Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 60

Chapter 60

She thought it was just a little girl talking for fun, who knew that the next morning Lin Xiaoyu came over, and she didn’t come here without makeup as before. This time, she wore makeup on her face.

However, Lin Xiaoyu, with makeup on her face, was full of anger.

“I’m so angry. I had to get up so early to go there. What the hell? I have to smash his store’s sign. “Lin Xiaoyu muttered as she entered the door.

Li Mo was helpless. What’s wrong with her again?

Sister Yue greeted Lin Xiaoyu first, “What’s wrong, Miss Lin? Why are you so angry? “

Lin Xiaoyu looked at Sister Yue and then at Li Mo and pointed at her face in anger, “Look at this makeup for me.”

Sister Yue looked at her face but didn’t comment on it and turned her eyes directly to Li Mo.

Li Mo took a closer look at Lin Xiaoyu’s face and wanted to laugh.

Seeing that both Boss Yue and Li Mo were holding back their laughter, Lin Xiaoyu stomped her foot hard, “You guys are still like this! I went to get makeup for you to find out what was going on. Thanks to that boss, he bragged to me about how experienced and powerful his makeup artist was, but it turned out to be like this. You tell me if you can’t be angry! “

Li Mo had already guessed in her heart that Lin Xiaoyu had gone to one of the other two stores to get her makeup done, so she was not surprised when Lin Xiaoyu said that, but she didn’t know what to say about this makeup artist’s craftsmanship.

Lin Xiaoyu’s original looks were not good, and she still looked like a boy. It’s difficult to soften her features. It is her own effort, and she put a lot of thought into it, but right now, Lin Xiaoyue’s makeup… it didn’t completely catch the essence at all.

The skin, brows, eyes, mouth, and every other part of the face have been carefully handled, and it can be seen that every part of the treatment has put in a lot of effort. If it is an ordinary young girl, the effect may be good, but it is completely unfinished on Lin Xiaoyu’s face. When you look at it right now, it can give people the impression that it didn’t look good at first glance. She even looked better without makeup on, and those boyish features were not covered up.

Now Lin Xiaoyu, just from the original flowery look, has turned into a makeup-wearing ruhua.

Lin Xiaoyu must have seen her own makeup on the spot, but she didn’t know if she had embarrassed the boss at the time.

Before Li Mo could ask, the boss lady asked, “You didn’t settle the account?”

Lin Xiaoyu glared, “I certainly can not bypass them. Ah, the boasting was so big, and the result, I was turned into this. Can I not be bothered? I asked the boss to give me an explanation on the spot, but the boss said it was because of my looks, not the makeup. He also said that even if it was another makeup artist, it wouldn’t necessarily look as good as theirs and that their makeup artist was already very good. “

Li Mo listened to Lin Xiaoyu on the side and couldn’t help but shake her head. The boss said it too decisively.

“I was so angry with him. He had the face to say that their makeup artist was very good. I wanted to smash the box of that makeup artist, but I held back. I can’t let them off so easily. I told the boss that a makeup artist can make me look very beautiful and just a block from a few streets. That boss and makeup artist were still not convinced, so I asked him if he dared to bet, and if he did, I would let you transform it right away. If everything goes well, the boss will apologize and compensate me for ten taels. “

Li Mo was slightly surprised. I didn’t expect this Lin Xiaoyu to be that impulsive and brainless. This matter was handled quite well. She would not have gotten a good deal if she had made a scene and smashed the signboard, but in this case, in full view of the public, the boss only agreed to do so and then had to obediently pay the money, after all, the people around were all witnesses.

Seeing the appreciation in the eyes of Li Mo and the Boss Yue, Lin Xiaoyu slightly curled her mouth, “I’m going to hit them in the face, sister Li Mo, hurry up and remake this for me. I’m going to give that family a show.”

Before Li MO could act, the store suddenly swarmed with many people.

“Yes, this is it, that is to say, the makeup artist of this family can make her look good.”

“This is it. She’s here. She must be here for makeup.”

“Let’s come and see if the makeup artist of this shop can make her look good.”

The chatter of the crowd could easily let Li Mo and Boss Yue know that the group of people who came in were the witnesses of the incident just now and were now curious. That’s why they came over to see the fun.

Of course, Boss Yue couldn’t kick out this group of people, but she welcomed them very much. Letting this group of people see Li Mo’s handicraft was also a kind of promotion for her store, and in the future, everyone would know that other stores’ makeup maids were far worse.

Boss Yue came out of the counter and enthusiastically greeted the people who came in to see the hustle and bustle: “Come, come, everyone, come in, later our makeup artist will do Miss Lin’s makeup.”

Boss Yue said and introduced people into the makeup room of Li Mo, while these people were curious and looked back and forth between the makeup room and Li Mo.

Li Mo didn’t care how many people were around her or whether they were looking at her; she simply picked up a basin of warm water and removed the makeup from Lin Xiaoyu’s face.

After the makeup was cleaned up, Li Mo started to do Lin Xiaoyu’s makeup as usual.

As time went by, the onlookers who came over here with the mentality of watching the excitement at the beginning, their expressions gradually turned into exclamations, and from time to time, they made “Wow” exclamation sounds, whispering to each other.


“Okay.” Li Mo spent a little more than half an hour finishing all of Lin Xiaoyu’s makeup and then began to pack her makeup case.

Lin Xiaoyu stood up and faced the crowd of onlookers. Her face was confident and calm, “Look at my current appearance and think about how I just looked. Do you think I can’t be angry?”

The people around us were now beginning to believe that Lin Xiaoyu was not intentionally looking for a fight.

They originally thought that she was looking for a fight. After all, this girl looks like this. Which person could give her the transformation and make her into a heavenly fairy ah? Unless the gods came, when the girl said that this shop could make her look good, they didn’t believe it in their hearts, but they were very curious, so they wanted to take a look to see if what the girl said was true or false. At first glance, they were completely convinced.

The girl in front of them didn’t look good just now. She may not be capable of bringing a city or state to its knees at this time, but she could be remembered as a pretty daughter in a humble family, and her brows were gentle and soft; she was an authentic and beautiful young lady of a family. Comparing the appearance before and after, it’s almost like changing the face.

“This shop’s makeup artist was simply a god. If it were not for seeing it with my own eyes, I would have thought that it was not done by a person.”

“It’s not just a god. It’s simply too powerful.”

“If you look at it this way, the makeup artist’s workmanship was not comparable to others.”

Lin Xiaoyu’s chin was raised to the sky as a result of the crowd’s chatter, and she waved her hand, “Go, I’m going to that store now to find the boss; I want to show him how much of his boasting was blowing.”

Lin Xiaoyu said and walked away like the wind.

A group of people watching the excitement still followed mightily behind.

Li Mo looked at the back of a large group of people, unsure whether to laugh or cry.

Boss Yue smiled happily, “We don’t need to think of a solution now. Lin Xiaoyu will solve it directly for us. Today, so many people are watching the excitement. It’s time to know that the makeup artist in our shop was amazing. “

Li Mo smiled and didn’t say anything.

Boss Yue didn’t ask her staff to inquire about anything and only chatted calmly with the equally calm Li Mo.

And half an hour later, Lin Xiaoyu came back.

That posture, no matter how you look at it, gives you a little majestic feeling.

Li Mo and Boss Yue looked at each other.

Lin Xiaoyu rushed into the store and raised the ten taels of silver in her hand when she saw Li Mo, “See? Ten taels of silver. “

Li Mo nodded, “So the boss compensated you?”

Lin Xiaoyu raised her chin, “Of course, I went to his store with makeup. He was confused when he saw my appearance, not sure if I had changed, though I had found some sister to fool him. Fortunately, the people who came with me at that time testified that there was no replacement, and they saw with their own eyes that you gave me makeup. Hahahaha……”

Li Mo looked at Lin Xiaoyu’s smug look. She felt a little funny.

Lin Xiaoyu exhaled smugly, “Now let’s see if they still have a face to compare with Sister Li Mo? That makeup artist’s craftsmanship can’t even match the little finger of Sister Li Mo.”

Li Mo shook her head, “Xiao Yu, that’s not true. In fact, the makeup artist who just did your makeup was not bad. If she did makeup for ordinary girls, the effect is also good, not as bad as you say.” And the store owner would not likely pick a makeup artist with poor craftsmanship for their own store. Isn’t that smashing the signs? It’s just that the makeup artist can’t handle special-looking girls, such as Lin Xiaoyu.

When Lin Xiaoyu listened to Li Mo, she didn’t take it seriously and waved her hand, “No, she just can’t compete with you.”

Li Mo smiled and sighed, not knowing what to say about this girl, except that through today’s events, I’m afraid…

Li Mo looked at Boss Yue, who was also smiling, and was a little worried, “Sister Yue, this matter was a big deal, and the opposite shop probably hates us.”

Boss Yue heard the words, the corner of her mouth hooked up, but there was no trace of fear, “Do you think there would be no discord without this matter today? How could it be possible to be kind to the same business in this town? The politeness is only superficial. Behind the scenes, who wants to be unlucky? Even if this incident doesn’t happen, people will not necessarily hate us, so this matter has no effect at all. If you hate it, you can hate it, but you can only hold it in your heart and hate it. We should do what we should do. Do whatever you want, don’t worry. “

Li Mo looked at Boss Yue’s confident look, knowing that she was not afraid at all. She was not worried anymore.

Lin Xiaoyu took out a piece of silver and handed it to Li Mal, saying, “Sister Li Mo, I haven’t given you the money for the makeup today, so here.”

“Why give me so much?” Li Mo laughed as she looked at the silver piece worth at least five taels. Twenty yuan is fine. “

“I won ten taels of silver with your craft.” Of course, I have to share half of it with you. These five taels of silver are yours to keep. Well, you should stop excusing yourself, just take it, I’m leaving, I won’t talk to you anymore, “Lin Xiaoyu said, forcing the silver taels into Li Mo’s hand. She said and ran out without giving time for Li Mo and Boss Yue to talk.

Li Mo looked at the doorway where there was no shadow at all and then at the silver taels in her hand. She was a little bit dumbfounded.

“Just take it, the ten taels of silver was an unexpected fortune, and half of it was thanks to you,” said Boss Yue, patting her hand. It’s not a big deal for her to give you five taels, so just accept it. “

Li Mo thought about it but still nodded and accepted the five taels of silver.

In her mind, she thought that she should not accept Lin Xiaoyu’s makeup money next time.

Li Mo wanted to wait for the next day when Lin Xiaoyu came to do her makeup again without charging her money, but unexpectedly, she waited for most of the morning the next day, and still, Lin Xiaoyu didn’t come over.

Li Mo was a bit puzzled. Lin Xiaoyu came early every day, never missing a seat. How come she didn’t come now? Is there something going on at home?

Boss Yue also noticed it and muttered to Li Mo, “Why didn’t this girl show up this morning? It’s very strange. “

Not knowing what was going on, Li Mo could only wait.

This time, she was really waiting for Lin Xiaoyu, but it was almost noon.

Lin Xiaoyu came in with a look that was about to blow up again.

Li Mo thought she was angry at the makeup, but when she took a closer look, the girl’s face was veiled, with no makeup.

Then how come she was so angry again?

Before Li Mo could ask, Lin Xiaoyu sat on her butt next to Li Mo and said.

“Sister Li Mo, you do not know how much I was annoyed today.”

Li Mo asked with a good temper: “Huh? What’s the matter? “

Lin Xiaoyu said, “Yesterday I learned about that makeup artist from another store, and I still have to see the other makeup artist from a different shop to know her ability. I went there, and as a result, their shop didn’t give me makeup. “

Boss Yue also sat over, “Why didn’t they give you makeup? Afraid you won’t pay? “

Lin Xiaoyu puffed out her mouth, “What? The excuse was that the makeup artist was too busy and didn’t have time to do it for me, so I had to find another makeup artist. In fact, it’s not true at all. It’s not that busy. There are not many people who need makeup. But the boss just wouldn’t give me a makeover, so don’t you think it’s irritating? “

Li Mo smiled and looked at the boss. Both understood what the boss meant.

It must be that Lin Xiaoyu’s noise was too loud Yesterday, and the boss of this shop had also heard about it. Now they don’t dare to entertain Lin Xiaoyu anymore. Otherwise, he would be slapping his own mouth.

A smart boss will do this unless he is confident that his own makeup artist was better than Li Mo’s workmanship.

Obviously, the makeup lady of this shop was not better than Li Mo.

Li Mo patted the puffed-up Lin Xiaoyu and comforted her, “Don’t be so angry, I’ll do it for you if they don’t want to do it for you. Don’t go to other people’s stores anymore. It’s not good for you to keep hitting people’s faces. Maybe people will hate you in their hearts. Listen to your sister, don’t go there anymore, come directly to the store, and I’ll make it for you, you hear me? “

Lin Xiaoyu was a little unconvinced, but looking at the way Li Mo was seriously thinking about her, she swallowed the words in her mouth and nodded her head, “Okay, I understand.”


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