelve wens to steal business. “

Li Mo pursed her lips and said in her heart, “No wonder.”

Common people are greedy for something cheap, and they want the same thing to be as cheap as possible. After having tasted the same thing once for twenty yuan, suddenly there are people who are willing to charge fifteen or even twelve yuan once, so they were definitely moved and more willing to go to the cheaper places.

But she does not intend to follow the price reduction because of this.

A price war is sometimes not a good choice.

Li Mo looked at Sister Yue and said what was in her heart. “We don’t need to rush. The business was not good for a day or two, but for a long time, and the final decision will be based on the craftsmanship. I believe in my own craft, and eventually, they will come back. “

As for those guests who just need to put on makeup, she can’t do anything about it.

Sister Yue followed with a smile, “You and I had the same thought. I also do not intend to lower the price to grab business. That will only end up landing us in a low-end situation. This is not what I want. My store is worth this money, and your craft is worth even more.”

Li Mo looked at Sister Yue’s appreciatively. She was simply heroic.

All they had to do now was to wait, calmly wait.

That day, a woman who used to buy rouge and powder came to the store, saw Sister Yue, and said with a smile, “Boss lady, bring me a box of balm. I ran out of the balm I bought at your shop.”

The boss lady greeted, “It’s Mrs. Wen. Do you want the rose-scented one or the chrysanthemum-scented one this time?”

Mrs. Wen replied, “I’ll take the rose-scented one.”

The boss nodded and gave her a box of rose flower-scented ones and charged her eight yuan.

Seeing that Mrs. Wen was about to leave with the balm, the boss lady moved her eyebrows and said without moving her voice: “Mrs. Wen, you won’t let our makeup lady put on your makeup today? You didn’t come two days ago. “

Mrs. Wen subconsciously glanced toward the dressing room and smiled unnaturally, “Oh, I suddenly don’t want to do it these two days, wait for two days, I’ll come over when I want to do it.”

The boss lady smiled and nodded, “Good, Mrs. Wen is welcome to come over anytime.”

Mrs. Wen politely said goodbye to the boss’s wife and left the store.

The boss lady put away her smile, came out of the counter, stood at the door of the store, and watched Madam Wen’s figure. After a long time, she watched her enter another store.

The boss lady shook her head.

It seems that Mrs. Wen did not want to put on makeup in her store and went to someone else’s shop to try it.

Mrs. Wen’s family was in the grain and oil business. Her family was very good, and she loved to dress up, so she was a regular customer of the store.

But this Mrs. Wen had a problem. That is, she was stingy. Whenever she bought something, she needed to compare the price and picked up the cheaper one. You must not think of deducting an extra penny from her.

Before Li Mo gave her makeup, although she was very satisfied, this time, someone else’s shop had also hired a makeup artist, but the price was much lower. This Mrs. Wen must have gone to another shop.

I don’t know if this other shop could satisfy her.

Li Mo also saw the whole process of Mrs. Wen’s arrival and smiled without speaking.

The makeup of Mrs. Wen’s face was not easy to make. For the average makeup artist, it can be considered tricky.

This Mrs. Wen had a lot of flesh on her face, and her nostrils were upturned. It was difficult to make it look good with these two points. If the other party can really make Mrs. Wen beautiful, then you can only say that the other party was also a master and could make Li Mo convinced.

Li Mo laughed it off and continued to go about her business.

In the next few days, there were still very few people in the store, except for a few regular customers who didn’t care about money and still came to see Li Mo for makeup, but no other customers came to the store.

It seemed that they had gone to another shop to get their makeup done.

Every day, she only had three or four customers to do makeup, but she wasn’t in a rush. If there was no business, there was no business, and she could teach Xiao Bao and Xiao Shu more about enlightenment while she was free.

When the owner looked at Li Mo’s calm attitude, she also laughed it off and followed her calmly to do what she had to do.

Most of the customers have not come in the past two days, but there were still those who come every day.

Lin Xiaoyu, as usual, came to report to Li Mo every day, rain or shine, and she was simply Li Mo’s number one fan.

She had been coming for a few days in a row, and she could see that the business of the store was not right.

In the past, when she came late, she couldn’t be the first one to get her makeup done and had to wait in line, so she didn’t have time to talk to Li Mo afterward, but now, there were almost no customers in line and Li Mo had a lot of free time.

Lin Xiaoyu couldn’t hold back any longer, so she asked what was going on.

Li Mo also did not hide from her. She directly told her the situation.

Lin Xiaoyu frowned at the words and said angrily without thinking: “They are imitating you.”

Li Mo smiled, “Who says I’m the only one who can do it? People can do it too. It’s not illegal. “

Lin Xiaoyu also knew that what Li Mo said was right, but she was still uncomfortable, “But then your business will be much worse, you can’t even make money.”

Lin Xiaoyu knew that Li Mo needed money.

Li Mo was a little touched by this girl. The first she met her, she thought she was brutal and weird, but in fact, as long as you treat her well, she will treat you wholeheartedly, give her all her sincerity, and make you feel warm.

Li Mo patted her hand, “It doesn’t matter. In the end, the quality of the business depends on craftsmanship. Whoever has the best craftsmanship will have a good business. This depends on their own abilities. “

Lin Xiaoyu immediately said, “Your craft is the best. No one can compare to it. Others certainly can’t compare to you.”

Li Mo laughed out and couldn’t help but rub Lin Xiaoyu’s head, “Thank you, Xiaoyu, for your trust.”

Lin Xiaoyu’s face reddened slightly, stomping her feet, and immediately ran outside, “I’m going to see which people are stealing your business. I’d like to see what they are capable of.”

“Hey…” Before Li Mo could yell out from behind, she just ran away

Li Mo looked at Sister Yue, who also looked helpless, and shook her head.

I thought it was just a little girl talking for fun. Who knew that Lin Xiaoyu came over the next morning, and she didn’t come here without makeup as before. This time, she had makeup on her face.

However, Lin Xiaoyu, with makeup on her face, was full of anger.

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